Should I Use WordPress For My Business Website CMS?

WordPress signifies the evolution of your website from a blog to a comprehensive content management system. You must be wondering the same as other millions of people all over the globe why blogging and online businesses have become an overnight trend. Then you do not have to wonder anymore. The answer is WordPress.

Wordpress became a craze due to its simplicity, power, and functionality. WordPress is simple to install and cheap which makes it a darling of many businesses. WordPress enables you to have total control of all your website content under a single platform. In short, WordPress build your website or blog, manages your content such as pages, files, and posts

This article will highlight why WordPress is the ideal CMS for any size of business. Moreover, it will examine the benefits of WordPress and themes best for your business website.

An Overview of WordPress

As we have seen, WordPress is a CMS that allows you to design your site, build and organize your online business platform in few, easy to follow steps. All this you can achieve with WordPress without expert knowledge in coding. The functional nature has made the ideal content management system platform for dynamic business places desperate to advance with technology.

Benefits of WordPress to your business

Should I Use WordPress For My Business Website CMS?

WordPress serves a wide range of people with different technical capabilities. It is used by tech novices to tech guru. It a one stop shop for all thing’s website management. Below, we will look at a variety of advantages that make it an ideal CMS for your business website.

  • Affordable

It will be misleading to suggest that WordPress is cheap. It requires continuous management hence is expensive in time and energy you invest in a business. However, it is affordable because it is an open-source software enabling the public to access it for free.

After launching WordPress, you only need to focus on developing a domain title and WordPress host planning.

WordPress does not eliminate costs, but it guarantees a decrease in the cost of running your business in the long-term.

  • WordPress is Handy

WordPress does not care about which kind of business you are establishing

WordPress is dynamic in its functions. It can develop all types of web content your business requires. WordPress can design from the basic digital marketing website to more robust content pages that big, established businesses use to run their businesses.

WordPress also furnishes you with an array of WordPress plugins to help you enhance the operation of your website.

Different themes are at your disposal to improve the functions and layout of your website. An aesthetically deft website makes customers want to visit your website more to use your services

  • WordPress Is Functional

WordPress must be doing something extra or special to enjoy such extensive popularity.

The CMS has a very easy to follow prompts to allow you to design your website and manage it to be a multi-million-dollar business. What the transformation achieves for your company does not require any technical capability. You only need basic computer skills taught in elementary schools.

  • WordPress Has A Huge Online Base

The popularity of WordPress has expanded its digital customer base. WordPress’ online family has used WordPress to generate their revenue by offering tutorials and providing WordPress services like theme provision. You only need an internet connection and access to Google to access these services.

  • With WordPress You Are Secure

WordPress plugin is a market provided for you by WordPress to give you the best security plugins to keep your business safe. A secure website ensures you and your customers are protected against hackers hungry for your data.

The widespread popularity also ensures its developers have invested in state-of-the-art security measures to counter any unauthorized entry into your business.

  • WordPress Progresses with Your Business

Take a minute and imagine that even the CNN website was at one point at its conception stage a small website with minimum traffic.

WordPress has tailor-made features for your business to guide the growth of your website from the developmental stage to when it becomes the most popular website in your market.

  • WordPress Gives You Control

WordPress affords its users control over their data because you are hosting your site. It gives ownership over all the content on your website to you. Unlike other closed source sites that host your business website, a majority of ownership and control rest with them.

  • WordPress Is Always Becoming Better

WordPress’s open-source coding and imaginative developers have allowed it to continue to grow and evolve over time. WordPress is always improving, whether it’s through internal development, third-party plugin development, or custom code developed by you and your team.

  • A Single Dashboard For All Devices

Since every platform’s WordPress dashboard has the same look and feel, there’s no room for misunderstanding. Everything from metrics and recent comments to new posts may be added to your dashboard.

  • Immediately Publish New Content

When it comes to posting your posts, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it all in one go. WordPress has an app for smartphones and tablets, so you can post from any location at any time!

  • Add Customer Reviews

It’s a powerful sales tool to display customer reviews of your products or services on your website. It is possible to post customer evaluations and testimonials with the help of a wide range of plugins. Some of them include widgets that scroll through customer reviews of your business.

