Using Google Adwords To Perform Geo-Targeting Out Of Singapore

use google adwords to geo target for singapore advertisers

Here are some reasons why you should use Google Adwords to target your customers locally or in the region or internationally if you are a Singapore advertiser. As regional and international targeting can involve multiple currencies, languages and nuances – it is better to use an experienced Google Adwords management agency.

1. The Setup Is Simple

One of the best parts about AdWords Editor is how easy it is to set up. Simply copy and paste your campaign, adjust your location targeting and then exclude your newest location from your previous campaign. And that’s it–a 10-minute setup! Just make sure that you update your landing pages and ads if needed.

2. You Can Reach Your Intended Audience

There are certain industries that tend to vary by their location. And in these cases, geo-targeting just makes sense, because the product or service needs to be able to reach the customer to whom it is available. It’s an ideal scenario in which to customise your ads and keywords.

3. You Can Cut Down On Wasted Ad Spend

Not all locations are good investments. In fact, there are certain areas in which your product or service may not even be available. And if they are, sometimes the cost to advertise there may not be very profitable. Geo-targeting gives you the ability to exclude these locations, which helps you to cut down on wasted ad spend.

4. You Can Put Your Budget Towards What Counts

Not only can the demands of an area affect your budget, but the size of the area can as well. How much you choose to allocate to each area should depend on how large it is and the amount of competition it has. Sure, each area may start off with the exact same amount, but the more success you notice in one, the more you should put towards and the less towards those that aren’t as profitable. So lets say locally, if Tampines performs better than Bukit Batok, you should allocate more of your budget to Tampines and less to Bukit Batok.

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5. You Can Increase Click Through Rates With Tailored Ads

One of the best things about geo-targeting is that you can reference the city in your ad. This ensures that your campaign is tailored specifically to this region. It’s easy to see as much as a 25% increase in your click-through rate with this strategy.

6. You Can Increase Conversion Rates With Tailored Ads

You can also reference the city on your landing page. The more relevant your landing page is to the lead, the more likely they are to convert. For example, let’s say that an individual is searching for a locksmith. If they live in Clementi, Singapore, a Clementi landing page is much more relative to them than just a general locksmith page for Singapore.

7. You Have More Control Over Keywords

Keywords often perform differently based on the location. While this could be a matter of competition, it could also be the difference in the way people use the word in those regions. Whatever the reason, this can have a significant impact on your budget. While a keyword may convert in Choa Chu Kang, the same keyword may be paused for high cost-per-conversion in Jurong East. Geo-targeting gives you more control over your keywords, and thus helps you to control your wasted ad spend.

8. You Learn More About Competitors

Your level of competition will vary based on the location. And they can have a huge impact on how much you’ll spend on your
impression share, click-through rate, as well as what you’ll pay to get to their position. You can stregnthen your campaign when you study them by their locations.

9. You Can Save Money In Low CPC Areas

There is no better cost-per-click than one that is low. And this happens when your amount of competition is low. Sure, some areas may have lower clicks than others, but in some instances, these locations may have lower cost-per-conversions. By geo-targeting, you can ensure that you’re not overbidding.

10. You Will Experience Better Performance

Geo-targeting gives you the ability to create different combinations of tailored ads, CPCs, and landing pages. This means that certain areas will require different optimisations in order to succeed. Overall, your bids will likely be lower and you’ll only need to add some negatives according to your search query.

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11. You’ll Get Results

Geo-targeting actually gets results. For example, you may notice that a smaller city in Singapore brings in a lot of leads but very little traffic. Even though there may be larger cities that bring in more leads, that does not mean that you can’t succeed with the smaller region. When “limited by budget” is no longer in the picture and you gain more exposure in the smaller city, you may notice a significant change in your campaign.

12. You Can Save Time

One of the best things about this geo-targeting is that you can analyse your campaign at a quick glance. You’ll instantly know which locations are doing the best. Sure, you may have dozens of campaigns running at once, but if they are well-optimised its nothing to worry about. If Ang Mo Kio is succeeding that week, you can simply push more of your budget to that region.


13. You Get Access to Additional Information

If you want more information about the next steps you should take in order to achieve your goals, then geo-targeting could be the key. And this is because it opens the door for further reporting and discussion. Sure, metrics, keywords and products are important but what would be even more helpful is if you could get an insider tip on which region can help you to grow your account.



Admittedly, geo-targeting isn’t ideal for every business. For instance, if you ship your products across the entire country of Singapore, then personalised advertisements  will serve very little purpose. However, this tailored-approach can be great for businesses who want more control. If you would like to determine if your campaigns could benefit from this type of segmentation, then checking your dimensions tab. If you are not sure, simply ask an established digital marketing agency like MediaOne.

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