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7 Top Wood Cutting Tools: Applications, Functions, Uses:

Multiple wood cutting tools can be found retailed widely that may mechanically slice wooden pieces and save much-applied effort.

There are several distinct tools for cutting wood using distinct methods, each tool holds some independent style for cutting woodblocks.

Woodcutting procedures usually are fast and direct in case you use some suitable wood-cutting equipment for cutting wood.

Though several applications of tools operate using recharged batteries and electric power, some need applied human effort.

It pays to understand the designated wood cutting tools or their applications for their sawing functions.

Further mentioned, reviewed below are some of the top wooden cutting tools making cutting quick, easy.

Hand Saws

Hand Saws refer to essential, conventional equipment for wood cutting, which gets made by many conventional metal cutting equipment factories.

Such hand saws fulfill multiple functions, also get retailed in diverse, varied formats.

Composed from Iron, Steel, or alternative versions of Metal Blades, comprising teeth, Hand Saws require Manpower.

Because such teeth come in distinct versions or sizes, several of trending, popular hand saws are –

Keyhole saw, Hacksaw, Japanese saw, crosscut saw, coping saw, Bow saws or Fret saws

Power Saws

A distinct, core, an important benefit of such power saws feature these enabling for some substantial volume of wood getting cut within relatively briefer intervals of time.

Power saws may alternatively be termed electric saws because these often draw power from chargeable batteries.

In contrast with hand saws, these work with much greater speed, efficiency, or does not require heavily applied manpower.

These are the main reasons, that these trends as wood cutting tools.

To enable saws to perform rip cuts, crosscut, or miter cuts, the circular saw may fit on some diverse versions of blades.

Akin to hand saws, some range of power saws might get employed for distinct needs, functions use.

Some of these are – Scroll saw, Miter saw, Band saw, Table saw, reciprocating saw, Circular saw, Scroll Saw, Jigsaw Radial arm or Top tip



Wood Cutting Service

Arthur Zaaro

Specialty Lean, Green & Locally Crafted: From planting to final sanding, their production cycle demands little transportation, while employing local talent for their fine carpentry work. They seek to label, track their Singapore-sourced wood. They occasionally have items made from sustainable wood from other countries, bearing clear labels to identify sources.

Services: Heavy-duty chopping, fine dining centerpiece, urban sourced wood, hand-crafted, solid, sustainable

Pricing  Request a quotation:
Address 122 Eunos Avenue 7, Richfield Industrial Centre #08-07 (showroom) #06-03 (factory) Singapore, Singapore 409459
Telephone +65-9835 4584
Opening hours 11 am to 6 pm
Review 1 I have a gorgeous, customized carving board from Arthur Zaaro that never fails to impress dinner guests. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. This is now my go-to place for presents to friends moving away. What better way to remember Singapore than with these eco-friendly sustainable SG wood?

And may I add too that my little girl had a fabulous experience polishing (and taking home for free) a little wooden crafted animal while I browse around the warehouse. Love it! Love the products…love the place!

Review 2 Custom-built my dining table bench from Arthur Zaaro. It’s made of solid Nyatoh to complement my walnut color dining table. Arthur Zaaro has also designed the bench to make sure there will be no unsightly lines appearing on our legs after sitting down on the bench for a long time (plus point for the ladies! 🙂 )

Guess what? That was in 2014 and it’s still nice and sturdy in the house. Definitely lasts for a long time! I have been going back to buy other products! I recommend customizing your products from Arthur Zaaro as it has always been a pleasant experience.

 Review 3 Purchased this pair of small and medium bowls online and I am impressed, they are absolutely amazing. Their uniqueness makes them the ideal present, no need to purchase the “limited edition” as they are all individual pieces and their quirkiness immediately makes them the topic of conversation at any gathering. The Arthur Zaaro brand is impressive with its use of local sustainable resources and they have an open-door policy on their workshop; it is impressive to experience the talented craftsmanship first-hand, they all very much take pride in their work, producing some absolutely amazing one-off pieces of art. I would totally recommend a visit for the experience, you will be inspired and I would be very surprised if you depart empty-handed.




