How to Use Facebook For Social Media Marketing

How to Use Facebook For Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is on the rise in Singapore. More than two billion people globally are Facebook users with about 3.5 million active users been in Singapore. Social media marketing started on Facebook which has continuously retained the top business spot. More so, Facebook is the social media platform with most daily visitors. Other social media platforms are also vital for your business as most of your target audience is likely to be found there. This article highlights several tips on how to use Facebook for social media marketing.

Match Your Marketing Strategies to Your Business Goals

Facebook social media marketing provides endless possibilities for your business campaigns. This makes it easy for you to get lost and forget your business goals along the way. The best strategy for your social media marketing is aligning it with your business goals. Your goals should be as specific as possible to avoid confusion. How do you match your Facebook marketing strategies with your business goals? Firstly, if your business goals are to increase brand awareness, page like ads are effective in growing your Facebook followers. More so, consistent and frequent high-quality posts are effective in engaging your audience. Specific benchmark goals such as getting three hundred new followers or at least ten likes per post can be used to measure results and even encourage more posts.

Facebook Strategies

Facebook event page can be an effective strategy in achieving your business goals of enhancing attendance of a specific event. You should set specific goals for the number of attendees you want and the amount you are willing to pay for each new attendee. Facebook ads manager conversion campaign is the best for you in a bid to increase your ecommerce store profit. You should also make sure that you track ROI and your cost per conversion. For the business owners who are not sure of where to start from, decide on whether you want long or short-term strategy, look how you can promote your business and what you can do to make your business better and more attractive than your competitors. These answers will help you develop perfect goals for Facebook and social media marketing.

Investing wisely

Facebook business page owners have noticed the decline of organic reach over the past few years. Statistics reveal that Facebook business pages are now seen by approximately two percent of their followers if they are not boosted. This makes no point for you to invest in Facebook posts that will not be seen. This is where you now need to spend wisely. Facebook has now become a pay to play platform where you must invest for your business to succeed. You need to set aside the advertising budget for your Facebook and social media marketing. However, be very careful on how to use the Facebook budget to avoid wasting a lot of money. Why should you spend $10 in boosting each of your business Facebook posts to an audience of a hundred followers? Instead, you should first target on growing your followers through boosted posts to external audiences and page like ads.

Facebook Budget

A low budget is sufficient in generating more followers with a page like ads and engaging with boosted posts. However, you will need more budget for effective ads campaigns directed towards leads generation and sales. This requires higher costs in highly competitive industries such as those found in Singapore. You have to use money to get more money in cases of conversion ads. The first stages of social media optimization require a huge investment. You will then work towards achieving your business goals and ultimately profit. Of course, you want to ensure that the benefits are more than the costs of ads spent for a positive return. Facebook advertisement requires you to be patient as positive returns may not happen immediately. A/B split may take months to get the right audience and right message for your Facebook campaigns. As soon as Facebook campaigns become fully optimized, Facebook becomes an amazing sales generating platform at a relatively low cost. Many Singapore advertising agencies are available for consultation if your email or Facebook ads are not performing correctly.

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Use of Analytics and Learn from Them

You can easily get lost in social media and Facebook marketing. However, there are many built-in strategies in Facebook marketing that guarantees you success. There are generic rules that feature some Facebook statistics such as Wednesday and Thursday been the best days to post your business advertisement. Some of these statistics are helpful when starting your social media campaign. However, the fact that every business is different makes it detrimental for you to depend on these generic rules.

Social Media Analytics

Social analytics are vital for social media strategy optimisation as they are based on your particular business. For maximum engagement, the best posting times of the day include early mornings when people wake up, afternoons during lunch breaks and evenings when people are off from work. Time differs depending on different continents. If your Singapore business has an audience in the U.S, you have to adapt to the posting strategies to ensure that you post when the audience is more likely to be active on Facebook. More so, the work of your target audience is different. Security guards and retail workers have different workday as compared to office workers.

