Why You Should Use Infographics in Web Design in Singapore

use infographics in web design

In the sphere of web design, infographics are quickly gaining popularity, and for good reasons. When building a personal or business website, infographics is one of the most crucial elements that you need to keep in mind. Here are six topmost reasons why you should use infographics in web design in Singapore.

1. They Make Your Site Visually Compelling

One thing that you can attribute to infographics is the fact that they help your website become more visually compelling. This means that you can use them to attract the attention of Internet users. As simple as they may look, infographics make your website a joy to look at, something that makes site visitors spend more time browsing through its pages.

use infographics in web design

The easiest way of making your content compelling, easily consumable, and attractive is by use of infographics. They not only simplify your content but also make it easy to understand. Infographics are exciting and thus enhance the browsing experiences of those who and on your pages. This is why infographics are increasingly becoming a staple for Singaporean marketers.

2. Infographics are Easy to Understand

If you intend to make your website easy to navigate, you should think of how you can use infographics in web design. The objective of having a website in the first place is to get a platform for passing information to your target audience.

Well-designed infographics will allow you to simplify your site, thus making it easy for visitors to understand information posted there quickly. With infographics, they will find it easier to scan and pinpoint what they are looking for.

3. Viral Capability

Excellent infographics can generate a lot of interest in your website. For this reason, they can help your site go viral within a short time. There are numerous sites out there that can give you pointers on how to make your website go viral. Needless to say, no website owner or marketer in Singapore should overlook the benefits that viral traffic offers them.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Once your infographics go viral, your website’s ranking in search engine results will automatically improve. The viral news that you post on your website offers limitless opportunities to increase the visibility of your website. This way, you not only get a chance to convert web traffic but also improve your search engine results ranking.

5. Brand Awareness and Perceptibility

Some Singaporean companies prefer blending infographics into their corporate logo. This helps promote their brand awareness. Nonetheless, it requires a lot of creativity to incorporate your infographics into your company’s corporate logo.

Even so, this guarantees instant brand awareness and recognition since it gives you a platform to visually represent the ideals that your business stands for. In the current digital world, portraying what your company stands for can go a long way in influencing customers’ purchasing decision.

If website visitors identify with the message that you are trying to pass across, it is highly likely that they will consider you over your competitors. Therefore, blending infographics into the design of your website will help you communicate the right message to the target audience.

6. Well-Designed Infographics Have a Viral Capability

One relevant infographic can help you channel a vast amount of traffic to your website. All the clicks that lead Internet users to your website increase the number of your potential clients. You not only get the opportunity to convert website visitors but also rank highly in Google search results.

How to Create Compelling Web Content Using Infographics

Incorporating infographics into your marketing strategy not only attracts Internet users to your site but also keeps them on your web pages. Whether you intend to use infographics for the first time or you want to enhance your brand recognition, here’s how you should use infographics in web design.

Pinpoint an In-Demand Topic

When looking to add infographics in your web design, they first thing that you must do is to choose a topic that has the ability to perform well. This simply means choosing topics that are on demand. Crafting your infographics around trending topics will ensure that they perform well. There are dozens of evergreen topics that can be used as a basis for creating compelling content.

To zero in on the most suitable topic for your infographics, you can use Google Trends to pinpoint what people are looking for. Entering keywords that are sensible to your niche on Google Trends will help you choose the most suitable topic to base your infographics on.

Compile Your Data

After picking topics that you want to base your infographics on, you should gather relevant data that can help you create compelling content. You can use both current and past data to create your content.

Find an Eye-Catching Design

Unless you are a professional website designer, you shouldn’t consider using a DIY infographic. Dozens of infographics get published every day. This highlights why you should invest in a design that stands out from what everyone else is using.

When choosing a web design, you should consider using not more than 10 data points. A figure higher than this is likely to overwhelm you since your visitors will find it hard to absorb and retain information that you provide them. Similarly, you should use cool visualizations in your infographics rather than typical line, chart, or bar graphs.

When you use infographics in web design, your objective should be the generation of qualified traffic that already has an interest in what you are saying or selling. If you want to grow your business, you need to take advantage of pre-qualified traffic. Nonetheless, streamlining your company’s infographics will help streamline your commercial web design strategies with your business objectives.

Depending on the industry that you operate in, you should expect a 20% or greater improvement in web traffic once you use infographics in website design. The use of infographics also improves your click-through rates besides making your content exciting and easy to share in social media.

The Best Design Apps For Infographic Creators In Singapore

The internet has many design tools that are useful to infographic creators.

