Top Video Conferencing Equipment Suppliers in Singapore


Are you looking for the best video conferencing equipment suppliers in Singapore?

Look no further! In this article, I’ll be introducing you to the top video conferencing equipment suppliers in Singapore.

With the rise of remote work and virtual meetings, video conferencing has become a crucial tool for businesses to communicate and collaborate effectively.

And to make the most out of video conferencing, you need reliable and high-quality equipment.

Luckily, Singapore has no shortage of video conferencing equipment suppliers, from small businesses to large corporations.

These suppliers offer a range of products, including cameras, microphones, speakers, and software, to enhance your video conferencing experience.

So, whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, choosing the right video conferencing equipment supplier can make all the difference.

Let’s dive into the top video conferencing equipment suppliers in Singapore and find the perfect one for your needs!

Video conferencing is a critical component of doing business in the modern world. It enables business teams in different parts of the globe to communicate and collaborate regardless of the timeline or location.

Businesses big and small stand to gain significantly from this technology when they rent video conferencing equipment.

What Is Video Conferencing?

YouTube video

Video conferencing is a technology that enables face-to-face communication between people in different global locations.

It’s simply a collaboration solution that allows participants to relay communication through an internet browser, PC mobile, or video device. Participants can engage and share visual communication elements.

Video conferencing or online video conferencing relies on hardware and software to send and receive audio-visual signals from two or more locations across the globe.

It can be in the form of point-to-point or multipoint video conferencing systems.

Video conferencing can be used to hold a business meeting, teach classes, interview job candidates, or stream live events.

Required Components of Video Conferencing Systems

A video conferencing system includes:

  • A reliable network for data transfer- this needs to be a high-speed internet connection that mimics the voice over Internet protocol technology. LAN networks are also used
  • A minimum of two cameras for the video input
  • Two or more microphones-built in on a device or placed on an individual to provide audio input
  • A computer, TV monitor, or a projector that relays the video output.
  • Headphones or professional speakers that provide the audio output
  • Hardware or software codecs-coding and decoding technique used to compress analog audio /video into digital from one end then decompress the same on the receiving end
  • Echo reduction software that facilitates real-time audio

Types of Video Conferencing Systems

There are different types of video conferencing systems that your company can choose depending on current needs. Knowing the different types helps you choose the best.

  • Telepresence Video Conferencing System: Telepresence is positions participants in an up-and-close setup. There are big screens with cameras aligned at eye level. The idea is to make it look like attendees are sitting in one boardroom.
  • Integrated Video Conferencing System: Integrated video conferencing systems are ideal for intensive group sessions. The VC equipment is positioned centrally. There is a central location where the primary equipment is placed.
  • Desktop Video Conferencing System: Desktop video conferencing is perfect for people on the move or remote workers. The conferencing hardware and software are located in the PC or desktop. It’s conferencing inside your personal computer.

Service-based Video Conferencing System

Serviced-based video conferencing requires the input of a carrier provider. The telecom company caters to the setup, and you pay for the services.

How Video Conferencing Works

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The video conferencing process comprises two activities, namely compression, and transfer.

Compression is the process where the webcam and mic capture the audio-visuals as analog input.

Data captured as different elements requires massive bandwidth. However, codes are used to compress it into digital packets that travel faster over broadband or Wi-Fi connections.

The transfer phase involves the transmission of data packets to a receiving terminal. Here, they are decompressed into analog for viewing and audio cues.

Growing Demand for Video Conferencing in Singapore

Singapore’s business culture enjoys global acclaim. Business meetings are always happening. Different companies have realised the potential of video conferencing, meaning there’s a high demand for video conferencing services.

Luckily, video conferencing is no longer a luxury reserved for Fortune 500-ers. Small businesses can leverage Video conferencing systems affordably thanks to the presence of video conference equipment suppliers who lease a range of equipment.

Considerations When Hiring Video Conferencing Equipment

The only way out for businesses with strained communication budgets is to go for video conferencing equipment on lease. It’s possible to rent crucial equipment on a short or long-term basis. Some benefits come with the VC equipment hire option. However, you need to consider critical factors before you pick a video conferencing equipment lease provider.

Number of attendees

Before hiring conference equipment, check the number of participants involved. Ask whether you’re holding a one-to-one or a group-based conference with attendees in different locations. The equipment you need for a board meeting differs from the average webcam setup. Check whether the leasing company provides equipment that meets such specifications.

