Trust Factor Is A Ranking Signal

Trust Factor Is A Ranking Signal

Businesses should focus on every method, regardless of how insignificant that is to increase their conversion rate as this particular metric can solely decide the success of a business. In most of the cases, there are some obvious and straightforward methods to increase the conversion rate but sometimes it is just a mystery. Industry experts have discovered a unique metric that can affect the overall conversion rate – trust factor.

It means your website might look good on paper but because of some reason is fails in establishing trust with the visitors. Of course, if your website is not trustworthy, it would also affect the brand reputation. Establishing trust with your target audience does not come under “marketing campaigns” or business development techniques but it is part of brand development where businesses try to reach out to their target audience and connect with the on a deeper level.

The trust factor can influence on-page conversion rate that ultimately increase the sales volume. This incentive alone is a strong factor to think about establishing trust with your target audience.


How Can You Enhance Trust With Target Audience?

Establishing trust with your target audience or anyone else of that matter does not require a general formula. It depends on the target audience, your long term business goals, products, services and many other things. Similarly, not necessarily the ideas that work for someone else would work for your business too. But instead you need to understand your audience first. However, the following tips and tactics work almost every time and with everyone.



Transparency is sometime that is quite rare in the corporate world; of course there are hundreds of reasons to not open to your buyers as a company but there are thousands of reasons to do so. Brands can open up with their audience to establish a sense of trust and being transparent also allows customers to understand the company and its offerings in a better way.


Security Features

Security features on websites like using antivirus software, spyware protection tools and secure payment channels encourage buyers to trust the brand. You might be using a safe payment processing channel or top security tools but your website visitors do not know that. You need to display the signs so customers can see you have provided them a secure platform. Such seals/signs are game changer in the e-commerce industry.


Be Social

As we are talking about conversion rate on your website, chances are, most of the people don’t see your website as a real business but it is something in cloud or inside their computer. In other words, people cannot possibly establish trust with a website as compared to what they do with physical stores. That’s where social proof comes in handy; interestingly, social proof is not just about having social portfolios but you can show real numbers too. For example, showing sometime like “500,000 Units Sold in 6 Months” and showing customers testimonials can help you establish trust.


August 15, 2016

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