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Infographics are the most effective form of visual content. They are particularly useful in making complex data easier to understand. They are also easy to share across social platforms

Many website owners in Singapore like the concept of infographics and would readily add them to their sites. The problem, however, is that they feel unable to create a compelling infographic.

Design Tools for Infographic Creators

If you have no experience in graphic design, it can seem challenging to create a stunning infographic. However, there are many tools online that can help you in creating infographics for your website.

Here are the top 12 design platforms for infographic creators.

  • Canva
  • Venngage
  • Piktochart
  • ly
  • Visme
  • Infogram
  • me
  • Snappa
  • Animaker
  • BeFunky
  • Biteable
  • Mind the Graph

Top 12 Tools for Infographic Creators in Singapore

If you do not know how to create an infographic, here are some tools that you can use to make infographics for your website.



Canva is an easy to use design platform that is favourable to beginners. You can create an eye-catching infographic within the first 30 minutes of using Canva.

The platform is available in free and paid options. The free version is adequate if you want to create a basic infographic and other forms of visual content. There are many packages under the paid option, including Canva for Work, Canva for Education, Canva for Enterprise, and Canva for Non-profits.

Canva allows beginners to create an array of visual content for their website. The platform has a vast selection of templates to help you in this regard. When you are starting, always choose the template that is closest to your brand.

Once you select a template, you can customise it to relate to your business. You can either use the elements in Canva’s library or upload your own. If you cannot find a suitable template, you can start with a blank canvas.



Similar to Canva, Venngage allows you to create a wide range of visual content for your website. The platform is free for students, but everyone else has to pay. There are many paid plans, including Premium, Business, Non-profits and Education. If you run a non-profit organisation, you are eligible for a 50% discount on all plans.

Venngage prides itself as one of the best infographic makers on the internet. Under the infographics section, you can choose templates on various categories. These categories include statistics, informational, tutorial, process, charts, timeline, comparison, and geographic.

After you identify the suitable template, it should take 30 minutes for you to design an infographic. Venngage supports the addition of ‘widgets,’ which can be a chart or maps related to the content of your infographic.



If you are looking for a powerful tool to help you with infographic design, consider using Piktochart. The platform allows you to create different kinds of infographics, including standard, presentation sizes, posters, and reports.

After choosing your preferred size, you can opt to start with a blank canvas or select a template. The next step involves adding design elements such as images and icons. You can use the drag-and-drop functionality or upload your own.

For individual infographic creators, Piktochart is available for free, Lite and Pro plans. Other packages include Pro Team, Non-profits and Education.

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Easel.ly is an easy to use infographic design platform. It offers a wide range of templates. The template library has an inbuilt search engine that makes it easier to locate your preferred options.

Whether you choose a template or start from scratch, the platform redirects you to a new window. Here, you can create a customised infographic that suits your needs. Easel.ly has several design tools such as backgrounds, text, charts, and shapes, and so on.

The highlight feature of this platform is the sandbox that allows you to use the design tools without registering. Easel.ly is available in free and paid options for individuals. Also, there are plans for Businesses and non-profits, Teachers, Students, and Enterprises.



Visme is an infographic design platform that mostly targets marketers. Besides infographics, it also allows you to create animations, banners, mock-ups, and infographics.

After logging in to your account, you will see a list of your previous projects. If you are a new user, you will notice the ‘create’ button. Upon clicking this button, you will choose the type of project and then customise the selected template.

The most exciting feature of Visme is that it allows infographic makers to add links, animation and pop-ups to their designs. You can create an account for free. However, if you want more features, you need to purchase the paid plans. These include Standard, Complete, Team, Enterprise, Student, and Teacher.



Infogram is the perfect choice for infographic creators who like numbers and statistics. It has power data visualisation features that allow you to create simple infographics using complex data sets.

On the downside, this tool has fewer templates as compared to others on this list. If you have a free account, the choices are severely limited. After choosing a template, the next step is adding design elements.

As mentioned above, Infogram is available for free. You can also buy the paid plans, which include Pro, Business, Team, and Enterprise. The paid versions have SQL connectors, data analytic, engagement analytics, and link tracking. For this reason, Infogram is recommended for slightly experienced users.



Out of the infographic makers in this list, Vizualize.me is the only completely free option. It is also unique, as it allows you to create an ‘infographic resume.’ The process is similar to creating a resume on a word processor, with the difference being the ability to add advanced design elements. You can even link to your LinkedIn profile to fill out some fields automatically.

