Top 21 Job Posting Sites in Singapore


You’ve written a compelling job description, and spell-checked everything. 

What next?

You could post it almost every job board out there – bad idea. Or you could spare a few minutes to do some little bit of homework on available job boards.

Here’s our advice on how to craft the perfect job posting and get it on the right job boards. 

4 key Pointers on How to Post Your Jobs Online

  • Find out where the businesses in your niche or industry, especially those around your city or town, post their jobs. 
  • Track the performance of your recent job postings. Which job board generated the most responses? How many candidates submitted their resumes? Were the candidates enough, or were you hoping for more?
  • Assess your recruiting budget. Are you looking for a job board that allows you to post your jobs for free? Or are you willing to set a budget aside for premium job posting?
  • Do some little digging on your target audience. Where do they hang out the most when online? 

Which social media networks do they use?

The best time of the day to target your audience is during their leisure activities. What time do they access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Reddit? 

What’s a Job Posting?

A job posting is a job ad or a recruitment post.

It’s also the primary means through which companies or businesses recruit new job applicants to fill up available positions. 

Before the internet became a thing, people could post these adverts on the classified section of newspapers. 

Today, companies post their job adverts online, with some even using recruiting software, such as a modern talent acquisition program or a tracking system for job applicants. 

The Difference Between Job Description and Job Posting

A job description is produced as an internal document that captures the authority, responsibilities, judgement, working conditions, and complexities associated with a position that a company is looking to fill.

A job posting, on the other hand, is an advertisement targeting job applicants. It’s more of a trimmed down and jazzed up version of a job description. 

What Should Your Job Posting Include?

YouTube video

At the most basic level, your job posting should include:

  • An intriguing job title: The title you choose must be interesting enough to encourage job seekers to read it from beginning to end. 
  • An introduction: This is where you introduce your job opening. You should try to personalise the first line. 
  • Required documents
  • Qualifying work experience 
  • Information about your company, including your work culture
  • The job location
  • A summary or list of the job’s responsibilities
  • A list of all the essential qualifications (the required level of education, skills, and experience)
  • How to apply for the job. In most cases, you’re to provide an email address that the applicants can use to send you their resumes

Types of Job Postings

There are two types of job postings: internal job posting and external job posting.

Internal Job Posting

Before you post your job to an external platform or job board, it’s always a good idea to start with the team you already have. Who among them would love to switch up job roles or departments?

An internal job posting offers your existing employees a chance to apply for a new role or take on a new job position. 

An Internal job posting is preferred because it can save you both time and money. It also lends itself as an excellent opportunity for organisations to leverage their in-house talent. 

External Job Posting 

An external job posting is public. It’s not circulated internally, but on public job-seeking platforms. 

It allows job seekers that are outside your organisation to apply for a vacant position in your firm. 

It’s a great way to expand your existing employee base or when you want to bring in outside expertise. 

10 Characteristics of a Good Job Ad

  • Has a creative job title

Avoid jargon or slang words such as “rockstar” or “ninja.” The point is to use words that job seekers query into search engines. Most likely, they’ll use words such as “a sales associate” rather than “a sales ninja.” You have to make sure your job title accurately reflects each role. 

  • Uses Relevant Keywords

You’re not just writing a job posting, but writing it with SEO in mind. You want your job posting to rank. You want it to be among the first things that pop up when job seekers run an online search. For this, you want to make sure you have naturally integrated it with all the relevant keywords to increase its chances of being read. 

  • Must offer a Detailed Job Criteria

Offer a detailed job description. Offer job seekers a glimpse into the day to day life of this role. Mention your team, responsibilities, goals, hours, and any other pertinent info.

  • Describe Your Ideal Candidate

You have to describe your ideal candidate in black and white. What age should they be? What should be their experience, skills, traits, qualifications, and certifications? Be very specific with every bit of information you provide. 

  • Location

Your job ad will attract an international audience. You certainly do not want someone outside Singapore to apply unless you want them to work for you remotely. For this, you want to make sure you have mentioned your location. If you’re targeting people from outside, be sure to clarify if you’ll be supplying their work visa or if they’re to apply for it themselves. 