Technical support

Before hiring equipment, check whether your internal teams know how to operate the equipment. Since you don’t have an in-house technician, check whether the leasing company offers technical support. Choose a provider that handles, the installation, testing, facilitation, and dismantling of the equipment after the meeting.

High-Quality multimedia capacity

The Video conferencing equipment you rent should provide high-quality media transmission. You want to make a presentation with additional videos, charts, or graphs. As such, ensure the equipment you rent can help you share additional files and media.

Equipment specs

Is the VC equipment you intend to hire compatible with other platforms or browsers? You might want to consider that. Even though you have reliable connectivity, your conference might flop if you rent equipment with the disparity in their system specs. You cannot sync transmission if the hardware and software in different attendee locations are disparate.

Ease of Use

While the cost of renting video conferencing equipment is a critical consideration, ease of use is equally a concern. Go for equipment that offers simple-to-use interfaces. Your team should be able to operate these tools like ordinary office gadgets. Even though you’re leasing, its equipment simplicity that will guarantee a productive video conferencing session.

Benefits of Online Video Conferencing

Improved Productivity and Optimised Operations

Whether it is on a business or social purpose, video conferencing allows you to be in two places at the same time. Employees don’t need to travel, and they can maximize their time handling business-critical tasks. VC sessions significantly reduce the misconstructions associated with emails and phone communication. They deliver body cues and expressions that deliver messages compared to the average phone conversation.

Rapid outreach

If a business from one end of the globe wishes to relay important messages or proposals to a branch or overseas investors, video conferencing can help right away. Indeed, you don’t have to wait for all board members to take their seats. You can convene a VC session in the shortest time possible.

Improved communication and relationships

Video conferencing fosters relationships and trust among employees and executives. Global teas feel inclined to contribute to the well-being of the company even though the geographical proximity is prohibitive. With VC, a small business enjoys the chance to build highly productive relationships with potential partners on the other end of the globe.

Optimised attendance

Video conferencing drives increased participation from staff in dispersed locations. The video recording capability with most VC equipment allows those who missed crucial sessions to retrieve the info at their convenience.

Tips for Effective Video Conferencing

If you’re worried about missing a business-critical meeting at an overseas venue due to the current COVID 19 lockdown, technology offers you relief. Businesses are adapting to remote working tools and technology to drive collaboration and business continuity. Video conferencing guarantees such but there are steps to take to ensure effective video conferencing.

Use a stable internet connection

Fast and stable internet connectivity is a critical component of successful VC sessions. Slow connections can hamper the audio and visual quality. Consider stable LAN connectivity. If you’re connecting wirelessly, consider advanced security and encryption.

Select a good video conferencing software

The right video conferencing software guarantees proper communication. Make sure that you’re using the latest version of the software. For maximum efficiency, check whether the said software is compatible with the OS.

Keep time zones in mind

A VC session involves participants from different parts of the globe. Always pick a time that is right for every attendee. You don’t want to mix up the dates or invitations since it could lead to confusion. Time zone issues can affect the productivity of your session.

Be acquainted with video conference features

Your attendees are probably not experts in Video conference equipment features. However, they must have a basic understanding of how to operate simple buttons.

Video Conferencing Equipment Capabilities

Before you rent video conferencing equipment, consider whether the tools offer these capabilities.

  • High definition and Authentic HD video quality
  • HD audio quality including multiple microphone support
  • Seamless Interoperability with video conferencing software
  • Sync abilities with VoIP services
  • Easy diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Availability of scheduling, meeting room booking and calendar features
  • Scheduled event reminder
  • Dynamic, responsive video camera
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Support for web conferencing features and Screen-sharing

Top Video Conferencing Equipment Suppliers in Singapore


sourceit is a leading video conferencing equipment provider in singapore

Equipment Supplier

SourceIT Pte Ltd

About SourceIT is based in SG providing Video Conferencing, IT Consultation, and System Integration Services in Singapore working with leading technology providers like Poly, Plantronics, EPOS, Sennheiser, Barco, Jabra, Logitech, Ergotron, Aruba Networks, Aruba Instant On, Cisco, Microsoft, Microsoft 365, HPE, HP Inc, Lenovo Fortinet and more. Our Mission is to offer the latest in High-Quality audio and video Communication products for Businesses.
  • Digital Workspace Management
  • Unified Communication
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Teleconferencing
  • IT Integration
  • Project Management
Address 9 Jalan Lembah Kallang, #02-01, Singapore 339565
Telephone (65) 6978 3502
Operating Hours Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:00pm
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital
  • SingHealth
  • People’s Association
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • German European School Singapore
  • CITY OF LONDON Investment Management


esco asia is a top video conferencing equipment supplier in singapore

Equipment Supplier


About Esco provides collaborative tech solutions to businesses of all sizes. It provides unified communication in video conferencing and real-life telepresence. Esco strives to connect multiple locations with high-definition audio, video fidelity, and multi-point immersive conferencing.
Services ·      Intelligent Room Control

