30 Ways on How to Make Money in Singapore

30 Ways On How To Make Money In Singapore
In Q4 2022, the Singaporean economy grew by 2.1% year over yearwhich was half the average annual growth rate of 4.2% seen ithe three quarters prior. The slow increase in the trade-related and modern services clusters in Q4 was mostly caused by weak external demand.
Finding online income opportunities is more crucial than ever because the Covid epidemic has upset conventional business models and hastened the migration to e-commerce and remote labour.
Singapore’s government has also fostered digital transformation and entrepreneurship to spur economic recovery and growth. 
So, taking advantage of online options may offer people in these difficult times extra revenue streams and business opportunities.

Before we look at the 30 main ways of making money online in Singapore, here is an infographic of the top 5 things you need to know if you want to succeed in making money online.

Top 30 Ways of Making Money Online in Singapore


1: Start an E-Commerce Site and Sell Products

If you are not into providing online solutions or tools to clients, then setting an e-commerce site might be your best kick. Setting up a virtual shop nowadays is easy thanks to a myriad of tools such as Shopify that makes it easier to create a shop in less than three days. With e-commerce sites, ensure you build a reputable and reliable brand that trades in quality and affordable items.

Though one of the oldest methods of making money online, its fruits rip off after a short time if you only use the right market prices. Many digital entrepreneurs have sustainable e-commerce sites. With these virtual sites, it’s best to create your products or purchase low-cost products from foreign countries and repackage or refurbish them and sell to consumers at a profit.

But it’s a good idea to create your products as you’ll enjoy more profits than when you buy from other retailers. However, product-based businesses are risky, and high costs are starting them, not mentioning the possible legal and operation fees. Instead, if you have less capital, thrive by selling an already popular product which other e-commerce sites are selling.

Here, provided you market your products well to the right audience, you’ll enjoy success in a short time in Singapore. Besides, most people nowadays prefer shopping online than physically looking for products.

However, when selling goods, you must always have a good stock and pay rent in a property that stores your goods. So If you have fewer funds, you can opt for dropshipping. With drop shipping, you’ll partner with a retailer to help sell their products to customers. To start, you’ll have to create a site and post products’ images.

When a customer orders a good, you’ll pay the retailer, and then they’ll deposit these goods to the customer. The advantage of the method is you’ll not pay for storage or shipping charges. However, it has fewer profit margins, but it is a good idea when you have fewer funds to fund your e-commerce site business.

2: Become an Online Coach


In Singapore, many clients are looking for experts who have extensive knowledge in some fields. You can take advantage of this trend and start marketing your freelance services.

That is, if you are an expert in a specific niche, then you’ll find a ton of clients in Singapore who are willing to pay for your services and time.

Being an online coach is one of the best ways to make money online as instead of bringing deliverables, as freelancers do, you are only advising your clients to become better themselves. That is, they become stronger, faster, and motivated with your expertise. In that case, your knowledge becomes the service you are offering.

Better still, you can repackage your skills with the expertise to come with an enticing package that will attract any potential client. With a clever coaching business plan, you’ll fast build a network that will bring more clients and hence more money for you.

If you are unsure of where to find clients for your coaching services, then community-driven platforms such as Savvy .is, Coach.me, and Clarity.fm are the best places to start. Here, you’ll find a myriad of potential clients who are looking for consultants and coaches on for particular niches.

3: Become an Online Translator



If you know many languages, then why not try translating content for other people? There is a myriad of translation jobs in sites such as Upwork and Translators town, which pays you lucrative money to translate ads, articles, and more.

Most Singaporeans who are linguistically-talented make money by handling translation jobs. Besides, there are multiple online translation platforms where you can try your hand in. Some require you to sign up while others only need you to prove your talent and skills.

Also, most online translation services offer you versatility in the tasks you want to handle. That is, they give you the choice to pick the jobs that interest you, while others send you the files to translate. The “take” platforms are way better as they allow you to choose the jobs you find love, which makes the career fascinating.

