Transparency Is Key To Building SEO Client Trust

Transparency Is Key To Building SEO Client Trust

get an seo firm that shows you it does white hat and how

Your SEO company has to be transparent in its SEO methods used

In Singapore, there are many SEO companies, and more are coming out from the wood work. Most are small outfits and even a few working out of their mother’s kitchens. If they have flashy websites its sometimes difficult to tell if they are a one-man outfit or a large multinational enterprise. That is why we always caution the company owners we meet, even those who eventually choose the cheaper (but questionable) alternatives, to always make a thorough audit.

What Does That Audit Entail?

  1. ask exactly who are the SEO consultants are and the level of their experience
  2. ask them to show you the methods they will use for your website
  3. make sure you get a view of actual reports they have sent to clients
  4. get them to disclose which clients they have worked with and the contact numbers – you have every right to call up and ask if that other customer is pleased with their work
  5. check all testimonials thoroughly
  6. enquire as to their company structure, how many dedicated staff are doing what
  7. please do not say yes on the first meet – make the second meeting AT the prospective SEO firm’s office and eyeball for yourself the size and setup
  8. ask if their SEO processes have won any awards, any certifications

Oh I Can’t Show You What We Do!

Many SEO firms will tell you that they cannot reveal their exact methods either because they tell you:

a. its too complex for non-technical people to understand

b. its is a super powerful “secret sauce” that is in process of being patented

c. if they reveal their secrets, other hungry and jealous SEOs will spy and copy

Please know for a fact these excuses are all hogwash. We wanted to use a stronger word but we are a respectable company.

Good SEO Is Not A Secret. Its Just Hard Work In The Right Direction

There is nothing secret about truly good SEO. You can read up all about it at,, Searchenginewatch, etc. Anything and everything about SEO has been explained, postulated, prodded and poked to death. If Sergey Brin or Larry Page farts – the whole world knows about it.

The reason why these SEO “experts” – notice that we now use the paraphrasing – wants to avoid talking to you is this:

a. its an ignoramus sales person they just hired off the streets and chances are: you know more SEO than he or she does

b. they actually do Black Hat which is very powerful and cheaper (hey just plug in the keywords in a spamdexing software to create millions of links; its almost like switching on your microwave oven); in case you don’t know: Black Hat is the use of very dangerous and undesirable SEO techniques like spamming links from thousands of bad directories (including porn, viagra, cheap polo tees) at your website to create the illusion its super popular in the world; it can rank up high and fast but Google (remember this is a company that employs some of the world’s smartest people because its super rich and attractive to these nerds) easily detects this and penalizes faster than you can utter “donald trump”.

In today’s modern technology, new SEO companies are able outsource SEO work to 3rd world countries easily. However in many situation, these 3rd world countries uses “Black Hat” SEO methods such as link farming, link scraping which leaves adverse effect on your company website. Many SEO Singapore companies thinks that by using these methods, they could bring their client website quickly to Page 1. Indeed your website may reach Page 1 faster than a website using ethical, white hat methods, however when Google Panda update caught up with you, the website will be gone for good.

It is important to select a SEO company that reveals 100% of the methods used for their SEO blueprint. Many SEO customers often commented that their SEO company does not reveal the backlinks created for them, but instead, SEO companies sent them “monthly” traffic report from Google Analytic. Google Analytics is a free tool by Google, and it should be accessible by Customer anytime of the day, and not to act as a monthly report.

Our clients commented that their previous SEO company does not send them any reports based on the links they have built. These clients feel very insecure, as they do not know the methods being used, and were worried of the link building methods used were “Black Hat”, unethical methods.

Why Use MediaOne

However at MediaOne, we only use ethical and natural link building methods. We send bi-weekly reports to our clients with a list of high quality links we have built. This practice has gained many satisfied customers and is one of the many many aspects of our practice which has strongly differentiated us from the rest of the field.

Ask about our staff strength (we have 25). Where we work (its a 3 storey building in Ubi). How we do things (we will show you everything we know).

We have ISO-certified SEO methods. We are listed as one of the Best In SEO Singapore. We were featured in the Straits Times for our work. We have 600 clients and counting.

There is nothing “secret” about what we do. Just good SEO work. In fact if you buy us a cup of coffee we will tell you how good SEO is done.

Want to know more? Call us at +65 67899852 today.

August 31, 2015

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