·      Unified Communications​

·      Digital Media Interfacing

·      Multi-point immersive conferencing

Address 6 Harper Road, #06-08, Leong Huat Building, Singapore 369674
Telephone (65) 6743 3343
Operating Hours Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:00pm
Clients ·      Unilever

·      NUS

·      Coca-cola

·      HP

·      Amazon



video conferencing singapore pte ltd is a top supplier in singapore

Equipment Supplier

Video Conferencing Singapore

Video Conferencing Singapore About Video Conferencing Singapore is a recognised industry provider in the design, installation, and provision of user-centric video conferencing solutions.

It helps local and global organizations to leverage communication using high definition video conferencing systems, integrated systems, and audio-visual integration.


Video Conferencing Singapore Services ·      Video Conferencing Systems Design & Consultation

·      Video Conferencing Deployment

·      Audio Visual Integration

·      Collaboration Software

·      Meeting & Boardrooms Acoustics

Video Conferencing Singapore Address Address: 20 Mandai Rd, Singapore 779394

Phone: (65) 6100 3477

Video Conferencing Singapore Telephone (65) 6100 1278
Video Conferencing Singapore Email
Video Conferencing Singapore Website
Video Conferencing Singapore Operating Hours Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


sysnet system and solutions is a leading video conferencing equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier

Sysnet System and Solutions

Sysnet About Sysnet System and Solutions is a professional Information Technology company providing businesses with cutting-edge technology. Since 2004, the company has provided integratedsystem solutions in video conferencing, audio-visual, and office collaboration fields.
Sysnet Services ·      Automated Meeting Room

·      Unified Communications

·      Meeting Room AV Integration

·      Video Conferencing System Implementation

Sysnet Address 237, Pandan Loop, #03-07, Westech Building,

Singapore 128424.

Sysnet Telephone (65) 67730273
Sysnet Email
Sysnet Website
Sysnet Clients ·      Nutanix

·      SolarWinds

·      PaloAlto networks

·      Verint

·      Veritas


vstream is a top video conferencing equipment supplier


Equipment Supplier


VStream About VStream ranks high in the provision of excellent live Streaming services in Singapore. It enjoys 15 years of industry-recognised proficiency in IT, AV, and video production services. It provides low latency transmission using scalable video conferencing solutions.
VStream Services ·      Conference live streaming

·      Event live streaming

·      Video conferencing

VStream Address 37 Jalan Pemimpin, #06-03, Mapex Building 577177
VStream Telephone (65) 88038247
VStream Email
VStream Website
VStream Operating Hours Mon -Fri: 9 am to 6 pm


avitcom is a top video conference equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier


Avitcom About Avitcom offers fully-fledged video conferencing, audiovisual rental, and staging solutions for meetings, corporate events, and business conventions. It relies on modern and industry-proven leading edge AV solutions.
Avitcom Services ·      On-site support services

·      Video wall solutions

·      System installation

·      Video conferencing system design

·      Project management

Avitcom Address 1091 Lower Delta Road #01-01, Singapore 169202
Avitcom Telephone (65) 6471 1825
Avitcom Email
Avitcom Website
Avitcom Clients ·      NEC

·      Extron

·      Shure

·      Clock Audio

·      Polycom


cube interactive is a top video conferencing equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier

Cube Interactive

Cube Interactive About Cube Interactive manages all risks associated with web conferencing designs and set up. It guarantees businesses a reliable AV and VC experience.

Cube Interactive offers customised audio visual and video conferencing solutions that are tailored to meet your meeting needs.

Cube Interactive Services Video Conferencing

Audio Visual services

IT Infrastructure Integration

Video Wall


Cube Interactive Address 1003 Bukit Merah Central, INNO Centre, Singapore 159836
Cube Interactive Telephone (65) 9828 7873
Cube Interactive Email
Cube Interactive Website


nete2asia is a top video conferencing equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier

NETe2 Asia

NETe2 Asia About NETe2 Asia was launched in 2000 as a system integrator dealing with video conferencing, audiovisual, and video streaming applications.

