How To Use Social Media To Increase Brand Awareness In Singapore

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Can social media marketing increase your business visibility online? Brand awareness through social media can be seen as a thing of the past. However, several businesses, especially in the servicing industry, are still struggling to understand this technique. Its importance to your business cannot be stressed enough.

The picture you portray with your brand is what attracts and hold onto your customers and make them loyal to your brand. In this article, we will seek to understand how to increase brand awareness through social media marketing.

Determine Your Market

People are always fast to rush into conclusions on the choice of social network to should target. However, this can always be a grave mistake. You do not have to stress yourself so much because every social network is a search engine in its rights.

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This makes it easy for a business to be able to search all the news and topics presently influencing their industry. Leverage on these search capabilities to find more information that might assist you in making informed decisions.

This information gives you a clear picture of how your services or product is faring before you decide on the course of action.

Make It Manageable

At this point, you must have realised that maintaining an ever-present profile in all of your social media platforms is of great importance to your business. This conclusion is arrived at because as a business person, you have a lot to do and plan. Hence, you do not have enough time to engage in every social media post.

Make your branding process brief and to the point so that you can find time to concentrate on other issues. Make your engagement short and precise and try not to be on every social media platform at once.

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Get Graphic

Creating awareness about your brand on social media can be very difficult especially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These social network platforms can be very noisy because they accommodate people of all genders and ages.


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Therefore, bringing in people to support your branding campaign using texts posts can be almost impossible at times. Ensure you accompany your content with quality, colourful images. Scroll down your feeds, and you will realise a graphical post will catch your attention to the extent that you want to know what it is all about.

Go Native

It very essential to know all the customers on your platforms cannot all be treated the same. There are some who might be on Instagram while there are those who might not be on Instagram. There are some who use alternative social media platforms like Facebook.

Hence, it is advisable to avoid auto-posting of your content to all your social media platforms. This will curb duplication of content and promote authenticity.

Also, avoid the use of hashtags on social network platforms. Hashtag successes so far have been limited to Twitter. Therefore, its use on Facebook should be discouraged for maximum penetration on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Be Conversational

Advance in technology has had a ripple effect across the business space. Businesses are these days automating the manner they post their content and engage with their customers. The processes are automated so that every information is passed electronically. Hence, in a bid to differentiate yourself, it is important to focus on outbound messaging.

The conversations supported by outbound messaging soar the seeds of intimacy and loyalty to your brand. The ability to converse personally with your fans gives them the impression that their interests are your priority and they can trust the content you are offering. This is the moment they become loyal to your brand.

Take Advantage of Trends

With the drastic rise in popularity of social media and strong internet connections across the world, trending topics on the internet have become the order of the day. They are popular because they keep people engaged and informed. As a brand manager or a business owner, it is important to discern these opportunities and take advantage of them fully.

This strategy is called Newsjacking – taking advantage of a trend to push your brand before the people you intend to reach. When you associate your brand with a trending topic, in the heat of that trend, you get more visibility for your brand.

Work with Influencers

Public influencers have taken the social media marketing space with a storm. Their ready made social media following makes them the best tools to reach a target audience without having to create a new fanbase. Famous athletes, actors and actresses, renowned comedians have in recent times become the brand ambassadors of big companies.

This strategy seeks to use both the influence of both entities to push a certain brand to a specific target audience. Both parties benefit either in a financial sense or just for favours. However, the latter in the current business world seems very unlikely. Seek the help of these Singapore social media influencers to push your brand to your target audience in no time.

Give Freely

The hand that gives is the hand that receives. This phrase applies fully in the branding industry. It is imprudent to think that your fellow content creators will agree to share and like your content if you do not show the same courtesy.

You should work together with your colleagues so that you can push your brand to many people at once. Instil the culture of giving without having to receive. You will notice your fellow content creators returning the favour.

Monitor Everything

The only way to determine progress and in this case is progress is the growth of awareness about your brand. Periodic measuring of your statistics will give you data on issues you need to adjust or which issues should leave unchanged. Major social media platforms of the ilk of Facebook avail statistics that help you measure the progress your brand is making.

Furthermore, you can use a URL shortener, for example, which has the capability of showing the total click-throughs the link has experienced. Monitor web analytics to determine which avenues give you more referrals. This data points out what working and what should be discarded or improved.

Get the Right Balance Between Action and Engagement

Engagements can be a good way of growing your brand gradually. It fosters commitment and loyalty. However, this inbound marketing technique can be very tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, as a shrewd business person, it is a prerogative to veer away from the norms and make tough business decisions like sharing a call-to-action. You can add a link of an article to your blog. This act will help shift the attention of your leads from your social network profile to your site.

Striking the right balance between these two elements is difficult, and there is no formula. Try a different combination of knowing when to engage and when to make tough decisions. With time you will find the balance that works for you.


Social media is transforming every day. Hence, you should always stay on toes to ensure your business is not overtaken with change. Competitors are working overnight on coining better ways to push their brands to target audiences. Ensure your brand is not left behind. This list is the remedy to your problems. You can go ahead and conquer branding now!

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