Digital Marketing Singapore In The Era Of AI

Digital Marketing Singapore In The Era Of AI

The recent surge in the use of AI in digital marketing has impacted all aspects of our lives. Today, AI manifests itself to us in the form of self-driving cars, chatbots, and smart devices. These are some of the AI-driven technologies that have been advanced to understand the needs and preferences of consumers. They can also deliver customised customer experiences.

For years, AI has been one of the trending topics in the realm of technology. It is getting adopted in multiple fields including digital marketing. The use of AI-driven digital marketing strategies will go a long way in helping you enhance customer experiences. Moreover, this technology can help you save money and time.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is the aptitude that machines typically showcase. AI enables machines to think, respond, and perform tasks the same way that humans do. Likewise, AI endows machines with the ability to learn from experiences and also adjust to new input.

Why Use of AI In Digital Marketing Is Here To Stay

The impressive adoption of AI in Singapore digital marketing manifests just how impressive this technology is. AI has become popular due to the following reasons:

  • It enhances precision, besides ensuring more accuracy. This results in few errors and higher work efficiency.
  • AI analyses data more effectively to provide valuable insights.
  • AI adds to the capability of various devices due to its smart and useful algorithms. Voice assistants home automation systems, and GPS trackers, and voice assistants attest to the intellectual abilities of AI.
  • AI can also adapt to new input using progressive learning algorithms.

Therefore, the use of AI in digital marketing doesn’t come as a surprise. AI has an excellent ability to analyse data and also learn from it. Thanks to AI, industries in Singapore and beyond are getting transformed. The banking, marketing, and medical sectors, in particular, have been on the forefront in adopting artificial intelligence.

How AI Will Change the Future of Digital Marketing

Be it Google’s Voice Search and RankBrain or personalised Amazon recommendations, AI is steadily transforming today’s digital landscape. AI can undertake effective data analysis besides adapting to input. The technology enables machines to perform human roles such as the identification of marketing trends.

use of AI in digital marketing in Singapore

This explains why Singaporean brands and marketers are increasingly leveraging AI digital marketing to save resources and time. AI will give your digital marketing efforts an edge in various ways. Here’s how AI can boost your digital marketing efforts.

  • It gives you a better understanding of your audience. The use of AI in digital marketing will help you analyse data, thus enabling you to easily predict the purchasing behaviours and decisions of your targeted customers.
  • AI also improves users’ experience. You can leverage artificial intelligence to meet the needs of your audience, thus optimising the user experience.
  • AI is a useful marketing tool. When you incorporate it into your marketing efforts, its data-driven analysis will help you end the guesswork and work with facts.
  • Artificial intelligence leverages algorithms that will help you increase the productivity of your marketing campaigns. Repetitive tasks can get automated, thus saving significant time.
  • When you use AI in digital marketing, you will undoubtedly experience a return on investment. The technology enables you to make better decisions as well as create better-performing content. By implementing AI-driven digital marketing strategies, it will also be easy to reach out to targeted customers.

Implementing AI-Driven Digital Marketing Strategies

There’s no better way for brands in Singapore to engage with their audience than adopting AI digital marketing. This will drive relevant traffic besides helping brands to acquire new customers. It will also be easy to increase sales and retain current clients.

Here’s how marketers in Singapore can use artificial intelligence to transform clients’ needs preferences into personalised customer experiences.

Adoption of Chatbots

Your website needs a virtual assistant that engages with visitors right from the time they land on your web pages. Chatbots epitomise the use of AI in digital marketing and its benefits. There are various AI chatbot platformstrans, which can help you to engage with clients seamlessly. These chatbots can get added to your website, apps, text messages, and emails.

With chatbots, you can conveniently reach out to customers to respond to their queries. Similarly, chatbots can respond to common questions that your customers may have.  By engaging customers in human-like conversations, the overall customer experience will improve.

Personalised Product Recommendations

Brands in Singapore are increasingly using AI technology to track customers’ habits, preferences, and buying behaviour. With such insights, the technology can make suggestions on services and products that they might be interested in. Understanding the buying habits and preferences of your customers will help you formulate an effective marketing strategy.

