Types of Online Advertisements

For quite a long time, online advertisements were limited to pop images that used to be located on top of websites. However, spurred by need to convey messages and create strong advertisement platforms, the details below serve as a guide to website owners on the Types of Online Advertisements.

Common display Ads

They are among the first types of visual ads that appeared on third party websites (Those websites whose contents are related to ones in a way)

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With time, these types of ads have evolved from the original banner ads. Today they are available as:

Static images

They are the banner or square ads which appears about a content


They are the text ads created using special text algorithms so as to make the ads meaningful in relation to the surrounding contents.

Floating banners

Derived from its name, floating banners are special type that tour across the screen or float atop of website contents.

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These are type of ads that are responsible for altering backgrounds of web pages. Normally, they fill the entire website page.

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Popup ads

They are the special types of windows that mostly appear in the front of website contents. Once the website page is visited, the new window act as a viewing platform for visitors.


They are mobile ads that highlights (flash) different contents for to facilitate view to visitors


These are minute video ads which play automatically or await visitor clicks so as to play. They are cheap and thus can be afforded by most visitors. Different third parties will charge differently for their services. However, charges at marketing sites are bound to remain constant since these providers will charge at a base rate.

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Consideration to third party services such as Google Display Networks should also act as a consideration to these service providers since it helps to improve on behavioral, demographic, and geographic targets.


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