  • Integration of Social Media

People may easily use their social network accounts to submit comments on your website. If you’re active on social media, it’s easy for others to locate and communicate with you because of WordPress.

  • Even Well-known Companies Make Use Of It

When it comes to well-known businesses with millions of visitors each day (like Nasa or Mozilla), WordPress is the platform they trust. That is to say, WordPress should be taken seriously as a website solution for businesses.

  • Accessible From Any Smartphone Or Tablet

Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are being devalued by Google, which reduces their visibility in search results. While most WordPress themes are naturally adaptable, you don’t have to rewrite your entire website to make it mobile-friendly. For themes that aren’t responsive, WordPress has a “mobile view” option that allows webpages to be browsed on mobile devices.

Best WordPress Themes for Business

The next step in your quest to enhance your business is picking WordPress themes. Simplifying the hassle you would go through searching for top WordPress themes; the list below features some of the top WordPress themes for your business.

Divi is functional and easy to use. It employs drag and drop technology to organize your website. Drag and drop technology is known for its ease of moving your content. It also has several inbuilt layouts to guide you in developing your website.

Digital pro is custom-made for virtual businesses. It is well organized to create adequate room for its several features.

Digital Pro utilizes a lot of whitespace on its pages to enable you to create legible content. The presentability of your website will attract more clients to your website.

Navy is a dynamic and organized WordPress theme with a focus on big images and legible typography. It is recommended for professional businesses due to their quality and a wide variety of themes. Navy employs drag and drops technology for easy planning of your page.

Corporate is comprehensive enough to incorporate all the physical aspects of your business to your online business platform. The display of your contact address and phone number provides your online customers with relevant information about your physical business establishment.

  • Foundry

Foundry furnishes its customers with state-of-the-art but straightforward themes compatible with mobile devices. Its simplicity does not curtail its unprecedented customization capabilities for a phone-based theme.

Foundry also possesses a variety of 25 layouts for customization of your different platforms. It is also laced with Visual Composer to enable drag and drop technology on your dashboard. Foundry is recommended for a business that wants to pass their message across boldly.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Site Performance 

Clearly, WordPress is one of the best content management systems (CMS) in the world today. The themes cannot function without plugins. Here are the top 13 WordPress plugins you should install to enhance the performance of your website.

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HubSpot WordPress plugin is meant to help power up your digital marketing strategies by enabling you to manage leads and contacts.

You can also use it to track conversions, engage with website visitors via chat, and forms, accurately track conversions, and many other valuable features. 

Another highlight of this plugin is that you can integrate it with your HubSpot CRM to better your website and how you interact with the customers. The interface has a dashboard and analytics section with reports on the performance of your digital marketing campaigns.

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Search engine optimisation is the pillar that holds your online business together. Without adequately optimised pages and blog posts, your website will struggle to get to the top of SERPs. Organic traffic will also be scanty, and conversion rates will be low.

Top WordPress Ecommerce Strategies For Your Online Store

All in One SEO is a hearty WordPress plugin designed to help you implement on-site SEO strategies smarter and more efficiently. You can use the plugin to conduct an in-depth website audit to identify loopholes that prevent your website from being ranked highly. 

It goes the extra mile to give you the ability to change the page’s title tags, meta description, meta tags, and other aspects to ensure the pages are fully optimised with the right keywords.

As your business grows, the target keywords and goals will also change. All in One SEO is aware of this fact; that’s why it allows users to easily adjust the settings to match the industry needs and trends. 

SEO is complex, and most business owners would rather outsource the tasks to an SEO agency instead of winging them all in-house. Luckily, All in One SEO is user-friendly and comes with an intuitive interface to help you understand exactly what you need to do to improve on-page SEO. 

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Yoast SEO is another essential WordPress plugin that has been around for a while. The many Google algorithm changes have forced the developers to improve it to ensure it continues to help web admins execute SEO processes accurately and achieve the expected results. 

By installing this plugin, you will be able to optimise the website pages and blog posts for a high ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing. It has templates for meta descriptions and titles to help you abide by the recommended SEO best practices.

