How to Use WordPress Blogs to Help the SEO Of Your Singapore Website

How to Use WordPress Blogs to Help the SEO Of Your Singapore Website

Building a popular blog in your website niche requires high-quality search engine optimization. It is hard for you to convert your blog without getting quality traffic from the search engine. WordPress is one of the most famous content marketing strategy and blogging platform. One of its main advantage to online users is that it is free and a hundred percent customizable. WordPress blog is an effective platform for Singapore websites on a bid to generate maximum lead conversions in the highly competitive digital online marketing. To be successful in WordPress blogs, you have to update it with the latest trends regularly. This article goes through some basic tips on how to use WordPress blogs to help the SEO of your Singapore website.

1. Changing of Your URL Structure

Most bloggers use messy URL structures leading to un-optimized blog posts. By this, you cannot get anything from your audience and search engine. You need to learn how to optimise URL’S for the search engine. The procedure is straightforward. Log in to WP-admin, go to settings and click permalinks. Select the custom structure and type ‘%postname%’. You will get a simple and efficient URL structure. Additionally, your URL should have the business website keyword and be as short as possible. This will make it easy for search engines to get you your keyword and the readers will quickly and easily digest your content.

2. Use of Search Friendly Themes and Plugins

Online marketing calls for investing and blogging is no different. You have to invest to get the right amount of cash in return. Purchasing a search friendly theme is one of the top priorities when investing your money in blogging. The main reason to why you should spend on premium themes such as Genesis and Thesis is for easy optimisation of your blogs for search engines. The SEO on your website becomes easy as it is taken care of while building website themes. You should choose the best search friendly engine themes for easy optimisation of your posts and get ahead of other bloggers in your niche.

It is the keynote for you to invest your blogging money on buying premium plugins. There are many free plugins, but they won’t help get you the desired search results. Examples of premium plugins include Optin Skin, Scribe SEO and Backup Buddy. These premium plugins will not only develop outstanding email list on your blogs but will also provide quality traffic from the search engines. Make an impact on Singapore blogosphere by investing in the right premium themes and plugins today.

3. Use of Longtail Keywords

Keyword stuffing is one of the things you should avoid in your blogs. Using the same keyword many times does not impact search traffic into your site. To drive traffic from the search engine, you need to start using longtail keywords and quality bank links. Longtail keywords is a basic SEO tip for WordPress that will bring you more online visibility.

4. Getting Quality Backlinks for Your Posts

Getting quality backlinks for other sites for your post is the best source of search traffic to your blog posts. Google gives a higher priority to link to blog posts and ranks them higher. How do you get quality backlinks? The secret is writing great content that will move other bloggers. In this way, they will share the blogs on their platforms increasing the chances of getting quality backlinks for your posts.

5. Use Optimized Images for Search Engines

Using images has its significance. Firstly, images provide appealing visually to your blog readers. Secondly, images can be optimized to increase quality traffic from the search engine. To get traffic from google images, you should use title tags and image description in optimising them with specified keywords. The ‘alt tags ‘uses primary keywords in getting more out of your blog images.

6. Interlink to Your Posts

To make your earlier blogs relevant and juicier, you need to interlink them in a great way effectively. Always using ‘anchor texts ‘and embedding them with the keywords is a perfect practice and Google gives top priority to these embedded keywords with anchor texts. However, don’t use excessive internal or external links. Only use the extremely relevant links to your blogs.

7. Writing of High-Quality Articles with Catchy Headline

A catchy headline is of significant influence in making online users click on your blog post. All the search engine users are interested in attention-grabbing headlines. You should spend your time to come up with a catchy headline that will make more people get into your posts.

November 09, 2018

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