The Ultimate Guide to White Hat SEO in Singapore

White Hat SEO

Google is the self-appointed monitor of all online content, and if you want to remain in good books with them, you need to follow all the rules that they have set out. These rules are laid out as SEO metrics which a site has to adhere to for it to be ranked. This is what is referred to as White Hat SEO. As expected, there are site owners that have found ways to get rated highly without following these rules. The results are faster but, they are usually short-lived as search engines quickly catch up to them. This circumventing of SEO regulations for higher ranking is known as Black Hat SEO.

While White Hat SEO requires time, patience and adherence, the benefits are enjoyed over an extended period and without any risks of having your site shut down by the search engines. In this guide, you will learn how to implement white hat SEO in your website in Singapore and get indexed for it.

Mobile optimisation

From the above infographic, you can see how vital smartphones are becoming among Singaporeans. This is why mobile optimisation is quickly becoming one of the leading White SEO factors that websites can implement to improve uptake and also their rankings on search engines. Whether you are running a blog or an e-commerce site, mobile optimisation is going to be essential in your white hat SEO goals.

User experience

Search Engines have always emphasised the need to have websites that embrace user experience. Even without this emphasis, a smooth experience on your website will help users to stick around longer, and at the same time, they visit more areas within the site. Google already has algorithms in place that help to rank websites with excellent user interfaces better than their counterparts as a way of rewarding such sites.

One of the ways you can achieve this is by having a sitemap or site architecture to help you monitor the flow of users and how they visit the different areas of the site. If you are just starting, carrying out an A/B test before picking a theme for your website should be a top priority.

Keyword research

Keywords are the heart and soul of SEO. They are going to be an integral part of your digital marketing campaign and ensuring you rank for the right keywords is going to be important. While implementing the use of keywords, there are a couple of black hat tricks that you will need to avoid. Some of these include keyword stuffing and adding keywords that are not related to the content.

You should focus more on ranking for long tail keywords and understand the search terms constantly being searched by your target audience. When adding the keywords, the frequency should be limited, and the keywords should flow naturally within the content.

Link building

The inception of Panda and Penguin by Google outlawed some of the link building methods that had previously been known to be white hat.

Using blog networks, commenting on forums with your links and so on, are some of the practices that are no longer allowed by search engines. However, there are different white hat methods that you can still use to build links like creating PDFs and incorporating the links and using images to create backlinks. If your website has gained traction, you can ask webmasters in related fields to feature useful content from your site.

To achieve this, you have to list down the sites you want to provide you with links. You have to make sure that such sites will have high link value to avoid penalties. Here is a break-down of some of the acceptable link building processes you can use.

Analyse competitors

Your SEO campaign is going to collapse if you don’t take the time to analyse what your competitors are doing and enforce the accepted methods they are using. You can use tools like SEMrush to get information like page score, target URLs, and anchor texts.

SEO is vital to the success of any website in Singapore. But, white hat SEO is even more crucial. Being able to get highly ranked and remain on good terms with search engines guarantees you long-term success.

March 26, 2018

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