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Understanding the Term Video Marketing. Recognising Its Importance in Online Promotional Campaigns

consumers love video marketing in singapore

Do you want to know the importance of video marketing? Any business aims to increase its revenue and growth. It means to get the best returns on your investments; you need to develop a proper marketing strategy, which enables you to reach the targeted audience. The only way to reach these masses is through video marketing. It involves using videos to market your products and services.

It’s slowly becoming one of the major tools in digital marketing. That’s because businesses are using videos to build their company profiles and explain their products and services to customers. This post looks at why video marketing is important when it comes to online promotional campaigns.


  • Videos Are Popular

Consumers prefer watching videos when they want to know how to apply your products or services in their daily routine. The reason is that video marketing is engaging and fun to watch. Another reason why videos are a popular way of digital marketing is that people share them when they have compelling content, which helps to bring more visitors to your site.


  • SEO friendly

Search engines rank content that includes videos higher in their search engine results. That’s because you use longer keywords phrases and tagging, which ensure you reach more people compared to traditional advertising. Bear in mind that short videos that last 1-2 minutes have a higher visitor retention rate. It enables you to get better ranking since people will spend more time on your site.


  • Social Media Marketing

When it comes to carrying out digital marketing, keep in mind that millions of individuals check their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts daily. They like and share good content, which is mostly in the form of videos. These social media platforms also have features that make video content more accessible.



Video marketing is a popular way of carrying out online promotional campaigns as the above informative post shows. It’s one way of digital marketing that you should consider using to make your products or services visible.

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