5 Amazing Ways to Design an Interactive Landing Page

5 Amazing Ways to Design an Interactive Landing Page

There is no perfect landing page, but thanks to an expert SEO agency or a magento development company that provides consultation and services in this regard you can already optimize your landing page at best and increase your website’s conversion rate.

Think about what you would like to see and be able to do on your site: put yourself in the shoes of your users and reproduce the basic behaviour of any user who arrives on this famous landing page.

In the context of web marketing, a landing page is a web page created specifically to support a marketing or commercial campaign.

Also known as a landing page, this page will be accessible via a hypertext link placed in online advertisements, commercial e-mails, or social media publications.

In the end, the landing page helps to increase the conversion rate and reduce the cost of acquisition of a new customer. It is an essential component of the optimization of the conversion.

A Landing Page, What Is It and What Is It For?

A landing page is a page created specifically to support a marketing campaign; it is not specially created when creating your website.

Whether it’s a newsletter, a mailing, a post on social networks or an AdWords campaign, the landing page is literally the page of your site on which will “land” the visitors, by clicking on the CTA (Call to Action) of your digital campaign.

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And on your landing page, you will find the real CTA that aims to create conversions! A landing page is a must for your campaign.

What is the point of referring people systematically to your homepage?

If you’re targeting a specific event, product, or promotion, create a landing page for that campaign.

It also means creating a landing page for EVERY campaign, it’s more work for your marketing department, but it’s more of a way to increase your chances of getting conversions.

A Landing Page, What Does It Look Like?

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The content of your landing page will depend on the goals of your campaign.

A priori, you have a conversion goal: fill out a form, sell a product, generate interaction anyway, in short, you will find visual content, text and especially a CTA!

Here are some tips for designing an interactive Landing-Page:

  • The challenges of a landing page

The main difficulty of landing pages is that you try to convince your visitor to do something he hates:

Fill out a form (who likes to fill out forms except for Mathilda in Leon?), provide personal information (and risk being spammed), buy something (people are always afraid of being ripped off on the internet or getting stolen banking information) or read a lot of information (on the internet, we do not really read, we fly over rather the information).

Hence the great difficulty in achieving an appreciable conversion rate.

Put yourself in the place of your visitor. He has fulfilled a promise from you in your marketing campaign. He clicked on your link and he is now on your landing pages.

He now asks the following questions:

    • Is this the right place (the one I wanted to go to)?
    • Does this correspond to what I expected? Should I click the back button?
    • Does this page inspire me?
    • How much will it cost me? You can now anticipate each of his questions and reassure him on this unknown page where you have drawn him.

If you do not do this, you can expect a high dropout rate, which is a pure waste of your e-marketing campaign. 

  • Optimisation of the Conversion

The cost of advertising on the Internet continues to increase. Companies are always paying more to maintain the same level of traffic on the site.

This has the effect of increasing the acquisition cost of a new customer. To deal with this problem, website managers act on the performance of the acquired traffic.

The solution is to optimize the conversion, that is, to improve the conversion rate.

The conversion rate is the share of people converting to the total number of people who arrived on the site. Optimizing conversion has therefore become crucial to maintaining business profitability.

However, the presence of landing pages improves the capacity of a site to convert.

The layout and content of landing pages direct the user to the desired action. Landing pages are therefore an essential part of optimizing the conversion of a website.

They are part of the conversion optimization expert toolbox. For an identical level of traffic, the landing pages increase the number of conversions and consequently reduces the acquisition cost of a new customer.

  • Strategy for Landing Page

The landing page strategy requires you to build a landing page by advertisement.

This strategy of multiplying landing pages seeks to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.  It allows going beyond the unique landing page for everyone, for all channels and all media.

And thus, it makes it possible to display on the landing page the content adapted to the target targeted by the advertisement.

This is why the strategy that has been adopted for advertising influences the landing page creation strategy.

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It’s a new way of thinking about advertising. Advertising is no longer considered dissociated from the rest of the user’s experience on the site.

  • Call to Action

The call-to-action button must be different from the other elements of the page and clearly indicate the action to be performed.

The design of the call to action is an essential work in the effectiveness of a landing page. Then click on the link in the action desired by the company on a landing page.

The call to action of a landing page is also the blocking point or passage of the user. It is the ability of the landing page to imagine what the user will get that triggers the click on the call to action button.

  • Design, UX / UI of a Landing Page

The page must be suitable for reading on all types of screens (computer, smartphone, mobile) because a lot of Internet users use their mobiles to surf.

The user experience qualifies what the user feels when using an online application. The user experience on a landing page is not limited only to what happens on the landing page.

The user experience of a landing page also depends on what happens before and what the user anticipates will happen next. Thus, the continuity between the advertising message and the landing page is essential for a successful shopping experience.