Unlike other SEO tools, Yoast SEO analyses the content for keyword density and readability to help you strike a balance between SEO and offering high-quality content relevant to your audience. The recommendations are always accurate, so rest assured that implementing them will crank up the SEO health of your website. 

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One of the challenges of running an online business is capturing crucial customer information, such as their names and email addresses. Not anymore; WPForms is a simple WordPress plugin meant to help you add forms to your newly designed WordPress website on the fly. 

You don’t need any special coding skills to add a form using this plugin. In a nutshell, this plugin will allow you to create an intuitive form and add it to your website in minutes. You can have as many or few fields in the form as you want – it all depends on the form’s purpose.

The free version has basic contact form features such as email notifications, form fields, and CAPTCHA. Those are enough to get you started, but it’s recommendable to get the premium version to access additional features as your business grows.

Concisely, the premium version has more functionality, such as adding a survey on a website page and creating multi-page forms. Use it to capture any information you want from your customers, but be careful not to infringe on their privacy. The information should be stored under lock and key and should never be shared with third parties without the customer’s consent.

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Jetpack is a holistic WordPress plugin with a collection of tools and features to make your website a delight to the customers. It was developed by the same time that created WordPress, Automatic, so rest assured that its features are designed based on accurate market data and trends.

On the plugin dashboard, you will get unlimited access to tools that you can use to enhance site security, user experience, and user engagement. In addition, you can add social share buttons and email subscription forms to pages and blog posts in seconds. 

If you don’t have a contact form on your website, a tool for increasing page speed and lead generation, or require quality CDN services, download and install this plugin.

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Jetpack is modular, so you get the freedom to purchase and install only the tools that are important to your website and business. The support team is always available to answer questions or concerns about the tools.

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W3 Total Cache has stood the test of time and proved to be the most popular and influential caching plugin fully compatible with WordPress web themes. 

What is caching? Caching is a sophisticated way of storing website content in a user’s or web visitor’s browser. The main reason for storing the data is to help the user access the website faster next time they visit as the data doesn’t have to be downloaded again from the servers.

W3 Total Cache is best known for increasing site speed, ensuring that you consistently offer the best user experience to your target customers. Improved user experience results in higher conversion rates.

Stop potential customers from leaving your website for the competitors by installing the W3 Total Cache plugin. With it, your pages will load at rocket speed, offer the best user experience and impressive customer experience. 

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Your website needs to have stellar landing pages to generate sales. Otherwise, if it has generic website pages, potential customers who visit from search engines, social media, and other platforms will leave without converting.

You definitely, don’t want to send signals to Google that some of your pages contain irrelevant information. That’s precisely what a high bounce rate tells Google and results in a drop in ranking. Stay ahead of the competition by installing the Elementor WordPress plugin. 

This plugin is designed to help you create exceptional landing pages for your WordPress-powered website. It comes with many page elements that you can drag and drop from its interface to your page. 

Thanks to its many unique and responsive templates, you can also use it to create a whole new website. No coding skills are required as everything is simplified to enable even novice web developers create sites with the potential of generating organic traffic and sales.

Simplicity, compatibility with all WordPress themes, and ease-of-use are some of the highlights that give it a higher cutting edge in the market. It’s the kind of plugin that will make you wonder how you have been living without it.

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As an online business owner, it’s imperative to put measures to protect your customers from a spam attack. You also shouldn’t forget to firewall your brand from hackers who lurk in the dark, waiting to take advantage of loopholes on your website.

Akismet Spam Protection is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to enhance your site security. It does this by checking the comments on your blog posts and contact form submissions for spam comments and links. 

You need this plugin to keep your website and blog spam-free and professional. The plugin will be fully installed on your website or blog in just three clicks of your mouse. Before deleting suspicious comments, it will give you a chance to review them. You can either whitelist or mark them as spam. 

Get the Akismet Spam Protection plugin today to cushion yourself from heaps of tedious work and time you would have spent cleaning up your website. 

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Earlier, we mentioned the need to ensure that your website pages load fast. Google uses page speed as a ranking factor, so you risk losing your current ranking if your pages take ages to load fully. Large images often comprise page load speed if uploaded but not optimised. 

