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Looking for the best website design in Singapore? The world is rapidly moving towards technology; Singaporeans are embracing technology to be more in touch with their online friends and buy products online while companies are among the early adopters of technology as it improves their efficiency.

Singapore is no different. According to hashmeta, the average hours spent on the internet by mobile users is 45 hours, 41% of the people make purchases online, and seven in ten Singaporeans are active social media users.

Businesses can significantly better their performance by incorporating the above information in their strategies. One of the best ways they can do this is by having a presence in the digital world. A website with all the company’s products or services represents the best way of doing this.

There are several advantages to having a website. One, your website is always accessible. Q0010 is a popular website in Singapore for not only having different kinds of products but also being available 24/7/365.

Two, it is crucial for sales. You will be able to reach more consumers of your product by being online. Partnering with a courier service will enable you to deliver products to them easily.

Lastly, a website is crucial for marketing. Having a site gives you a platform to educate consumers about your products – content marketing, which will eventually lead to increase in sales.

Website design in Singapore is picking up pace fast, and many designers will blow your mind with their creativity. However, you should ensure that they do not add the following useless elements to your website.

Using Stock Images

Stock images are images on the internet that you can buy to use for marketing and promotional purposes or on your website and blog. They can be images of food, products, buildings, or even a team of employees.

The images can be high resolution and attract clients to your website because of their aesthetic appeal, but they communicate you are an untrustworthy brand. One question will be on the client’s mind: If you can lie about a photo you can also lie about the products/services you are selling?

The irony of it is that you do not need stock photos. You can easily schedule a photo shoot of your business premise, products, and staff that you can use on your website.

website design in Singapore

This will ensure that you start on the right foot with your clients, and you need this if you are going to build relationships that will make you a success in business.

Adding Music or Unnecessary Videos

Websites are sparing no expense in trying to better the experience of clients when they are on their sites. They add music, videos, and gifs to create this experience.

This ends up being counterproductive because it slows down the loading speed of pages on the website. Internet users are not known for having a lot of patience and thus leave without even viewing what the site is selling.

You can quickly solve this problem by having a blog section on your website. You can make the content on the blog as educational and entertaining as possible to improve the experience of your consumers.

Long Paragraphs and Jargon

Internet users love to open several similar websites on different tabs to compare prices and quality of the products. They scan the information on each site to get a better picture of the businesses.

Having long paragraphs prevents them from scanning the website. In most cases, they are put off by the paragraphs and immediately close the tab.

Jargon, on the other hand, makes it difficult to comprehend what the company does and does not do.

Use short and simple sentences to put across your message vividly and to improve readability.

Broken Links

A broken link is a link on your website that no longer works. It is also called a dead link. An example of this is the ‘Error 404’ you see when you click on certain links provided.

Broken links should be eliminated as soon as possible as they can affect your website’s rank on search engines. You need organic traffic from search engines if you are to meet your business goals.

You can find broken links on your website by using broken link checkers. There are several free and premium checkers in the market.

Social Media Icons on the Website Header

It is critical that your clients understand that you are on social media. Clients like posing queries on social media because the response time is typically faster. Including social media icons on your website is a good business practice.

However, it matters where you include social media icons. Icons on the header will see clients leaving your website immediately the page loads to check out your social media pages, and they may not return.

Icons on the bottom of your website allow your clients to scan the site and react to the call-to-action on the site first. Lazada is an excellent example that follows this rule.

Testimonials Page

Trust is a big factor in ensuring that a business is profitable. Online companies have to work more than companies with physical locations to gain the trust of potential clients. As such, many companies elect to have a testimonials page on their website.

The testimonials page is filled with quotes from different clients stating that they are glad they trusted the business. A whole testimonials page can come off as forced marketing.

Having one testimonial quote on several pages, however, looks more natural. You can have the quote at the bottom of the page to back the marketing claim that you have made on that page.

Long Forms

Asking people who visit your website to subscribe to your emails is a practice that every business should do. Most forms usually ask for the name and email of the client.

Some businesses, however, have long forms that ask for a lot of information from their clients. They do this to market better to the target customers but end up with no one to market to because the clients are put off by the long sign up form.

Smooch the Label has a form that only requests for your email address.

Final Word

The fact that Singaporeans are increasingly warming up to online businesses means that a website will give you a competitive edge over other players in the market now and in the future.

Web design in Singapore has expanded so rest assured to you will get what you are looking for regardless of the complicated design that you may have in mind. Call us today at +65 6789  9852 for affordable website design services in Singapore. 


March 14, 2019

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