The market insight that AI provides will help you know which products and services your customers prefer. With this knowledge, it will be easy to promote those products and services that your customers prefer buying.

The digital marketing strategies that AI provides are accurate and more personalised than what human capability offers. You will be empowered to personalise the user experience, something that will help you attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Amazon SG is one of the e-commerce platforms that use AI-powered recommendations to provide shoppers with personalised suggestions. The recommendations and suggestions that shoppers are presented with play a significant role in growing sales, thus contributing to revenue growth.

AI algorithms typically consider your shoppers’ buying history, items that they have liked, current items in their cart, and items purchased or viewed by other shoppers.  This way, it will be easy for customers to find what they are looking for, thus enhancing their browsing and shopping experience.

5 Essential Things to Consider Before Using AI in Digital Marketing in Singapore

Artificial intelligence has shown significant growth in the past few years. However, this growth is not always understood. For most people, the idea of AI taking on essential decisions has been a welcoming one. People base this on the assumption that machine learning uses high levels of data that humans cannot absorb.

AI could result in the production of data that is more accurate and lead to informed decision-making. But, on the other hand, AI may ultimately affect humans negatively. The negative impact has been taken seriously by some industry figures, including Bill Gates, who suggests the taxation of robots to help in providing people who have lost their jobs with an income.

Singapore marketers must be aware of the existing differences between marketing in Singapore and other countries. Unfortunately, most digital marketers in Singapore make the mistake of replicating other countries’ tactics which may not work. This article will discuss seven essential things to consider before using AI in digital marketing in Singapore.


Lack of Understanding of The Risks Involved

Many companies apply AI to a process without fully understanding the risks and errors involved. Before putting any technology to use, for instance, autonomous cars, it’s vital to develop it thoroughly as it may have some risk factors. Humans are transferring too much autonomy without fully developing the technology and preconditions. As a result, they no longer understand it.

Besides, companies need vast amounts of data to allow the proper functioning of smart systems. Therefore, AI system strength also depends on high-quality data sets. Therefore, many companies are using artificial intelligence for greedy profit even without assessing the risks involved.

Businesses should implement AI thoughtfully across their inbound digital marketing program. They must understand how AI tactics will help in guiding prospects to solve their pain points. As a business, it’s not advisable to turn to AI as it is the new hot thing. Instead, consider whether it will help your clients more efficiently and turn all your leads to customers.


Human Interaction

Businesses that are looking forward to developing top customers experiences may find AI not suitable for digital marketing. Humans still want to interact with fellow humans, which AI is unable to offer. AI has certain limitations, especially in emotions, feelings, and subjective thinking. Human beings feel and can translate their emotions into connections. Many people are not fans of interacting with chatbots and computers.

If you use unsophisticated and straightforward chatbots in your business, it may seem too obvious to your customers that there is no human on the other end. Unfortunately, such scenarios can make some people, especially the older generations, quite uncomfortable. Therefore, a business should be careful with using chatbots based on their target audience and should away have a live human supporting it whenever possible.

If you want to build and strengthen the customer relationships in your company, you should provide authentic, personable, and face-to-face experiences for your clients. Supplementing your AI tools requires human interaction.

Good salespeople require empathy, and without human contact, interactions are lost. You can only provide a better experience to your customers if you understand their emotions. Losing this critical aspect will be detrimental to your business.


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Artificial Intelligence Cannot Make Moral Choices

It’s challenging to teach morality to machines because humans are objectively unable to convey morality so that they can measure it to make it easy for the machines to process. As humans, we can rely on our gut feeling whenever faced with moral dilemmas rather than elaborate cost-effective calculations. On the other hand, AI needs explicit and objective metrics which must be measured and optimized clearly.

Real-life situations require more complex optimization of problems. For instance, it may be challenging to teach a machine how to avoid racial or gender biases. Likewise, you cannot teach a machine what is fair unless the developers of the machine have a particular conception of what fairness is.


