Video Marketing Singapore: It Is Time to Get on The Bandwagon

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Digital video marketing is one of the best strategies for your Singapore business. You may often find that your business has plateaued and it’s not making any developments of late. You are not alone as many Singapore business owners experience and feel the same. Research conducted revealed that approximately eighty per cent of small businesses fail within the first five years. Video marketing comes in to turn things around.

Singapore marketing has changed over the last couple of years which has seen a tremendous increase in online marketing. You need to get on the bandwagon of online marketing for you to get an edge in the competitive Singapore business. Video marketing is one of the strategies that you cannot overlook. This article goes through the reasons why it is time for you to get on the bandwagon of video marketing in Singapore.

If you are a business person and your business has no representation online. You should consider taking a step towards Digital marketing. The customer’s migration to the Internet came as a result of technological advancements. The Internet and smartphones have changed everything, even the business world.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is part of the digital marketing. It is simply the use of videos to promote your ideas to clients online. Posting of videos on the internet is a sure way of generating a new customer base and maintaining the relationship with your clients.


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The Benefits Of Video Marketing

Using of videos is one of the fastest growing in online advertising campaigns worldwide. Not only is it the in thing in digital marketing but it guarantees you results. Here are some of its benefits.

  • People Watch Videos

According to recent research, people spend one -third of their online time watching videos. People are continuously getting used to watching videos through the development of video platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. More than five billion YouTube videos are viewed each day. More so, Netflix subscribers watch about one and a half hours of content daily. People are now using videos to decide on the products and services to go for.

Statistics reveal that about ninety per cent of online users say that videos are crucial in helping them make buying decisions. Approximately sixty per cent of customers will make an online purchase once they have viewed a video about it. Your customers have the desire to get marketing content in the form of a video. More than fifty-four per cent of customers prefer video content than any other content. This is because most of the Singaporean online consumers are visually oriented.

Video Platforms on Social Media

Video content strategy is useful in promoting your marketing reach out no matter the platform used. It is predicted that more than eighty per cent of online content will be in video form by 2019. You hence need to give your audience what they want. For you to get an edge of the Singapore online market, you have to include video content on your website. Social media platforms provide perfect opportunities for business video marketing that is diverse from YouTube and Netflix.

Video content can apply to all social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. People are increasingly consuming videos through Facebook taking it a step closer to YouTube. With the video contents becoming more critical each day, it is predicted that in coming years, Facebook may become an all video platform.

  • Everyone Else Is Getting into Video Marketing

As a kid, when your parents refused you to do something you thought was right, you could often say that everyone else is doing it. You felt too angry when you were not granted the permission. Here we fully allow you to get into the peer pressure. More business owners are promoting their Singapore businesses through video marketing. You should not be left behind by your competitors by assuming a video marketing strategy.

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Implementing Video marketing strategy will undoubtedly promote your business growth to match the level of every other business. By posting online videos in your website consistently, it will boost your customer engagement and build more traffic to your site. The videos can be about your products and services, tips and tactics, clients and more.

Live Videos

Live videos have gained considerable significance in the marketing plans of most companies. Live videos on Facebook can be saved for customers who were not online to join in later. In your marketing strategy, ensure the videos are easily accessible to everyone. One of the best strategies you can use is hosting Facebook live videos where you invite an influencer of your business industry to speak about specific topics.

These live videos are informal yet popular and effective in attracting new potential customers. Instagram also provides a suitable video content platform. Instagram TV feature has made easy for you to share Instagram video content. Big and popular brands are utilising video marketing on Instagram as they are aware that it’s the future of online marketing.

  • Videos Are Easy To Integrate

Videos are effective for integration with other digital marketing strategies. This will result in higher traffic and leads conversion rate. Video content can easily fit social media platforms, email marketing, blog posts and any other kind of marketing. On Facebook, you can use videos through live streams or sharing them as status updates. However, you need to be aware that about eighty-five per cent of Facebook users have the sound off when watching the videos. Incorporate words on the screen, or use closed caption to make the videos relevant with the sound off.

