Content Marketing: Maximise Traffic By Combine It with Native Advertising

Content Marketing: Maximise Traffic By Combine It with Native Advertising

Native marketing is content-based promotion propagated on a platform that also supports non-paid content marketing.

A good example is BuzzFeed’s sponsored content. Among some digital marketing experts, social media marketing is starting to be considered to be Native Marketing.

Native advertising has proven to be one of the most ingenious ways of getting more customers in the current highly competitive Singapore online marketing world. Surprisingly, the concept is still unclear to most digital marketers.

Content Marketing: Maximise Traffic By Combine It with Native Advertising

Native advertising entails the use of an online publication that resembles editorial content, but it is paid for by a company or advertiser to promote a particular product.

Recent reports have proven that this form of advertising is more efficient than traditional advertisements such as banners.

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Online customers interact with native ads 20-60% more than conventional ads.

One of the plausible reasons for this finding is that these ads are not too salesy. Savvy internet users have an inherent ability to sniff out promotional materials and dodge them.

Here are three expert tips on how to use content marketing in tandem with native advertising.

Tips On How To Use Content Marketing In Tandem With Native Advertising

#1 Make Sure your Content is Properly Aligned

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Take time to go to the publisher’s site to understand the type of content and the writing style used in the recent publications.

With this information at hand, align your content accordingly to get the attention of the audience.

Look for a topic that most people who visit the publisher’s site are interested in then write quality content that will offer real value to them. Make sure that the piece is in line with the publisher’s guidelines and style.

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This means of content distribution is more effective than guest posting as it conveys the intended message to an expansive group of potential customers in less time.

#2 Look Beyond Articles

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The first thing that comes to mind when looking for ideal content to submit to a publisher site is a conventional article. It makes sense to go for this option especially during the initial stages when you are trying to see if native advertising will work for your brand.

However, getting real traction and results will be difficult if you do the norm.

Everyone who is conversant with this form of advertising submits articles to publisher sites. There is a buffet of alternatives that you can use to stand out from the crowd and get maximum ROI.

This does not mean that you should go overboard and create content that has never been posted on the target website.

On the contrary, make sure that the type of content that you put out is unique and resonate with the audience.

#3 Optimise Landing Page

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Finally, make sure that your landing page is properly optimized to ensure that prospects that come across the publication and visit the site are impressed and convert.

Don’t forget to try out different content forms and carry out A/B testing to know which ones work best for you.

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