To succeed as an online translator, you’ll need to be an expert in the languages you are translating and also be a fast typist. Most of their jobs pay per each task so the more tasks you handle, the higher your earnings

The payment for translation jobs in the two platforms ranges from $20 to $1500. Here, you can also take many jobs to improve your income. Besides, if you know the Mandarin language, then you’ll love knowing it was not a waste of time learning it after all. If you are schooling, then you can work on these tasks during your free time or weekends.

If you are looking for some local translation sites, then translationservices .sg, raffletranslatio.com, and professionaltranslatio.com.sg are the best. Besides Upwork, you can work for international sites such as freelancer.com and gengo.com.

4: Start Your Blog and Monetise


A huge number of Singaporeans are making money online from their blogs. Some of these bloggers have attained celebrity status and determine the trending topics in the online cyberspace.

If you would love to create a blog that people will love to read, then it’s always best to choose a niche you love. Readers can easily detect when you love a niche, and when you write passionate and informative topics on a niche, then finding and keeping readers becomes easier.

Second, you’ll also need to post regularly. People are hungry for new content, and if you leave them starving in your site, then they’ll look for food in other blogs. But when you post regular updates, ensure you post quality articles as fluff turns most readers away.

Third, you’ll also need to know what your audience lives and deliver it right ’to them. Tons of articles online will teach you how to monetise your blog. Many bloggers earn a decent living from blogging, which proves that you can also make a living off your blog.

The challenge with a blog is starting, but once you start drawing more traffic, then advertisers will stream to your site. From advertising their content, you’ll enjoy huge commissions and bonuses. Some local networks also negotiate with site owners to market their ads at a price. These include Google Ads, Nuffnang, and Gushcloud.

5: Be a Freelancer

Make Money Online Freelancer

Freelancers form a significant portion of the online workforce in our current century. These individuals depend on the internet to find work.

There are many freelancer projects that you can find online such as writing, graphic design, programming, and engineering projects. Most freelancer sites are free to join, while others will require you to complete a project or two before being absorbed into their database.

Also, most freelancer sites are bidding platforms, that is, a client posts work, then freelancers with the necessary skills and qualifications will bid for the jobs. The clients then choose the best freelancer and assign him the task. Some freelancer sites are also “take” platforms, that is, a freelancer picks a job at the waiting list and handles it.

Some freelancer sites such as Upwork.com will pay you basing on the hours you take to complete a task. So, if you take longer to complete a task, then you’ll enjoy a higher compensation. There are also milestones on these sites, and most will receive payments on behalf of you from their client and pay it on time. This also helps many freelancers as some clients are unwilling to pay freelancers’ for their job.

In addition, there are companies (e.g. ResumeWriter) that exclusively hire freelancers and will pay you to complete tasks such as writing resumes and cover letters.

6: Be an Online Tutor

Make Money Online Tutoring

If you have the relevant knowledge in a specific niche, then you can earn money to teach people. There are many online schools both in Singapore and internationally, where you can offer your services and get paid. Many people are willing to pay for the skills and knowledge that will help them to succeed in their lives. You can capitalise on this notion and offer your services in Singapore.

However, when applying for a job as an online tutor, you must have the first-hand experience from teaching people but not second-hand expertise from others.

The online tutor industry is full of fake tutors who earn dollars, yet they do little to impact the lives of their clients. You certainly don’t want to follow this path as it may haunt you as a person who cannot be trusted. However, provides you offer value and make your lessons engaging and informative you will soon meet many clients knocking on your door.

7: Be an Affiliate Marketer

Make Money As Affiliate Marketer

If you have enough funds to start and maintain an online business, then creating or selling products is the best venture. However, if you don’t have the necessary funds-drive, then helping to sell products for Amazon and other businesses might be your best opportunity.

Affiliate marketing work in that you help a store or a company sells its products or services, and in return, you are paid a commission for every sale you make.

There are many people worldwide who earn more than six figures through affiliate marketing. However, it takes effort and patience to reach that level. To start with affiliate marketing, you’ll need to start your site. Ensure you build a well-designed website with top content that attracts readers.

