Unique Business Ideas for the People of Singapore


Not to sing our own praises, but one of the biggest challenges we face at Media One is figuring out which ideas are worth pursuing and which ones to place in the back burner.

I have had the luxury of working with really smart people, so new business ideas are like the air we breathe.

From a new product to potential partnerships and marketing ideas, I always feel like I’m swimming in new opportunities.

But like any other entrepreneur in the world, our challenge has never been a lack of ideas but figuring out which ideas are worth investing our money on, and which ones to discard.

So, how about I walk you through some of the business ideas that the team at Media One team came up and is generous enough to share.

Remember: these ideas are to give you a head-start.

We’ll also try to break these ideas into their respective skill sets. Find out what you’re great at, and then proceed to find out what business idea suits you best.

Business Ideas for Those Who Enjoy Fixing Things

If you have no trouble getting your hands dirty, instead of sitting in the office the whole day, here are a few business ideas you might want to look into:

Electric, Plumbing or Handyman Business

Are you a big fan of tinkering or solving people’s problems?

So, why not start a career as an electrician, plumber, or general handyperson? It’s, however, not that simple. If you really want to be successful at this, then you should at least consider taking a vocation degree in any of these fields before establishing a business around it.

Construction Company

Starting a construction company is another viable business idea for someone who enjoys working with their hands.

If you’ve been working for someone else, then it can be gratifying to start your own construction firm and be the one to call the shots. If you’re new to this line of trade, then you should at least consider signing up for a trade or apprenticeship program before diving in.

Mechanic Shop

Are you a big fan of cars? Or maybe you’ve been working in your home garage for years.

Instead of writing off your long-held interest as a mere hobby, why not convert it into a profitable business venture.

Sewing or Alteration Business

Sewing is a great skill and an easy one to learn. If you’re a big fan of sewing, then a simple business idea would be to consider setting up a business where you specialise in repairing or altering garments.

It’s even better with this type of business because it doesn’t necessarily require you to have a degree or to sign up for any training program. All you need is a certain level of sewing skills to add to a sewing machine and a good iron, and you’re good to go.

Business Ideas for People That Are Good With Numbers

Are you a bookkeeper by profession, or do you enjoy helping people file their taxes?

Or may you generally enjoy managing money.

Accounting Agency or Consultancy

So why not start an accounting business today.

Strategic analysing is a new field that’s rising pretty fast. There has never been such a high demand for accountants, not just in Singapore but worldwide.

However, unlike many businesses on the list, opening your own accountant firm requires that you get the right education. You may be required to take a bachelor’s degree, and be licensed as a CPA, as well.

Financial Planning Business

Another viable business idea for those with a background in accounting or finance is to set up a small financial planning business. Keep in mind that there are requirements for this.

Also, if you’re not skilled in matters finance, you might want to pursue the schooling before venturing into this line of business.

Business Ideas for Motivators

Gym or a Personal Training Centre

If you’re a big fan of working out of if you’re into any aspect of fitness, opening a personal training business or gym is another great business idea.

You have the option of becoming a personal trainer or instructor to Pilates, Zumba, or any other aspect of fitness.

Life Coaching Business

Ever been in a difficult situation that you managed to navigate at all odds and come out stronger?

Are you the type of person that sees the good in people and always feel like helping them achieve their full potential?

So why not convert all this into a lucrative business venture?

Business Ideas for Writers

Freelance Writing Business

You can start by checking out sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr for freelance writing gigs.

Start small by sourcing for your own clients and then gradually build a business around this.

The point is to bring other writers on board and then manage them all. Eventually, you can also recruit web developers, graphic designers, and so on.

You have so many options to swing by. Whether you’re interested in technical writing, copywriting, journalistic writing, and so on, as a writer, you’re guaranteed of constant work in Singapore.

Proofreading and Editing Business

Proofreading services will always be needed. There’ll always be a writer, marketer, or website owner looking for someone to polish through their articles and bring them to perfection.

