Why You Should Use Infographics in Web Design in Singapore

use infographics in web design

In the sphere of web design, infographics are quickly gaining popularity, and for good reasons. When building a personal or business website, infographics is one of the most crucial elements that you need to keep in mind. Here are six topmost reasons why you should use infographics in web design in Singapore.

1. They Make Your Site Visually Compelling

One thing that you can attribute to infographics is the fact that they help your website become more visually compelling. This means that you can use them to attract the attention of Internet users. As simple as they may look, infographics make your website a joy to look at, something that makes site visitors spend more time browsing through its pages.

use infographics in web design

The easiest way of making your content compelling, easily consumable, and attractive is by use of infographics. They not only simplify your content but also make it easy to understand. Infographics are exciting and thus enhance the browsing experiences of those who and on your pages. This is why infographics are increasingly becoming a staple for Singaporean marketers.

2. Infographics are Easy to Understand

If you intend to make your website easy to navigate, you should think of how you can use infographics in web design. The objective of having a website in the first place is to get a platform for passing information to your target audience.

Well-designed infographics will allow you to simplify your site, thus making it easy for visitors to understand information posted there quickly. With infographics, they will find it easier to scan and pinpoint what they are looking for.

3. Viral Capability

Excellent infographics can generate a lot of interest in your website. For this reason, they can help your site go viral within a short time. There are numerous sites out there that can give you pointers on how to make your website go viral. Needless to say, no website owner or marketer in Singapore should overlook the benefits that viral traffic offers them.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Once your infographics go viral, your website’s ranking in search engine results will automatically improve. The viral news that you post on your website offers limitless opportunities to increase the visibility of your website. This way, you not only get a chance to convert web traffic but also improve your search engine results ranking.

5. Brand Awareness and Perceptibility

Some Singaporean companies prefer blending infographics into their corporate logo. This helps promote their brand awareness. Nonetheless, it requires a lot of creativity to incorporate your infographics into your company’s corporate logo.

Even so, this guarantees instant brand awareness and recognition since it gives you a platform to visually represent the ideals that your business stands for. In the current digital world, portraying what your company stands for can go a long way in influencing customers’ purchasing decision.

If website visitors identify with the message that you are trying to pass across, it is highly likely that they will consider you over your competitors. Therefore, blending infographics into the design of your website will help you communicate the right message to the target audience.

6. Well-Designed Infographics Have a Viral Capability

One relevant infographic can help you channel a vast amount of traffic to your website. All the clicks that lead Internet users to your website increase the number of your potential clients. You not only get the opportunity to convert website visitors but also rank highly in Google search results.

How to Create Compelling Web Content Using Infographics

Incorporating infographics into your marketing strategy not only attracts Internet users to your site but also keeps them on your web pages. Whether you intend to use infographics for the first time or you want to enhance your brand recognition, here’s how you should use infographics in web design.

Pinpoint an In-Demand Topic

When looking to add infographics in your web design, they first thing that you must do is to choose a topic that has the ability to perform well. This simply means choosing topics that are on demand. Crafting your infographics around trending topics will ensure that they perform well. There are dozens of evergreen topics that can be used as a basis for creating compelling content.

To zero in on the most suitable topic for your infographics, you can use Google Trends to pinpoint what people are looking for. Entering keywords that are sensible to your niche on Google Trends will help you choose the most suitable topic to base your infographics on.

Compile Your Data

After picking topics that you want to base your infographics on, you should gather relevant data that can help you create compelling content. You can use both current and past data to create your content.

Find an Eye-Catching Design

Unless you are a professional website designer, you shouldn’t consider using a DIY infographic. Dozens of infographics get published every day. This highlights why you should invest in a design that stands out from what everyone else is using.

When choosing a web design, you should consider using not more than 10 data points. A figure higher than this is likely to overwhelm you since your visitors will find it hard to absorb and retain information that you provide them. Similarly, you should use cool visualizations in your infographics rather than typical line, chart, or bar graphs.

When you use infographics in web design, your objective should be the generation of qualified traffic that already has an interest in what you are saying or selling. If you want to grow your business, you need to take advantage of pre-qualified traffic. Nonetheless, streamlining your company’s infographics will help streamline your commercial web design strategies with your business objectives.

Depending on the industry that you operate in, you should expect a 20% or greater improvement in web traffic once you use infographics in website design. The use of infographics also improves your click-through rates besides making your content exciting and easy to share in social media.

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January 21, 2019

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