Transition Words in SEO: Complete Guide

Also, to make big with affiliate marketing, your site must have heavy traffic. Besides, sell your products to your clients indirectly instead of directly selling them. The point with direct selling is it turns off many clients, and many could deduce that your site targets only customers and not providing content.

On the other hand, if you have products to sell, entrust affiliate marketing sites. They are useful as they help you to sell your products with less work.

8: YouTube Marketing

Make Money On YouTube Marketing

It is no doubt that Google’s YouTube has increased its number of users rapidly in the last few years. With more than 4 million users in Singapore monthly and 2 billion worldwide, it remains one of the best platforms to make money in Singapore.

To make money in YouTube, you will need first to set up a YouTube channel. From there, you should get some best recording equipment and video editing software. With YouTube, the quality of your videos determines the number of users you attract. Most users are turned off by poor quality videos.

The video thumbnail also matters, and your videos should have a visually-appealing and captivating thumbnail. Also, ensure you optimise your video titles and create an easy-to-grasp username.

When you have enough YouTube followers, you can monetise your videos, where Google pays you to advertise products. Provided you have enough viewers, and you will slowly start making money with YouTube. The faster your viewers’ increases are, the fast your revenue doubles.

9: Writing for Blogs

Make Money Writing for Blogs

With the number of blogs increasing each day in Singapore, the demand for freelance writers is one the rise. So if you are talented in writing catchy, lively, and engaging articles, then the writing field is limitless for you.

Website owners pay between $5-$250 per 1000 words, and you can work on any niche or subject of your choice.

Also, some niches pay better than others; for instance, the finance niche pays higher than travel articles. So if you intend to pursue your passion and make more money, then it is best to specialise in the fields with high demand and better pay.

That way, you’ll hardly lack writing jobs and also enjoy better pay. Look for freelance writing jobs at Upwork, Pro Blogger, TextBroker, Hirewriters, and Copify.

10: Copywriting

Make Money By Copywriting

Writing website copies is another easier way of making money online. It works best for those who enjoy writing and can craft compelling copies that can influence the consumers towards a product, service, or brand. Copywriting mainly involves writing texts for websites, i.e., press releases, web content, newsletters, and other professional promotional texts for business.

While writing blog posts is a lucrative venture, they pay less than writing sales pages. However, with sales pages, the clients require very high quality for their advertising campaigns that make it fuzzy for beginner writers.

Also, most modern freelancers offer a juggle between the low paid blog posts and highly paid content for sales pages to make a substantial income online.

11: Babysitting

Make Money By Babysitting

The babysitting opportunity is best for only those who love kids. Many Singaporean parents are full-time workers who are in dire need of babysitting services.

If you are looking to be a babysitter in Singapore, then the best way is to start by enlightening your family that you can babysit their kids during weekends or when free. Ensure you charge reasonable charges and be willing to work flexibly in any homestead.

If, however, you desire to work for other clients, then it’s best to join a babysitting agency. Most Singaporeans are doubtful when it comes to independent babysitters as they fear the safety of their babies.

And with the baby kidnapping ever surging, an agency allows you to access the myriad of babysitting jobs in Singapore easily. Typically, you’ll be paid $240-$45 per hour for each babysitting session.

12: Virtual Assistant (VA)

Make Money As Virtual Assistant

VA’s are increasingly becoming important in today’s online world. From running simple administrative tasks to keeping everything in order, most businesses cannot do without them.

In addition to their administrative tasks, virtual assistants (VAs) can help you generate leads through lead generation software. You just have to train them to use that software, and they will get you more leads, so you can just focus on closing them.

A VA acts basically like a secretary, and his functions include paying bills, making travel arrangements, and arranging meetings with clients.

These groups of freelancers work from home or in places with a reliable internet connection. They contact their clients via phone, email, or Skype. What you’ll make as a personal assistant depends on your expertise and overall experience. You can find virtual assistant jobs on Upwork.

13: Freelance Web Development and Design

Make Money By Freelance Web Development and Design

So you got the skills, HTML and CSS are no strange to you, and even PHP is at your fingertips. Well, that’s easy as you can be; you can make money online by becoming a freelance web designer.