Wood Cutting Service


Specialty GoodWood believes in bringing, delivering the art of nature to your home. They provide all wood-related works and professional services for both residential and commercial clients.


Timber Fencing

Timber Decking

Composite Timber Decking

Timber Flooring and Engineered Timber Flooring

Timber Stairs and Timber Handrail

Timber Wall and Timber Ceiling Cladding

Services: Timber Fencing, Timber Decking, Composite Timber Decking, Timber Flooring, Engineered Timber Flooring

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 30 Kallang Pudding Road #04-04 Singapore 349312
Telephone +65 8616 2206
Opening hours 9 am to 7 pm
Review 1 Engaged them for a small project to install safety hand-rails on the staircase. Work was carried out smoothly with a dedicated team. They do take pride in their workmanship. And Ronald was accommodative to our request. Overall, we are satisfied with their job upon completion.
Review 2 Ronald is prompt and his team is professional. They know their work well and are able to give good advice for the best outcome. I have used his services more than once and they delivered the results! Keep up the good work and service.
Review 3 Replaced my Patio Chenga wood fencing. Job from dismantling and reinstalling new panels was done well and due care was taken throughout the work progress. Overall was happy with the service. 👍👍👍




Wood Cutting Service

Timber Actually

Specialty They supply wood – mostly from Singapore trees – to residents in Singapore. Yes, you read that right. They supply wood to residents in Singapore. Their customers are hobbyists, DIY-ers, woodworkers, wood enthusiasts, homeowners, restaurants, cafes, and many more. Processing, using as much as they can from locally grown trees.

Services: Stanley Cross Cut Hand Saw, Bahco Hand Saw, Wood-Pecker Hand Saw, Seapex Rubber Mallet, Stanley Dynagrip Wood Chisel

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 200 Turf Club Road #04-10A The Grandstand, 287994
Telephone +65-8482 3346
Opening hours 10 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Good service and very responsive in reply. Although it’s the CB period, the staff tries very hard to accommodate requests and expedite delivery. A good source to get your cut to measure woods.
Review 2 Triple whammy: 1. High-Quality, 2. Ethical, 3. Affordable. If you’re looking for a large collection of beautiful, locally sourced Singaporean timber at a good price, this is the place to go. These guys provide great service, including dimensioning, planning, sanding, and even delivery. Plus! They’re really friendly too. 🙂 I’ve bought a large quantity of wood from here and will be buying more for sure.

I’ve attached a photo of a tabletop made from 3 Khaya (African Mahogany) boards I bought from here. I barely did anything but glue, sand, and finish with polyurethane – and look how beautifully it turned out!

Review 3
Bought African mahogany planks for the base of a wooden sofa frame. I’m glad that the planks can be customised for my requirements. it’s a delightful experience that the staff is prompt in responding, making, and delivering. Highly recommend.




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Wood Cutting Service

Cutting Edge

Specialty Die-cutting refers to a process by which you can mass-produce cut-out shapes. They provide 2 different types of cutting options: Laser Cutting and CNC Cutting. They provide mass production of designs that you provide down to the same details and exact dimensions. Laser cutting offers clean, vertical lines, thin materials.

Services: Die-cutting, mass-produce cut-out shapes, Laser Cutting, CNC Cutting, forming 3-dimensional objects

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 48 Toh Guan East, #04-123 Enterprise Hub Singapore 608586
Telephone +65 6970 9019
Opening hours 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
Review Professional team, according to your needs, customized products, MDF processing customized: relief, hollow out, sound absorption board, modeling board, etc., laser cutting, sculpture, artwork production




Wood Cutting Service

Sen Wan Group

Specialty They offer cut-to-size services to customers who purchase their panel products. They use high-tech state-of-the-art capabilities to optimize the cutting requirements of customers (with minimal offcuts, maximum materials savings). With their high-tech precision cutting technology, they have abilities to cut the panel precisely to the millimeter.

