How To Use Content Syndication In Singapore

How To Use Content Syndication In Singapore

If you do not use content syndication to power the distribution of your content, I would advise that you start now. This is because it allows you to get information about the audiences of other businesses in the same niche as yours.

Content syndication brings about the following advantages:

  • You can get new visitors using the current content with little or no extra work.
  • Distribute content to new audiences at a low price.
  • Provide high-quality content to your existing platforms at little or no cost.

Apart from discussing syndication for content advertising in Singapore, this article will explain how you can include it in your delivery plans with little or no cost.

Definition of Content Syndication

It is a way to provide a multi-channel distribution past your acknowledged audience.

You advertise your existing online content on social media or third-party platforms. The costs for syndication are low because you do not create new content. The prices here include paid placements, costs for uploading content to the platform, and cost for assets to arrange occasions. You should add content syndication to your content advertising strategy to enhance your content distribution excellently while retaining your current content visible.

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Marketing Concerns When Utilizing Content Syndication to Distribute Your Content

Use these marketing steps as part of your content distribution.

  1. Develop comprehensive marketing personas to focus on ideal audiences

You should use your marketing persona and other additional information about the audience to guide your efforts in reaching similar audiences, especially for paid audience targeting.

  1. Choose the platforms for content syndication depending on the authority of your content

Improve your content authority by ranking high on SERPs. Also, evaluate the magnitude of the audience on the platform because you aim to increase your customer base.

  1. Permit your original publication to entice most of its potential audience

Preferably, wait until the initial content gets crawled by search engines. You should allow it to remain for at least two weeks.

  1. Analyse the impacts of content syndication on search engine optimisation

Google says that duplicating your content does not harm your Google rankings.

You should add at least one relevant link to your blog or website even if the syndication platform includes “nofollow” to your links. Adding these links is beneficial since they direct visitors to your site where they positively take the anticipated actions. Furthermore, these links are searchable, enabling you to know where your content is being seen.

  1. Distribute content from other websites on your blog or site

Apart from reducing the cost and effort for content creation, you can reach influencers who may have the ability and time to develop content for you. They are also likely to help you promote the syndicated content that you market.

  1. Advertise syndicated content to enhance its distribution

You can use various channels to advertise your syndicated content to improve its reach and strengthen your syndication exertions.

  1. Measure the results of content syndication

Verify the types of content and syndication platforms in Singapore that works best for your content. Also, determine where to place your content for marketing and how this performs in contrast with your goals. Find out the lead quality, volume, and cost as well as brand lift and amount of traffic.

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7 Content Syndication Methods to Spread Out Your Content

  1. Long-form content syndication on social media

In Singapore, you can use LinkedIn Pulse and Medium to enhance the reach of your long-form content since they provide various content marketing benefits including:

  • Have an integral audience
  • Catch the attention of the reader
  • Need little or no work and investment
  1. Advertise your content on other third-party syndication websites

Such options in Singapore include websites like Social Media Today, Small Business Trends, and Business2Community. To get selected by high-profile media platforms needs you to have a strong strategy for posting guest blogs.

  1. Utilise feeds or RSS to deliver your blog posts

RSS (really simple syndication) is the most famous method for publishing feeds. Feeds are developed by an online tool integrated into your platform like WordPress. So, your blog;

Routinely gives notices of your most current posts with either full text or teaser text. Always offer people with full version if you want them to read your content, or provide them with teaser text if you’re going to enhance traffic to your site. Apart from using text content, utilise feeds to deliver the video and audio content on your blog to improve their distribution.

  1. Syndicate non-text subjects

There are various networks and tools to republish your content in other formats that you can use in Singapore, and they include:

  • Slideshare for presentations
  • Webinar content distribution through services like BrightTALK
  • Infographic distribution with services like Pinterest and
  • Video distribution with services like Ooyala and YouTube
  • Audio distribution through SoundCloud and iTunes.
  1. Republish the content you develop for other websites on your avenues

After developing posts for guest sites, gather additional benefits from your masterpiece through republishing them on your media. However, you should consider the following steps before republishing the posts

  • Follow the guidelines of the original publisher to obtain permission to publish their content.
  • Wait for some time, at least a month, before republishing the content. This time allows the original owner to increase awareness for the post.
  • Change the header image and title to draw attention through fresh looks that poke out.
  • State where and when the post was first published including the link to the initial post to avoid duplicating content.
  1. Advance to professional syndication options

Professional syndication involves investing in placing your content on third-party sites. Since you pay for the post, use your time to measure the results from time to time. Among the key aspects to regulate include: the cost per lead, lifetime value, and overall acquisition costs.

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  1. Cross-promote your content with other businesses

Work together with other websites or blogs with a similar target audience as business to co-promote your content. It is even more beneficial if you do it on a regular basis. You enhance the reach of your digital content without monetary exchange thus this strategy is ideal for small businesses with small expenditures. To ensure quality results, indicate the specific exchange details including publication timing, quality of content, length, and type.

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Tips for A Successful Content Syndication

Content syndication is used to increase your channels of distributing content. Additionally, by syndicating your current content, you raise its value at a little or no cost, thus, content syndication results in an excellent ROI from content marketing.

Here are some tips for a successful process of content syndication:

  • Do not syndicate all of your content. Retain some material exclusively for your website to give visitors a reason to visit your site.
  • Ensure that the context of your content is relevant to that of the original publisher. You can modify or change the titles to attract your visitors or add a new image.
  • Add a call-to-action with a link to related content. It attracts readers to connect to your website for more information.
  • Have a post on a third-party website that syndicates its content somewhere else. While it needs the creation of new material, it enhances the reach of your digital content to other publishing platforms without extra costs.
  • Include guest posts to your editorial schedule. While guest posting needs time and money to develop new content, it increases supports search with backlinks and increases the size of your audience.

Closing Thoughts

If you wish to increase the visibility and reach of your content, I recommend that you add content syndication to your marketing strategy. Content syndication involves republishing existing content without the need to create new content. Start small and assess including syndication to your content distribution strategy. Enjoy your marketing!

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