How Can You Use Surveys To Increase E-Commerce Engagement

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The social media likes, shares, and backlinks that every Singapore E-Commerce Engagement accrues as well as the conversions they bring about are all a form of engagement.

You will also note that the efforts and investments towards higher search engine rank and increased traffic are all aimed at maximizing engagement.

Therefore, apart from asking friends and acquaintances to like and share your content on social media, you can now turn to surveys as a more efficient method of increasing user engagement on your site.

How do surveys create engagement?

The interactions and digital conversations every piece of content about your brand elicits are all indicators that the online community is inherently interactive.

This implies that the more interactive your site content, the higher the level of customer engagement your site achieves. Additionally, note that individuals enjoy voicing opinions about anything that matters to them. A survey thus provides them with an even more interactive platform to air their input.

While interacting with your e-commerce brand through a survey, the customers and site visitors gain acquaintance with different aspects of the product.

If well-structured, the survey may even present them with a thorough understanding of your brand. The survey also helps you gain a better understanding of your current and potential market as well as their preferences. However, to achieve all this, you must first draft an effective survey.

Creating the right survey for an online brand

A quality survey takes into consideration such factors as the complexity of the questions therein as well as the amount of time it takes to complete. It, therefore, pays to keep the survey brief, precise, and engaging. Most importantly, avoid introducing complex technical questions in the survey as they cause disinterest.

You also have to practice tact in drawing people into the survey as well as be quite careful in choosing your demographic. For instance, avoid being a nuisance and bombarding people with emails and unending notifications about the poll. Remember that they get numerous such requests from similar Singapore online marketing agencies throughout the day.

Additionally, remember that people familiar with your brands, such as past and current product or service customers, will be more responsive to your survey as opposed to others without an idea about your brand. The former’s input is also more objective.

Understand the Different Types of Surveys to Increase Your E-Commerce Engagement

Surveys will help you understand your target customers’ needs and expectations from your brand. The information collected will help you develop better products, services, and marketing strategies. 

Not all surveys are the same. Here is a breakdown of the 14 different types of surveys to grow your business consistently. Most of the surveys have stood the test of time despite most industries transitioning from analogue to digital.

  • Brand Awareness Survey

How Can You Use Surveys To Increase E-Commerce Engagement

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The higher the brand awareness, the better your competitiveness and ability to convert regular website visitors into customers. When doing digital marketing, it is essential to look at how the campaigns help generate more sales and increase brand awareness.

The best digital marketing campaigns achieve both goals – increase sales and boost your branding efforts. Conducting a brand awareness survey will help you gauge the campaign’s performance in regards to branding.

It will also help you identify unknown associations people have with your business. All this information will bring to light new business ideas and opportunities you are yet to leverage. 

Post the survey on website pages that a majority of the visitors frequent to get the most responses. You could also use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get more participants. The more data you have, the more detailed and precise perspective you will get of your business. 

  • Poll Style Survey

How Can You Use Surveys To Increase E-Commerce Engagement

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The poll style survey is different from the brand awareness survey as it uses close-ended questions. Most brands and audiences prefer them as they are easier to fill. That is, they don’t require much concentration and time commitment.

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The survey is instrumental when planning to launch new products or services. The customers’ insights will help you decide which features to add to products and which ones to remove. 

Also, some companies administer this kind of survey before doing a website redesign project to ensure that the new website matches their customers’ needs and preferences. 

For the best results, make sure that the questions resonate with the set goals and objectives. Try to be as specific as possible to ease the analysis process. If the questions are not close-ended, you will end up with many generic responses that will be difficult to decipher.

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

How Can You Use Surveys To Increase E-Commerce Engagement

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When offering a service or product via your website, one of your primary goals should be to surpass your customers’ needs. For example, if you sell auto-spare parts, the quality of the parts should be world-class. 

A customer satisfaction survey will help you gauge the quality of products, services, and customer support you provide. Like the previous survey, it will also give you insights into the areas you should improve on to stay ahead of the competition. 

  • Exit Interview Surveys

Losing employees is inevitable when running a business. Some may be expelled from the team for failing to comply with the set terms and conditions, but that’s not always the case. Some employees decide to leave in search of greener pastures or to start their businesses.

An exit interview survey will help you understand why a particular employee who was valuable to your business decided to resign. Don’t think of this survey as an additional expense that you can avoid, but instead picture it as an opportunity to learn.

Having a committed and determined team will help your brand grow. The survey will help you, as the manager or business owner, know how to create the ideal work environment for your employees. You will also learn hidden things that have been going on in the workplace that you didn’t know or the employees have been hiding from you for fear of victimisation by the rest of the team.

  • Questionnaire Survey

How Can You Use Surveys To Increase E-Commerce Engagement 1

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Questionnaire surveys have been around for many years. Even before the business landscape became digital and processes were migrated online, brick-and-mortar businesses would administer questionnaire surveys to understand their customers better.

The survey should be simple, give clear instructions to the respondents, be specific, and align with the goals. Timing is essential; it’s wise to display this kind of survey popup on your website just before a customer exits your website to get accurate responses. 

If the popup form is displayed immediately, they land on the website; you will end up with inaccurate information that won’t help you make the right decisions. 

  • Matrix Question Survey

How Can You Use Surveys To Increase E-Commerce Engagement 2

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Matrix question survey is similar to the poll style survey as it entails close-ended questions. It should be administered after the customer has interacted with your brand. Maybe after they have tried your product or service to get the most accurate responses.

For example, if you run a food store that also sells ice cream and milkshakes, you can use a matrix question survey to know which variety most of your customers prefer. You can also use it to tell if the product pricing is ideal for them to safeguard the sustainability and profitability of your business.