Services: Panel Cut-to-Size Services, optimize the cutting requirements, precision cutting technology, speed cutting technology, CNC services

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 38 Sungei Kadut Street 2, Singapore 729245
Telephone +65-6286 3388
Opening hours 8 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Wanted to buy SIX pieces of laminated plywood for a DIY wardrobe and randomly search for someone who could sell me cut-to-size ones. I thought Sungei Kadut will have shops selling them but end up getting lost in the industrial area. Googled again and was shown, Sen Wan Timber. This is a very big timber supplier and at first, I hesitated to walk into the office to ask because it will be like buying a few bottles of water from PUB. But to my surprise, they actually took the time to work out the cost of my plywood plus edging. I later found out that the MD was the one who help me with the quotation. Thanks, Ashton. I received my wood a few days later and they are of superb quality and workmanship. I am so pleased with the wood that I went back the following week to buy again. They are very nice people to buy from and I will recommend them highly to anyone who needs wood.
Review 2 Very cool place!
Review 3 Good prices, friendly people




Wood Cutting Service

Easy Wood

Specialty Provide Cut plywood and timber to your dimension for a DIY project in Singapore. Custom-made shoe rack to fit into space bet door and wall. Grocery box for your fruit by using upcycled wine crate. Pet coffin. Tabletop. Animal cut-out design. Wooden Puppet show theatre house. Cabinet. PVC-lined plywood.

Services: Cut plywood, timber, DIY project, PVC lined plywood, Tabletop

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 3 #10-24 KB-1 Building, 416087
Telephone +65-9721 8003
Opening hours 10 am to 5 pm
Review 1 Was looking for a wooden board for a basic no regret failure project. Most of the other suppliers did have options however the costing was such that you could not take a chance and spend that much on projects that are just for testing. Eastwood has an entire range of options from no regret basic to high-end options in all types of wood. Delivery was quick and picked up from their place the same day
Review 2 I ordered a piece of Plywood earlier this week to replace my Ikea table top which I broke.

Very happy with the fast service and on-time delivery. The plywood quality is decent and they delivered it well protected.

Really recommend this place.

Review 3 Very fast and efficient.
Prices are very reasonable and customer service is at its tops.




Wood Cutting Service

Maxcon Enterprise

Specialty Most of their panel products are available in two types of cutting services: whole sheet cutting and cut to size. For whole sheet cutting, where customers require us to cut up an entire sheet of 4′ x 8′ plywood based on their drawing, a cutting fee is applicable topped up.

Services: Whole sheet cutting, cut to size, cut up an entire sheet, price based on the complexity of the cuts, number of cuts

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 10 Admiralty Street, #01-51, North Link Building, 757695
Telephone +65-6481 2008
Opening hours 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
Review 1 Friendly Lao Ban. Ensures you understand what you are buying and whether it fits your needs
Review 2 Friendly service and reasonable price for plywoods
Review 3 One of the best wood suppliers! The young boss Mr. Ang is very prompt and supportive of DIY-ers. Even small quantity customize they also ok! They got all sorts of wood! Highly recommended!




Wood Cutting Service


Specialty They understand the needs of the artist, hobbyist that like to explore dreams of doing handiwork with their own ideas, skills. In fact, DIY is common in western countries. They can pre-cut the plywood for you following your drawing and measurements. Do the edging, hot-press the laminate or veneer for you.

Services: Cutting services, handiwork, DIY, pre-cut the plywood, edging, hot-press, laminate, veneer

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 29 Sungei Kadut Street 4, Singapore 729054
Telephone +65-6363 6683
Opening hours 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
Review 1 I needed some veneer for my speaker kit project. So I looked up on the internet and found this company. I was a bit in doubt about which color so I decided to go there personally. The address was easy to find on the website, but once arrived at that address there are quite a few more companies. For people who will also go there, it’s at the back corner on the right side. But better to make an appointment beforehand, because they don’t have a lot of stock here, and a lot of stuff is coming from their warehouse in mine. Which might sometimes be challenging with this Corona situation.

Mr. Douglas is very helpful and reacts quickly to questions through WhatsApp.