  • Company Information

You can start by providing a snapshot of your firm or company. Remember also to inform job seekers what your company is all about. 

Create a shortened reel of your company’s accomplishments, awards, team, culture, brand, and products or services. 

  • Salary and Benefits

Don’t make job seekers guess their salaries. Where you can’t narrow down to a specific figure, you can at least give them a range of what the qualifying job seeker is likely to earn. You have to mention all the benefits as well. 

  • Contact Details

Provide job seekers with a way to contact you when they want to inquire about something. Include a phone number, email, and website. Mention the person they can email or talk to when looking for more information. 

  • Directions

It’s not a good idea to keep your candidates in the dark. What should they expect after they submit their job applications?

You can also use this as part of the vetting process. Provide a detailed guide on what the job seekers should do after submitting their applications, and then use it to find out which one of them followed your instructions to the letter.

  • Has Video and Photos

Your job posting doesn’t have to be boring. You can kill the boredom of digging through vast blocks of text by incorporating media content (videos and photos). 

Here’s an example of a company that knows how to work visual elements into their job ads to enhance its appeal.

How to Make Your Job Ads Stand Out

  • Use your company’s inspiring mission, purpose, and values to lead. All these must be felt all through when job seekers dig through your job posting.
  • Introduce the Role: You’re to introduce your job role in an exciting and captivating way. The point is to begin by saying something interesting about the job. It could be about the person they’ll be reporting to or the key areas of ownership. 

Here are examples of job ads with great intros

  • Instead of creating a laundry list of responsibilities, create a “what-you’ll-be-doing” section—this a performance-based list of what you’ll be expecting from the candidate you hire.
  • Question Your Minimum Requirements

You’re not just looking for someone with a specified level of education, but someone who would make a good fit for the company role. You should have a small room for compromise on this. Don’t be so hung up on education – a better approach would be to screen the candidates for their experience and portfolio of work. 

  • Have a Section that Highlight all the Perks of Picking Up this Role or Working for You. In Other words, job seekers would want to know what’s in it for them, and the more you convince them, the more they’re likely to go ahead and apply for the role. 
  • Highlight Your Company’s Awards and Industry Recognitions
  • Mention your interview process. How many people will you be shortlisting? When exactly do you plan to conduct the interviews, and so on?
  • Use photos or videos to show off your work culture. These photos will also help you with sharing your job ad on Facebook and other social media networks.
  • Target a Specific Talent Group or Segment: Your job posting shouldn’t target every job seeker out there, but a specific segment of it. If you’re hunting for interns or candidates with a particular level of experience, you want to make sure you have included all these in the job ad. 
  • Create a job posting page that targets a specific talent segment. On the page, you want to add testimonials, videos, blogs, stories, and so on. 
  • Check Your Job Post for Bias. After you write the job post, you want to run it through Textio to review it for discriminatory language that might not auger well with a particular section of your audience. 

How to Promote Your Job Ad

The best candidates for your job are passive ones. It’s never enough to just publish on a job board or career site.

You have to figure out how to get to them instead of waiting for them to come and find you. 

How, you ask?

Promote your Job Posting on Social Media

The candidates you’re targeting can be found on social media. That explains why social recruiting is many companies’ preferred method of recruiting new talents.

Of the Companies Using Social Media to Recruit Talents

  • 94% of recruiters use social media to recruit candidates or have plans to start using it. 
  • 49% of employers that use social media to recruit candidates admit that it has helped them improve candidate quality. 
  • 70% of recruiters are planning to increase their social recruiting investment

Share your job ad on various social sites, especially Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If your budget allows, promote the posts.

Promote Your Job Post Through Referrals

Create a structured referral program that your employees can use to promote your job openings to their friends and families on different platforms.

Have different rewards for them, so that it’s a win-win deal for everyone.

This is one of the most productive and effective modern recruiting tactics you’d want to leverage. 

An employee referral program is recommended because it helps you save on cost, time, and improve the quality of hire.  