As an industry influence, NETe2 Asia provides quality video conferencing and streaming services to government agencies, SMEs and MNCs.

NETe2 Asia Services ·      Professional Consultation

·      Audio Visual Telepresence Services

·      Video Conferencing,

·      Content Streaming

·      Multimedia Networks.

NETe2 Asia Address 152 Paya Lebar Road #06-06 Citipoint Industrial Complex Singapore 409020
NETe2 Asia Telephone  (65) 6723 6363
NETe2 Asia Email
NETe2 Asia Website
NETe2 Asia Operating Hours Mon-Fri 8:30 am-6:pm
NETe2 Asia Clients ·      Arcapita

·      Deloitte

·      Citibank

·      DBS

·      Canon


meetingcom is a top video conference equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier


MeetingCom About MeetingCom provides collaboration technologies to help companies to achieve productive meeting experiences. As a full-service company, it helps in meeting room configuration on and offsite.
MeetingCom Services ·      Audio/ Video Services

·      Web Communications Consulting

·      Video conferencing

·      Teleconferencing

MeetingCom Address 420 North Bridge Road, #06-40 North Bridge Centre Singapore 188727
MeetingCom Telephone (65) 6372 4388
MeetingCom Email
MeetingCom Website
MeetingCom Clients ·      Interlink Electronics

·      Converging Technologies Inc.

·      Crestron

·      Sony

·      Spectel


enovec is a top video conference equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier


Enovec About We are customer centric; we aim to provide solutions that best fit our clients’ needs through consultation and continuous milestone updates & discussions. With 15years of experience from the leading management, Enovec excels in the integration of AV and multimedia solutions especially in the Unified Communications & Digital Workspace field.
Enovec Services
  • Unified Communications
  • Digital Workspace Management
  • Visual (Videowalls, Displays & Projectors)
  • Professional Audio System
  • AV Control and Signal Management
Enovec Address 59 Ubi Avenue 1, #04-13 Bizlink Centre, Singapore 408938
Enovec Telephone (65) 6802 1591
Enovec Email
Enovec Website
Enovec Operating Hours Mon-Fri 9:am-6:pm
Enovec Clients
  • Grab
  • Unilever
  • Frasers Property
  • Changi Airport Group
  • National University of Singapore


gsq is a leading video conference equipment supplier in singapore

Equipment Supplier


GSQ About  GSQ Singapore specialises in video conference systems and AV Products. It operates under the auspices of SAVI Group.

GSQ provides the best video and audio conferencing equipment from recognised global brands.

GSQ Services ·      Cloud multiparty video conferencing solutions.

·      Conference room solutions

·      Conference Room Design

·      System Integration

·      GSQ Video Wall

GSQ Address 14 Robinson Road #08-01A Far East Finance Building, Singapore 048545
GSQ Telephone (91) 98101 66450
GSQ Email
GSQ Website
GSQ Clients ·      Dabur

·      Hindustan times

·      Vodafone

·      NIIT

·      HCL



3s communication is a leading video conference equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier

3S Communication

3S Communication About 3S Communication has over 30 years, providing a broad spectrum of services in the Audio Video Industry. It’s backed up by a team of highly skilled AV technicians. 3S helps to set video conferencing meetings for maximum output.
3S Communication Services ·      Project consultancy

·      System integration

·      Video conferencing

3S Communication Address 705 Sims Drive #04-15C Shun Li Industrial Complex Singapore 387384
3S Communication Telephone (65) 6337 0168
3S Communication Email
3S Communication Website
3S Communication Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 0900-1900hrs
3S Communication Clients ·      Great Eastern

·      ANZ

·      OCBC Securities

·      RHB Bank

·      Mitsui


spectrum is a leading video conference equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier


Spectrum About Spectrum was established 11 years ago as a system integrator in the AV field. It boasts exceptional expertise in designing and installing Professional Audio Visual and video conferencing solutions for a variety of industries.
Spectrum Services ·      Visual Presentations

·      Video Streaming & Recording

·      Video Conferencing

·      AV Integration & Automation n

·      Interactive Displays

Spectrum Address 3 Ubi Ave 3, Vertex Building Tower B #08-18, Singapore 408868
Spectrum Telephone (65) 6722 3688
Spectrum Email
Spectrum Website
Spectrum Clients ·      EDB Singapore

·      XiLink

·      Manulife

·      Natixis

·      Novartis


avscience is a leading video conference equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier

