7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022

Social media has become an integral part of marketing strategies, and that is because, in comparison to other techniques, social media is a cheaper and foolproof option. To do so, Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites that has single-handedly given a boost to businesses.

How does Facebook still manage to have a hold on the market?

  • It encompasses a variety of demographics– As per a study, 82% of Facebook users in the United States are aged 18- 29 years, 79% are aged 30-49, and about 64% are aged 50-64. This data tells us that Facebook is home to everybody that loves consuming content and keeping track of what their favorite brands are up to.
  • You can create ads that target a specific audience- you can select your target audience through age, location, interests, or gender. This will allow you to customize the settings while also targeting your existing customers privately.
  • You can measure the success of your marketing campaigns- this can be done by using the Facebook insights tool. The tool on opening provides detailed insights about the engagement your regular posts receive. You will also be able to find out the type of engagement that your business page garners (whether it is shares, comments, or likes).
  • Its users spend hours on it- an average Facebook user spends 40 minutes of an entire day surfing through content on the Platform. So the more time a user spends on Facebook, the more time they will spend interacting with your business.

What do you mean by optimization? Why should you optimize your business page?

Optimization of the Facebook page involves setting it up in a manner that makes followers understand what your business is offering and how it could be of use to them.

Optimizing Facebook business pages is necessary because it ensures all the effort you will be putting in pays off. Here, the effort will be involved in devising strategies and content creation processes to entice customers into leaving likes, comments, or sharing your page.

Here are some of the seven best ways to optimize your Facebook Business Page


The templates feature on Facebook was introduced in 2016 and has gone unnoticed. Not many have heard of it and sadly did not realize what an excellent addition it could be to the life of the business page owner.

You see the following tabs- videos, home, photos, posts, community, groups, reviews, and jobs. It means you are still stuck with the old standard template. Facebook’s new template feature allows customization of the page layout as per your requirements. You can choose from 7 business-centric layout styles.

These are:

  1. Services– this layout will ensure customers have clarity regarding the services and products you offer. The buttons will be displayed in a manner that encourages the new customer to follow the page and recommend it to others and save it. This is perfect for businesses that offer services (For example- health care, relocation, arts and entertainment, etc.)
  2. Business– this layout will allow sharing of job posts or special offers and lead to increased traffic to your website.
  3. Restaurant and café– this layout style highlights when you open and also the location. A menu tab will display the variety of drinks and food you offer.
  4. Venues– this layout is perfect for listing out upcoming events and selling tickets as well! It will also display the location of your venue, and it starts/ends.
  5. Politicians– allows displaying a primary ‘Send message’ button. It encourages support to communicate with you.
  6. Shopping– this will allow adding your complete collection of products to the Facebook page.
  7. Non-Profit– this will highlight the cause you stand for. It will also encourage new and old followers to donate to your cause to raise funds.

The image below displays Target’s Facebook page. They have customized their templates by adding ‘events’ and ‘shop’ to provide more information to any new followers.

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7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022

You can update your template by clicking on settings, then clicking ‘edit page’ and simply clicking ‘apply template’ when you find one you like best.

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022


Without a doubt, your Facebook business page must claim its custom-made Vanity URL. A custom-made vanity URL will-

  • Make your business page easier to find
  • Make brand page link easy to share
  • Create a URL that looks branded and more professional

Following these would make your vanity URL on Facebook match that of the name of your page. It will increase brand recognition and thereby strengthen your connection with the customers.

For example, the link you In the image you see below, the link provided is- https://www.facebook.com/Primark instead of a randomly allocated one.

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022

How to create your custom vanity URL?

  • Start by tapping open the ‘About’ tab on your business page. If you don’t see the about tab, then click on ‘See More.’

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022

  • On clicking open the about tab, you will spot the ‘Create Page @username’ link. On clicking this, you will be able to recreate your username on Facebook.
  • A message like what you see below will pop up. You will have to fill out the username in the empty field you see.

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022

Keep in mind that the username must have possessed anywhere between 5- 50 characters. Also, it would be best if you didn’t use any symbols or spaces as the username would be a part of the ultimately-created URL.


Customers tend to reach out to brands on social media when they want particular grievances resolved. This is why your messages exchanged with the customers must leave a positive impact on them. The best way to do so is by customizing the messages automatically sent to a customer when they open up your messenger.