Promote the Listing in Your Newsletter

You’re to take advantage of any available opportunity to promote your posting. One of the things you want to do is promote your posting in your company’s newsletter.

Let your readers know that you have a new job posting and that those interested are free to apply. 

The more people know about the job listing, the greater the odds that you’ll get a more qualified job candidate. 

Remember to utilise Talent Pool as well. It’s a great tool for personalising your email campaigns and informing potential candidates about a job position that needs to be filled.

Promote the Posting on Specific Job Sites

It would help if you promoted the posting on some of the sites that job seekers visit for new trends and industry-related news. 

You can promote them on niche-specific forums, portals, blogs, and online journals. 

7 Amazing Job Recruitment Tools You Shouldn’t Miss

It costs about $4000 to recruit a new employee in Singapore. The whole recruitment procedure takes about 42 days, another cost when you come to think about it.

If you’re the one hiring, then you don’t need anyone to tell you the cost of hiring. You’ll know it first-hand. You’ll probably need to shell out money for job listing, recruiting, and interviewing in an attempt to recruit the most qualified employee. 

Secrets Of Effective Brand Messaging Over Digital Media

The hiring process can be simplified and some of the hurdles avoided by adopting the right recruitment tools. They will help you save both time and cost. 

get google ranking ad

These tools occur in abundance, but we’ve narrowed down our list to the best seven that the industry has to offer: 

Recruitment Chatbots

A chatbot uses messaging services to respond to queries or perform simple tasks. A recruitment chatbot isn’t any different, only that it’s fine-combed to the recruitment process. 

It can respond to some of the questions that job seekers ask during off-hours. Some are designed to help you screen the candidates at the top of the recruiting funnel, thus allowing only those that make the best fit for the job to proceed. 

You can even use them to ask questions that gauge your candidates’ level of interest to only proceed with those willing to work towards getting hired. 

In other words, a recruitment chatbot can help you cut off joy riders and direct your effort to serious applicants only. 


Ask anyone to name the best social media network to recruit new employees, and they’ll surely point out LinkedIn. The platform has serious information on people’s interests, skills, and contact information.

website design banner

However, you might want to check with other social networks to find more information about a particular candidate. The problem comes with the sheer number of these social media networks. 

Sourcehub was designed to do the searching for you. Instead of manually trawling different social media networks to collect more information on your employees, the platform will scour more than 15 different social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and compile them in a central place for you to see. 

It saves you the trouble of searching for this information in so many places. 

Contact Out

Ever felt like contacting someone but didn’t know how to find their contact details? 

Well, that’s where this tool comes in handy.

The app is designed to operate as a chrome extension. It can help you find the email address of the person that you wish to contact.

It’s the perfect tool to use to find the email address of a potential employee. When browsing through LinkedIn, the app will show you an overlay of the contact information belonging to the people you’re viewing.

That way, instead of direct messaging an employee, you have the option of contacting them directly via email. 

A perfect alternative to Contact Out is Connectifier, a LinkedIn-owned extension that does pretty much the same. 


Hiretual serves pretty much the same purpose as Contact Out. Instead of direct messaging job seekers, Hiretual provides you with their contact details (email address and phone number) so that you can contact them directly. 

However, their role doesn’t just start and stop at gathering your contact details. It instead features a streamlined recruiting system that allows you to track the entire recruitment process. 


Your choice of words when writing a job advert will determine how job seekers react to it. The use of certain phrases and terms may cue some of your potential employees to pass the advert without even reading it.

If your advert happens to target a diverse range of job applicants, and you want to get many of them to apply, then a tool like Textio could help you word your posting right.

Textio is designed to alert you on problematic copy and wording. 

Know Your Worth

Ever felt awkward discussing salaries with potential employees?

Depending on the personalities the two of you have, reaching a starting point can prove to be a tough call for both of you. 

Glassdoor understood this and decided to design a tool that could help you find this starting point based on the data collected from millions of salary information and job postings. 

Users start by creating an account on Know Your Worth and plug in all the information a potential employer might be interested to know about their experience, skills, and more, and an idea of what they consider a fair salary. 