What is displayed on the landing page must be related to what is displayed in the advertisement?

The design of the landing page must provoke emotions and provide the necessary information to imagine what it will get by taking action.

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The visual appearance of the landing page must be consistent with the visual identity of the company so that the image of the company can be remembered by the user and play its role in the persuasion of the user.

10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Creating an Interactive Landing Page

7 Tips For Using Visuals to Create Landing Pages That Convert - Venngage

Already we have discussed the five ways to design an interactive landing page. However, there are several mistakes that we see on these pages that hinder businesses from realising their full potential.

Here are the top 10 common mistakes to avoid when creating an interactive landing page and how to fix them.

  •  Slow Loading Time

With attention spans getting shorter by the day you cannot afford to have a website whose landing page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Sites whose pages take more than 3 seconds to load lose at least 53% of visitors to their competitors.

Currently, page load time is one of the factors that Google uses to rank websites.

Hence, a slow load time may result in your website dropping its position on the search engine results page.

One of the main causes of a slow landing page is images. If the interactive landing pages have too many or large images, the page will take more than three minutes to load.

Resizing and compressing the images to fit the landing page layout will resolve this problem completely.

Concisely, optimise your interactive landing pages for speed to not only boost your landing pages’ ranking but also their ranking. Use free tools such as Google PageSpeed to monitor the speed of your website.

  • Poor Format

Like page load time, the landing page needs to be clear for it to be effective in converting regular visitors into customers. If the page is poorly formatted or cluttered, prospects won’t hesitate to move on to your competitors.

For example, having many navigation patterns and bold or large text negatively affects the user experience.

Here are a few points to remember when creating an interactive landing page that is free of clutter.

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    • Less is more: Your main focus should be to display the most important information about your product or service first. This is information that shows that your brand is the best in the market.
    • Use more visuals: The human brain processes visuals better than text. Visuals can quickly pass the intended message to the customer than blocks of text. Make sure that the visuals are relevant to the landing page. That is, the visuals should be related to the product or service marketed. Eliminate floating boxes, flashing advertising banners, pop-ups and other related visuals as they create distractions thereby lowering the page conversion rate.
    • Too many choices or links: As mentioned earlier, a landing page should be focused on one goal, to sell a particular product or service. Giving the visitors too many choices will confuse the target customers.

Therefore, limit the number of options to guide the target customers through the sales funnel faster.

On the same point, too many links to other websites pages with additional information about the product or service may seem like a good idea but the reality is that it ruins the site’s link architecture.

However, that doesn’t mean that the page shouldn’t have any links, but the links should not be more than two.

To sum it up, the landing page should not have too many fonts, text sizes, colours and unnecessary buttons. Everything that you include on the page should behave a purpose.

  • Requesting For Unnecessary Information

Yes, there is a need to collect information about the customers to process orders. The page should have one form to capture information such as the customer’s name, physical address and credit card information.

One of the main mistakes website designers make when creating interactive landing pages is having a lengthy form that captures too much information about the customers.

In most cases, this information is unnecessary and so most customers are hesitant to fill the form.

As a result, the company ends up losing thousands of dollars in sales to competitors due to high cart abandonment and bounce rates.

Get ahead of the curve by only requesting information that is super necessary or important. Eliminate form fields that capture information that is not required. The goal is to use the forms to create customer profiles.

For instance, if the goal is to guide the customer through the process of downloading a newsletter or case study, the form should only capture the customer’s email address and name.

The two will come in handy later when creating digital marketing campaigns such as email marketing. However, in some instances, you will need to capture more information to complete transactions or processes.

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Laser-focused forms will increase your landing page conversion rate by impressing the target customers. Focus on striking a balance to know the most important information that you need.

  • Unclear Call-to-Action

Having the right information on a landing page will increase its ranking page and organic traffic.

The visitors need to know the exact action they should take when they land on the page. The best way of achieving this goal is by including CTA (call-to-action) buttons.

The CTA buttons should not only be strategically positioned on the page but also clear. If the customers spend minutes browsing through the page looking for where to click your bottom line will be hurt.

For instance, if your company ships cars but the landing page has five CTAs, a majority of the customers will get lost.

So, make sure that the CTA buttons are clear and that none is a distraction. If the landing page has more than one call-to-action button, make sure they are optimised and focused on the main goal.

How do I know which CTA button to include on the landing page? Well, this is one of the most common questions that we get from our readers.

Here are questions to help you decide if a button is relevant or not.

    •       What’s the sole purpose of the landing page?
    •       Which is the service or product your brand is offering customers?
    •       What’s the next step you want the customers to take?

Apart from making sure that there are not too many CTAs on the interactive landing page, the buttons should not have unnecessary text.

The rule of thumb is that all CTA buttons should have the same text font.

Otherwise, if the buttons have different text, they will confuse the target customers thereby reducing your site conversion rate.

