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Getting a website to people is hard especially in the overcrowded Singapore web. Pay-per-click ensures you get an instant exposure that leads to website traffic and higher sales. PPC advertising is a perfect business choice and ensures a business has maximum reach out without overspending. In Singapore, most of the top visited sites have advertising online platform that they utelise. These advertisement tools get them on the top pages ahead of their business competitors everywhere they feature. The pay-per-click campaign packages are all inclusive and gives you maximum exposure. This article provides you with a complete guide of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising Singapore.


Why should you use pay per click to promote a website? Various reasons make PPC best choice for many businesses. One of the reasons is its huge reachability. Billions of people use Google search engine while millions other use social media platforms. It gives AdWords and social media PPC power to get to reach out massive audience. Pay per click will take you closer to business audience. Moreover, PPC provides you with lots of useful targeting options. You can decide on people who will see ads depending on factors such as demographic data, context, consumer interests and behaviour. It enables you to get ads to the right people.


PPC offers website analytics. Online marketers are faced with a challenge of proving whether their investment on digital advertisement is worth those efforts. With pay per click you will have comprehensive analytics that determines ROI of a business to show how well campaigns and ads perform. PPC provides ROI for a business hence an effective way to make money. For every $1 you use, you can make $8.


Types of PPC Marketing


The two existing kinds of PPC digitalization include social and search PPC.


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Search PPC


Search PPC is used to refer to search advertising, especially on google. It also applies to Bing and Yahoo to a smaller extent. It is responsible for ads that show up on search engine’s search result pages. Google AdWords is a famous advertising platform throughout Singapore. One way to get a business into PPC marketing is set up your pay per click account with AdWords. It will help you to create powerful ads with featuring optimised popular targeted keywords on Google ads. There are so many choices in Singapore when it comes to pay per click advertisement. Google PPC includes ads on its other properties such as Gmail and YouTube for more extended website exposure and traffic.

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Social PPC


Social PPC is available on social media network platforms. Some of social media platforms that offer PPC online marketing include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Facebook has relatively grown with about 3.5 million active Singapore users and 1.2 billion people globally. these statistics have made it a perfect place for a business looking to reach a mass audience. Singapore company can efficiently get their audience through Facebook. Average cost per is about $0.11. Marketers that meets users’ needs are always awarded with less costly Facebook marketing cost. It protects Facebook users experience from spammy Ads.


Additional online programs such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram that are viable at driving sales. Twitter has more than 328 million active users. It is a more effective offering less competition as compared to other online platforms. Ads fit better on twitter as they are fewer. Instagram is also a popular social media raising probability that a particular audience is on Instagram. Research reveals that brands on Instagram receive four times engagement more than Facebook. Types of Instagram ads brands include photo ads, video ads, carousel ads and Instagram stories. LinkedIn provides perfect avenue for people who are interested in serious business of networking and business needs. It has nearly five million users.


Best Practices for Promoting Singapore Websites With PPC


#1. Keyword research


Use of correct keyword is essential for search engine optimisation and social media PPC. PPC marketing makes ads appear on search engine pages on right time when people are looking for it. However, you need to use correct keyword on website ads. Keyword research will enable you to use a keyword that delivers best value for marketing cost and improve company’s ROI.


#2. Research on target audience


You need to reach to right audience that cares about a site’s content. Some of factors that pay per click uses to help you target right audience include age, gender, job title, salary range, interests and consumer behaviour. Take adequate time on researching the people who buy products, what they like and they’re hanging out places. Incorporation of those details into pay per click will give better results.


#3. Support of other advertising efforts using PPC


Use of many tactics towards a common goal gives quicker results. You can try and incorporate PPC, SEO, content advertisement and social media on a way that they all support each other. Try to figure out how you can strengthen other marketing strategies before launching your pay per click campaigns.

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#4. Use of strong ads


Your ads determine if an online visitor will buy products or no. Including a strong call-to-action (CTA) on ads goes a long way towards convincing them to get into website. Include details of solutions that products or services offer to consumers inside ads.


#5. Make a strong landing page


It is not advisable for you to use website home page for a PPC ad. Website home page is where ads on other platforms should always direct to. A strong landing page entails choosing a perfect website page where each ad will specifically end up on website pages. Landing page should be relevant to ad details. Moreover, landing pages should be well designed to drive an action you want from website visitors. It may include spending some time on website, signing up email list or making a purchase.

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#6. Testing ads


The best ROI for pay per click is testing ads. you have to try out different designs, wording, and CTAs to determine best combination for a business website. You will know best types of ads that your audience responds best to by comparing different results.


#7. Use of remarketing


Remarketing involves utilising people who you already have contact with to your benefit. They could be loyal clients or website visitors; you are sure that these people are interested. Pay per click enables you to provide ads to people who have been in the site. You try and recapture their attention and may convert them to business customers.


#8. Monitoring and improving online campaigns


The longer you stay in digital marketing industry, the more you know customer’s preference and grasp how to create ads targeting specific audience. You should always make needed changes to business campaigns and ads depending on analysis results. Gaining more significant market insights helps invested money go further.


In conclusion, PPC Singapore has significantly increased creating a challenge for few businesses not into online advertising. This technic is not hard but it needs some know-how procedure process, research and planning if you want to achieve excellent ROI from invested money. Then it is followed by essential task of choosing a right keyword. After creating website ad, ensure you track and measure site traffic to ensure that your campaign is effective at producing leads and traffic you intended.

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