Imagine a situation where hundreds of job seekers have applied with you. It helps to narrow down the applicants to a manageable size.

Luckily for you, you have a host of AI tools to help you automate the process and save you on time and some of the possible errors. 

Imagine a situation where you have to interview each applicant one-by-one, versus an online survey or questionnaire that automates everything. 

HireVue is designed to help you out with the initial assessment process. It also adds flexibility to the interview process by allowing you to run video interviews. Better, the platform will provide a custom assessment of each candidate, thus speeding up the decision-making process.  

A similar tool to HireVue would be Harver, a tool that also helps you to automate the top of your recruiting funnel. 

Top Job Posting Sites in Singapore

Grab Jobs

Job Portal



– Job search and application platform with job hunting streamlined by intelligent chatbot system and optimized for both Mobile and Web
– Job posting services for employers which similarly streamlines recruiting process
– Articles and other resources for job seekers based in multiple countries to learn how to improve their job search process



100 Peck Seah Street, #08-14, Singapore, 079333


Email :


JobsDb job posting site singapore

Job Portal



Jobs DB scours for jobs from partner job advertising platforms, company websites, and job listings. It then proceeds to publish them on their website. 

That means you don’t necessarily need to post on the platform. Just post them on your website and other job sites in Singapore, and JobsDB will automatically publish it. 

JobsDB is free, where your post gets to stay up for 28 days, with an option to remove or edit it if need be. 

Posting Options

Free job posting


Best For

Sourcing for job postings from different job boards and company websites



GumTree job posting site singapore

Job Portal



Gumtree Singapore is the local version of the popular UK classified ad platform Gumtree. It’s a popular platform for employers looking to advertise entry-level roles, administrative jobs, and part-time positions.  

Advertising your job on Gumtree is free.

Email Address


engaging the top social media agency in singapore

CultJobs job posting site singapore

Job Portal

Cult Jobs


Cult jobs is a job board that was specifically created to cater to the creative industry. The platform accepts postings for both internship programs and full-time positions. 

If your company is looking to fill up positions in arts, design, content, PR, social media, and marketing, you should consider giving Cult Jobs a try. 



Jobstreet job posting site singapore

Job Portal

JobStreet Singapore


JobStreet is a popular job board in Singapore, with a digital presence in the five ASEAN countries. 

JobStreet offers a direct job posting option, a classified section, and a monstrous resume database. 

It’s a partner website to JobsDB, a popular job board that allows employers to benefit from the best of these platforms. 



(65) 6538 0060

Fax: (65) 6538 0090

Email Address


Monster job posting site singapore

Job Portal

Monster Singapore


Monster Singapore is a local plugin of the global Monster job board. The platform features a job-posting option, an extensive resume database, and millions of registered users to target. 

The company offers a range of pricing options, each of which allows you to post your jobs and be supplied with a list of resumes that snugly matches your recruitment needs. 



Toll: 8001 012 339

Toll Free: (91) 40 66116994

Standard ISD/STD Charges apply

Email Address


Beam job posting site singapore

Job Portal



Beams was designed to act as a professional hub where job candidates and employers meet to post jobs, find jobs, meet investors, and formulate partnerships. 

The platform also allows you to source for job candidates by searching for profiles that mention your location and the skill that you wish to bring on board. 

Posting Options

Free job postings




ST  Jobs job posting site singapore

Job Portal



STJobs is a paid job posting site that charges you based on the number of jobs that you wish to post. It’s a well-established job board, best known for the career fairs they host, and which allows you to meet potential candidates in person.

The platform also features a host of employer resources that simplify the whole process of hiring, thus making it faster, better, and more efficient. 


Posting Options

Starting plan @$120 per posting

Customer Care Hotline

1800 289 9988


Career Builder job posting site singapore

Job Portal

Career Builder


Career Builder is available on a global front, with local branches in different countries, including Singapore. 

Posting your job on Careerbuilder will automatically get it to also appear on JobStreet, JobCentral, and social media. 