Smush is a WordPress image optimisation plugin that you can count on to ensure that every image on your website is optimised. It works by compressing the images as you upload them. Reducing the size of the image files supercharges the website speed, enhances engagement, and increases conversion rates. 

Since the optimisation is done as you upload the images, you won’t have to retrace your steps and optimise each image individually. Say goodbye to workflow interruptions and no more keeping customers waiting for more than 10 seconds for the page elements to load fully.

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Hundreds of WordPress websites are hacked every month. The hackers look for loopholes in the code and take advantage of them to infiltrate the system and get away with personal data. iThemes Security is a plugin meant to enhance your website security.

It provides more than 30 different ways of protecting your website and visitors. Some features include two-factor authentication, password expiration, malware scanning, and reCAPTCHA. 

It also provides custom security templates to match the nature of your business, from a primary online store to a fully-fledged website and blog. It’s recommendable to install it before launching the website, don’t wait until you are hacked to install it.

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One of the benefits of running an online store or business is that you can offer services to customers from all across the globe. The only challenge limiting you from expanding is language barrier.

Weglot WordPress plugin helps entrepreneurs jump the second hurdle, the language barrier, by enabling them to create and launch a multilingual website that is responsive and looks professional. Like most of the other plugins discussed in this article, no coding experience is required to use this plugin.

It can interpret your website content to 100+ languages thereby increasing your portfolio and clientele base without breaking the bank. You also don’t need to hire a professional translator not unless you will be holding remote conferences with the customers and business partners.

A Guide To Launching Your First WordPress Website

The entire website will be translated into different languages, from the metadata to language-specific sub-directories, Hreflang tags, URL slugs, and the list is endless. Its superb language translation capabilities are powered by machine learning.

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WP-Optimise is another must-have WordPress plugin that will help you clean up your website of unnecessary content in the database, spam comments, auto drafts, and more. All this unnecessary content has kept your website from growing by slowing down its performance.

Apart from cleaning up, the plugin also compresses and optimises images and enables caching to crank up site load speed. All the processes are done automatically; you don’t need to click a button or do anything, launch the plugin and watch it do the hard work in the background.

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WP Rocket is a website optimisation WordPress plugin tailored to speed up your website pages. It does this by minifying JavaScript and CSS files, caching content, GZIP compression, and optimisation of lazy-loading website images. 

One of Google’s recent algorithm updates, Core Web Vitals, focuses on user experience. This robust WordPress plugin will ensure that you conform to the requirements by ensuring that your website pages load fast. Poor load speed results in a horrible user experience, low CTR, high bounce rate, and low conversion rate. 

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly to help you take full advantage of the features. 

Even as you focus on improving page speed, remember to check whether your website is responsive and mobile-friendly. Confirm that the page elements are correctly displayed on mobile to generate leads from the huge number of people who browse the web using mobile devices.

The Best WordPress Trends To Keep An Eye On

WordPress is the most widely used platform for creating and publishing online content. It has only become better over time as a platform for creating professional and adaptable websites. Furthermore, WordPress powers more than 40% of the internet’s websites.

Many new trends are introduced each year, allowing us to get the most out of this platform. 

Maintaining an eye on the latest developments in the web development market is crucial. Here are some of the most important WordPress website development trends for 2022.

  • Building with a Drag & Drop

Beginners may easily create a website using a drag-and-and-drop page builder. Additionally, it lets users see a preview of their page once the modifications have been made.

As a result, even if you have no prior coding experience, you may create a feature-rich eCommerce website. When it comes to new businesses and startups, the use of drag and drop building tools will only increase.

  • Voice-Search

The following are some of the most important stats for voice search. Voice search is used by one-third of the American population. 71% of customers prefer to ask questions by speech rather than typing.

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Simply by integrating voice search plugins, businesses can provide the convenience that users are seeking for. Businesses should think about how they might use WordPress SEO capabilities to optimise their voice searches.

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Put yourself in their shoes. Consider many approaches to conquering WordPress’ voice search algorithm. Your content approach should follow the same principles. Keep in mind what words people could use while searching for a product using voice-search.

  • The Use Of Virtual And Augmented Reality

The way people purchase online is being transformed by augmented reality. Computer-generated images are superimposed on photographs or real-world scenes with this technique.