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Moreover, optimise your video for mobile devices as five times more people are watching Facebook videos on mobile devices than on a computer desktop. For you to get most clicks from online users, the thumbnail image should contain unique emotions such as funny, powerful or shocking to drive online users to click. Instagram and twitter video marketing also gives you increased engagement compared to image graphics.

  • Videos Bring Out Your Personality

Brand awareness is an objective that any business wants to achieve. What makes you unique and stand out from the rest of Singapore business of similar strains? Video content gives your business a face that increases your brand awareness and shows the funny side of you. Online users need to recognise your business brand in any context, anytime and anywhere. This is important because the more the consumers can remember you, the more likely they are to purchase from you. This can be achieved through video content strategy.

Videos engage the customers more closely leaving your company image on the minds of customers for long. Companies often feature their expert employees to show their customers the people behind the great ideas. This creates a more personal connection between the brand and its customers. You want to create a ready to help and friendly face to online consumers. Video content with happy, funny graphics and upbeat music does this best.

  • They Increase Sales

Uploading a video of your new product guarantees an increase in your sales. This is because the video will be able to get you, new customers. People believe what they see. As a result, clients who have no time to visit your shop have a chance to see your commodity.

Top Strategies On How To Market Dietitians In Singapore

They boost the trust between you and your customers.

The main aim of marketing is to foster a good relationship between you and your customers. Also the building of trust. You should attract the client to buy your product. It is possible when you gain his trust using the videos.

  • Videos Make Complex Issues Easy to Follow

Let’s say you want to express something that’s very complicated to your audience. Using a video is the most suitable way of you explaining yourself better. Actions do speak louder than words.

Enable you to reach a wider audience.

Videos can be shared online. For instance, sites such as YouTube have a lot of viewers. If your video appeals to most people, it can go viral, therefore build your brand.

To acquire success in your business, you must be willing to go an extra mile rather than just selling. Video marketing can aid you sell your product more.


What are some characteristics of a good marketing video?

  • Should be short and precise. People have a short attention span. Therefore, you should be able to communicate the important information within the first five to ten seconds. A long video will be ignored therefore no communication.
  • It should be of high quality. The videos should be clear and of good quality. Your message will be understood more clearly. Videos should regularly be uploaded so that the clients don’t forget about your products quickly.
  • The content should be amazing. Most video marketers will advise you use a humorous approach. It should contain something that will entice the audience. Boring videos don’t get views. An amazing video will always assure the customer always anticipates for your ideas.


Video Marketing: Basics For The Singapore Marketer

Video marketing is one of the ideal ways of growing your Singapore business in this digital era. A majority of your potential customers interact with videos multiple times per day. Whether it is corporate videos, 3D animations, or explainer videos that you are thinking of creating, it is a step in the right direction.

Recent reports indicate that 79% of consumers in Singapore prefer watching a video to get insights about a service or product, than reading text on a page. Businesses that have realised the potent power of videos manage to increase their revenue by 49% faster than companies that do not use videos.

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In the U.S, an overwhelming 39 billion videos are watched per month. That is approximately 211 videos viewed and 15 hours spent per person per month.

Based on these statistics, it is imperative to have a video marketing strategy in place if you are to succeed in establishing and growing your business in Singapore.

Here are 10 valuable video marketing tips that every Singapore marketer should know and start applying.

Upload the Videos to YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the most popular video sharing platform. More than one billion unique visitors frequent YouTube and more than 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month. This platform will get your online video content seen by thousands of people instantly. It does not charge users to upload videos. You can also opt for the paid ads to promote your videos and channel.

Make Sure your Content is Compelling

Boring content will not attract viewers. Carry out market research and analysis to know what the online community is most interested in before embarking on creating the videos. Video whose content is compelling and relevant to the niche audience have a better chance of going viral and accruing more viewers than a generic video that is not directed to any specific audience.