  • Job Satisfaction Survey

How Can You Use Surveys To Increase E-Commerce Engagement 3

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Earlier, we discussed the importance of requesting employees who decide to quit to fill an exit survey. The job satisfaction survey is meant to help you gauge how rewarding a particular role or job is to the employee. 

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If you are not sure if your office is offering good working conditions, the job satisfaction survey will come in handy to give you clarity. The survey doesn’t have to be administered through the company’s website; you could dish out a copy during the weekly meeting. 

However, an online job satisfaction survey is the best as its discreet. The employees can freely express their concerns and desires without feeling as though someone is watching. 

Either way, make sure that you respond accordingly to the survey results to improve the work environment. A conducive work environment results in more productivity and performance. This, in turn, enhances business growth by ensuring that the customers get the utmost value from every service or product rendered.

  • Lead Generation Survey

There are countless lead generation tools online that you can use to increase your sales and revenue. However, most of them rely on online generic information in forums and other related platforms.

Be different by using a lead generation survey to gather accurate information about the potential customers. For example, you can use it to collect email addresses and telephone numbers for future use in campaigns such as email marketing and SMS marketing.

The survey will significantly boost your lead generation efforts and help you save thousands of dollars that you would have spent to get this same information.

Segment and quality the leads based on their interests and respond to survey questions. After that, target them with custom ads to encourage them to convert or contact the support team to learn more about your brand.

  • Market Research Survey

Some may argue that all the eight types of surveys discussed above are meant to do market research. Somehow, that’s true, but you need to execute a dedicated market research survey to get ahead of the curve.

Unlike the other surveys discussed, a market research survey is designed to help you understand customers’ services and products. It will enable you to identify gaps in the market that you can leverage to start a new business or increase the profitability of the current business. 

The results will also help you identify your products or services strengths and weaknesses. Your decisions to enhance your business should be based on the report and not assumptions or educated guesses of what the customers expect from you.

  • Customer Cancellation Surveys

How Can You Use Surveys To Increase E-Commerce Engagement 4

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Don’t be so swamped up with lead generation that you forget to come up with ways of fostering customer loyalty. Retaining customers is equally important to your business as getting new ones. 

Most successful brands such as Skype have a customer cancellation survey that helps them know why a customer decides to stop using the service. The information will help you devise ways of improving the service to reduce the cancellation rate.

It’s also an opportunity to encourage the customer to rethink their decision. For example, if a customer states that they decided to cancel the service because the monthly premium was too expensive, you can offer them a discount.

Alternatively, you can add one or two features to their package without changing the price. Whatever you do to win them back, make sure that it doesn’t hurt your bottom line. The discounts and additional features should also be valuable to them, not just used merely hook them again.

  • Likert Scale Survey

Likert scale survey is closely related to the matrix survey we discussed earlier. The only difference is that it uses a rating scale to measure the respondents’ opinions and experiences. Unlike the close-ended questions, this survey gives them a balanced scale of choices. 

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By using this survey, you will know how well you performed and which areas you need to work on to improve the products or services. It also works well with data visualisation, and since it’s administered on the website, you will get responses from the customers in real-time.

  • Open-Ended Survey

We have talked a lot about surveys that use close-ended surveys. Now, open-ended surveys are different as the questions are more time-consuming. The respondent may take up to five minutes to complete the survey, so it’s recommendable to make it possible for them to leave at any time and come back to answer the questions when they are free.

Analysing the information will take time, so make sure that you adjust your schedule accordingly to do a thorough analysis. Consider outsourcing the analysis task to a data company to free up your schedule for other equally important tasks in your business. 

Delegating the task to an in-house team is also a viable alternative, but you may have to invest in robust data analysis tools to help them complete the task and generate accurate reports within the agreed timeframe.

  • Net Promoter Score Survey (NPS)

How Can You Use Surveys To Increase E-Commerce Engagement 5

The net promoter score survey will help you know how likely a particular customer is to recommend your business or product to someone online or offline. It uses a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being the lowest likelihood and 10 being the highest likelihood. 

The results will give you a clear perspective of the quality of services or products that you offer. Strive to continuously increase the quality by adding features that match the changing customer needs and industry trends. 

Get more insight on a response by displaying a question and paragraph below the scale to get more details. However, this field should be optional since some of the customers may not be open to the idea of disclosing why they wouldn’t recommend your brand.

  • Anonymous Survey

As the name suggests, an anonymous survey doesn’t require the respondents to provide personal details. The respondents also don’t necessarily have to be your customers; they can be the general public in the areas where you offer the services. 

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Since they are anonymous, more people are likely to participate as they can freely submit their concerns and thoughts about your brand. 

Be ready to receive both negative and positive responses from the audience. Use the information to know why customers are receptive to a particular product or service. The secret to benefiting from this survey is being optimistic and viewing the negative comments as opportunities for enhancing your business.

These 14 surveys will give your business an edge over the competitors by helping you get a more profound and comprehensive understanding of your customers’ needs and preferences. Use them before making drastic changes to your processes to avoid losses. 

More importantly, the information can help you devise smart ways of bouncing back to profitability after months of low sales and low organic traffic from SERPs. For example, if you are unsure whether investing in a website redesign is a good idea, administer a poll-style survey.

Bottom line

While surveys have been there for centuries, their incorporation into the content and digital marketing trends is relatively new.

You, therefore, still got a chance to use them in increasing engagement for your Singapore e-commerce brand. However, you must first invest a significant amount of time in learning how to come up with a proper survey and perfect the mode of delivery.

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