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eCommerce sites can use this technology to give customers a more functional view of the products they’re looking at.

For example, furniture and home décor firms can benefit from augmented reality plug-ins like these. WordPress website creation with Augmented Reality allows businesses to take their customers on an interactive adventure.

  • E-Commerce Powered By WordPress

Most websites now have to incorporate eCommerce functionality. WooCommerce, for example, makes it easy for companies to convert their WordPress site into an online store.

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Currently, WooCommerce powers more than a million eCommerce stores. Payment gateways, inventory, and marketing tools are all included, making it a powerful tool for any business. This can help you manage your business more efficiently and provide better customer service.

  • Designing with Minimalism in Mind

In 2022, minimal design will continue to be fashionable. Usability is enhanced by the use of flat visuals and white space in minimalist designs.

Minimalist focuses on simplicity and stripping out any nonessential features in an object. You don’t have to reduce the amount of objects or colours in order to practise minimalism.

However, it’s all about making your design more user-friendly and intuitive. It warns against, among other things, utilising an excessive number of colours or other intricate design components.

  • White Space

The use of white space is critical while creating a website. It aids in both attracting and retaining customers. Value may be added by including white space in the design of a website. Your website will always have a clear, clean vibe if you leave a lot of white space.

The use of white space on web sites, like that used in minimalist design, has exploded in popularity. WordPress may be used to construct any type of website, regardless of the subject matter.

It’s not always necessary to use a lot of colours, graphics, or other design components to create a visually appealing website. In order to achieve exceptional design, it is often necessary to reduce the amount of elements used. When it comes to developing a website, less is more.

  • Making Use of Videos

Regardless of what you’re offering, videos are a great way to market your business on the internet. Video content on websites is nothing new, of course. However, the value of these factors has only recently been apparent to many businesses.

Businesses and their customers will continue to find value in this trend. It’s worth investing in video and using it wherever possible. We can expect the video trend to last for a very long time. Make use of it to draw in customers and boost revenue.

WordPress: The Ultimate CMS for your business

To recap, WordPress is the right CMS to launch your business. It has an array of advantages from affordability to functionality. However, it should not be mistaken for a free pass to guaranteed website success.

You require to invest your time and patience to develop any successful business website. Contact MediaOne on how we can make this happen for you with our decade-plus experience.


What is the purpose of WordPress?

Word press is one of the top Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS), making it available for free. You don’t have to spend a thing to use it on your personal or business website. PHP/MySQL (another Open Source software) and the GPL licence are used to build it.

What exactly is a Content Management System?

This software, known as a content management system (CMS), is used to develop websites and publish material on the internet. If you don’t know how to write code, you can use a content management system (CMS).

How secure is a WordPress-powered website?

Despite the fact that WordPress is safe to use, it is recommended that you remain up to date with the most recent version in order to avoid any problems.

Is it necessary to have a blog to make use of WordPress?

WordPress began as a blogging platform, but it has since grown in popularity as a website builder as well. WordPress may be used without a blog. Having a blog is still noteworthy because it will aid with SEO.

Which CMS platform is the best?

If you’re creating a new website or making improvements to an existing one, you should examine the CMS’s price, simplicity of use, adaptability, and scalability.

It’s possible to build a website using a variety of CMS. CMS platforms like WordPress, Weebly, and Wix are well-known. As far as content management systems go, WordPress is by far the most popular. More than 39% of the internet’s websites are powered by it.

We think WordPress is the greatest CMS on the market today.

In what ways is WordPress a benefit to your business?

WordPress has a few good things going for it, like:

– Installation and upgrading are a breezes.
– A built-in search engine.
– Intuitive Theme Builder.
– Flexibility.
– More than 80 languages are supported.
– Own your data, and you won’t have to deal with annoying pop-up ads on your website.
– A wide range of options and a simple way to post.

Does WordPress contain cookies?

WordPress does, in fact, utilise cookies to verify users’ identities when they are signed in.

Is WordPress beneficial in terms of SEO? Is the website going to appear on Google?

When you’re using WordPress, you get an SEO search engine built-in. Also, you may have an additional plug-in in WordPress to aid with SEO and rank on a top search engine like Google.

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