Facebook Post Times

Analysis of the Facebook posts that have the most engagement at different times of the day gives you the best idea of when to post the works for your business. The aim is to establish the best time to post on Facebook. More so, analyse the extent to which your Facebook followers share articles and giveaways and their response on open-ended questions. Make sure you give maximum attention to details of each post to take note of the posts receiving more engagement and adapt your future posts appropriately. If your Facebook images containing people get more engagement than landscapes images, you should start using lifestyle images more frequently. Similarly, if a particular website article share receive more comments and likes, you should ensure that you share more content from the site.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook analytics ads manager enables easy tracking of data. You should optimise your Facebook ads based on this analytics. Cost per click, cost per conversion and relevancy scores are some of the important metrics that you should look into. Also, you should closely examine the difference between the number of impressions and ad’s reach. When the number of impressions becomes more than three times the ad’s reach, you need to expand your audience and refresh your ads. Facebook demographics used for analytics include gender, age groups, devices and the operating systems of those people engaging with your ads. These demographics are used by a Facebook ads manager to give in-depth analytics.

Majority of entrepreneurs are not sure of the Facebook strategy to start with on social media marketing. You should not be afraid of trying out multiple options in a bid to establish the best approach based on the results. In case your marketing plan is not stable, you can always test and adjust to a new strategy. More so, you should pay attention to a downward shift in engagement or rise of the average cost per lead. This will ensure that you do not repeat the same mistakes that you did. Despite Facebook having its analytics, Singapore has many marketing companies that give more advanced analytics, help you adapt to your data and plan correctly.

Utilize Videos

Research conducted reveals that by 2019, more than eighty-five percent of internet traffic will be caused by videos. You hence need to reconsider your Facebook marketing strategy if it does not include video content. Videos have become more attractive, and attention is catching as compared to images. More so, videos tell much more information as to what an image can communicate. This is affirmed by research statistics that found out approximately eighty-two percent of business owners see video marketing as a significant marketing strategy. A video is super powerful regarding Facebook ads and posts.

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Facebook Video Versus Images

Facebook Video organic traffic is much higher than Facebook posts with images or texts alone. Additionally, videos are more effective in building the trust of online users to your business. About fifty-seven percent of online consumers say that videos promote more confidence for them when purchasing online items. One of the main advantages of Facebook videos is their ability to explain complex concepts in ways that images and plain texts cannot explain. If your business has new products, Facebook consumers find it hard to understand how they operate. Pictures are not efficient in showing people how the service works. A video increases buying probability from online users by easily and quickly showing how to use the product.

Video Length

The choice of Facebook video ads length is vital for social media marketing. Short videos of between fifteen to thirty seconds long are the best: the shorter the video, the more likelihood for viewers to watch the video to completion. Long video ads make it difficult for you to communicate your message fully. It is the keynote for you to place your call to action in the middle of your video advertisement. In this way, you will engage the viewers’ attention before they can drop off and scroll down their newsfeed.


Majority of Facebook users do not autoplay videos as they turn the feature off and that is why you should pay attention to thumbnails. Thumbnails are used to convince users to watch your Facebook video. You need to use a relevant and engaging thumbnail which does not have much text. Ads that feature more than twenty percent text have reduced reach or maybe even rejected.

Sound and Subtitles

Your Facebook ads videos must be able to convey the message without relying on sound use. This is according to statistics that reveal that more than eighty percent of social media videos are watched with their sound off. Subtitles are efficient in this and even for people with auditory processing disabilities. You should test whether your video makes sense when watching without sound. Remember to place the most important information first according to the probability that viewers are not likely to watch the video to completion.

Video Format

The video format is one of the essential aspects you need to pay attention to. Vertical and square videos are more favorable compared to horizontal videos. Some of the video ideas you should utilise include an explanation video about your products and services, your employees behind the scene video, satisfied customers testimonial videos and promotional video. Quality video production is a bit expensive but pays off in the future. Smartphone technology has made video editing, animation creation and video production easier and affordable.

Hire A Marketing Company

Facebook is continually growing and has no signs of stopping any time soon. The last tip for you to succeed in Facebook for social media online marketing is hiring a marketing company. It is difficult for you to keep up with Facebook ever-changing features and policies while you are still busy managing your business. This is where a marketing company comes in. The job of these marketing companies is to update your Facebook advertisement by Facebook constant evolution and adapting your company’s marketing strategy appropriately. They will use quality analytics and also save your time and money. This is by setting up Facebook ad campaigns, curating social media posts, replying messages and comments, and posting at optimal times. Marketing companies are efficient in boosting your ROI hence saving your money. You will thus focus entirely on running your business.


Facebook is a perfect platform for a business looking to reach a mass audience especially in a competitive digital market like Singapore. Your company can target customers effectively through Facebook. Increasing your Facebook and social media presence should be your primary objective in online domination in social media. Work towards achieving effective Facebook and social media marketing to compete with Singapore businesses of the same strain.

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