(65) 6578 7400

(65) 6778 5288



2 Venture Drive, #19-18 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526


Freelance Zone job posting site singapore

Job Portal

Freelance Zone


As the name suggests, Freelance Zone caters to the freelancing population. 

This is where employers go hunting for freelancers. You’re only allowed to post one freelance job ad on this board. That means if you’re planning to have more than one job ads go live, then you’ll have to choose between one of their paid plans. 

Freelance Zone has also partnered with and Indeed to increase your ad visibility. 




Dovalize Pte. Ltd. Blk 531A Upper Cross Street #04-95 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 051531


Indeed job posting site singapore

Job Portal

Indeed Singapore


Indeed is a global search engine, a mega-aggregator. It’s the only search engine with an option for employers to advertise their jobs for free. Employers are also allowed to sponsor their job ads on a Pay-per-click basis.

Other than that, the platform offers a vast database of resumes that you can use to source for your preferred job candidates. 

Posting Options

Free and paid



Jobiness  job posting site singapore

Job Portal



Jobiness is, in so many ways, similar to Glassdoor. It’s designed to operate as a job-posting website and review site where employees can share information on jobs, salaries, and companies. 


As an employer, you can use the platform to share your job postings and, most importantly, improve your brand by promoting your work culture and responding to some of the reviews that people leave behind. 




Recruit job posting site singapore

Job Portal

About is a world-renowned job board boasting millions of active job seekers. 

The job board is available in more than 15 countries, including Singapore. 

Posting Options

Starting @ $150 per posting




Glints job posting site singapore

Job Portal



Glint is one of the best career development and job recruitment sites, not just in Singapore, but the whole of Southeast Asia. The platform stands out because it leverages technology, which works to simplify the recruitment process and make everything more efficient. 

Posting Option

Free job posting



FWD Insurance, AIA, Adidas, DBS, Siemens


FastJobs job posting site singapore

Job Portal



FastJobs is exactly as the name says. It’s an excellent platform for employers looking for part-time or temporary work, such as students looking for holiday and after-class work. 

It’s a perfect platform for those looking for short-term hires. 


Select Group, Liho Tea, EZBuy, Marina Bay, KFC, Giant, DHL, Cold Storage



(65) 6319 8616



StartupJobs job posting site singapore

Job Portal

StartUp Jobs


If you’re a start-up looking for the best talent, then StartUp Jobs makes an excellent choice for your job posting. 

StartUp Jobs isn’t just another ordinary job board, but one that distinguishes itself by the distilled job categories, instead of the generic industries used on other platforms. 

You can take charge of your hiring process by signing up here.

Posting options

Free and paid



Whiz Financial, Dploy, Tech Grid, Motorbike

Mastering Social Advertising in Singapore: A Step-by-Step Guide To Success


Linkedin job posting site singapore

Job Portal

LinkedIn Jobs


LinkedIn isn’t just a social media website but an innovative recruitment tool if you understand a few things. In addition to posting your jobs on the website’s job tab, their homepage allows you to share exciting content or posts that could facilitate an intellectual discussion. 

The interactions you have in the comment section could also link you up with a potential employee or  referral. 

Posting options



Follow this link to post a new job on LinkedIn:


my Careers Future job posting site singapore

Job Portal



MyCareersFuture is the site that replaced Jobs Bank, a government-managed search site for jobs. 

The platform is run by the government, which means you’re only allowed to post your job in it if you’re looking to hire a Singaporean. 

You can even apply for government support and you’re to get some sort of wage subsidy from the government. 

Posting options




JobKred, Jobscan, and WCC


Find SG Jobs job posting site singapore

Job Portal



FindSGJob is a local job portal that leverages the power of social media to increase the visibility of your job posting.

This is so important and so strategic of them when you consider that the majority of job seekers are actively using social media. 

Through social media, the company can help you out with the following:

  • Engage more audience
  • Streamline business processes
  • Quickly find and reach the most qualified candidates
  • Engage with the crowd

Posting options

Starting @50 per posting


Eleven Seven, Day Hotel, Dental Focus International, Indoguna, Ecquaria




531A Upper Cross Sreet, #03-121 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 051531


Talent Tribe job posting site singapore

Job Portal



TalentTribe is the new kid on the block, a fast-rising job portal for millennials. The platform offers a range of comprehensive career resources that you may find useful in your recruitment process. 