However, to make it in the competitive field, you’ll need to be disciplined and strict besides ensuring you work hard to get jobs and maintain clients.

There are many sites out there, such as Upwork and Fiverr, where you can market your web design services. And considering that you are good in the trade, you’ll find clients easily who can attract you to other clients.

Also, the contract salaries for freelance developers are high, and there is an acute shortage in the world.

Therefore, if you can prove your tirade and expertise in the field, you’ll enjoy continuous workflow from thousands of clients.

14: Join A Remote Company Part-Time or Full-Time

Make Money Joining A Remote Company Part-Time Or Full-Time

While most ways of making money online are passive, you can change the course of your career by working in a remote company. In Singapore and worldwide, there are thousands of remote companies that are looking to hire workers for different positions. These companies don’t care who you are or where you come from, and only need you to provide your skills.

The majority of the companies offering remote jobs are the start-up businesses that involve using online tools to handle your roles.

Also, most remote jobs do not require top qualifications or masters in a particular niche. Instead, they are simple tasks such as customer support assistants and other jobs that require fewer skills. Better still, you can choose to work part-time or full-time that gifts you the flexibility you need.

Some of the best sites for finding remote jobs in Singapore include Flexjobs, SolidGigs, We Work Remotely, and Remotive.

15: Record a Podcast

Make Money Recording Podcast

Podcasts are hot on the market now and for the obvious reasons. With our careers and busy schedules taking a toll on us, many people are looking for alternative ways to bring in content, which makes podcasts one of the best ways to create an audience and make money online.

Though it takes time to build a sizeable audience, the wait is worth it if you invest time and quality in your podcast. The podcast market is ever open to new and quality content, and if you can prove your space, then getting the respect and the clients becomes an easier task.

One of the top podcasts’ producers is John Lee Dumas, who interviews entrepreneurs each day of the week in his podcasts “Entrepreneur on Fire.” The podcasts have elevated him to a celebrity status quo, and he now makes more than $200,000 monthly from it.

To start a podcast, you’ll need to find the particular niche you love. Come up with a list of niches and find the one you are passionate about most. You can also search for iTunes charts and Google trends to see what is currently popular in the market.

Next, you’ll need quality tools that will vary depending on your budget and comfort. To start with, ensure you have a microphone and software for recording your voice. Sites like Behringer, Blue, and Focusrite, can set your podcasts equipment in short notice.

Once you are set up, it’s time to plan the interview. Use your social media network to reach to potential audience and head to Amazon and Medium to find the experts in the niche you are covering. Once you are ready with research, gather the list and invite them. Enlighten them about your expectations and start the interview right away.

To monetise your podcast, you should stream it live on YouTube and subscribe to the Google Ads campaign. You can also outsource traditional advertisements from other companies or even market your products as ads in the videos.

16: Write and Sell an E-Book with Amazon Self-Publishing

Make Money Write and Sell an E-book With Amazon Self-Publishing

What many Singaporeans don’t know is that you can actualise your dream of writing a book with Amazon. With the many frustrating publishers and expensive costs of publishing your book, the solace lies with Amazon Self-Publishing.

An e-book helps people learn new skills, advance their careers, or start a business. If you can write such e-books, you can quickly impact many people’s lives besides making income online. Tools like Sellfy allows you to sell your PDF e-book quickly to potential readers. Better yet, you can sell the e-book directly via your social media sites.

And not to forget the best way of making money online with e-books is uploading it to the world’s largest booksellers, Amazon. With Amazon’s self-publishing feature, you’ll easily publish your book and retain your rights as an author. Amazon has a network of huge readers who regularly stream the site for new books.

The benefit with Amazon is you get connected to this massive audience that makes your book marketing efforts successful. Besides, Amazon takes only 30% for every book sale, hence giving you a larger percentage remainder.

Getting started with e-book writing is easier if you have existing works. Just tune in to Tara Gentile on “Creative Live” as she shows you how to write an e-book in a week using your existing pieces. Who knows your book might be the best seller on Amazon.

