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Understanding Of Some Common Analytic Terms

For you to be successful in online marketing you need to have the understanding of some common analytic terms. This will help you understand the field better and allow for better communication between you and your potential customers or other colleagues. At first, the terms appear hard to understand but as time goes by and you gain experience, you will notice that they are not as hard.

What are some of the basic analytic terms that you need to be conversant with?

These words are quite many but we will give you examples that will keep you going and make you know what you are in for in this digital marketing field.

Unique visitors

Many people will visit your business website. However, a few percentage will go ahead and ask questions where needed, inquire if certain services are available and go on to buy your products. These visitors are unique and they spend more time on your website thereby creating a special bond.


When visitors visit your website, there are one or more things that they will notice. After that, they can either go and never to come back or they will start becoming frequent visitors. What makes them decide is the impression they get from four websites during their first visit. If the conditions are friendly, the support team is caring and the services are fast, the customer is likely to have a positive impression and vice versa.

Conversion rate

Not all the visitors to your website come to buy the products offered. Conversion rate, therefore, refers to the number of people who visit your account and end up acquiring the given service or product.


To understand digital marketing better, you need to be aware of some basic analytical terms and consult with your local Singapore SEO expert. Some of these terms include conversion rate, unique visitors, and impressions.


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