Av-Science Marketing

AV-Science About AV-Science has been in the AV and video conferencing sector since its inception in 1985. It provides organizations with a wide range of Multimedia Presentation Equipment, audiovisual, Integrated Control Systems, and Video and Audio Conferencing Solutions. It partners with 40 global brands.
AV-Science Services ·      Web, Video and Audio Conferencing Solutions

·      Digital Audio Visual installation

·      Integrated Control System

·      Interactive Learning Technologies

·      Video Streaming and Recording Solutions

AV-Science Address Upper Aljunied Link, #08-06 Joo Seng Warehouse, Singapore 367902
AV-Science Telephone (65) 6487 2322
AV-Science Email
AV-Science Website


hypercom is a top supplier of video conferencing equipment

Equipment Supplier

Hyper Communications

Hyper Communications About Hyper Communications is a recognised provider of unified communications. It enables enterprises to meet their objectives using cutting edge solutions, including VoIP telephony, web conferencing, and mobile connectivity.
Hyper Communications Services ·      Unified communications

·      Video conference

·      Call center & software solutions

·      Audiovisual & digital signage

Hyper Communications Address 315 Outram Road, #04-03A, Tan Boon Liat Building,

Singapore 169074

Hyper Communications Telephone (65) 6336 0055
Hyper Communications Email
Hyper Communications Website
Hyper Communications Operating Hours Mon-Fri 8:45am -6:00 pm
Hyper Communications Clients ·      Bally Shoe Factories Ltd

·      Barco Pte Ltd

·      Bedok Methodist Church

·      Believer Music

·      Beng Hui Marine Electrical


singtel is a top video conference equipment provider

Equipment Supplier


SingTel About SingTel delivers innovative digitisation solutions that enable businesses to ace their meeting needs. It relies on a robust global network, reliable IT infrastructure, and strategic partnerships with over 440 companies. SingTel empowers businesses with the capacity to transform digitally with seamless communication solutions.
SingTel Services ·      Voice and Collaboration

·      Unified Communications (UC)

·      Cloud Conferencing

·      International Calls

SingTel Address 1 Exeter Road, Comcentre #19-00, Singapore 239732
SingTel Telephone (65) 6838 2089
SingTel Email
SingTel Website
SingTel Operating Hours Mon-Sun 11am-9pm
SingTel Clients ·      The Closet Lover

·      Dubai gold

·      Calsonic Kansei

·      AT&+Co

·      Cayman management consultancy


grandstream is a leading video conferencing equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier


Grandstream About Grandstream is recognised for its prowess in the VoIP, video conferencing and video telephony sector. It has been helping Singaporean businesses with video conferencing solutions, flexible products, and customised functionality.
Grandstream Services ·      Video Conferencing

·      Networking

·      VoIP Telephony

·      AV Consultancy

Grandstream Address Singapore Office Blk-10, UBI Crescent, #06-44, UBI Tech Park (Lobby C), Singapore – 408564
Grandstream Telephone Phone: (65) 65470561
Grandstream Email
Grandstream Website


intrado is a leading video conference equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier

West Corporation

West Corporation About West Corporation provides communication and network infrastructure services. It offers cutting edge video conferencing solutions with a customised collaboration approach. It empowers organisations through its video conferencing platform to meet companywide objectives.
West Corporation Services ·      Conferencing & Collaboration

·      Audio Conferencing

·      Video Conferencing

·      Web Conferencing

·      Collaboration Tools

West Corporation Address 456 Alexandra Road #13-01/02 Fragrance Empire Building Singapore 119962
West Corporation Telephone (65) 6468 2255
West Corporation Email
West Corporation Website


versatech is a top video conference equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier


Versatech About Since 2014, Versatech has been providing an array of system integration solutions in the AV and video conferencing field. It specialises in audio-visual systems integration, live streaming, and commercial automation.
Versatech Services ·      Information Technology

·      Audio Visual

·      Unified Communications

·      Security and Surveillance

·      Professional Rental Services

AVersatech Address 514 Chai Chee Lane #05-15

Singapore 469029

Versatech Telephone (65) 6717 4208
Versatech Email
Versatech Website
Versatech Clients ·      GovTech Singapore

·      Allergan

·      Singapore Management University

·      Science Centre

·      Slim Global Education


crosspoint is a leading video conference equipment supplier

Equipment Supplier


CrossPoint About CrossPoint is a Singaporean managed services and business technology solutions, provider. It moved from providing office communication solutions to the supply of end-to-end business technology. It partners with global brands to provide seamless AV technology and equipment.
CrossPoint Services ·      Voice