17: Be a Digital Marketing Strategist

Make Money As A Digital Marketing Strategist

Again, digital marketing is easier if you are the “influencer” type of person.

Guide to Programmatic Advertising Success

There are many individuals and companies in Singapore who are willing to pay you if you prove that you have the skills and platform to market and promote their products and services.

Popular digital marketing types are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, and Influencer Marketing.

If you have a huge following in social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, then you can easily lure potential clients with an offer to market their products and services.

18: Transcribe Audios and Interviews

Make Money Transcribing Audios and Interviews

The modern digital landscape is currently in a gear mode towards the services of professional transcribers. From doctors to lawyers and journalists, the demand for transcription services is on the rise. Individuals and Companies regularly post audios and videos to be transcribed in sites such as Transcribe.me and GoTranscribe.

So if you are comfortable with listening to audio multiple times and converting it to text, then transcription may be your safe gamble to make money online.

Transcription jobs usually pay between $15 to $25 of one hour transcribed audio. If you have specialised in medical or legal transcription, then you’ll enjoy higher rates. Also, most transcription sites pay their workers basing on their qualification levels. So if you can prove yourself as skilled, then you’ll quickly rise the ranks to be one of the best-paid transcribers.

19: Computer Programming and App development

Make Money Computer Programming and App Development

If you have some experience as a computer programmer, then you might enjoy selling your freelancer services. If you also have coding skills and want to try a hand in this lucrative market, then its best you try sites such as Free Code Camp, where you can learn to code programs.

There is plenty of work in websites such as Upwork and Freelancer. You should also utilise Treehouse for programming tutorials that will give your programming skills an edge.

App development is also on the rise with competent developers creating complex and AI-integrated apps. Again, if you have experience in developing Android, Windows, IOS, or macOS apps, then working as a part-time or full-time freelancer will enable you to earn some extra cash.

20: Flipping Websites, Mobile Apps and Domain Names

Make Money Flipping Websites, Mobile Apps and Domain names

The business of selling and buying websites is currently thriving online in Singapore and worldwide. Mobile apps and websites have become a critical factor in our era of communication and e-commerce. As such, more people are looking into utilising them to make high incomes.

Through flipping, many people and companies have sold their valuable websites, domain names, and mobile apps from hundreds to billions of dollars. There are numerous platforms for flipping your site or mobile apps such as Flippa.com and EmpireFlippers.com. Here you can sell your digital assets and enjoy huge bonuses that exceed your buying costs.

21: Take Online Surveys

Make Money Taking Online Surveys

Got some free time? Stop watching the funny cat videos on YouTube. Instead, you could be making up to $1000 per year for taking online surveys and trying new products. There are dozens of online sites that offer you paid surveys. From Swagbucks to One poll and Triaba, making money with online surveys is one of the easiest.

With dozens of companies who want to recruit new members into teams., you’ll hardly miss a survey job. Besides, these companies wish to users who can test their products and give real feedback that will help them improve on the products or services.

However, for online survey sites, you should be careful when joining one. Most of them never payout and scam their users for their time. But if you land the right site, then you’ll access a certain number of paid surveys per month. To earn as many rewards as possible, participate in many polls.

22: Run Webinars

Make Money Running Webinars

Webinars in your site give you an easy way to build an audience in your niche. Plus, you can quickly run and charge for these webinars and enjoy making profits off your hard work.

Well, hosting these webinars is a daunting task as you’ll need to offer original content, promote them, and provide valuable insight to your customers. The information should also be interactive to build a rapport with your audience by asking them questions ad making them active.

However, once you build a large blog following, then webinars generate tons of cash for you. You can capitalise on tools such as Webinars On Air to create professional webinars for your audience.

The tool utilises the aspects of Google Hangouts to handle all the hosting aspects of your webinar, such as payments. There are other alternative Webinars tools on the market, both free and premium options.

23: Turning your Blog to a Membership Site

Make Money Turning Your Blog to a Membership Site

Once you set up your site and it starts to bring massive traffic, then it’s smart to convert it to a full membership site. Membership sites usually keep some content hidden from the general public and are only visible to registered members. That is, a user must either sign up as a free or premium user to access the site’s posts. You can limit the resources that free members access and instead grant full access to the premium members.