Some other things to keep in mind-

  • Create a welcome greeting for when somebody first leaves you a message on the page
  • Leave the messages turned on even during the ‘Out of office’ hours
    Make use of the most used replies
  • Ensure you reply quickly

How to set customized messages for messenger on your Facebook business page?

  • Start by opening up ‘General Settings’ on your page and then clicking on ‘Messaging.’
  • Now scroll until you spot ‘automated responses’ and click on it.
  • Click on ‘Instant reply.’
  • You can now click on edit to create a customized message. Before finishing, ensure you have clicked on ‘Messenger’ under Platform.

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022


When you pin a post, they are automatically pushed to the top of the timeline. It would look like a status update, so you must carefully choose the post you ultimately pin. This will not be affecting any of the newer posts you will upload in the future.

Utilize the pinning feature to highlight things like-

  • Discounts or enticing offers
  • Necessary information
  • Live videos or videos that provide information about the products or services you offer
  • Lead magnets

Your pinned post would be displayed something like this post by the economist from September 21, 2021.

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022

Here’s how you can pin a post to your business page’s timeline-

  • Search for the post you wish to pin
  • Click on the ‘…’ icon every post possesses ( top right corner)
  • Click on the ‘Pin to top of page’ from the list of options that open up, and voila, you are done!

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022


According to https://broadly.com/blog/online-review-statistics/, over 84% of people are known to put their faith in online reviews. So this tells us that they really can make or break your reputation online.

Some other reasons that will tell you why you really should have the review tab up on your business page-

  • To make your brand possess credibility
  • Garner trust from followers and future customers
  • Expand the organic reach of posts
  • To push your position higher on Facebook’s professional services finder

To encourage your customers into leaving reviews on the page, you must include appropriate CTA’s on your posts, videos, website, and even emails.

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Here’s how you can add the Review tab to your business page-

  • Click on ‘Settings’, you will spot this on the top of your page
  • Click open ‘Edit Page’

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022

  • Scroll down until you spot ‘Reviews’, and here you will see ‘Tabs.’
  • Now click on ‘On’ under the ‘Use default tabs’ option.

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022

  • You will see a list of tabs that you can add to your page and scroll until you see ‘Reviews.’ Click on the ‘Add tab’ to finish the addition of the reviews tab to the page.

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022


Every post that you put up on your Facebook business page must be optimized with the SEO keywords connected to your brand. How will this help your business page?

Using SEO keywords has for long been associated with an increase in:

  • Organic traffic to blog/website
  • Higher ranking in the search results

Similar benefits will apply to your Facebook business page as well!

How to do this? Simply by strategically placing SEO keywords in various parts of the page, like-

  • In the captions of all your posts
  • The ‘About us’ section
  • The URL
  • The title of the page

Use the SEO keywords in whatever that is visible to the customers/ followers. Ensure that the keywords you use are all relevant to your business and the posts you upload. If they aren’t, then the content may end up looking forced and somewhat like spam.

Following this method of strategically placing Keywords on your business page will help the page, and the posts appear in google search results.


The CTA or call to action button is usually placed underneath your cover photo. Why is it important? Well, as the name suggests, the button is placed just to ensure people take the necessary action.

For example, you add the CTA button ‘Book services’ to your page. This button will encourage a new visitor to avail of the services you offer.

You can choose from four call-to-action buttons, depending on the products or services your business offers. These are-

  • Get in touch
  • Book services
  • Make a purchase or donation
  • Learn more

You can also customize these buttons to suit you and your business better by adding-

  • Start order
  • Email now
  • Call now
  • Book now

How to add the CTA button to your Facebook page?

  • Start by clicking open ‘Business manager‘ and then on ‘Settings.’
  • Open up ‘Pages’ next. You will spot this in your left column.
  • A list of all your pages will pop up. Click open the one that you want to add the CTA button to.
  • You will see a URL under the name of the page. Click on it.
  • Click on ‘Create a call to action,’ you will see this on the page’s cover photo.
  • Finally, choose from the Call to action button of choice as well as the URL that you wish to link with it.

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022

  • If satisfied, click on ‘Create.’
    Once the process is complete, the CTA button will be displayed as you see below-

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page in 2022

Keep in mind that you must locate the best search for the best landing page to ensure it can carry out the suggested action.


These were the top 7 most straightforward ways to optimize your Facebook business page. Apart from these, you must also-

Track the newest features Facebook creates and optimize accordingly.

Find out your competitor’s optimization strategies.

Keep engaging with the customers and provide them with transparency.

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