·      Video

·      IT

·      Professional Services

CrossPoint Address 30 Cecil Street, #19-08 Prudential Tower Singapore 049 712
CrossPoint Telephone (65) 6805 8720
CrossPoint Email
CrossPoint Website
CrossPoint Clients ·      Igus

·      Telefonica

·      China Aviation Oil

·      Vodafone

·      Centurion


Top Applications for Video Conferencing Technology

Although video conferencing has long been associated with business/corporate meetings, there are different uses for video conferencing technology today. Here are some video conferencing applications.

Team Meetings

A 360-degree video conferencing set up with high fidelity cameras and quality audio can capture an entire team to team meeting regardless of location or time. Such a team building session is ideal when you need to drive productivity in global and remote offices.


For a webinar to score high, there is a need for high-quality visual and audio input. Webinar viewers will benefit if they’re not struggling to get the information you’re broadcasting. A professional VC set up will increase the success of your webinar and lead generation campaign.

Product Demos

Appropriate video conferencing equipment will help you present your products and services with a compelling approach. A business that leverages virtual product demos is likely to capture the imagination of the target audience or market successfully.

One-on-One Training and Support

When you invest in high-quality video conferencing equipment, your business can provide quality training for new employees in different locations seamlessly. When done right, the VC training sessions can help your company to get the right talents. It becomes easy to onboard representatives if you are offering remote jobs that can be done from any global location.

Job Interviews

The traditional hiring process is tedious for companies. With high fidelity video conferencing equipment, you can hire the right talent with improved efficiency. The remote flexibility offered by VC technology guarantees visual cues better than an in-person interview.


Advantages of Renting Video Conferencing Equipment

The success of a multi-location meeting depends on the kind of video conferencing equipment in use. Your company doesn’t need to buy costly VC equipment if you need to hold a few sessions. The better option is to rent. Some advantages come with such a move, including:


Renting modern video conferencing equipment saves your company money. The rental company will handle the installation, and they can help you to plan for a flawless and highly productive VC session. Such an arrangement will cost you a small fraction of the amount you’d spend to purchase the equipment.


Preparing for a video conference can be tricky. If you or your staff have no idea on how to install the equipment, a rental company can inject convenience into the process. These firms provide seasoned technicians who will visualise your premises and set the equipment for maximum efficiency

Well-maintained equipment

Credible VC equipment providers have the best equipment in the market.

They want to meet their client’s needs to the best of their ability.

As such, they upgrade their hardware and software in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your meeting leverages the latest and best-in-breed technology and maximises efficiency in the end.

State of the art VC technology

If you want to capture the attention of your participants in different geo-locations, an equipment rental company will provide state-of-the-art technology.

You only need to inform them about the specifics of the meeting, and they will leverage the latest video conferencing software to meet your exacting needs.


Crucial Considerations When Renting Video Conferencing Equipment

Video collaboration is experiencing exponential growth globally. Video conferencing it more of a necessity than a luxury to small and established businesses. However, some companies go for the renting option instead of buying video conferencing solutions. Deciding on what equipment to rent is a tricky decision. There are crucial aspects you need to consider.

Network and Compatibility

Before renting VC equipment, the question of compatibility and network needs some answers. Some participants may be using endpoints whose OS may not support the devices on your end. You need to ask the rental company whether their technology is compatible and whether their network bandwidth is equally capable.


Video conferences share sensitive business case data and files. Before you hire hardware and software, consider the risk of getting hacked in the process. Your rental company needs to clarify the security software and encryption they use to keep your VC session safe from prying eyes.


When renting VC equipment, it pays to consider usability. Your participants are not tech-savvy when handling such equipment and tech. Although most tools are easy to use, ask your provider to demo a session before the actual meeting. A dry run can furnish attendees with essential equipment handling knowledge.

Consider the Cost

Purchasing video conferencing tools is an expensive proposition. When renting, check whether the provider is offering you excellent value for your money. The equipment you hire should enhance the productivity of every video conference you hold.

Must-Have Video Conferencing Hardware for Your Meetings


Having a laptop for a VC session is more than essential. There are reasons why laptops are more preferred compared to desktops. Being portable, laptops offer employees to participate in a VC session on the fly. Additionally, today’s laptops have high-quality screens processors and high-definition webcams. You no longer need to purchase additional webcams.

