Use A/B Split Testing WordPress Plugins To Improve Your Website Performance In Singapore

importance of a b split spit testing in digital marketing singapore

Most websites heavily involved in digital marketing in Singapore miss a lot of opportunities. Have you ever come across a blog that says something like “How I increased conversions on my website by 79% in Singapore” or “How I made $50,000 from my blog in a month in Singapore”?

So, how do they achieve this?

They use various multivariate and split testing methods to indicate the elements that are converting in your website and the ones that do not.

What does all this mean?

Split testing is a basic A/B type testing that compares one variable to another while multivariate testing is a considerably complex test that compares more versions. The reality is that there is a big chance because most website owners in Singapore are not making the best use of testing.

Why do you need to run the tests?

Whether you want to improve your amount of sales or to increase your number of subscribers, testing will assist you to reach there; it will help you to discover what aspects of your site work and the ones that don’t.

How can you start out testing processes?

There are various A/B split testing WordPress plugins that you can use to start enhancing conversions on your website. Don’t be troubled; the plugins discussed in this article can be accessed for free from the WordPress plugin store, and they include:

  1. Max A/B Testing

This Wordpress plugin permits you to keep everything in check within your website and will automatically provide you with performance data so you will not need to wait for anything.

Max A/B split testing allows you to immediately get started with your control page, followed by three splits then your conversion page. The conversions page is the page that the user of your website visits to achieve the objectives of the pages you are optimising for performance.

If you are thinking of optimising your squeeze page, your page for conversions should be the page that you forward your customers to thank them after submitting their emails.

  1. Title Split Testing

This plugin is straightforward to use, and it focuses on optimising only the title aspects of your website. This may sound less, but titles are crucial because they entice visitors to view your content.

Altering the wording in your titles only can result in significant benefits in your digital marketing process. While the article itself plays a role in attracting visitors, the titles can influence visitors to look at your content, even if they may not have previous interests in the topics.

It can be a robust SEO tool that can reduce your bounce rate and enhance user experience on your website.

  1. Wp Test Monkey

This solution allows you to test various page elements within your WordPress site. You can use it to check your calls to action, prices, and headlines in your content. The plugin does not include complex systems and is very easy to use. You just need to make the plugin active, choose the pages you wish to test, put in your variations and let it split.

  1. Google Content Experiments

This A/B split testing WordPress plugin was developed with the aim of assisting individuals without expertise in the field of coding to split content. The plugin is simple to setup and use.

When you create your experiment, Google assumes that you are already well prepared. Preparation involves choosing the percentage of users you need to be tested, ensuring that you have added tracking code to all pages, developing variation pages, selecting your control page, and identifying your test objectives.

  1. SES Theme Split Test

A time comes when deciding on the best WordPress theme becomes difficult. This plugin lets you consent the decision to your visitors by offering you the ability to test between various WordPress themes. You can either apply different types of a single theme or use a completely different theme with this plugin.

Another great feature of this solution is that you can track the tests through Google Analytics which ensures the functionality of the plugin. However, this plugin is only compatible with pages and not posts.


Now that you understand the various A/B split testing tools that you can use to start enhancing your conversions, ensure that you chose a solution that will make a significant difference in your ROI. Product experience, modals, user engagement, and product on-boarding can all be optimised using an A/B testing; as long as you have clearly defined goals and strategies.

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