AI Lacks Definition and Strategic Business Objectives

Just because everyone is following a particular trend does not mean that it’s good for your business. Before you choose AI for digital marketing, first understand how it applies to your industry. Second, find out what your competitors are doing and what they are not doing. Finally, record every success and failure they have experienced in their interaction with AI. Once you have clearly defined all the benefits and limitations, you will be in a better position to understand how you can push your business into the best future and become different from your competitors.

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Most businesses in Singapore are failing because they are moving into AI without a clear understanding of the problems they intend to solve. Every organization wants to automate its tasks without thinking about the consequences. Although every business may eventually use AI at some point, humans should develop a vast data set of circumstances and results that the algorithm will use. If we want a successful decision-making process, there must be a well-defined output and results before the error margin increases.

Before a business adopts AI, it should consider whether it’s valuable. Will it improve the customer experience? Will it distinguish the company from its competitors, and how will it help in making data-driven solutions? Find out if AI will help solve the problems that the organization is currently facing.


Lack of Mature Technology

Businesses across the marketing industry are trying to secure the best AI talent from a sector that is not showing enough growth. Since businesses are becoming more obsessed with AI, there has been a lot of dangers involved. People are willing to risk their lives with a product that has not yet undergone full development. Still, without the necessary precautions, AI can ruin a lot of lives.


Benefits Of AI in Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is changing a lot of things, including marketing. It has become part of our world. Marketers already have choices about how much to allow artificial intelligence to take part in their strategies.


  • Dynamic Pricing

Businesses provide discounts to their customers to make more sales. However, some customers do not get to enjoy the benefits of such discounts. Using AI can help set prices of products based on the demand, client profile, availability, among other factors, to generate more sales and profits.


  • Enhances Customer Service

Since the introduction of Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other platforms that people can use to message, each customer can now contact businesses. Therefore, most companies ensure that they have staffed these platforms with customer service agents to help deal with customer issues.

Most customers appreciate interacting with the service agents and getting responses rather than getting automated messages through AI systems. Nonetheless, most companies are working on providing a faster response to their customers by using chatbots that deal with common customer questions. The chatbots also provide instant replies 24 hours a day.

Business Insider predicts that from the year 2020, 85 % of client interactions have been occurring without the help of humans. Most businesses are using AI for customer relations. Companies have already started using bots in building a group of loyal and engaged customers with the help of self-service and programs for creating an innovative relationship. If your business is unwilling or unable to join the bandwagon, it risks losing loyal customers to dynamic and inventive competitors.

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Chatbots are cost-effective as you do not need to hire more team members to deal with customers. Humans sometimes experience bad days, which may affect customer relationships. However, with chatbots, your customers will enjoy polite, pleasant, and engaging conversations.


  • Improved Personalization

Personalization has been an important trend for some time now. As a result, businesses have a different way of responding and interacting with marketing messages. Companies no longer use the traditional marketing methods, including media advertising, as they are not as effective as they used to be.

In today’s business world, customers expect businesses to personalize messages based on their location, interests, and demographics. If your brand is not engaging in personalized marketing, potential clients will ignore you. Consumers do not trust brands with poor personalization. Most consumers will purchase from a company that personalizes their customer experience.

Brands should adopt AI to improve personalization and produce more and better content. Artificial intelligence will help to analyze consumer data. With machine-learning algorithms, digital marketers can offer customers a hyper-personalized experience while optimizing their content production process.


It Saves You Time And Money

Automating marketing can save your company time and money as you do not need to copy and paste content to numerous emails and change the name manually each time. With reliable email software, sending emails is bliss. In addition, AI-powered automation software will enable you to get things done faster, taking away the burden of decision-making.

AI-powered software will help you decide the type of content you should create and how and when you will publish and distribute it. Moreover, you can automate this whole process with a single click.

Adopting AI-powered software will reduce the time you spend on repetitive tasks, and your productivity will increase. Moreover, you will focus your efforts on other areas where humans work better than machines.

