Review of Vodien Domain and Website Hosting


Vodiem is a leading web hosting & domain registrar in Asia. Its target audience is in Malaysia Singapore, the Netherlands, Indonesia, the UK, Switzerland, and the USA.

The company started as Vodien Studios but soon after changed its brand name to Vodien Internet Solution. Since then, it has risen to be one of the leading internet solution providers in Singapore. 

With that said, Viodien is best suited to experienced webmasters since they do not have basic functionalities. They virtually offer all types of web hosting and domain registry features available today. Currently, they support over 21,000 users and 35,000 businesses.

Vodien Domain

Vodien is arguably the most popular domain registrar in Singapore and they offer a wide range of feature-packed domain services. First, you will need to search for your preferred domain to see whether it is available or not.

The Vodien domain plans include:

Irrespective of the domain you pay for, you will get the following free features:

For newly registered companies and businesses in Singapore, they get an .sg domain name for free. However, if you already own a domain, Vodien also offers a wide range of hosting plans and they will transfer your domain for free.

Vodien Web Hosting

Vodien offers a wide variety of web hosting plans with affordable shared, dedicated, and VPS web hosting plans that seek to meet the needs of their customer. They use standard monthly and term billing plans for all  their pricing plans.

Their claim to fame with the web hosting services is the over 400 one-click install apps, weekly website backups for up to 2 weeks, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Vodien web hosting plans include:

On top of this, Vodein also offers virtual private secret hosting plans with varied pricing plans including:

The best thing about the VPS Vodien hosting plans is that they offer unlimited bandwidth and an easy to use cPanel. These plans are available to Linux and Windows users, although they lock out Mac users looking to use Vodein web hosting services.

Moreover, the dedicated Vodien hosting plans which include:

Vodien has one of the easiest and straightforward web hosting control panels that allows users to manage the website, domains, and emails. As a user,  you will enjoy the following features:

Moreover, you will get the following features:

Quality of Customer Support

One of the most important things to  consider when choosing a web host or domain registrar is the quality of their customer and technical support. For starters, they should offer professional and responsive support.

The Vodien support team is knowledgeable and professional. For example, their email support processes customer requests in a maximum of two hours. This is unheard of given the price of the Vodien plans besides they have a hotline listed on the website available .

The support team is knowledgeable to the point that they resolve the issues without the need for much correspondence.


Vodien Internet Solutions offers one of the best domain and web hosting services in Singapore. While it might not be suitable for beginner web masters, it offers the ability to customise the plans to suit your needs.

Contact us for professional digital marketing and web design services in Singapore. Our support team is professional, knowledgeable and ready to issue with a free and non-obligatory quote for your consideration.

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