You can begin by signing up on the various job boards as a freelance editor and proof-reader and pick up from there.

Resuming Writing Business

So many job seekers struggle with writing their resumes. If you have a knack for words and an eye for details, you can use the skill to help job seekers polish their resumes and increase their chances of landing their dream job.

Also, consider creating a profile on Fiverr for clients to contact you directly in case they’re looking for someone to help them out with their resumes.

Business Ideas for Those With Green Thumbs

If you’re not afraid of dirt, here are a few business ideas that might work great with you.

A Garden Centre Business

Are you a fan of gardening? Then an excellent business idea for you would be to set up a small business garden, where you advise people on how to manage their gardens best and keep everything beautiful.

A Landscaping Business

If you enjoy working with your hands, then perhaps you should consider starting a lawn care or landscaping business. You’ll, however, be required to get the right skill set for the job. While some lawn care services only require basic skills, others may require you to perfect on a few things to get them done right.

The point is to start small, as you gradually learn and add more services.

Business Ideas for Creatives

A Photography Business

Photography is another excellent business idea for those with a unique eye for details. If you enjoy documenting special moments in people’s lives, then you might want to make a career out of it by starting a photography business.

Since competition is stiff in this line of business, a better approach would be to specialise in a particular area, such as weddings, photography, portraits, and weddings.

A Film Production Business

A film production company creates, edits, produces, and markets both long and short video content. This content mind comes in the form of music videos, television series, documentaries, short films, and so on.

It’s a great business idea for someone with a creative mind and a keen eye for details.

Business Ideas for Detail-Oriented People

A Car-Detailing Business

A car-detailing business isn’t just lucrative, but one that plays directly to your strength. It’s a business idea that doesn’t require much training or tons of upfront investment. However, you might want to get perspective of an expert for a roadmap on how to get started.

A Housing Cleaning Business

Not everyone enjoys tidying their house. It might seem like a pretty simple task, but some people actually struggle with it. If you’re naturally tidy and don’t mind helping others in exchange for some little cash, then why not convert it into a lucrative business venture.

Sign up a team and focus on growing your business by purchasing all the necessary house-cleaning equipment.

Business Ideas for Those Who Derive Great Joy From Helping Others Feel More Relaxed and Comfortable

A Massage Therapy Business

You have to be licensed to become a massage therapist in Singapore. But even with this, massaging people can still make a great career choice for someone who enjoys making others feel more relaxed and peaceful.

It’s also a great way to help others manage their pains and injuries.

A Spa or Beauty Salon

If you’ve ever dreamt of starting a salon or spa, now is the right time to take the dive. According to the latest research findings, the salon industry is one of the fastest-growing and promising sectors, not just in Singapore but in the whole world.

Of course, you’ll need to sign up for some training before taking the plunge. But if you have any prior experience working as a salon, tail technician, or aesthetician, then nothing is holding back from running with this idea.

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Business Ideas for Philanthropists or Those Who Derive Great Pleasure From Helping Others

Non-Profit Business

Start a non-profit business today to help others while also making a profit from it. Remember that starting a non-profit organisation or business doesn’t necessarily translate to doing pro bono work.

All you have to do is identify some of the problems people around you experience and offer to fix them.

You don’t have to be money-oriented. But besides making a difference in people’s lives, there are a lot of avenues to make money through this.

Business Ideas for Those Who Enjoy Teaching

A Tutoring Business

Are you polylingual? Or do you excel in a particular subject or area and don’t mind passing the knowledge to other people?

Why not set up a tutoring business. All you have to do is pick an area or concept that you’re really good at, and focus on helping others understand.

Whether it’s paper writing, math, languages, test preparation, or coding, there will always be someone willing to learn from you.

A Teaching Business

You love teaching. But you’re not comfortable with the idea of rehashing calculus or some high school chemistry. So why not build a business around a skill you already possess.

If you love coding, you can teach about the different programming languages or how to set up a particular web program or application. The same goes for those that love to dance or are into pottery.

