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Understanding How Content Management System Works


The current internet marketing trends are focused on exceptional content creation. With this in mind, every website must have a Content Management System (CMS) – the most famous of which is by WordPress which is the preferred CMS for the top Singapore SEO companies. Therefore, anybody running a website ought to understand what CMS is and how it works, since this is important in understanding how you can manipulate your site’s content. In this piece, we will talk about how CMS enables the user to create a suitable interface with his database.

What is CMS?

A content management system; abbreviated as CMS works as a graphic user interface in enabling easier interaction between the user and the website’s database. Thus, it enhances the user-friendliness of the database. Numerous CMS options are tailor-made for various site choices. They include WordPress, Grid, Wix and Drupal.

These systems operate differently, with each of them allowing some degree of control and permission. Despite the fact that CMS works entirely from the web, it is usually judged based on the functionality of its web panel. Word press is preferred by many since it has a huge plugin library that escalates its admin panel’s functionality exponentially.

Features of CMS systems

All the varieties of CMS have these standard features:

Pre-set Tools and Templates

They make it both convenient and easy for web users to create new pages, format, and update, publish, add content and make changes to the site. The tasks can be done in a non-technical way and whenever the changes require being made.

Ensure Consistency Throughout your Site

It includes components, navigation menus and the design of your website. The particular information might change, but the navigation elements are constant. Thus, your visitors have an easier time navigating through your site. Building your site will also be easy.

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Assign authority to users on individual basis

You will not only be able to manage your website, but also who has access to it. You can decide who can view, edit and post new information on the different sections on the site.


MediaOne strongly advocates WordPress as the preferred CMS tool because it is easy to setup, easy to manage and easy to use even for beginners. As the pre-eminent SEO in Singapore, we are also conscious of the fact that WordPress of all the other CMS platforms, allows for the most crawl-friendly content which enables our client websites to soar above the clouds.


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