High-definition television

In a VC session, it’s essential to see participants on the other end. The size matters, and so does the resolution. A superior 4k TV will suffice for a sizeable office setting. You can consider smart TV capabilities, or you can choose one with HDMI cables. Remember the size of your conference room before you rent a TV.

External speakers and microphones

External speakers are a necessity if you want a surround like an effect with the sound. You need a microphone since the inbuilt types aren’t reliable. The eternal mic makes it easy to minimise voice echo.

Whiteboard or smartboard

Whiteboards are crucial when you want to solve problems with your team. Smartboards leverage technology to help teams in different locations to solve the same. They can be digitised, saved, and shared with others. They enhance team collaboration regardless of the distance.

All-in-one video conferencing tool

An all-in-one video conferencing tool can “multi-task” the tasks of all the equipment listed above. An all in one conferencing hardware saves you money since you don’t need to hire equipment apiece.

It simplifies the video conference set up and enables you to start meetings without much ado.

A device with a built-in camera, speaker, and microphone offers an effortless setup. You can choose one with plug and play capabilities for a hassle-free experience.


Are There Any Benefits to Utilizing Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing has evolved into an indispensable tool for companies of all sizes, as it provides a wide range of advantages to the workforce as well as the management.

In this piece, we will discuss the primary advantages of utilizing video conferencing, which range from an increase in productivity to a reduction in expenses.

1. A Higher Level of Productivity

The increased productivity that may be achieved as a result of using video conferencing is among the most important advantages that it offers.

Video conferencing makes it possible for members of a team to communicate with one another and work together even when they are physically located in separate locations.

This results in work that is both more efficient and more productive.

The use of video conferencing removes the requirement for travel, which frees up important time and reduces the likelihood of useless downtime.

Because of this, members of the team will have more time to devote to focusing on their respective jobs and projects, which will ultimately result in higher production.

2. Cost Savings

When compared to the price of travel and other associated expenses, video conferencing can save businesses a significant amount of money.

The costs of travel may quickly build up, which can be problematic for businesses that have to send their personnel to a variety of locations for different types of meetings and conferences.

The use of video conferencing does away with the requirement of physical travel, which results in huge cost savings.

This enables companies to direct more of their financial resources on activities that are more vital to their success, such as research and development or marketing efforts.

3. Improved Capability to Adapt

More flexibility is yet another important advantage that comes with using video conferencing.

Video conferencing makes it possible for members of a team to perform their jobs from a distance, which can be good for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Because employees are no longer need to travel to get to work or attend meetings elsewhere, this paves the way for them to do their jobs from the convenience of their own homes or any other location of their choosing.

Employees receive more leeway and independence as a result of this, which has the potential to improve their work-life balance and overall job happiness.

4. Enhanced Capabilities for Communicating

Because it is possible to see each other’s facial expressions and body language during a video conference, this mode of communication is far more efficient than talking on the phone or exchanging emails.

It offers the members of the team a means of communication that is both more personal and engaging, which has the potential to lead to improved collaboration and comprehension.

Sharing screens, documents, and other materials among members of a team is made possible by video conferencing, which is a feature that can be useful during brainstorming sessions as well as presentations.

5. Improved Collaborative Efforts

Video conferencing makes it possible for members of a team to interact with one another and work together even while they are physically separated.

This results in work that is both more efficient and more productive.

This translates to the fact that members of the team do not necessarily need to be present in the same area in order to collaborate on projects and activities.

Video conferencing also enables members of a team to speak with one another in real time, which can speed up the process of making decisions and finding solutions to problems.

6. Sustainable and kind to the environment

When compared to more conventional forms of meeting, such as in-person gatherings, the use of video conferencing is a more sustainable choice.

Because there is no need to travel, the environmental effect of transportation and the amount of carbon emissions produced are both reduced thanks to video conferencing.

Businesses may help the environment by lowering their carbon footprint and increasing their commitment to sustainable practices by participating in video conferences.

7. The Crux of the Matter

Video conferencing, in conclusion, provides various advantages to companies, some of which include an increase in productivity, a reduction in costs, an increase in flexibility, an improvement in communication, an improvement in collaboration, and higher environmental sustainability.

Video conferencing has evolved into an indispensable tool for companies of all sizes as a result of the growing popularity of telecommuting and the demand for more adaptable working arrangements.

Businesses have the potential to save money, boost productivity, and give their employees with greater flexibility and a better work-life balance if they implement video conferencing into their daily operations.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has evolved to the point that it is now an indispensable tool for online meetings and remote business.