Vizualize.me is easy to use, and it only takes ten minutes to create a stunning infographic resume. If you want a tool to make an outstanding resume, this is your best bet. Most importantly, it is free of charge.



Snappa stands out from other infographic creators by offering a rich set of features on the free version of the platform. Most design tools provide essential functions for free accounts. With Snappa, the only limitation on their free version is the number of downloads per month.

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The tool allows beginners to design a variety of visual content, including infographics. It has a vast library of templates, images, icons and fonts. These are available in colour and black and white. If you wish to get unlimited downloads, you can purchase the paid plans, including Pro and Team packages.



Animaker is primarily a development tool for animated videos. However, it also supports animated infographic design. It has an inbuilt collection of animated characters, icons, images, and scenes. The platform allows users to pick these elements and create an animated infographic.

Similar to other design platforms, Animaker has several templates that you can use as the foundation of your infographic. There is a graphic editor that allows you to customise the templates to match your preference.

It is easy to design the infographics, but it takes time. This is because of the aspect of animation. If you have no experience with video design, you will need some time to learn the skill. You also need a Flash Player on your computer to use Animaker.

The average time it takes to design an infographic is 45 minutes. You need to have intermediate design skills to use this platform. It is available for free, and the paid plans include Personal, Startup and Business.



BeFunky is a platform that allows novices to make professional-grade visual content. The platform has a specific infographic design feature that has a drag-and-drop interface.

Additionally, BeFunky connects seamlessly with free image libraries like Unsplash and Pixabay. This offers a convenient way of finding images for your infographic. It also has a rich set of editing options that are not available in other infographic creators.

The most notable feature is the tutorial section that explains how to edit images professionally. On the downside, it only has one free infographic template. You have to pay to access the entire collection.



Biteable is a rich video creator that enables you to develop high-definition video content. That said, you can use the tool to create impressive video infographics. It comes with many infographic video templates.

Moreover, it offers an easy to use interface. It has design elements such as stock footage, icons, and fonts, and so on. With a free account, you can publish your video infographics directly to YouTube and Facebook. If you have a paid plan, you can download them to your Biteable account and share them to your preferred social network.

Mind the Graph

Mind the graph

Mind the Graph is a perfect choice if you are a researcher. However, it is still open for other professions. It has a collection of 3,000 scientific illustrations and customisable infographic layouts.

It is a one-of-kind tool that offers detailed graphics of bacteria and molecules, making it perfect for scientists. Although it offers no free templates, it is relatively affordable if you consider the features it contains. There are two paid plans, namely Student and Researcher.

The Secret to Fast Infographic Designing

After choosing one of the infographic creators mentioned above, you are ready to go. Make sure the template that matches your brand. If you have slight experience in design, you can opt for the blank canvas.

Once you find a solid template, you will be stunned by how easy it is to design using the infographic makers. The next step is customisation. Most tools come with a vast selection of fonts, images and icons that you can use to add a personal touch to your design. If you are unable to find something relevant to your company, there is an option to upload local files.

Even if you have no experience, it should take a maximum of 30 minutes to create a stunning infographic design. If you have the ideal infographic maker, it could take a shorter time.

How to Choose an Infographic Design Tool

The most crucial consideration factor should be your needs. As seen above, some infographic creators are ideal for plain designs, some are good for animated designs, and others are suited for video infographics. For instance, Mind the Graph is perfect for researchers, while Infogram is the best option for handling complex statistics.

Once you have identified the infographic creators that meets your needs, you can narrow down to a specific choice by comparing the features and the pricing. Keep in mind that paid plans offer more features than free versions in most of the tools in this list.

Lastly, you should also check the ease of use. If you are inexperienced in infographic design, you will want a choice that favours beginners.

How to Create an Infographic for Social Media

Social media users love visual content, which explains why infographics perform so well on social websites. The biggest challenge is that the size of infographics is not optimised for visibility on social platforms.

Most infographics have a portrait orientation, which is only suitable for Instagram and Pinterest. Facebook and Twitter favour images with a landscape orientation and they happen to be the most popular social networks.

The best way of curbing this problem is by taking screenshots of several parts of the infographic. You can then share the small section on Twitter and Facebook as a teaser, along with the link to the full image on your website. This way, you will also earn traffic from your social media post.


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Nowadays, you can create a stunning infographic design quickly, thanks to the presence of many infographic creators. The tools mentioned above are the best you can get on the internet. Even better, most of them have a free plan, making it a practical option for businesses on a limited budget.

If you are yet to create an infographic for your website, you are doing yourself a disfavour. Start today, and you will enjoy the numerous benefits of these fantastic visual content.


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