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How to Find Current Trending Content for Your Social Media Marketing

How to Find Current Trending Content for Your Social Media Marketing

Keeping up with industry trends is an essential strategy for Singapore social media marketing. The internet has made it easy to find what is creating a buzz in the social circles. As a content marketer in Singapore, you want to find content that will inspire you.

Where to Finding Trending Content for Social Media Marketing 

Staying up to date with trending content will give you an edge. You are going to write quality content on popular topics that are being shared across platforms. This will ensure you have upscale visibility and traffic to your posts.

Trending content gets traction because of the value it gives to the reader. That is why such content gets more following. People want to listen to you more often if your content consistently addresses their pain points.

Your posts are likely to get more shares and links if you write about the latest topics within your digital marketing niche. It is important to find interesting content in your industry that you can share with your followers.

  While finding content is easy, getting trending content in Singapore is a bit tricky. You want to find content that creates the most buzz, one that takes off immediately. And as a marketer, you want to stay relevant as well. So how can you find trending content?

Whether you are looking for inspiration on the trending topics going viral on social media, there are many ways you can get what you want. What you need to remember, though, is that other people are also after the same content, so make yours unique.

Why It’s Important to Know the Ropes of Finding Trendy Content in Singapore

Before we jump to ways of finding trending content for digital marketing, you need to understand the importance of knowing how to. Expounding on the specifics of trending content will help you to grasp the context.

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First and foremost, finding the most trending content gives you inspiration. Singapore social media marketing requires content marketing strategies to succeed. And since digital marketers invest heavily in content marketing, the content produced must be worth the effort.

It takes a lot of metrics when striving to gauge your content and find out if it has potential. When many people interact with the same content or share it with others on various platforms, it goes to show that the particular content has great potential.

For example, short videos are showing the greatest potential on social media, especially when combined with comedy. Therefore, brands that have never thought of using the creativity of humor into their content may be persuaded to diverge to this trending route.

At times, it is not quite a hassle to find trending content when looking for one. An example is when there’s a big holiday coming up in the next few days. Everyone will be talking about the holiday, some making plans, others giving offers for this holiday and so on. This will definitely direct you to the content you need.

As long as you know that your audience’ mind is focused on the big holidays, you can tap into the trending content for your social media marketing.

Remember that content writers in Singapore don’t need to imitate shared content most of the time. If the content is relevant, they can just go ahead and share with their audience on their personal profiles. Sharing content from reliable sources makes your brand look relevant and can also improve its persona before the audience.

Letting your audience access popular digital marketing content helps to generate authority for your profiles and pages while giving hesitant users the confidence to engage with it. When you talk about something trendy, particularly what your audience has shown much interest in, they will want to reach out.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are the best places where content creators can find out what is popular. All the major social platforms have trending sections where you can sort out different trends in specific locations or fields to see what is popular.

More than 60% of people get news from social media, and they share with friends, giving you a clue on what your audience wants.

You can pick some of the big players in your niche and look into their Twitter or LinkedIn page to see their recent posts.

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On Twitter, you will find out the trending topics from the tweets, how much they were liked and retweeted. This will tell you how much people have loved the article. You look for posts that resonate with your niche, and how people are reacting to them.

Twitter has a ‘Trends for you’ section on its homepage. Facebook no longer has a trending menu, but luckily, LinkedIn has a ‘What People Are Talking About Now’ section on every member’s page. You can click ‘Show more’ to see what is trending.

6 Tools for Finding Trending Content for Social Media Marketing 

For you to build brand identity and reputation, you will have to understand the ways of knowing what is trending.

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Here are strategies that will help you find what is trending across the web in Singapore social media marketing:


Feedly is renowned for RSS feed aggregation. The site funnels content from different sources to one location which can be accessed through an app or browser. It allows you to view contents from all the websites that have RSS feeds without navigating to each one independently.

Using Feedly helps you to stay on top of relevant content that interests you. All that is required of you is to subscribe to the site, and all the content will come right to you.

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Did you know that Feedly is an excellent tool for finding trending content?

To get the best Singapore social media marketing results from Feedly, you will need to follow a number of feeds. Click ‘Add Content’ at the bottom left on the site.

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From there you can now search for feeds or add them by their specific RSS feeds, URL, or topics.

At Feedly, you can sort your results by topic, keyword, publisher, and domain. If you want to find out what the major social platforms are talking about, or which blog topics are trending, Feedly can give you all the insights.

You can easily browse by categories like skills, trending, fun, or industry as well.