Since the platform was created for young job seekers, they only accept roles that require a maximum of 4 years’ experience, not more.  



73 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #01-23 Singapore 139952

Email Address


Wanted job posting site singapore

Job Portal



If we were to place these job sites in their proper order, Wanted would be among the job sites that appear at the top.

That’s because they have one of the most advanced and effective referral programs you’ll ever come across anywhere else. 




Top Job Portals for Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore 

Are you struggling to find the best career choice in the Digital marketing field? For newcomers without proper industry knowledge, it is reasonably tough to find credible job portals. Or imagine yourself in the middle of night propelling to find a better job!

The tension is real. Instead of struggling on companies’ ‘career’ pages, finding jobs from portals is more convenient. Moreover, it gives you a variety of options.

However, so many job portals are available out there. Where would you find the best jobs?

      Jobstreet SG


JobStreet is considered to be the largest job search websites in Singapore. With a massive database of digital marketing jobs from various companies, job seekers can easily apply for one. From startups to reputed organizations, one can find a varied range of companies to apply.

You can create your profile without any hassle and get exposed to a vast number of a recruiter. One can also apply the filter for specific preferences like:

  • Minimum salary
  • Direct Employers
  • Recruiters
  • Working Experience
  • Location

You can go through the company profile and apply that suits your job role.

Top Recruiters: Nation University Health System, Dyson, AIA, Edward. AIRBUS, DBS,, so on. 

How to get started with 

get low cost monthly seo packages

  • Step one; Sign up
  • Step two; Email validation
  • Step three; Job matches and job alerts
  • Step four; Create your profile
  • Step six; Search for jobs
  • Step six; Apply for suitable jobs
  • Step seven; Check application status
  • Step eight; Interview request
  • Step nine; Apply on the go!

Apart from Singapore, they also cater services in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam.  


LinkedIn for Business


Linkedin can offer you a number of possibilities in the Digital marketing field. Besides networking and showing off your job position, one can search for their desired job roles. Now, you can search and apply for jobs on the website. With daily job alert and filters, one can easily find a job and apply through buttons like:

  • Easy apply
  • In your network
  • Under ten applicants

It is a great platform to level up their career choice. It offers a varied range of features like networking, career tips, tricks, and job searching opportunities. In addition, Linkedin has introduced a new feature to evaluate your keyskills and refer to you as per the analysis score.

It also has premium packages to be visible among the recruiters and highlight the profile with keyskill. The best part of Linkedin is, one can avail professional guides to lift up their existence status. With reasonable connectivity, you can add value to your profile.

How to start with Linkedin?

  • Step one; Upload your professional photo
  • Step two; Add your industry and location
  • Step three; Customize your Linkedln URL
  • Step four; Write a summary
  • Step five; Describe your experience
  • Step six; Add five or more skills
  • Step seven; Upload educational background
  • Step eight; Connect with 50+ Contacts
  • Step nine; Turn on the button, ‘Let recruiters know you are open.’  

Create your compelling professional LinkedIn profile to get notified to 94% of recruiters.



TechInAsia Job Posting Sites SG


Tech in Asia is a great platform if you want to break into digital marketing startups. The website boasts its own editorial content regarding the job-hunting process. They also suggest job hunting tips and how to make your profile engaging.

Job seekers can filter their job search with the following factors:

  • Job skills
  • Salary
  • Years of experience

Three types of subscription plans are available to get connected with Tech in Asia:

Core: It provides complete digital access to Premium content and live sessions.

Lite: it is a budget-friendly plan to access Premium Content. However, live session access is restricted to core subscribers.

Live: this package offers digital access for live sessions; however, restrict premium content visibility.

Subscription plans offer in-depth insight in the form of live video sessions, infographics and showcase company profiles that are free of banner ads.


How to start with Tech in Asia?