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Top AI Digital Marketing Tools to Use in 2021

Artificial intelligence is gaining traction among digital marketers, as 61% of businesses use the technology. The primary reason behind this increased adoption is that AI boosts productivity. This is why the market will have a net worth of $9.88 billion by next year

Moreover, AI-powered platforms are helpful for in saving time, customisation and creating more effective marketing campaigns. Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, is the reason behind its effectiveness.

Machine learning analyses historical data, particularly user behaviour, and uses it to predict the future. The more data collected, the smarter the system becomes. This enables you to create personalised and relevant content for your target audience.

Artificial intelligence isn’t a luxury, it’s a must-have tech. Without it you can’t compete effectively against other businesses in your niche. Here’s a list of some Ai tools that can help increase the success of your digital marketing campaign.

  • Grammarly


While most word processors come with an integrated spell checker, none is as effective as Grammarly. This platform leverages artificial intelligence to correct grammatical mistakes on your emails and blog posts. Even better, it shows how clear and engaging your content is. More importantly, it displays your content’s readability score, a measure its simplicity. 

Besides, Grammarly helps you optimise your content to suit your objectives. For instance, it can help you create content that is suitable for laypersons. This feature works by generating recommendation based on your preferences – it can be lenient on informal articles but strict on formal and technical content. 



  • Easy to use
  • Offers a free plan
  • Supports plagiarism checks
  • Compatible with several third-party platforms
  • Only available in English
  • Limited features on the free plan



  • HubSpot SEO


If you want to content intended for human readers instead of search engine robots, you might want to invest in HubSpot SEO. This platform relies on machine leaning to determine how search engines index, understand and rank your content. Thus, it’s helpful to business that want to improve their position on SERPs. 

Most websites that rank on the first pages of search results have an optimised structure and offer valuable content. HubSpot SEO is effective in keyword research and tracking customer behaviours, which can help you improve your search engine ranking. 

Furthermore, this platform offers keyword suggestions related to your business. It also analyses the keywords used by competing businesses and provide tips on how to improve. 



  • Excellent at keyword research
  • Provides keyword suggestions
  • Compatible with HubSpot tools and some third-party software
  • Mandatory subscription to HubSpot is needed to access this platform



  • Crayon


Tracking the strategies employed by your competitors is vital if you want to succeed in digital marketing. However, you might too busy focusing on your businesses such that you forget about this. This is where Crayon comes in handy.

Crayon is an AI-powered tool that helps you monitor your competitor’s activities, especially their online and offline behaviour. Even if they make a slight adjustment like lowering the price of an item or offering a discount, you get a prompt alert. 



  • Combines internal and external reports in a one dashboard
  • Monitors several metrics from over 300 million sources
  • Challenging for beginners



  • Market Muse

Market Muse

Businesses that want to improve their content marketing strategies should subscribe to the Market Muse platform. Some marketers have little success because they write pieces based on their opinion instead of creating content that suits their target audience.

This software uses AI technology to help you increase he value and relevance of your content. First, it identifies the most relevant keywords and suggests suitable topics. It also evaluates existing web content and generates a score showing how well or poorly your content is written.

Impressively, Marketing Muse has a language processing function that creates unique long-form content. This platform also has an inbuilt First Draft solution that ensures that its design meets the user’s requirements.



  • Useful keyword suggestions
  • Automated content creation
  • Complex for beginners



  • Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach

Are you looking for a way to boost the success of your content marketing campaign? Well, you might want to consider Atomic Reach. This is a tool that aims to optimise content for better conversions. Though it boosts your SEO efforts, its ultimate goal is improving your ROI by identifying what your customers want to buy more frequently from your business. 

After analysing your content, Atomic Reach provides suggestions on how to improve it. You can track these improvements using the dashboard, and also project how much traffic receive and the sales you are likely to make. 



  • Easy metrics tracking
  • It improves ROI
  • Reliable predictive tools
  • Suitable for advanced marketers



  • Phrasee


Newsletters are an excellent tool for communicating to your target audience. They help in informing your existing and prospective customers about new products, services updates, and general information. Phrasee is a platform that helps you craft optimised newsletters that guarantee higher open rates and increased engagement. 