The results on Feedly are organized by followers, relevance, articles per week, Feedly score, or according to related topics.

When subscribed on Feedly, you can create custom keyword alerts to help you get every trend or breaking story involving the categories, industries, subjects, and brands that are relevant to you and your audience. Set alerts for specific sites for the best news and filter your search using the operators at the bottom.

How to Browse Content on Feedly

For you to browse through content, select ‘All’ from the Feeds on the menu on your left hand. All the new content from your feeds will show up in chronological order.

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You can also select a specific publication or category and get the content you want.

Whenever you click on a particular publication or content, it will display the three top trending articles for the topic.

Later you can organize the posts according to the most popular, the latest, popular, and so on.

Use the popularity count on Feedly to find out the trending posts. There is a number beneath each title that shows the highest figure, implying the most popular topic. At Feedly, you will get all the fresh, trending content that you need.


A tool like Buzzsumo helps you to identify trending topics from different sites. BuzzSumo will provide all the options when you are searching for a topic, a site, or a custom keyword for your Singapore social media marketing. You can search by type of content, language, and even country and you’ll never go wrong with Buzzsumo.

This content analysis tool can identify trending content for any topic or URL through tracking its social shares.

How to Find Current Trending Content for Your Social Media Marketing 1

You can find hot content posted in the past 1, 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours by keyword, content type, social platform, domain, language, author, category, or country.

Even with a limited free version, BuzzSumo is still a powerful tool. It is known as the gold standard when it comes to trending content.

Google Trends

Google Trends was integrated into the Google search engine. Google understands the importance of trending topics to digital marketing content creators. The Google Trends tool helps to give the engine the best insights on the trending content.

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When you type a keyword in the search button, you are given options where you can filter your search by category, location, time, and more. They also give you other related topics and queries which can help you interlink your content pieces.

Google Trends can help you keep up with the existing trends. It shows you how popular a keyword is from the search volume over time. The tool lists the popular stories, which you can view by scrolling the ‘Recently Trending’ header.

From the ‘Trending searches’ page, you will see the most trending topics for the day, from the last 24 hours and by their location.

Google Trends provides up-to-date content for Singapore social media marketing at all times.


Although not user-friendly and intuitive, Reddit can provide trending topics if you learn how it works. You have to know where to find the subreddits forums that have topics which suit your interests.

Reddit has plenty of content inspiration that is prioritized according to freshness and score. It gives users access to trending posts categorized as rising, new, hot, and filtered by country and time of submission.

How to Find Current Trending Content for Your Social Media Marketing 2

After joining Reddit, you will need to add sub-reddits manually. Then enter your keyword in the ‘Search Reddit’ field to subscribe to topics that are relevant to your niche.

From this field, you will see relevant sub-reddits and individual posts from which you will choose what to subscribe to. Sort out your preferred titles by comment, relevance, top, new, time, and more to get what you need.

The search function can help you find relevant sub-reddits you can subscribe to. Once subscribed, all trending content suggestions will appear on the front page where you can now pick what to use and what to share.


Quora is a question and answer community that has intriguing questions about different topics. The questions are open, and members contribute detailed answers to every thread.

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To get relevant content on Quora, you can create your account and choose topics related to your interests. Enter your areas of expertise, and you will be amazed at how much information you can get from this site.

Quora is a goldmine full of inspiration that you will never run out of content ideas for your Singapore marketing strategy. It is handy when looking to identify trending topics for particular industries or interests. You can easily access information by clicking on the ‘individual interests’ button on the left side of the homepage.

You can also customize your experience on Quora to fit your needs by entering your keyword in the search section. From there, you will see the results of the latest questions or topics. Follow the topics to ensure you receive alerts on the trending topics for each keyword.


Knowing the way to get trending content is very helpful to Singapore social media marketing and the content creator. It is easy to engage your audience when you write content that is popular or making rounds on social media.

While finding different trending topics, remember that popular news sites, social media platforms, and other tools can give you trending content once you specify your needs and interests. Tools like Google Trends offer long-term results on trending topics.

To put your trending content insights into good use, you need to learn to build a strong Singapore social media marketing strategy with the information you have.

Remember that trends come and go, and they require you to change or improve your strategies to adapt to the changes. You have to discover content that resonates with your audience to stay above the competition.

A lot of available tools and tricks can help you find trending content, but it’s up to you to make the content appealing to your audience. Use the tools above to get traffic that will generate leads and conversions. The trending topics can help you pitch for the best guest stories and build your brand identity online.

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