The Ultimate Guide to Effective SEO in Singapore

Ultimate SEO guide

Singapore has an online population of 2.9million websites, and that number keeps growing each morning. This can make it very hard for start-up businesses to get noticed which makes it very important for any online establishment to invest heavily in SEO.

Up to 96% of smartphone users use their phones to search for local information and 60% of Singaporeans use search engines to help them in the purchase process and comparing of products. This just goes to show how significant an online presence is in Singapore. This infographic shows how internet activity ranks in Singapore.

By 2022, it is expected that up to 4.9 million users will have access to the internet and your business has to set itself up to take advantage of this. One of the ways you can do that is through SEO and in this guide every step you need to maximise your SEO and improve your online visibility has been covered.

Indexing and Accessibility

Your first SEO goal should be to make it easy for search engines to crawl and index your site. Even if you have constant traffic flowing into your site from social media and other places, if a search engine is not able to access your site, then your SEO does not matter. To improve this, you will need to redesign and change permissions on your site.

Site Speed and Performance

The speed and performance of your site contribute to about 1% of your SEO goals according to Google. It might look like a negligible factor, but considering how impatient people are, it could greatly boost your retention and how long people spend on your site. You should make sure you carefully control the number of plug-ins and images you have on your site to make sure you maximise speed without denting the experience that your readers will enjoy on the website.


At the moment, most websites in Singapore are created using WordPress. Some of the WordPress themes are already optimized for SEO, but that is not enough. You will need to install plugins that make the theme more SEO friendly and also other plugins that help to ensure your content is on par with regards to SEO and keywords.

Advanced data research

The SEO algorithm used by Search Engines is complex and highly diverse. You need to understand which aspects you need to incorporate on your site to make it more visible. Researching and collecting data on how other sites are using SEO and how that is translating into their visibility and traffic is going to be essential in helping you stay afloat. During the research, you will also need to find new regulations that might have been affected by Search Engines and take advantage of them.

Keyword research

This is something that most site owners in Singapore understand reasonably well. Keyword research and use plays a vital role in indexing and has to be followed closely. You have to make sure that you use both short and long tail keywords to make your website more identifiable. Remember, with keywords you want to target specific audience without infringing on the regulations of the search engines.

Link building

Building links have become harder since the inception of Penguin and Panda. You can no longer build links through commenting, or blog networks since these are now considered black hat methods. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t build links ethically. However, this calls for dedication, consistency and a lot of patience. Some of the methods you can use to build links include;

  • Building links with PDFs
  • Building links with images
  • Creating a 3D JavaScript page
  • Creating a “Top” list content

You always need to make sure that your SEO is working and continuously checking the results will help you identify areas you need to improve to make your website more appealing to both search engines and the users.

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Tom Koh is the CEO of MediaOne, a leading Asia digital agency. He comes packed with 2 decades of international digital marketing experience. In his spare time of maybe 20 minutes a day, he loves coaching, blogging about all things digital and trying to figure out how to make his dog do the roll.

March 25, 2018

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