Why You Should Use An Agency To Manage Your Google Ads In Singapore

hire agency to manage google ads singapore

Common question web owners ask all the time is “Why should I hire a marketing agency to manage my Google Ads? Isn’t the task simple enough for me to handle it on my own? Plus who understands my business better than me?”

While there’s nothing complicated about running your own Google AdWords, it could be that your team has exhausted their digital expertise or they simply don’t have the time to manage the ads. All things considered, there are so many reasons you’d want to hire a digital marketing agency to help you manage your Google Ads.

Chief among them is that hiring a marketing firm could save you loads of time. You also get to work with specialized expertise that would go a long way to optimize your ads performance.

Google Ads, as simple as it sounds, ought to be one of the fastest moving and the most complicated pieces in the digital landscape. So unless you’ve been in the business long enough, it’ easy to get bogged down in a slow learning curve and end up dragging down the success of your business.

By choosing to work with the experts in the field, you’ll be allowing your stuff to channel their strength where they’re good at as they work on sharpening their skill.

The Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Firm to help you Manage Your Google Ads

Advanced Expertise

There exist a huge difference between setting up a Google Ads account and managing one. While anyone can set up digital ads, it takes an advanced level of expertise to effectively manage one.

For starters, the experience digital agencies tend to have allowed them to develop a bird’s eye view of what’s happening within the industry. They’ll be watching the industry from a broader perspective, and only channel their energy where they’re sure there’ll be tangible results to show at the end of it all.

Their experience also places them in familiar territory with CPC ranges, probable conversion rates, and offers.

So where you’ll be testing the waters to pick on what works and what doesn’t, the digital agency will be in the position to point out what to do with just a casual glance over everything.

In other words, you should consider hiring an agency to avoid wasting a greater chunk of your time and resources testing the waters in an attempt to find out what actually works. Digital agencies have enough experience to develop a frame of reference, while your in-house team has to dedicate an ample amount of time laying their digital ads foundation first before they’re finally able to work on results.

Loads of Beta Testing Opportunities

Established digital marketing agencies have dedicated Google Ads representatives in almost every segment of their digital marketing operations. As a client, who only pops up once in a while to set up your ad and pull an exit, you may NOT be entitled to such a privilege.

Agencies have a number of ads that they run on the regular. They’re an ongoing source of revenue for Google. Meaning they’re entitled to privileges a regular client can only dream of.

For instance, they may receive a direct email from a Google rep on a beta test and be even allowed to enroll a number of accounts for beta testing.

As a client, you’ll have a chance to try out new-fangled methods that your competition may NOT be privileged to and even experience solid results with it before your competitors play catch up.

So hiring a digital marketing agency gives you a competitive edge, which goes to ensure your profits skyrocket through the roof.

An Outside Perspective

You’re likely to stunt your growth, thinking you’re doing everything right, by relying on your digital marketing skill and in-house team for all your digital marketing endeavors.

You end up feeling like you’ve exhausted every ad management trick in the book with no tangible results to show. That comes as a wakeup call to get an outside perspective on what you could be doing wrong.

Agencies work with teams. When you hire one, they’ll have a dedicated team focusing on managing your account. The combined effort ensures you receive a fresh perspective with varied ways of thinking that would go a long way to open possibilities for new doors.

Think of hiring a digital marketing agency as breathing new life into a situation you’d already deemed stale. By doing so, you’ll also be exploiting new scale and pockets of growth as a business person looking to move your business to even greater heights of success.

Agencies are always keen on what’s trending and new in the digital squares. They have their fingers at the pulse of the industry to a point that they can make informed predictions on incoming changes and new opportunities.

Agencies Are Multi-dimensional

Digital marketing isn’t a smooth ride. There comes a time when your business will struggle. You end up finding that none of the efforts you’re applying is paying off and that your brain can’t just figure out the best way to get it going.

As a business person with some knowledge on bidding and keyword management, you may find out that you’re experiencing a low conversion rate which is a great hindrance to your business raking in projected profits.

Also, the person managing your Google Ads may be really good as they do. But are they also good with designing landing pages or devising a solid CRO plan? Do they know anything about email nurturing?

And even if they were to outsource the service, there’s a possibility of them juggling a number of vendors before they’re finally able to find one with the required skillset. But considering digital marketing has so many things involved, how many vendors would they be looking for before they are finally able to cover up all the needed tasks?

Agencies tend to sail through this because they operate with dedicated departments. All they need to do is assign a piece of the task to a particular department and wait for results.

They also tend to have pre-existing connections with different contractors and other digital marketing agencies specializing in certain areas. Meaning they can easily expand and contact a team specific to your needs without overstretching their budget and straining much.

What if the Employee Trusted with Task Leaves?

In the off chance that the employee that you’ve entrusted with the task of managing your Google AdWords leaves, how will your business fare on?

Of course, you may roll it up under a freelancer or someone else as you await a replacement, but do their level of expertise match up?

It’s at that point that you find employers scrambling to hire someone, a result of which they end up with an effete employee.

So in a way, you might want to assign the ad management task to an agency for stability. The cost of hiring one may be a little higher compared to the salary you pay an in-house ad manager, but over the long haul, you might find that you’re actually saving loads of cash compared to the cost you’d have incurred had your results tanked.

It’s a Wrap

At this point, your concern shouldn’t be with hiring a digital marketing agency, but finding the right one.

It’s also worth assuming that you already know what your business needs are. So you’re only left with one task—doing a much better job finding that one agency that better addresses those needs.

For more info about finding the right digital marketing agency to help you out with managing your Google Ads, reach out to an online marketing agency such as MediaOne today with your query and they’ll be glad to help.

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