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Singapore online and offline media advertising industry has undergone significant changes over the last couple of years. Companies are shifting from the traditional advertising strategies to digital marketing in a bid to keep up with the changing trends and consumer expectations. Online marketing is fuelled by the increased internet connection across the country and high smartphone and mobile penetration.

A recent report shows that 4.3% of the total ad spending is accounted for by the retail industry. Advancement in technology will continue to redefine the industry and provide numerous opportunities that Singapore companies can capitalise on to expand their client base. By 2022, 62% of the total display revenue will be earned through programmatic advertising while mobile will account for 38% of the total ad spending.

Online Advertising Trends in Singapore

More Focus on Social Media and Mobile

A study that was conducted in 2017 showed that 3.55 million Singaporeans accessed the internet using mobile devices. The country has the highest smartphone penetration in the world, and most people prefer using these devices to access the internet. The number of active social media users is also estimated to be more than 3 million.

As a result, brands are focussing more on mobile and social media advertising than they did several years ago. Mobile remains one of the best ways to connect with a wide audience while social media provides the highest quality leads. Programmatic advertising is still pretty new in the country with most brands that have tried it out getting mixed results.

Creating Internal Online Advertising Teams

Even though digital marketing agencies are instrumental to the success of brands online marketing strategies, most companies are going an extra mile to set up in-house ad teams. These teams collaborate with external marketing agencies to create and monitor marketing campaigns.

Several brands have confessed that the quality of leads and traffic they get from internal campaigns is lower than those from external agency led campaigns. This is proof of the critical role that marketing agencies play in the online and offline media in Singapore.

Implementation of New Ad Ideas

Millions of Singaporeans rely on the internet as the primary source of information when evaluating products and services offered by various companies in the country and abroad. As they do the research, they come across a ton of ads meant to lure them to make a purchase. Competition for their attention is getting fiercer by the day and marketers are left with no option but to come up with ingenious ways of connecting with the target audience.

Brand marketers spend hours creating new ads and looking for new content for their Singapore online advertising campaigns. Some opt for third-party content such as news articles from major publishers who are already considered an authority online. The influence that such publishers have on the market helps the companies to stand tall and get more website traffic.

There are also marketers who prefer including branded content and though-leadership contents in their online advertisements to capture the attention of the audience. The number of direct selling ads has dropped significantly due to the low click-through-rate (CTR) recorded.

Creating a Nurturing Strategy

Most marketers feel that their online advertising efforts do not get the recognition they deserve. In a bid to improve the image of Singapore digital marketing industry, some marketers are focussed on creating tailor-made nurturing strategies. This includes making sure that potential leads are followed up systematically to boost the conversion rates of online stores.

Well, while most marketers believe that such nurturing strategies will deliver the expected results, a majority of industry leaders especially the B2B marketers feel that it will be difficult to implement them. Lead nurturing strategies in B2B organizations will require marketers to collaborate more with the sales teams.

While marketing and sales team should work together towards achieving the set goals, the reality is that most teams do not. Singapore businesses need to come up with robust ways of improving the relations and collaboration between sales and online advertising agencies if they are to succeed.

Singapore Offline Media Trends

Even though online marketing is the most preferred way of connecting with customers, some offline advertising strategies still work. Here are details of five offline marketing trends in Singapore. You can use them to complement your online marketing campaigns.

Donation of Products and Gift Certificates in Contests

This year, contests, where companies donate products and gift certificates to participants, have increased. The contents have proven to be effective in helping the brands increase their visibility offline and connect with the local communities.

For example, if you offer computer repair services in Singapore, you could provide a gift certificate for a 3-hour repair to individual clients or SMEs who might be in need of your services. A non-profit organization can appreciate such an offer and reciprocate by highlighting details of your business on the main website, newsletter, monthly publication or even a press release.

Speak at Events such as Conferences

Professional events such as conferences will give you an opportunity to network and connect with new people who might be interested in the products and services that you offer. During the event, share ideas with the attendees to increase your brand awareness. Go an extra mile and request the event organizers to allow you to speak to the audience about a topic that is related to your business.

Successful companies are aware of the potent power of this marketing strategy and are always on the lookout for professional events that they can feature in and give a speech. Make sure that you contact the organizers early enough for your speech to be included in the day’s activities and agenda.

Guerrilla Offline Marketing Tactics

 Guerrilla marketing is a general term that is used to describe unconventional marketing strategies that still work in Singapore and other parts of the world. Most companies are so focused on online advertising that they forget to connect with their target customers’ offline. Offline is the best area to flex your unconventional marketing muscle since most channels used for online marketing are very narrowly structured.

Here are some of the clever marketing tactics that help companies establish a strong base.

  • Leave sticky notes in random places that the target customers are likely to frequent such as coffee shops and restaurants
  • Chalk advertising on sidewalks
  • “Accidentally” leaving branded merchandise such as pens, diaries, caps in the banking hall
  • Donating branded merchandise to local libraries
  • Use sticky notes to create temporary artwork on cars and buildings (make sure that you seek permission from the management or owners to avoid a lawsuit)

Business Cards

Business cards are still useful in the country. Company executives often carry several cards to events and give them to new prospects. The cards have to be professionally designed and should contain information about the business such as address, telephone number, a brief list of product or services offered, operating hours and much more.

Here are some ideas that you can use to ride the wave of this Singapore offline media-marketing trend successfully.

  • Put business cards in one of the many public bulletin boards in the commercial business areas
  • You can leave the business card alongside your tip at the restaurant or coffee shop
  • Whenever you come across a contest fish bowl for business cards, drop yours in
  • Head over to the local libraries and put your business cards in books that are related to the services that you offer

Boosting Social Campaigns Offline

Social media marketing is usually done primarily online. Unknown to most marketers and Singapore business owners is that offline marketing strategies can increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. At the time of writing, only a handful of businesses based in the country are promoting their campaigns offline. The few brands take quality photos, and videos of their daily activities and events then post them online.

For example, if one of your company executives is invited to speak at an event, attend and record the speech then upload it on the company YouTube channel. Real-life photos from the offline world will paint a positive image of your company and show the real personality of your company to the target audience. This turn boosts online and offline user engagement.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in Singapore with more than 2 million active users. Photos of your company’s daily activity have the potential of getting 84% more clicks and two times as many likes than general text posts. It is also important to note that most of the social platforms popular in Singapore and across the globe are image-based.


These are major Singapore online and offline media advertising trends that you should leverage to give your business the edge it needs to succeed. You do not necessarily have to use all of them, experiment with a few to know which ones work best for your company. Concisely, some offline marketing strategies still work and can be used to complement online marketing campaigns.

November 10, 2018

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