  • Lack of Trust

When doing business online, your focus should be not only on painting a positive image of your brand to the target customers but also on earning the customer’s trust.

Navigating the SEO Maze for Enterprise SaaS Companies

A professionally designed interactive landing page is the first step to earning the customer’s trust and showing them your brand is the best option in the market.

The most successful companies online have modern landing pages.

If the landing pages look ancient or outdated, savvy customers won’t hesitate to move to your competitors. Back to the main point about trust, the landing page should have features that relay trust and confidence.

Use social proof and user-generated content such as testimonials and reviews to win the customers’ trust.

For example, videos of satisfied customers using your product will crank up your landing page conversion rate by showing customers who are on the fence that it works and is capable of satisfying their needs. 

Go the extra mile to include badges and trust seals to show customers that your site is secure especially if you request private information such as credit card numbers.

  • Wrong or Broken Links

Earlier on, we mentioned the need to make sure that the landing page has one or two links to pages with additional information about the product or service.

However, the links should be added sparingly to the pages to avoid distracting the target customers.

In addition, the links should be functional. That is, they should direct the audience to the right pages. The easiest way of losing customers is having broken links or directing customers to the wrong website pages.

Your brand will lose customers and hundreds if not thousands of dollars if a link on the landing page results in a 404 error.

Research shows that 88% of online customers are less likely to shop on a website after a bad shopping experience.

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Simple things such as a broken link are enough to ruin your overall website user experience.

Use free tools such as Google Search Console or paid tools such as Screaming Frog SEO to identify and resolve broken links before they wreak havoc on your website.

Regularly testing the landing pages especially after updating them will ensure that all links are functional. If you notice a sharp drop in form submission, spring to action to check if the form link is functional.

  • Not Optimising the Landing Page for Mobile

Unlike a decade ago, mobile devices such as smartphones are used for not only communicating and socialising but also shopping online.

Millions of people use mobile devices to browse the internet and shop online than on desktops.

Mobile traffic is so prominent that Google and other search engines penalise websites that are not optimised for mobile. Hire a professional web designer to optimise your website for mobile.

Here are five essential factors to consider when designing a landing page for mobile.

    •       Make sure that the headlines have a maximum of five words
    •       Remember to add the company logo above the fold section of the landing page
    •       Leverage white space and simplicity to capture the audience’s attention and encourage them to take the desired action
    •       Ensure the forms are simple and user-friendly
    •       Confirm that the CTA buttons are visible and functional on different mobile devices
  • Poorly Crafted Copy

The performance of a landing page depends on the visuals but also the content. The page should be well written to convey the intended message to the target customers and encourage them to take the designed action.

Needless to say, grammar and punctuation are important but shouldn’t be the main focus.

Too much text will negatively affect the performance of the website. Most customers who land on the landing page have already decided to purchase so the main purpose of the page should be to guide them through the final stage of the landing page.

That said, you should consider hiring a reputable copywriter who has a proven track record to write succinct content for every landing page on your website.

The sentences and paragraphs should be short to grab the visitor’s attention from the moment they land on the website.

Sure, there are artificial intelligence tools that you can use to create the content in seconds, but it’s not advisable to use them.

Content generated using such tools is ineffective in establishing a connection with the target customers. As a result, the landing pages will not discourage visitors who are ready to convert from completing the purchase.

You are better off hiring a copywriter than using artificial intelligence tools to create content for landing pages.

  • Poor Typography

You worked hard to design the entire website and create content for the landing page.

The last thing you would want is to lose customers by having the wrong typography on the landing page. The typography used should make it utterly easy for the readers to read and understand the content.

37 Bad Letter Spacing Examples That Made All The Difference | Bored Panda

Be vigilant about the font size, colour and layout of the copy as they all have an impact on the readability of the content.

Desist from using copy that is too light or small. Also, the choice of font colour should be made concerning the background.

Before the landing page goes live, confirm that the page layout is OK on multiple devices. Check whether the copy is legible on different mobile devices.

  • Using Low-Quality Images

As mentioned earlier, we human beings process visuals faster than blocks of text. Make sure that the images you include in the landing pages are of high quality.

Generic images that are used on other websites won’t get the job done.

You are better off creating your own images and other visuals than free images or visuals found online. Chances are that competitors may be using the same images and so standing out from the crowd will be difficult.


To create an attractive and powerful landing page in conversion. From SEO to the user experience, each aspect is important, although it is not necessarily identifiable at first glance.

The main thing to remember is that the landing page is the first impression of the visitor on your content. If it does not meet the needs of the user or his comfort of navigation, your conversion rate will inevitably be very low.

This is why it must be real work both technical and ergonomic.

As a participant in the conversion funnel and future marketing campaigns, the Landing Page is of considerable importance.

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