Take Time Optimise the Content

If you are already uploading videos on YouTube and getting little or no results, the chances are that the content is not optimised correctly. As mentioned earlier YouTube is one of the second largest search engines in the world today. Just as Google requires you to optimise web content and blog articles, your videos should also be optimised.

After creating the videos, strategise as to which keywords you want the videos to rank high to increase their visibility. Before we proceed, it is essential to remind you that Google owns YouTube and this search engine is strongly inclined to YouTube videos that are properly optimised. It is easier to get a video ranked on the first page of Google than a website because the number of videos online is less.

There are hundreds of free and premium tools online that you can use to carry out keyword research. Make sure that the primary keyword appears in the video title, description, and tags.

Include a Call to Action

Call to action works not only on website content and sales page but also on marketing videos. As you edit the video, create a lower third graphic that encourages the viewers to take the desired action. Include the website URL, logo, or even the phone number in this graphic. A good CTA will drive traffic from the videos to your website.

Go a step further and include a link to your website in the description so that viewers can get to your site without typing the name or URL on Google. Confirm that this link is working.

You can also create an end screen for the marketing video that has the CTA. The end screen will be the last memory that the viewer take away from the videos and will motivate them to visit your website immediately or later.

Consider Running a Small Advertising Campaign

Studies show that the average cost per view for most YouTube advertising campaign ranges between $0.02 and $0.04. This is cheap compared to other online advertising platforms. With a budget of $100, you can get more than 2,500 views on a simple 30-second commercial.

One of the highlights of YouTube advertising is that it allows you to add a lower third message with clickable links to your website or the product page. Nowadays, it is possible to set up an advertising campaign on YouTube through Google Adwords account.

Distribute the Videos on Other Online Platforms

Well, your videos will get views on YouTube, but you need put in more effort to get as much exposure online as possible. Share them on all your social media channels, blogs, and other online platforms. The more often the videos are shared, the more visibility your brand will get.

Just like link building, if other websites cite your video and it is shared by many people, search engines such as Google and Bing will consider the content is an authority and boost its organic ranking. Sharing will also increase the chances of the videos going viral.

Include a Transcript to All Your Videos

A majority of Singapore digital marketers are not aware that it is possible to upload a transcript on YouTube. Create a simple, detailed and short word document that is based on the subject of the video. Be sure to include the same keywords you used to optimise the video in the transcript for additional SEO juice.

Strive to Get as Many Interactions as Possible

The more interactions, the better – therefore, strive to get as many likes and comments on your videos as possible. Concisely, the more buzz your videos get on not only YouTube but also other platforms that you share it on, the higher the exposure.

Top Audience Targeting Strategies for Effective Marketing

Spare some time off your busy schedule to respond to the comments to spur engagement. The responses will help the audience get more insights about your company. You will also get ideas for your next videos.

Hook the Target Audience

Gone are the days when patience was a virtue. In the current digital era, internet users are not patient, and their attention span is getting shorter by the day. Research shows that one-fifth of users click off a video within the first 10 seconds. Hence, it is essential to create an enticing hook to encourage the audience to view the videos until the end.

This does not mean that the videos should be short, but in a world that is filled with billions of videos, you need to give the viewers a reason to watch the video and even subscribe to your channel over someone else’s.

Add Value

Earlier on this article, we discussed the importance of making sure that the video content is relevant to the audience. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to add value to your videos by providing content that other Singapore marketers are not offering. This could be providing specialised knowledge, fresh news about a topic that matters to them, or entertainment such as a funny clip.

Concisely, your goal should always be to produce marketing videos that you would want to watch yourself if they were uploaded by someone else.

Be Consistent and Mindful

The video is a visual medium, and so it is a perfect opportunity to solidify your brand’s personality and look in the market. Consistency will help you connect with the existing and new subscribers effectively. Apart from posting a specific number of videos per week and on particular days and time, show the viewer’s familiar faces. Use consistent tone and on-brand colouring.

