Are Videos Essential For Singapore Websites?

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Video marketing could be the future of content marketing in Singapore, let alone the world.

At a time when the digital landscape is making an unexpected turn– starting with desktops and laptops getting phased out, as more and more people begin embracing their mobile devices, it’s safe to say that there are virtually no restrictions on how, when and where consumers interact with content.

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As it stands, content marketing can only succeed if it’s delivering what consumers want, when they want it, and how they want it. Another way of saying, in the perfect world of digital marketing, consumers call all the shots, as business owners get to only ride with the wave.

And judging from the way these consumers are interacting with the content directed at them, incorporating video marketing into your website design could be the way of the future.

Higher conversions rates; Improved ROI, marketers have all the reasons in the world to increase their video marketing budgets. But until they get to do that, here are 7 different types of videos that would get you more customers and earn you more revenue.

Product Demonstration Videos

This is basically some tutorial about your products. Just a simple video explaining of all there’s to know about your product. What it is; what’s its worth. what sort of clients are you targeting, and so forth.

The tutorial is also meant to give your targeted customers all the reasons they possibly need to hear to be convinced on buying the product.

It turns out 64% of all consumers out there will most likely buy a product after watching a video; and that’s mostly because watching videos is less tedious compared to reading. On top of that, a nice looking piece of video that also animates your website could be a great way to enhance its overall aesthetic appeal.  

In the product demonstration video you make, it’s also advisable to capture your product from any possible angle. That should be done with extra attention directed to lighting, considering bad lighting can end up ruining even some of the best-looking features of the product.

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Also, if possible, use stats where necessary. People love numbers, and any comparison made in terms of numbers will certainly make the description even more understandable.  

Case Study Videos

Case study videos strive to answer some of the questions lingering into your consumers’ mind before they even get to try out the product. It’s simply a social proof that goes at length to convince them that the product actually works as billed.

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The best approach to take while working on a case study video is to look at the problems the product is meant to solve.

You simply identify a problem, then go ahead and break it down in small chunks as you solve it in a way other consumers will have no difficulty understanding it.

Think of a case study video as a testimonial, only that you’ll be the one telling the story.

Testimonies can also work. Just get some of your clients to talk on camera. Let them talk about their initial problems and how the product helped them solve it. The message they give should be simple enough to be understood by an average consumer.

About Us Videos

Consumers want to know all there’s to know about you or your business to be comfortable enough to trust you with their money. An about us video can greatly help to bridge the trust barrier existing between the two of you.

If you can, get on camera and boldly spell out your name, and then proceed to give a sense of how your business fits into the community together with how you intend it to operate.

Keep in mind that consumers don’t really care whether or NOT your business is new. All they want to know are the reasons it started and how it intends to address some of the needs they have.

Additionally, your potential customers may also be interested in learning more about the team behind you. What are their qualifications and lastly, how will the product be working? What qualities make it different from the other options already filling up the market?


You simply organize a recorded webinar for interested customers. Here, you can teach and respond to all questions your customers are likely to have in an organized and well-articulated manner, knowing very well that the video will be posted back on site for all to see.

You’re expected to walk customers through everything they need to know about different topics. You could even offer a new skill.

Start by preparing beforehand. Let your team come up with well-structured, engaging content that will not only be educating them; but leave them both engaged and entertained, as well.  

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While announcing, you should start by breaking down the objectives of the webinar. Be specific with the kind of people you want to attend. Also, take some time to think about your audience and the style you think would work best on them.

There should also be a session for asking questions. Those in attendance are allowed to chime in and offer their insight on various topics of discussion.  

The Importance of Posting Videos On Your Website

Videos can significantly improve your conversion rate. They are as such considered an invaluable SEO tool.

Here are all the possible reasons your online visitors would at any time prefer videos over static content:

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Videos are more interactive and informative

Given the option to watch a video or glance over a piece of writing and some pictures; most people would choose the former. And that’s because videos are generally considered fun.

Try comparing the experience of watching a movie and getting to hear someone narrate the story, and you’ll get the gist.

Videos also allow you to actually see what’s being offered. You get to put your imagination to rest as you focus on something else.

You can also use videos to make your site more interactive and be able to draw a lot of interest and attention.

More Engaging

People have an easy time relating to a video as opposed to static content. Targeted customers get to understand things on a much deeper level.

They can read through your tonal variation, body language, and the hand gestures.

Readers can also be hooked in all the way to end provided you’re interesting enough to be listened to.

Stats also show that videos tend to have a lower bounce rate. That means there’s a fair chance that the bulk of your visitors will be sticking to your website for longer; and, for what’s worth, the longer visitors stay on your website, the more the site earns more value.

It’s a Wrap

Videos are bound to work because they’ll be showing Singapore people what your site is all about. Plus videos don’t just tell how things are; they draw the real picture. Those visiting your site also get a clear inside look of what your business is involved with.

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