Understanding Landing Page Experience

Understanding Landing Page Experience 1

According to AdWorks, landing page experience is the ability of your website to provide its users with the information they need. For your account to have a good landing experience, it has to give the people who click on your ads what they require in a fast and effortless manner. Mostly, your account’s landing page refers to the URL that people use when they need to access your website. If people are able to access the content in your website easily, it promotes the ranking of your ads and thereby improving your account’s CPC position in the ad auction.

In this article, we aim at giving you tips on how you can boost your account’s landing page rankings especially for mobile devices. However, you should not that there is a difference between landing page experience and violations of policy. In Adworks, when you violate any of its policies, you will not get any rating regarding your landing page experience.

Here are some of the ways through which you can improve your landing page experience

In order to have a good landing page experience, you must consider the following factors:


The landing page experience comprises of the URL that people get when they want to access your site. To make it easy for search engine optimization companies to help you, you must make your landing experience better. This provides a good user experience. Use the above tips to achieve this and more.

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