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Have you ever wondered why most organisations still consider advertising on radios, televisions and billboards despite the current most widespread online advertising? Well, it may seem like it is a waste of resources since these kinds of adverts are so much expensive. However, there must be a reason behind the fact that a company will choose such forms of adverts rather than the internet.

First of all, search marketing is an effective method of advertising, and it has easily quantifiable return on investment (ROI). You can assess the progress of your ads and evaluate its associated paybacks through this method. Nonetheless, it is clear that someone who has never heard about your organisation would rarely search for your products and services. If by any chance your ads appear on their search list, they would hardly click on them or consider acquiring products from you if they happen to click on them.

For that reason, it so important to make sure that your brand is well-known. You don’t expect to have people just being in love with your products while they have on no occasion, heard of products from your company. When people are familiar with your products, it will consequently improve rates of conversion for your website. So, how does ensuring your brand is known to people improve your sites conversion rates accordingly?

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Search Guarantees Harvesting Prevailing Demand

Mainly, search marketing focuses on harvesting demand, and convincingly, most search marketers have achieved that. However, it is not aimed at the creation of demand, and it means that the existing demand will mostly remain constant. Search marketers will ultimately consider the fact that there are different types of searchers, and therefore come up with a strategy that gains the attention of these searchers. Here are the different types of searchers you would expect to find.

  1. Navigational searchers – these are the types of searchers who look for a particular website on the internet. These searchers are sure of what site they want to access because they may have already visited it before or have heard about it. For example, someone might have heard or accessed Facebook; thus they will type ‘facebook’ in the search bar of the specific search engine.
  2. Transactional searchers – for these searchers, their main focus is to find a particular product they want to buy. Thus, the search engine optimization service providers will have to create ads that have exciting and persuasive information. They may also include offers and discounts for new customers, and that would raise the attention of such searchers.
  3. Informational searchers – the motive of these searchers is to acquire information about something; it may be informative or else a solution to a particular difficulty. You should come up with ad copies with motivating and enlightening information rather than an appraisal for products.
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Therefore, search engine optimisation (SEO), should be determined in acquiring attention from all the three types of searchers to ensure increased conversion rates. On the other hand, searchers attention does not guarantee increased sales since not all searchers may be interested in clicking on your ads. Concurrently, not all those searchers who click on your ad will buy your products despite them visiting your page. So, how do you increase the conversion rates effectively?

Few Modifications Increase Conversion Rates

Some people have delusions about different methods that increase conversion rates. Adding beautiful photos or changing some words from singular to plural and vice versa cannot improve the sites conversion rates. You have to create some modifications on your webpage for you to increase the conversion rates.

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You can change some of the webpage elements such as font and background colour, font sizes, position of individual buttons and images’ quality and size. Subjecting your webpage through A/B testing may be a suitable method to evaluate the site’s efficiency. However, the results should not determine what your website should fair in the future. Your site may not show positive progress, but if you consistently make adjustments to it, with time, it will perform better.

On the other hand, if your site shows excellent results, it should not be an excuse for you to hesitate making more modifications. Failure to continually make some small changes may result in poor outcomes in future thus decreased product sales. Generally, all the changes aim at increasing search clicks which in turn increases conversion rates.

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How Do Search Clicks Transform into Conversions?

Conversion rates can be determined by various factors such as the webpage element modifications, ad extensions and psychology. Despite their efficiency, it would be tough to establish the rate of success brought by these aspects. Therefore, it is worthwhile if you subject your site to A/B test. The process is primarily determined by whether people have already heard about you or not to a point where they can ardently click on your ads. So, how do you ensure that people know about you?

Consider Branding

The first step toward making sure people know about you is creating a brand for yourself. In most cases, people will not click on an ad they don’t know about, and branding is the most effective way to get someone to know about you. Come up with a brand that people will love and fancy and eventually they will click on it when they perform internet searches.

Click Through Rate (CTR) determines the rate of conversions in your site; the higher it is, the higher the conversion rates. An increase in CTR for organisations like MediaOne has shown a subsequent rise in conversion rates. It is evident that, once you get someone to like and click on your ad, they may most probably proceed to buy your product after landing on your webpage as well.

Assessing Brand Advertising Effects

During the traditional days, it was so difficult to gauge the impact branding causes. However, using a popular tool in Google AdWords, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), has been so helpful currently. This feature lets you assess the site’s visitors according to the brands’ correspondence and comparing the rate of new visitors and return visitors.


Despite the payments you make on ads, without branding you may not get sufficient returns. Get more people to click on your ads by embracing all forms of online advertisements including social media advertising too. If you come up with an appropriate strategy, you will most likely experience more conversions.

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It is essential to have patience as well. You do not expect the clicks to convert right away; it might take a little while. Continue remarketing your products on different platforms, and with time more will convert. For an ad to appear among the search listings, it has to be well known, thus focus on growing the popularity of your products, and within a short period, you will undeniably experience more and more conversions.

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Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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