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How To Use Social Media Monitoring To Promote Your E-Commerce Website In Singapore

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The social media landscape runs way deeper than what’s often displayed on our timelines. You’d be surprised to know that there are special tools that are specifically designed to open you up to a new world of social media, and which you didn’t even know existed. Talking of unheard of communities, conversations, and articles within your area of operation that you couldn’t have otherwise found or discovered had it NOT been for the binoculars and periscopes of the virtual world.

This is a trick that’s still unknown to many – one that you pull off your back pocket and turbo charge yourself to even greater heights of success provided you know how to put the tools into proper use.

This is what happens – social media channels, through the use of special tools, wises you up on relevant and interesting pieces of information that you could use to fuel up your creativity and stand out from the rest of your competitors who are yet to discover this one very important gem.

This statement is made in reference to no other tool than social media monitoring tools. Through the help of these tools, you can easily keep an eye on whatever is virtually happening within the industry you operate in based on your interest and specialty.

So what exactly is Social Media Monitoring?

Otherwise referred to as social media listening, social media monitoring is the term describing the process of capturing unstructured data from the various social media channels, blogs, websites, forum, press pages and so forth. The information gathered can then be edited through topic assignment and appropriately tagged to draw meaningful conclusions.

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The tool stretches far beyond responding to mentions, as it’s widely assumed. With a proper social media monitoring strategy, you could use the tool to dig up hidden conversions and bring them to surface. But what’s even better is that the tool is designed to help you develop a deeper understanding of the conversions you bring up so you come up with sound ways to put the information obtained into proper use.

Reasons Why Anyone Would want to Use a Social Media Monitoring Tool?

Reasons for using the tool abound. Core among them is content curation. Other than that you could use the tool to spy on your competitors (or keep an eye on them), to provide great customer support, to dig out for more growth opportunities, or to come up with suggestions on how best you can improve your products or services.

All this, and so much more, can be achieved using the tool with little strain and less time investment on your part. You don’t have to work around the tool the whole day. What you need instead is a proper plan, and a few other complimentary tools to help you keep track of what’s coming so you can filter out fluff and unnecessary noise for clarity and accurate result data.

Complete Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use the Social Media Monitoring Tool

Step 1: Decide on What to Monitor

The first step of using the tool is deciding on what’s worth monitoring. You have to decide on the type of searches that are likely to net you the possible results.

Coming up with a surefire way on how to get this done can be a bit of challenge. Meaning most of what you get to discover will be by trial and error. But there are some ideas to set you up on the right track.

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Here they are:

Brand Monitoring

  • What’s the name of your brand
  • Variations of your brand name
  • Possible misspellings of your business or brand name
  • Special mentions of some of the campaigns you run
  • Your slogan, tagline, or catchphrase
  • Names of the most visible or active members of your business or company

Industry and Topic Monitoring

  • Keywords that best describe the industry you operate in or your area of interest. For instance, at MediaOne, we’d want to monitor the latest social media marketing strategies in Singapore or some real time digital marketing hacks one could implement in 2019.
  • Phrases relating to your industry or area of interest. These are the phrases that complement the services you render or the products you sell.
  • Frequently used #hashtags within your industry of operation.

Step 2: Choose Your Tools

Once you’ve figured out what to monitor, the next thing to do would be to choose the most efficient monitoring tool for the task head. You’d want to enter your searches into the tool and let it keep tabs on your queries and serve you with results.

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There are so many social media monitoring tools that you could use to achieve the same purpose. But for today, we’ll narrow down the list to the five most popular ones:

While each one of these tool has its own set of unique features and strengths, most of them tend to operate pretty much the same. What happens is that you enter the phrase you wish to monitors, altogether with its related keywords or minus them.

You’ll then be presented with results, with an option to accept periodic alerts send to you via email.

Step 3 Look for Insights

Social media monitoring tools aren’t always crystal ball on the results you’re likely to gain on each passing day. Think of everything as fishing using a net – you can cast then net but you can’t be sure of what to expect.

But on the overall, every piece of information you uncover presents itself as an opportunity. Keep in mind that the opportunities you get can come in various forms including as a chance to create a new, inspired piece of content, suggestion to make necessary changes to your products or services, or a chance to establish a new relationship.

Here’s a list of result you’re likely to get and the corresponding opportunities they present:

  • People’s sentiments. This includes both the negative and positive things people say about your business or brand. Their upside is that they offer you a chance to improve on your services or products so you can start attracting better comments in the future.
  • Feedback. You take every feedback you receive with the seriousness it deserves without rushing to respond to it. What matters is that you’re able to listen to it and act on it by making necessary adjustments to its point of reference.
  • Questions. The questions asked clue you in some of the problems your customers are encountering. You can use them to come up with really informative content that attempts to answer some of the questions.
  • Trends. Trends inform you about the hot topics to write about.
  • Influencers. Influencers could introduce you to really prominent people in the industry you operate in. It’s through the influencer results you get that you can know who to follow and for what purpose.

It’s a Wrap

Suffice it to say, you’ll get to learn more about the social media monitoring tool you use the more you use it. You’re also allowed to experiment with the tool until you’re finally able to make the most of it. For instance, depending on the results you get, you can play around with the searches until you’re finally able to net better results.

Now with the ball passed to you – it’s upon you decide how you’ll be using the tool to come up with newfangled ideas to blog or write about. You can keep the conversation going by reaching out to MediaOne today with your query for social media marketing consultation.

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