Although there was some misunderstanding about how much I needed and I ordered too much. I ordered the Birch Veneer which was way more expensive than the other option, but in relation to the total cost of the project, this was OK. The quality of the veneer was very nice and the price was 58 SGD excl GST for 2×8 ft.
I guess their primary business is just delivering the wood, so they don’t have tools or glue to apply the veneer.

Review 2 Eve is friendly, nice, and responsive. She listen to my requirements and manage to fulfill them as per my required specs. Items were delivered quickly as well. Many thanks.
Review 3 Definitely recommend Merawood for all your plywood needs. Eve was very fast and helpful in responding to my multiple queries. The payment was online and hassle-free and delivered within 2 days of confirming my order (over a weekend too). Thank you!




Wood Cutting Service


Specialty Wood laser engraving of up to 5mm deep at 50mm/s single pass, laser cutting of wood up to 4mm thick for shapes, logos, and inlays. Plywood: intricate laser cut of shapes and laser engraving, up to 6mm thick. MDF & LDF (medium/light density fiberboard): laser cut, laser engrave, intricate shapes.

Services: Wood laser engraving, laser cutting, shapes, logos, inlays, laser engrave

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1 #02-14 Shun Li Ind Pk Singapore 417943
Telephone +65-6292 0048
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


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Wood Cutting Service

GPG Printing

Specialty They are specialized in large format printing such as stickers, roll-up banners, artist canvas, and safety signs. They also do laser cutting and engraving services. A New CO2 laser cutting machine has arrived. Sticker printing service. Social distancing dividers. Floor warning signs. GPG Aerosol spray Pantone C paint, wood cutting.

Services: Laser cutting, engraving service large format printing, sticker, roll up banner, artist canvas, CO2 laser cutting machine

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 18 Boon Lay Way, #03-101 Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966
Telephone +65- 6304 8080
Opening hours 9.30 am to 6 pm
Review 1 I had engaged GPG printing services a few times now. And I must say I am really happy with the quality of printing and service. George is very patient and prompt in handling all of my inquiries. He is there to help and ensure that I agree with the final output 1st before we proceed to print. Great work George and Gpg team. Highly recommended.
Review 2 Gpg printing service has a very friendly atmosphere, the customer service is really good. George was super friendly helped me out a lot with design sizes and on optimizing them to save fabric. Have always responded to calls and text, the pricing is also very reasonable. The laser cuts looked fab !! I’m really happy with their laser cut service!!
Review 3 Had another job for GPG Printing. Same professional and quick service! Brilliant !!

Professional, helpful & friendly service from Glenn.
I spent hours the week prior trying to get some custom shape acrylic cut and it was frustrating because every other company seemed to make it too hard or they just weren’t helpful enough to get it done.
Glenn made the whole process easy. Thank you.
Glenn also produces high-quality photo prints on canvas and just seeing what and how he does it I would definitely come here for this type of work too.




Wood Cutting Service

Cheese Effects

Specialty Cheese Effects specialized in Handcrafted backdrop and personalized props. All their props are well thought of and created from scratch by designers. Their craftsmen and designers hold over 20s years of experience in the prop-making industry. Incorporating with their photography, they continue to produce the best of original artwork.

Services: Handcrafted backdrop, personalized props, original artwork, Photo Booth, Hashtag (Instagram) Print, GIF Booth, Roving Photography

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park, #06-1459 Singapore, Singapore 319074
Opening hours 9.30 am to 9.30 pm
Review 1 Can’t recommend them more! Engaged Cheese Effects for my wedding and they were just the best! From being flexible with me having to postpone my wedding twice due to Covid to their quick replies and fantastic service…. everything was superb. We absolutely love the photos and the printouts they provided on the spot. Highly recommend them. Thank you, Cherie!
Review 2 Thank you for the wedding photo booth for my cousin. Great job guys!
Review 3 Excellent GIF and photo booth in Singapore! Great job guys for my event!




Wood Cutting Service

Carpenters 匠

Specialty Their parent company has been in the interior design, carpentry, and renovation trade in Singapore since 1950, and provided interior solutions and satisfactory results to thousands of households, and commercial requirements. Re-branded in 2010, their team has a pool of new blood, hybrid expertise of refined woodworks, interior designs, renovations.

