Understanding E-mail Analytic Terms

In digital marketing, the terms used in this field is different from fields from the other professionals. In that case, it is important that you become conversant with basic email analytic terms. Generally, these are terms used to refer to things that can improve the well-being of your business. Whether manager or a business owner, you will be using these kinds of word together with your colleagues will be using mostly. In this article, we will be informing you of some basic and common e-mail analytic terms available.

What are the common email analytic terms?

Below are some common email analytical terms that everyone in the field of online marketing should be conversant with:

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Open rate

This email analytic term refers to the measure of how many people can view a particular email. Email rates are measured in percentage. For example, if you say a certain campaign has an open rate of 20 %, it means that if there were 10 emails delivered then only two were opened.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate refers to the action of visitors viewing only a single page of your website the leaving without opening another, the bounce rate can be high if the potential customer does not have a good first impression of your website or your website is hard to navigate through.

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Click rate

This refers to the number of people who visit your business website and click on any of the hyperlinked information. This means that they are interested in knowing more and are willing to spend some extra time on your website.

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Computer analytic terms are one that everybody in the online marketing field should be conversant with. They will help you understand your potential customers and be able to right the wrongs to keep them from never visiting your website again. Some of these email analytic terms include click rates, bounce rate and open rates amongst others.


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