Video Marketing Singapore: It Is Time to Get on The Bandwagon

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Digital video marketing is one of the best strategies for your Singapore business. You may often find that your business has plateaued and it’s not making any developments of late. You are not alone as many Singapore business owners experience and feel the same. Research conducted revealed that approximately eighty per cent of small businesses fail within the first five years. Video marketing comes in to turn things around. Singapore marketing has changed over the last couple of years which has seen a tremendous increase in online marketing. You need to get on the bandwagon of online marketing for you to get an edge in the competitive Singapore business. Video marketing is one of the strategies that you cannot overlook. This article goes through the reasons why it is time for you to get on the bandwagon of video marketing in Singapore.

  1. People Watch Videos

According to recent research, people spend one -third of their online time watching videos. People are continuously getting used to watching videos through the development of video platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. More than five billion YouTube videos are viewed each day. More so, Netflix subscribers watch about one and a half hours of content daily. People are now using videos to decide on the products and services to go for. Statistics reveal that about ninety per cent of online users say that videos are crucial in helping them make buying decisions. Approximately sixty per cent of customers will make an online purchase once they have viewed a video about it. Your customers have the desire to get marketing content in the form of a video. More than fifty-four per cent of customers prefer video content than any other content. This is because most of the Singaporean online consumers are visually oriented.

Video Platforms on Social Media

Video content strategy is useful in promoting your marketing reach out no matter the platform used. It is predicted that more than eighty per cent of online content will be in video form by 2019. You hence need to give your audience what they want. For you to get an edge of the Singapore online market, you have to include video content on your website. Social media platforms provide perfect opportunities for business video marketing that is diverse from YouTube and Netflix. Video content can apply to all social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. People are increasingly consuming videos through Facebook taking it a step closer to YouTube. With the video contents becoming more critical each day, it is predicted that in coming years, Facebook may become an all video platform.

  1. Everyone Else Is Getting into Video Marketing

As a kid, when your parents refused you to do something you thought was right, you could often say that everyone else is doing it. You felt too angry when you were not granted the permission. Here we fully allow you to get into the peer pressure. More business owners are promoting their Singapore businesses through video marketing. You should not be left behind by your competitors by assuming a video marketing strategy. Implementing Video marketing strategy will undoubtedly promote your business growth to match the level of every other business. By posting online videos in your website consistently, it will boost your customer engagement and build more traffic to your site. The videos can be about your products and services, tips and tactics, clients and more.

Live Videos

Live videos have gained considerable significance in the marketing plans of most companies. Live videos on Facebook can be saved for customers who were not online to join in later. In your marketing strategy, ensure the videos are easily accessible to everyone. One of the best strategies you can use is hosting Facebook live videos where you invite an influencer of your business industry to speak about specific topics. These live videos are informal yet popular and effective in attracting new potential customers. Instagram also provides a suitable video content platform. Instagram TV feature has made easy for you to share Instagram video content. Big and popular brands are utilising video marketing on Instagram as they are aware that it’s the future of online marketing.

  1. Videos Are Easy To Integrate

Videos are effective for integration with other digital marketing strategies. This will result in higher traffic and leads conversion rate. Video content can easily fit social media platforms, email marketing, blog posts and any other kind of marketing. On Facebook, you can use videos through live streams or sharing them as status updates. However, you need to be aware that about eighty-five per cent of Facebook users have the sound off when watching the videos. Incorporate words on the screen, or use closed caption to make the videos relevant with the sound off. Moreover, optimise your video for mobile devices as five times more people are watching Facebook videos on mobile devices than on a computer desktop. For you to get most clicks from online users, the thumbnail image should contain unique emotions such as funny, powerful or shocking to drive online users to click. Instagram and twitter video marketing also gives you increased engagement compared to image graphics.

  1. Videos Bring Out Your Personality

Brand awareness is an objective that any business wants to achieve. What makes you unique and stand out from the rest of Singapore business of similar strains? Video content gives your business a face that increases your brand awareness and shows the funny side of you. Online users need to recognise your business brand in any context, anytime and anywhere. This is important because the more the consumers can remember you, the more likely they are to purchase from you. This can be achieved through video content strategy. Videos engage the customers more closely leaving your company image on the minds of customers for long. Companies often feature their expert employees to show their customers the people behind the great ideas. This creates a more personal connection between the brand and its customers. You want to create a ready to help and friendly face to online consumers. Video content with happy, funny graphics and upbeat music does this best.


Video content provides the best form of content marketing. The strategy offers a combination of visuals and sounds which gives you an added advantage in working towards your marketing goals. A one-minute video is more entertaining and effective in putting across your point which may be equivalent to one point eight million words. If you are looking for a way to promote your business from the stagnant position, video content is the way. Show your Singaporeans audience that you are funny and exciting. Take a step today and build a video marketing strategy for your Singapore business.

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December 02, 2018

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