Using artificial intelligence, Phrasee helps you in adding catchy headlines to your email newsletters. Specifically, it has an AI-based Natural Language Generation System that analyses consumer data to create messages that resonate with your brand. 

The longer you use this tool, the more effective it becomes at creating personalised newsletters. This is because the inbuilt machine learning function gets better insights into your customers’ behaviour.



  • Multilingual support
  • Brilliant machine learning
  • Creates unique newsletters promptly
  • You must book a demo to see pricing plans



  • Chorus


Despite its somewhat irrelevant name, Chorus is an excellent AI-powered digital marketing tool. It works by synchronising activities in your sales and marketing department, a crucial element that many marketers usually overlook. 

Chorus leverages social listening to learn more about prospective customers with the objective of boosting sales. It pays keen attention to their online behaviour and runs the collected information in the inbuilt CRM tool. Then, it generates an actionable library of client insights and expectations. By doing this, it saves the time that you would have otherwise used to obtain this information from your audience.



  • Effective data collection
  • Supports email processing
  • Measurable campaigns
  • Competitive analysis
  • Complex user interface




  • Netbase


 There’s no better way of learning about your audience’s needs than social listening, and this is one of the top qualities of Netbase. Comments made on social media are usually more honest than the feedback you receive from your customers. 

When you monitor the social channels frequented by your target audience, you will get detailed view on how people perceive your brand. Netbase supports sentiment analysis, a feature that assesses positive and negative terms associated with your brand. 

Once the analysis is complete, this tool provides real-time insights on how customers’ emotions affect a business at the time. It analyses millions of social media activities, including likes, mentions, posts, and shares in an instant. 



  • Proactive alerts against possible risks to your brand
  • In-depth insights on various demographics
  • Real-time results
  • It takes time to process the data



  • Copilot


Copilot isn’t in anyway related to the aviation industry – instead, it helps in streamlining the integration between e-commerce platforms and Facebook Messenger. 

Interestingly, this tool allows you to maintain real-time communication with your clients throughout the day and at every stage of the sales funnel. You can send promotional and abandoned cart messages, as well as informative texts.



  • Supports drip marketing campaigns
  • Easy collection of customers’ feedback
  • Easy Facebook Messenger integration
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Limited to Shopify and BigCommerce




  • Google Analytics Intelligence

Google Analytics

If you have a burning question about your digital marketing campaign, direct it at Google’s Analytics Intelligence. For instance, you could type – “Where does most of my web traffic come from?” this platform will then use its machine learning algorithm to provide an appropriate answer. 

Besides, this platform also tells you about the best-performing landing pages and how to improve them. You can also project future conversion rates using this tool.

Notable, Google’s Analytics Intelligence is free. This makes it a viable option for small businesses that don’t have to process voluminous data. 



  • It is free
  • Smart and prompt responses
  • Ideal for small businesses
  • It offers shallow insights



  • Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics

When technology enthusiasts hear about Adobe, the first to think to come to mind is Photoshop, a renowned graphics design software. The company behind Photoshop has another tool known as Adobe Analytics that leverages AI to improve digital marketing campaigns. While it shares many features with Google Analytics, it isn’t available for free – its price depends on the number of hits your website gets annually. 

Adobe Analytics is excellent at monitoring user behaviour. It tells you how much time your traffic spend on your site and the page they like the most, among other crucial metrics. However, this tool isn’t as easy to use as Google.



  • Online behaviour monitoring
  • Excellent audience segmentation
  • Not suitable for beginners



  • Google AutoDraw

Google Autodraw

Google AutoDraw has a simple and use-friendly interface. It’s also easy to use. 

Including visual content in your marketing messages increases engagement, which is why you need a tool like Google AutoDraw. It saves the time you would have otherwise used searching for royalty-free images and helps you find the right visual elements for your site. 

When using this platform, all you need to do is make a rough sketch of the image you want. Using AI-powered image recognition, Google AutoDraw will then provide suggestions that resemble your sketch. These suggested doodles are made by professional graphic designers. 