Yet, it is essential to follow best practices in order to assure that a video conference will be successful.

In this piece, we will discuss the top best practices for video conferencing, covering topics ranging from technological issues to recommendations on proper manners.

1. Concerns of a Technological Nature

It is imperative that careful consideration be given to the technical aspects of the call in order to guarantee the success of the video conference.

To begin, it is imperative that you check your internet connection in order to guarantee that you have a constant and dependable connection.

Second, make sure that both your camera and your microphone are functioning appropriately by testing them.

To guarantee that your voice is easy to understand and crystal clear, it is essential to make use of a headset or microphone of the highest possible quality.

Last but not least, think about the lighting and the background. You want to make sure that you have adequate lighting and a background that looks professional.

3. Etiquette Tips

Video conferencing etiquette is equally as important as in-person conference etiquette.

First things first, make sure you’re on time for the call and that you’re punctual when you join it. Even if you’re working from the comfort of your own home, it’s imperative that you dress correctly for the call.

When you are not using your microphone to speak during the call, you should make sure to mute it so that there is no background noise.

In addition to that, make sure that you keep eye contact by staring directly into the camera rather than at the screen.

Last but not least, refrain from doing other things while the call is in progress and focus entirely on the person who is speaking.

3. Direct Transmission of Information

A video conference cannot be successful without having crystal-clear communication.

When there are people present who speak a different language, it is extremely important to talk slowly and clearly.

In addition, you can improve the effectiveness of your message by utilizing visual aids such as slides or screen sharing.

It is also vital to ask for clarification if there is something that you do not understand, and it is also important to summarize the most relevant points at the end of the call.

4. Engage Participants

While holding longer meetings via video conferencing, it can be difficult to keep participants involved in the conversation.

Consider utilizing participatory tools such as polls and breakout rooms in order to maintain the interest of the attendees.

In addition to this, make sure to ask questions and encourage people to contribute to the conversation by asking them questions.

Last but not least, if the meeting is going to be more than an hour, make sure to schedule some breaks.

5. Prepare Yourself

It is essential to plan ahead in order to ensure that your video conference goes off without a hitch.

Be sure to send an agenda and any other materials that are required well in advance of the event, so that participants can get ready.

In addition, before the call, you need to confirm that everything is functioning properly by running a test on the software for the video conference as well as any other tools you will be using.


In conclusion, it is necessary to conduct a follow-up following the video conference in order to make certain that any action items are attended to.

Be sure you provide the participants a summary of the meeting along with any follow-up tasks that may be necessary.

In addition, you should think about setting up a follow-up call or meeting to confirm that the action items are being worked on and that progress is being made.

It is absolutely necessary to ensure the success of a meeting by adhering to the best practices for conducting a video conference.

These best practices, which range from technical issues to recommendations on proper etiquette, can help participants remain interested, improve their ability to communicate properly, and increase their productivity.

Businesses are able to improve their virtual meetings and make the most of the technology available through video conferencing if they put these best practices into action.


What are the things you need for setting up a Video Conferencing?

– Stable internet connection
– Good video conferencing software
– Good tools equipment

What kinds of video conferencing equipment do these suppliers offer?

These suppliers offer a wide range of video conferencing equipment, including cameras, microphones, speakers, video conferencing software, and more.

Are these suppliers suitable for both small and large businesses?

Yes! These suppliers cater to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

Can these suppliers provide installation and setup services for their equipment?

Yes, many of these suppliers offer installation and setup services for their equipment to ensure that it is working properly.

Do these suppliers offer support and maintenance for their equipment?

Yes, many of these suppliers offer support and maintenance services to ensure that their equipment is functioning correctly.

Do these suppliers offer customized solutions for specific business needs?

Yes, many of these suppliers offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients.

How do I know which supplier to choose?

Consider factors such as the type of equipment you need, your budget, the supplier’s reputation and customer reviews, and their customer support and maintenance services.

You may also want to ask for a demo of their products before making a decision.

What types of video conferencing equipment can I purchase from these suppliers?

Most video conferencing equipment suppliers in Singapore offer a range of products, including cameras, microphones, headsets, speakers, and software. Some suppliers may also offer installation services and technical support.

Can I use video conferencing equipment with multiple platforms?

Yes, most video conferencing equipment is compatible with multiple platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. It’s important to check the specifications of the equipment to ensure compatibility with your preferred platform.

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