Whatever skill you possess, there’ll always be someone who appreciates a good teacher.

Business Ideas for Problem Solvers

Build an App That Solves a Problem

What problem or pain point do the people around you experience?

Well, that’s an opportunity for you to solve it by building an app. Nothing to worry about – creating an app is actually easier than you think.

A Consulting Firm

Quite similar to holding a teaching class on your skill, you can set up a consulting firm where people reach out to you for help or consultation.

You can create a consulting firm on just about anything. Whether you’re an IT technician, writer, marketer, or social media marketer, there’ll always be someone that wants to reach out to you for advice.

A Digging Day Care, Grooming, and Boarding

How much do you love dogs?

Can you pet, groom, or walk them?

So why not turn this passion of yours into a lucrative career by starting a doggy daycare, pet boarding, or dog grooming business.

Senior Citizen Assistance Business

You can help senior citizens lead a better-quality life. Start a business that’s focused on assisting them in the various aspects of their life.

Whether it’s running errands, taking them to social functions, or just helping them with various things around the house, there’s a lot you can help them out with. Plus, the experience itself is gratifying.

A Daycare Centre Business

If you have a thing for children, then you’re in luck – childcare is one of the most sought-after services in Singapore.

Plus, you’ll never run out of options. You can start a childcare service and run it from home, become a full-time nanny, or rent a commercial space and run it as a fully-fledged daycare centre.

Business Ideas for Impossibly Organised People

Event Planning Business

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Remember in high school, when you planned out snacks and everyone’s role for a study session? Or maybe it was that one time in college when you organised an event or open mic session at the students’ centre.

If you’ve got an itch for organising events, then consider converting it into an actual business. From corporate events to weddings, event planning makes an ideal business idea for the uber-organised group of people.

A Personal Assistant Business

If you’re great at organising tasks and keeping things in order or ensuring things are performed efficiently, then perhaps you should consider starting a personal assistant business.

Business Ideas for Early Morning People

Start a Nightclub, Bar, or Brewery

For consummate night owls that derive their pleasure from interacting with other people, then starting a nightclub, bar, or brewery makes a great business idea in 2020.

No matter where you want to set up the business, chances are good the area is already dominated by bars. For that, you want to start by researching the market.

Find out what your local community is missing.

Now imagine an ideal place that you’d personally want to hang out. That should clue you in what kind of bar to set up.

A Bakery, Coffee, and Café Business

Here’s a business idea that would leave you with plenty of free evenings – a great business idea for those who fancy a cup of coffee accompanied by some pastry.

However, before you take the plunge, be sure to do thorough market research to validate your business idea and to make sure that you’re not leaving anything to chances.

A Restaurant Business

Starting a restaurant is one of the most promising businesses you can ever start. It’s a career that’s exciting, let’s you fill an immediate need in the environment you operate in, and holds non-standard hours.

Business Ideas for Those Keen on Following Business Trends

A Business in a New, Emerging Industry

Are you keen on the cutting edge?

You perhaps a business in a new emerging industry suits you best.

This might be a potentially difficult path to take, with less precedent and all that. But it can be one of the most successful ventures you’ll ever start. After all, the road to success is somewhat unpaved.

A good business idea isn’t one that’s being replicated by everyone, but one that you’re experimenting with the unthinkable.

Random In-Demand Business Ideas in Singapore


Only 0.87% of the total land in Singapore is devoted to agriculture – extremely low if we must say.

That’s despite the fact that the country has an overwhelming demand for agricultural products and food. The truth is the agricultural sector has only got a few players.

You can start by doing a feasibility study on this particular line of business.


Singapore comes second as the world’s most innovative country, next to the US – as per the 2016 Scientific Window Scorecard.

Bio-entrepreneurship is one of the most supported infrastructures in Singapore, as evident with institutions such as Tuas Biomedical Park, BioPolis, and FusionPolis.

The government is always funding biotechnology projects and has even recruited top scientists in the sector. It’s one of the most promising business fields in the country.

