Twitter Retweets Are Completely Changing How We View Marketing

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The number of people on social media has risen by 13% year-on-year and currently stands at 3.196 billion, according to Smart Insights. As the number of users across social media platforms steadily increases, more and more marketing strategies are being used to target users. From Instagram to Twitter and Facebook, social media influencers have become the voices that determine the failure or success of products. This has, however, created concern over the legitimacy of these ‘influencers’ and how many real followers they actually have.

However, as one era crumbles, another rises and it seems the new marketing craze is driven by Twitter retweets. Here’s what you should know:

How Many Retweets Matter?

If you have been on Twitter recently, you will have no doubt encountered a tweet asking specific questions to a brand: ‘How many retweets for this shoe?’ or ‘How many retweets for this phone?’ and even ‘How many retweets for a fully paid college course?’ So what does it mean to retweet? Retweeting translates to letting a user market a product for you in exchange for a specified quantity of that product. Retweeting seems to complement rather than compete with other successful digital marketing strategies such as video marketing.

How It Works

Retweeting has been gaining prominence across the globe. So how does it actually work? It’s pretty simple really – a company advertises one of its products on social media, for example, a laptop. If you like the product but lack the money to buy it, you send a message to the company essentially proposing a trade – a specified number of retweets for the product. The company gives you a number, essentially the number of people it would like to see the product, and if you garner the number of retweets specified, the product is yours.

Why Retweets Are So Powerful 

The epoch of social media influencers is over. Their reign was ultimately marred by the realization that some of these influencers inflate their accounts with bot-generated followers. It was, therefore, difficult to tell how much actual influence they had. This problem cannot exist with an approach like retweeting where the plea must be taken up by users who will then in their own ability reshare it with their followers.

The Future of Retweets

Retweeting is slowly changing the way we approach marketing. It is proving to be an effective means to get product engagement while similarly being cost effective. It is not improbable that companies will begin to create retweets that are equivalents of product-values in the future. Retweets may be the new social media currency for anybody looking to wage an aggressive marketing campaign in an increasingly competitive business market.

The future is here, and the future is retweeting. If you are marketing a new product in the market or want to push your marketing efforts further, you may do well to think of how many retweets it may be worth. No Twitter account? Well, get one and watch as your product markets itself.


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