  • Easy to use
  • No installation required
  • Multiple templates available
  • Occasional wrong suggestions



  • Wordsmith


Wordsmith is a natural language process that improves the quality of your content. It also provides real-time updates on trending topics and features a powerful API for flexible posting.



  • Fast data processing
  •  Real-time updates
  • Unrivalled flexibility
  • Not suitable for beginners



  • Lumen5


Nowadays, people have a short attention span. Shorter videos get more view than longer ones. Likewise, people are more likely to read a social media post than a lengthy article. Lumen5 is a tool that allows you to create engaging video content with little experience in graphic design.

Using artificial intelligence, this platform coverts your text into slideshow-based videos. The process is as simple as inserting a link to your article, and Lumen5 handles the rest. There’s an option for editing the video before you post it online. 



  • Vast library of multimedia files
  • Automatic shortening of text content to fit videos
  • Voiceover support for integrating audio into your video content
  • Custom pricing for enterprises
  • Limited features on the free plan




  • Smartly


Smartly is an AI-powered tool used by marketers in improving their digital marketing campaigns. It can help you reach out to prospective clients, especially on Facebook and Instagram. It uses AI to enhance the visibility of your paid ads on the above-mentioned social networks. 

Additionally, it has several automation tools and templates that scan your inventory to find useful themes for your ad campaign. This, coupled with copy variations, dynamic pricing, and real-time offers, can help boost your paid search efforts. 



  • A/B testing on all ads
  • Different ad copies
  • Smart bidding support
  • Custom pricing plans
  • Limited to Facebook and Instagram



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  • Sentient Ascend


A/B testing helps you know what your target audience prefers by offering multiple variations of an ad, landing page, email message, etc. Sentient Ascend excels in A/B testing because it doesn’t limit the number of elements you test. It uses advanced algorithms to identify the best performers, and combines them to optimise your digital marketing campaign. 



  • Allows you to test several elements simultaneously
  • Support for graphic and code editors
  • Variable pricing plan
  • Guarantees full-funnel optimisation
  • Code editor isn’t suitable for novices





  • What Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a computer science technology emphasizing the creation of intelligent machines able to mimic human behavior. The machines behave like a human and think like humans and in some cases can make decisions.

  • Which Areas Is AI Used?

AI can is useful in numerous areas, including computing, speech recognition, robotics, and bioinformatics.

  • What Is Some Real-World Application of Artificial Intelligence?

There are numerous real-world applications of artificial intelligence, and some of them include:

  • Google search engine-when humans search for something in google, they get relevant recommendations that help them with the information they need. This is made possible by different AI technologies.
  • Email spam filtering -AI can also help filter spam emails so that your inbox can only have the relevant emails. Email platforms such as Gmail can successfully filter 99.9% of all spam emails.
  • Social networking-in the current era, we have numerous social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. These platforms use Artificial Intelligence technology for various purposes like face recognition and suggesting friends. Therefore, a lot of Artificial Intelligence is applied in the platforms to make the user experience better.
  • Recommending products- when searching for products on selling platforms such as Amazon, the site recommends similar products due to various ML algorithms.
  • How Powerful Is AI?

AI is expected to be the best big thing in providing solutions to our problems. However, AI is not as simple as people think. Therefore, performing complex activities is very difficult. Moreover, because of the lack of data and technological resources for withstanding the capacity to perform complex computations, AI has not been very successful.

There is hope in AI being the potential future in creating the revolutionary world. However, AI’s power depends on the developer’s capability to work on a program’s computation. The developer’s skills help make the AI model well enough to solve various complex tasks quickly.



The use of AI in digital marketing can work magic for your brand. Incorporating artificial intelligence into your marketing strategy will help deliver a customised experience for your users. The options mentioned above are only a few of the AI-powered digital marketing tools available for businesses. While some might seem expensive, it’s a worthwhile experience because AI gives you in-depth insights into your audience’s behaviour. What’s more, some tools can help predict future performance of your business. 

The insights that you get from AI ensure faster problem-solving both for you and your customers. Any business in Singapore that wants to scale and grow its market base and revenue should not overlook the power of artificial intelligence in internet marketing and advertising.

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