You can use plugins such as MemberPress to turn your blog into a membership site. The tool comes packed with a myriad of features, e.g., you can decide to have only premium plans or a mixture of free and premium plans.

Members on premium plans have access to many features such as free downloads, no adverts, extra valuable content, and more. With a membership site, you’ll need to integrate your site with payment methods such as PayPal and Stripe.

It’s also vital to maintain quality content as members won’t renew their subscriptions if they feel your content to be of low quality.

24: Creating a Service Page

Make Money Creating A Service Page

If you are or is intending to offer freelancer services, then setting a blog is a good start for you.

On your blog, you can write about the services you offer and its benefits to potential clients. Besides, creating a blog is easier and may cost you under $3. In your blog, add a “Services” page that talks about the services you offer and how it can benefit the clients.

The page should also leave your contact details or a prompt that enables your clients to order and pay you for the requested services automatically.

25: Running A Directory Site

Make Money Running A Directory Site

Setting and running a directory can be a daunting task, but if you choose the ideal niche, then making money becomes easier. To get going with a directory business, you’ll need to set a site for a particular or general niche and allow companies to post their listings. You can then charge for these listings to appear in your site on a recurring monthly basis.

Additionally, you can charge the businesses to upgrade their listings. That is, to add their contact information, emails, social media links, images, videos, and more. You can also charge for the ad spaces and the products and services in your directory site. Sites such as Google Business and Yelp use the same method to earn revenues from companies’ listings.

In Singapore, popular business directories include Singapore Business Directory and Singapore Business Federation that make money online from their numerous business listings.

26: Sell your Photos on Shutterstock

Make Money Selling Your Photos on Shutterstock

If you are a professional photographer with tons of quality pictures in your closet, then selling your images might not be a bad idea. But before selling these pictures, first set up your photography site to enable an interested audience to reach out to you. You can sell your photographs to Shutterstock and make money online. Though other sites buy photos, Shutterstock is a popular option as it pays well for the images.

27: Advertise Your Services On Fiverr

Make Money Advertising Your Services On Fiverr

Fiverr is a great platform is you don’t have enough money to set a blog or agency. Here, you only need to sign up and advertise the services you are offering. You can then decide how much to charge your clients and allow clients to contact you for your services. With a well-designed gig and attractive gig, clients will soon roll your way to assign you tasks that will help you make money.

28: Online Personal Assistant

Make Money As Online Personal Assistant

If you have prior experience as a secretary, PA, or admin assistant, then becoming an online PA might be your best calling.

Many professionals are looking for an individual who can help them organise their work and ideas in one place. From managing financial affairs to sending emails and booking flights, a PA job can be a more natural way to roll your way into the online industry.

You can search for PA agencies around Singapore that will help you get a PA job.

29: Designing Logos

Make Money Designing Logos

Logos portray the inner picture of a business and speak volumes about the brand. Graphic designers design these unique logos, and if you are talented, you’ll never miss work. There are many graphic design jobs in Freelancer sites, but it’s best to pitch directly to employers. That way, you’ll benefit more when you design a logo.

Sites such as Freelancer and Upwork are some of the best platforms for finding logo design jobs in Singapore. But I’d recommend you pitch to potential clients to make more money online.

30: Create A Photography Site

Make Money Creating Photography Site

If you are a photographer looking to make more money from your photographs, then it would be best to set up a website. Here you’ll not only promote your pictures and services as a photographer but also sell your images. When visitors download the photos, you can charge them a premium free.

Using SEO and Digital Marketing to Publicise Market Your Website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential component of your digital marketing.

It helps to get your blog more visible to potential clients. Your site will also rank higher in Google and other search engine rankings, which will lead to an increase in higher user traffic, conversion rates, and ROI. When you combine it with social media marketing, you’ll soon receive clients streaming to your site to order for your services.

Get in touch with is for more information about digital marketing in Singapore. 

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