Freight and Courier Services

International freight companies have been eyeing Singapore for two reasons: i) The indispensability of its transport system and ii) Its strategic location

Singapore boasts a modernised infrastructure, as well as a smooth and easy link between the airport, harbour, and the different roads and motorways.

This makes it conducive for setting up a freight and courier service business.

Dog Breeding

Pets are popular among many Singaporeans. That means there’s a massive market for them.

Purebred dogs are always in high demand and can earn you tons of profits if you opt to start selling them.

However, doing the dog breeding route requires serious training and experience, and it’s not something that an amateur should even consider to do.


Another viable business idea that requires no capital at all.

You probably have an old item that’s just filling up space in your home. You no longer use it either because you have no use for it, or you replaced it with something better or more convenient.

So, why not sell it?

Or better, why not help people around you dispose of their old items for a profit or commission.

Flea Market Business

This is an alternative way to sell old items, a chance to trash all the items that you don’t use for cash.

The only difference between this business idea and selling your items on Carousell or eBay is that you’ll be doing it offline.

When running this type of business, the first thing you want to do is work on your layout. You also have to figure out how to make yourself noticeable and, at the same time, entice people to come back for more of your products.

Home Energy Auditors

Homeowners are desperately looking for ways to save on their home expenses. Come to think about it, no one enjoys paying high utility bills.

Figure out how to help them save on these bills, and you’ll be a valuable asset to many.

You can start by positioning yourself as a home energy auditor, where your job will be to break down their power consumption and advise them accordingly on how to cut on these expenses.

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Or better, you can upsell your services by installing some of the recommendations you make during your audits.

Home Inspection Business

To be successful in this line of business, then you’ll have to establish contact with different real estate agents. That’s because you want them to help you recommend your services to their customers.

You, however, have to keep on updating your knowledge and education to remain competitive in this line of business.

Interior Decorator

As an interior decorator, your first priority should be to market your business to building contractors. They’re to help you establish connections.

Another thing, people are often overwhelmed with the choices they have to make with regards to decorating their homes. That’s where you come in as a home decorator specialist.

You can start by preparing some questionnaires for the various elements or decoration ideas for every major room in the house.

Jewellery Making Business

There are so many angles to swing by in the jewellery business.

You, however, have to start by understanding the different types of metals that people use to design their jewellery. And since you’ll be handling metals, you also have to purchase various tools to be effective at the craft.

Don’t forget that you’ll be using heat to manipulate these metals and different metalworking tools to cut the metals and engrave them.

Solar Energy Consultant

Your job as a solar energy consultant would be to inspect houses and advise clients on the available solar options for their homes. The possibilities offered can range from simple solar walkaway lighting to complete general solar installation services.

As a consultant, make sure you’re not affiliated to one particular solar company, as you have to provide your clients with many solar options and products to choose from.

Upholstery Business

If you can sew, then here’s a perfect opportunity for you – setting up an upholstery repair business in Singapore.

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There’s nothing complicated about the whole process, as there are numerous books and videos that will take you through everything you need to know about this trade.

Learn to do the upholstery repairs yourself, and as your business continues to grow, then perhaps you should consider enlisting a team to help you out with some of the repair work.

Used Books Sales

This is a highly profitable business venture. It’s a business opportunity that’s not been fully exploited.

While starting, you have to work towards gaining consistent customers. This demands that you set up regular shop hours. It’s even better when you can make your shop known for a specific category of books.

Another approach would be to implement a book swap program. Be sure to also stock up magazines, greeting cards, postcards, maps, and illustrations.

Computer Repair or Repair Shop

Repairing computers isn’t as hard as some people love to assume.

It’s something you can quickly learn and convert into a profitable business venture.

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How well do you understand PC and Macintosh?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can help people with basic computer repair, like software installation, hard drive replacements, and so on.

Moving Services

When people move houses, most of them don’t like dealing with heavy lifting. They’d rather hire a mover to help them out.

You can start small by focusing on your local region, where you help people move a couple of blocks or across town and leave long-distance moving to big companies as you gradually expand.