As you do that, consider the platform that the video will be posted on to get the best results. For example, portrait orientation works well on Snapchat and Instagram. Videos that you post on Facebook and YouTube should have a landscape orientation and expertly edited.

Quality Matters

A decade ago, it was acceptable to upload a low definition video on social media platforms, but nowadays, such a video could tarnish your brand image immediately. Invest in a modern camera and video shooting equipment to produce high-quality videos.

As mentioned earlier, the online audience has no patience; viewers will not spend their valuable time watching a low-quality video. Luckily, you can use some smartphones to shoot an amazing HD video and upload it on YouTube and other social media platform instantly.

Since YouTube is one of the largest and most popular video sharing platforms online, it is imperative to have a brand account here.

 Below are there excellent three tips on how to create a professional YouTube channel for your brand.

Select the Right Name

The name of your channel should be related to your business. That is, consider the services or products that you offer. Doing so will give the target audience an idea of what you do even before they click and watch any of the videos that you upload.

Channel Icon and Cover Art

Channel icon and cover art are two of the essential elements that will enhance your brand awareness efforts. They are the two main things that a visitor will see when they land on your YouTube channel. Therefore, you need to make sure that the icon and cover art are perfect. They should reflect your company image and establish a connecting with the viewers.

Simply put, the icon is the small image that will appear not only on your channel but also alongside your comments. It is similar to your Facebook profile picture. At the moment, YouTube recommends using 800 x 800-pixel image. You can use a high-resolution version of your company’s logo or one of your professional headshots. Check out what your competitors in Singapore are using, but do not copy-paste their images.

On the other hand, a cover/channel art is the large image that tells the viewers who you are and what your business deal with and is similar to your Facebook profile cover photo. This image should be of high quality and visually engaging. YouTube recommends you use a picture that has a maximum size of 4MB and 2560 x 1440 pixels.

As you select the cover art, keep in mind that it will appear differently on each device. Therefore, take a minute to check if all the main components such as the text, logo, and tag lines are visible on multiple devices. Luckily, YouTube has a preview tool that you can use to verify this before uploading.

Write a Channel Description

Channel description is one of the most critical yet often overlooked steps that results in most YouTube channels failing to deliver the expected results. The description should inform the audience about your brand as well as provide details of what you offer briefly. This is also an opportunity to highlight your brand’s unique selling points.

Consider it as an autobiography of your company. Concisely, inform your audience who you are, what you do, and more importantly what value your products and services bring to them. It should convince and give them a reason to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

Add Links

Make it easy for subscribers and other potential clients who are interested in your brand to access your website and other social channels by adding links. Ideally, the links should be displayed prominently on the bottom right-hand corner of your cover art. You can add up to five custom links that viewers can click on to visit your website, social media platforms, and more.

Create a Feature Video/Channel Trailer

A channel trailer or featured video will significantly help your channel stand out. The channel trailer video will be auto-played immediately someone lands on your channel. So, make sure that it is sweet and short to hook the viewers and encourage them to watch more videos. You can also use it to give the viewers a brief overview of your brand, niches, industry, and style.

It is also important to note that the trailer will not be shown to people have already subscribed to your channel. Make use of a featured video to promote popular content, new videos that best grasp the soul of your brand to this segment of viewers.


Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most preferred ways to pass information about products and services to customers in Singapore. Do not be left behind; start applying the above tips to get maximum ROI from your video marketing campaigns.

Video content provides the best form of content marketing. The strategy offers a combination of visuals and sounds which gives you an added advantage in working towards your marketing goals. A one-minute video is more entertaining and effective in putting across your point which may be equivalent to one point eight million words.

If you are looking for a way to promote your business from the stagnant position, video content is the way. Show your Singaporeans audience that you are funny and exciting. Take a step today and build a video marketing strategy for your Singapore business.

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