Services: Interior design, carpentry, renovation trade, refined woodworks, interior solutions

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 62 Ubi Road 1 #01-01, Oxley Bizhub 2, 408734
Telephone +65- 6443 1123
Opening hours 11 am to 5 pm
Review 1 I had my renovations done by Carpenters and was handled by ID Ms. Xueqi. Before I decided to choose Carpenters, I have gone through 6 others to view their showroom, sales quotations, sales follow up and responsiveness – I concluded and ended up with Carpenters. Xueqi was assigned to take up my project. The project took up few months due to the pandemic and also partly due to my end. However, Xueqi and her team were so patient and understanding. Throughout the renovation project, Xueqi was very detailed to all my requirements, very hard working to make sure she followed up with the contractors in order to deliver as requested. She is always gave ideas on what we’re good for my renovations and always on time for site meetings even through late hours … I never regret getting her as my ID and Carpenters team at Tradehub is my preferred choice. If I have more properties. I will definitely engage their services and have already introduced them to my contacts! Well done Xueqi!!
Review 2 Great service from Jason Lee and good quality works from the company.. Jason has the ability to understand our requirements and present good ideas and solutions that are practical, value for money and yet meet our design requirements. His quality of service is also excellent where he is always just a call or message away. I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again.
Review 3 Worked with Edward on our renovation last year. Edward was always responsive to our questions and concerns, before, during, and well after the renovation was completed. The quality of the carpentry turned out good. Edward was realistic about time frames, and any delays were promptly communicated. Edward was also helpful with the tile, countertop, and furniture selections. Keep it up!




Wood Cutting Service

Tan Carpenters

Specialty Tan Carpenters provide all carpentry services whether you are upgrading your home or office. They can take charge of your full renovation needs by helping your design and renovate your space to your liking. With their in-house carpentry workshop located at Defu Lane, they have all tools for quality work.

Services: Carpentry Service, Woodworking Craft, Construction & Layout, Integrating with appliances, Kitchen Island

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, #02-08, Singapore 757333
Telephone +65- 8800 4800
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Wonderful service from Andy and his team for their assistance and expertise! I was unsure about what to do, as it was my first experience with the supplier of carpentry, but they made it such a fun and smooth experience and were so patient to answer my questions. We will definitely re-engage their service in the future. The quality is absolutely fantastic and my family is extremely pleased with the outcome.
Review 2 The team was very professional in handling my enquiry. They are not the kind of sales team that pushes you to engage their service. But instead, they took the time to understand what’s your need & find solutions to resolve your issues. Kudos to the team!
Review 3 I had engaged Tan Carpenters for the installation of carpentry fixtures for my home renovation as I did not engage an ID. The team has handled the project very well and I want to compliment them for their excellent work. They were effective, had tight control of the project and the alternatives are clarified. They were also able to provide other general renovation services which greatly helped me a lot.




Wood Cutting Service

Singapore Carpentry

Specialty Superior carpentry, interior design, and construction services. Leading innovators that will help to build your dream home at a modest rate. Interior Design, Carpentry, Contractor. Luxury is interlaced with simplistic, modern designs for homes. Modernity and luxury combine seamlessly. Ultra-stunning and luxurious bathroom ideas. Mixing best of luxury and modern aesthetics.

Services: Superior carpentry, interior design, construction services, Interior Design, Carpentry, Contractor

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 4A Bury Rd Singapore 119824
Telephone (+65) 8100 4193
Opening hours 10 am to 6 pm
Review 1 requested for a quote on the website, although the response was quite slow at first the proposal I received was very detailed and the designer understood the style I was looking for
awesome service, amazing carpentry workmanship thank you for going the extra mile, the quotation was reasonable as well even for a complex project like a& works.
Review 2 We contacted Ernest after seeing the result of our friend’s newly renovated home by Singapore Carpentry. It wasn’t easy to get hold of Ernest as he is pretty busy. Moreover, we are glad that he managed to make time to meet up with us.

Our intention was to tear down and rebuilt our landed property to have a nicer building and layout. However, Ernest suggested only do A&A which helped us saved a large cost. Using his knowledge and expertise he was able to propose a stunning design for our home with an internal layout that’s of practical usage of space for every room.

