Types of Quality Scores and How They Affect Your Adwords

Account-Level Quality Score

Mostly, this entails the results that come from the advertisements and keywords historical performance in a given account. While it is true that Google do not approve the existence of this type of quality scores, the scores have a general acceptation basing on their qualities.

For instance, if your account has many Quality Score keywords but are low in terms of quality, it will result to reduced rates of click through (also known as CTR) and advertisements that have poor historical performance. In the end, the account will have a general low quality score and you might have difficulty in adding more keywords.

In this type of quality score, we can also compare how Google favors old accounts as compared to the new ones. It is obvious (according to Google) that an account that has had its existence for a long time and with good history will do well as compared to an account that has recently been created with little or no history at all. If anything, for a poor performing account, you may have to wait for a long time (several months) for its Quality Scores to improve. Many people at times prefer to start a new account due to this. However, this is not at all a good idea because it goes against the AdWords policy. Apparently, you can choose to begin by using the same account only that this time you will restructure and abide by the keywords available, ads and in the end land page relevant guidelines.

Various account users also have their varying opinions on how to go about the score keywords that are not of standard quality. For instance, some are for the opinion that the low quality keywords as soon as you notice that they are not performing to the desired levels. On the other hand, some people suggest that you can only pause them. However, both options are plausible as they serve to stop the low quality keywords from accumulating and will not have major influence on your account as long as they remain paused or deleted. However, it is important to first consider the amount of content that people such together with the returns the low quality keywords brought to your account before pausing or deleting them. In addition to that, deleting or pausing these keywords might bring problems when you need to turn them back on later as Google will deem them to be duplicates. In that case, you have to be very sure that you do not need the keywords anymore.

Ad Group Quality Score

This quality score provides one of the main ways through which you can determine the parts to deal with in a given campaign. For example, if you own an account that has a keyword with less quality score in an ad group but have an overall of a 7, while the same account has an Ad group of a standard of 4, you will know where to focus on exactly in order to improve your account’s quality. By working on the areas that you have your lowest QS, it will go a long way into helping you acquire a superior ROI.

Looking for ways through which you can restructure your campaigns and ad groups will boost your ad group QS because it edits the low CTR ads. This improves your account’s structure by erasing your visible history when you move things around while preserving the history necessary for circulating your Quality Score at the same time.

Keyword-Level Quality Score

Keyword-level quality score is what Google provides to your keywords and AdWords can be able to see it. Normally, we can tell the quality of your keywords on a scale of ranging from 1-10 with one being poor and ten being great. In order to come up with the correct score for your keywords, how its search queries perform is related to them is calculated. In that case, your quality score will match the keyword without considering any match type.

You should always remember that the keyword quality score hugely depends on what its historic performance on Google.com has to say. However, this changes when the keyword in your account reaches a significant number of impressions. This can be in the thousands and normally goes by the name impression threshold. The moment a given keyword attains the needed threshold, its quality score will automatically start to rise. At this stage, you account’s performance will rise and its historic performance will become less of a factor.

Below are some recommendations that you can use to better your account’s impression

Analyze impression share data. When people talk about impression share, they refer to number of the times that the ads in your account were available for the people to see. For instance, you can achieve this by boosting your budget or boosting your bids so that many of your ads can become eligible for people to view.

You can also choose to loosen up the restrictions on match types or broad match keywords. Sometimes slow impression growth is caused by running keywords in the exact match and in phrases. Try using keywords that have a high CTR.

Loosen up the themes. This will result in having keywords that are not so niche. You can find keywords that are necessary to your account by using instructions tab located at the AdWords interface.

Landing page Quality Score

According to Google, there are three landing page factors to consider. They include transparency, navigability and provision of relevant content. By this, Goggle’s main aim is to make the ads more useful to the users each time they use the search engine. In that case, you can make your account better by adhering to the above factors. In case there is a problem with your landing pages, Google will always notify you.

Display Network Quality Score

Different from how the search network works, your quality score on the Google Display Network uses consideration from the AdWords. You get a quality score if your ad’s historical performance is eligible for other sites that may be similar.

While it is true that the Display network has many bidding options, the quality of your account will depend on the one you choose. In order to know the one that works for you best, try testing them all. In addition to that, you can consider one that has the highest click through rate.

Mobile Quality Score

While it is true that mobile advertising is a fast growing concept, questions arise regarding how Google manages to handle the quality scores for mobile devices. However, Google has put this clear by stating that it calculates the quality score the same way it does with computers and iPads. Mobile devices with internet connection gain the quality scores the same way other devices do.

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