Music Lessons

If you can play a musical instrument, then here’s a chance to turn that hobby of yours into a money-making machine.

It’s even better if you’re a multi-talented musician who can play different instruments.

Online Dating Profile Writer

While it’s pretty easy to strike up a real-life conversation, how you carry yourself online can be a little complicated for some people.

If you’re well-versed on the subject of online dating, then here’s your chance to share that knowledge and expertise with others.

First, you have to figure out what your clients are looking for and then proceed to find out how to best put it out there. It’s an even better business idea for those with previous experience with dating sites such as Gaigai or Paktor.

Business Ideas for Women That Want to be Their Own Boss in Singapore

Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you get paid for referring someone to an online product or service. When a person you referred makes a purchase, part of the payments they make goes to you.

What happens is that the affiliate company will provide a link that you can use to track all the sales that happen through you.

How Much Can You Make Through This: Between $25 to $100 per sale, depending on the company and the product involved.


Homemade birthday cakes and cookies gift baskets are a perfect example of the baking products you can sell.

It’s a low-cost investment opportunity. Plus, people are always searching for innovative gifts, and homemade speciality items are among the best-selling.

How Much Can You Make From This: Between $80 and $100 per customised cake.


Blogging is another lucrative business venture in Singapore, provided you do it right.

Blogging is an online journal where you record your opinions, writing, and stories. It’s a hobby that can make you some side money or one that you can even run as your main business.

If you love writing and have stories to share, then use blogging to connect with your target audience and get to earn from ads, affiliate marketing, and so on.

How Much Can You Make From Blogging: About $75 per blog post so long as you get a minimum of 10000 impressions per month.

DIY Craft Making

There’s no limitation as to what you can do with this idea. I suggest you go with whatever resonates with you best.

Cardmaking, candy making, soap making, or pop-up gift box – pour your creativity, skills, and hobby into this business venture.

How Much Can You Make From DIY Craft Making: varies depending on the product you’re making.

Flower Arrangement

You love flowers, right?

Dealing with flowers alone is therapeutic, but it gets even better when you can turn an activity that you’re passionate about into an additional source of income.

With flower arrangement, what you do is arrange a bunch of flowers in an attractive way, either as a flower bouquet or for a flower table.

How Much Can You Make From This: Between $1000 and $2000 per month.

Online Selling or Ecommerce

You’ve probably heard of eCommerce.

As the name suggests, this is where you make money by selling products online. You can start by sourcing for products that you can sell, after which you’ll have to create an online store, list up your products, and then commit yourself to marketing them.

There’s a lot of money to be made in this.

Online Survey

With this option, you make money by giving your honest opinion on the various products and services.

You’ll be provided with a form, and all you have to do is fill it out. You get rewarded for every survey form you fill out.

Here are a few paid survey sites to check out:

How Much Can You Earn From This: Between $0.30 and $8 for each survey.

Translation Business

Translation is a high-potential web-based business opportunity for people that wish to make money online. Usually, you’re paid for translating words.

You’re paid per word, an amount that can vary depending on the documents being translated, the amount of work involved, the deadline, subject matter, and the language combination.

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How Much Can You Make From This: Between $50 and $70 per hour

Travel or Hike Guide

If you’re always planning for your next vacation and have a knack for details, then being a travel planner might be the perfect business idea for you.

It, however, takes a more serious slant than just identifying scenic sights around you. You have to write down the logistics involved and calculate the finances.

How Much Can You Make From This: Between $1000 to $5000 per every organised trip.

Team Building Consultant

If you’ve ever been part of the corporate world, then you’re probably aware of how important team building is to companies and why it’s among the things they prioritise.

From overseas retreats and late-night KTV sessions, such activities are meant to draw colleagues closer. It’s meant to establish a relationship that goes beyond mere “work friends” to a family, brought together by a common goal.

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As a team-building consultant, your job is to take charge of these meetings and develop team-building programs from scratch.

About the Author

Tom Koh

Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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