Follow the simple steps:

  • Step one; click to ‘Create my profile’
  • Step two; register with a valid email address or join with Facebook
  • Step three; Input bio-data
  • Step four; add educational details
  • Step five; upload updated resume
  • Step six; add keyskills
  • Step seven; Search for your desired job role
  • Step eight; click on apply





From internship to professional job roles, Cultjobs provides the best digital marketing job openings. Amateurs to professionals can simply rely on this firm to find their desired job position. One can receive job alerts through emails for a specific role and easily apply.

Job seekers can create their profiles without any paid plans. If you are looking for digital marketing jobs, you can create a profile there and wait for the recruiters to contact you.


How to start with Cultjobs?

It’s very simple. Follow the listed steps:

  • Step one; Find the ‘About’ section click on it.
  • Step two; Scroll down to find the ‘Create your free profile’ section.
  • Step three; Fill up the form to create your profile
  • Step four; Add further details for better network
  • Step five; Upload your portfolio sixed 10 MB
  • Step six; Find ‘Manage profile’ section to enhance visibility
  • Step seven; Search for your job role

If you get stuck anywhere, you can simply write up an email at



Monster Singapore


Recruiters from all over Singapore, hire employees from Monster. It is the best website for you if you are willing to get a major number of companies on one site. To encourage job seekers and enhance their confidence, Monster also initiates a list of courses. This is one reason why amateurs register with this platform.


One can narrow down the search result through various filters like:

  • Functions or job roles
  • Industry type
  • Skills
  • Length of jobs
  • Gender
  • Proper location
  • Years of experience


As per your course type and category, Monster recommends proper job notification. The unique feature of this platform is ‘Career tips.’ They help you to work on your resume, cover letter, and salary negotiation. With the past tracking records, Monster offers a better career option; therefore, they gauge your potential.

Their paid resume services and psychometric quizzes make you eligible for specific job roles.

How to join Monster?

  • Step one; browse account creating page
  • Step two; create your profile with email address or other social media profile (LinkedIn)
  • Step three; put up details of career, educations, interest
  • Step Four; Upload current CV
  • Step five; recommended jobs will be visible. Or you can browse from the home page too.  

Note: one can include or update contact information, photo, professional overview, education, skills, domain, and job role anytime.


Other Significant Job portals of Singapore


Apart from these major five job portals for digital marketing jobs, there are also some companies. All these portals also need consideration if you have already familiar with the previous one.

So, find out more opportunities from these sites.

  • SGUnited Jobs
  • InternSG
  • GrabJobs
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google jobs
  • JobsDB
  • Carousell
  • Direct Recruiment websites


Why Use Job Portals?

Because it is cost-effective

Don’t you think walk-in applications take a huge toll on your pocket? The job portal lets you search for jobs without breaking your wallet. All you need to do is, submit your CV and wait for the employers to respond.


Job Portals send regular job alert

An authentic job portal notifies you regarding job openings suited for your resume. This way, you never miss a chance to apply for the targeted job. Moreover, one can explore more posts to get a better option.



Job portals are undoubtedly the most efficient Job Search tools. One can apply for a job effortlessly. Instead of going for a targeted firm, one can easily submit their resume.  


Additional Benefits

You must have noticed many of the job portals offer specialized training for separate job roles. This is, of course, beneficial for job seekers and recruiters. Recruiters can estimate one’s capacity and potentials through those analyses. On the other hand, employees can aim high to reach a better position for their career.


If you want to excel in your career, you better have a compelling profile in at least one of these portals. You will find all ardent professionals level up their knowledge and increase connectivity in those portals. There is a strong reason for that. In an interview, candidates try to impress the recruiter with their potentials. It is almost like marketing yourself as a commodity.

These portals add extra points to your career, and you can join their community to stay updated about the market.

So, create your profile today! Get a reality check on the digital marketing industry.  


Final Words

You can increase your chances of finding the most qualified job candidates by posting the job on multiple job posting websites in Singapore. 

You also need an applicant tracking system such as Workable to help you post your job ad faster and to keep all your applicants organized in one central place. 


About the Author

Tom Koh

Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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