Using Split Testing for More Effective Digital Marketing

One of the greatest difficulties in digital marketing is getting your message heard. There is a lot of noise online and consumers are constantly bombarded by messages from various companies all looking to entice the consumer to buy their product and/or services. Split user testing is a means that allows you to accurately gauge the efficacy of your marketing efforts.

This allows you to devote effort to campaigns that are showing greater ROI, as well as allowing you to replicate the strategies of those campaigns in future campaigns.

What is Split Testing?

Split testing is a technique applied to email marketing and online advertising in which small changes to wording and graphics are employed to a single campaign.

Generally, it’s common to run A/B split testing, with two versions of a single marketing campaign being used. These campaigns, whether sent by email or part of a social media marketing strategy, are carefully gauged for impact and desired response by consumers.

Here are some changes that might be used when split testing a campaign:

  • Call to action
  • Email subject line
  • Background color and images for visual aids

Split testing your marketing campaign can reveal that sometimes a single change in word choice can make a considerable difference in consumer reaction.

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How can Split Testing Help me to Advertise More Effectively in Singapore?

Businesses face a lot of competition in Singapore in terms of gaining and keeping consumer attention. Employing professional digital marketing experts to conduct split testing to your next marketing campaign will allow you to determine what marketing techniques are truly effective in reaching your audience and turning them into customers.

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Once you’ve identified which campaign tactics are most effective, you can replicate those techniques in future campaigns. This provides more reliable ROI projections and helps you to modify your existing digital marketing strategy to garner the best long-term and overall results.


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