Not to say, the interior design is fantastic too, our ultra-luxurious designed home turned out to be exactly like the 3D design they showed us.

Generally, Ernest and his team are well versed in their roles and experienced. The only thing is that due to Ernest’s busy schedule, he tends to take a while to reply to our messages. But it wasn’t a big issue for us, as he always makes arrangements for the work to flow timely.

We are glad that our home turned out to be magnificent and the whole process was smooth!

Review 3 had an excellent experience engaging Singapore carpentry for my reno, quotation was reasonable, design and workmanship of the carpentry were really good.
upon completion, Ernest also went the extra mile to check with me and my wife on any defects of our home and ensured it was rectified the quickest possible date and time in our next available date.




Wood Cutting Service

Uncle Carpenter

Specialty Over the past 20 years, they have completed numerous projects in Singapore. They specialize in customized carpentry fittings for residential and commercial properties at an affordable price. They provide highly customized solutions with original designs and layouts that are functional, aesthetic to users. They deliver a variety of carpentry installations.

Services: Custom Fittings, Experienced Carpenters, Direct from Workshop, customized carpentry works, customized carpentry fittings

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 32 Defu Lane 10, #01-32, Singapore 539213
Telephone +65- 9632 3845
Opening hours 9 am to 7 pm
Review 1 We’ve just completed the renovation of our main bathroom and bedrooms, as well as furnishing an additional study. Mr. Yi was in charge of the design and carpentry jobs, and we were very happy to work with him and the team he brought to the project. First of all, he is a transparent, truthful, and responsive guy and he was able to offer answers to the questions we had and help with practical guidance in the initial discussions. He was always punctual once the work started, so we learned quickly that he was easy to get on with and worked well on the job with the other trades. More significantly, his considerable experience working on homes such as mine ensured his research was comprehensive, with careful attention to detail, and no shortcuts were necessary. He brings a wardrobe experience that added to our renovation value. When we had questions, he was happy to listen to us and we were impressed with his problem-solving skills and willingness to work with options to determine the best result. We consider him to be honest, reliable, and trustworthy. He also provided a realistic quote and schedule, and both stayed on track. We would highly recommend Uncle Carpenter for any type of renovation or carpentry works.
Review 2 I requested several quotes for ‘built in’ shelving above a murphy bed in our guest room/office.
Only Uncle Carpenter demonstrated an understanding of our needs, as well as at a reasonable price point (others came in lower but didn’t give me conviction in their abilities, and others were as high as 3x the cost.
Overall, I’m very pleased with the result. Their staff had excellent communication, was professional and respectful of our space. The end product looks tremendous. I’d certainly use Uncle Carpenter in the future!
Review 3 Excellent workmanship. My family had needed a built-in wardrobe as we have moved into a small flat with limited space. I was given several quotes and found Uncle Carpenter to offer the best value and was not disappointed with the quality. After the job was done, the staff even cleaned up after themselves, even though I offered 🙂 Highly recommended service and professionalism.




Wood Cutting Service

White Artz

Specialty White Artz carpentry is a direct carpentry company known for its passion, craftsmanship, and dedication to detail. They provide a direct carpentry channel for customers who want to save cost and at the same time have quality carpentry installed in their homes. Quality Direct carpentry. Carpentry add-on works. Direct factory rates.

Services: Full renovation projects, direct carpentry, quality carpentry, factory rates, carpentry upgrade works

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 61 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 #02-28 Singapore, Singapore 757047
Telephone +65-8540 3430
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 We contacted White Artz over WA to build a cabinet of 3.4m high for our house. By the next day, they came down for measurement. After which, we met Keith to discuss the design and delivery. They delivered the cabinet in 2weeks.

Reasons why you should engage them :

– Respond fast to queries
– Able to provide good advice on cabinet design
– Able to meet the deadline
– Awesome workmanship
– Ensure the cabinet works well after installation
– No hidden charges
– Price very affordable (I got quotes from 4 companies, White Artz was the lowest)

We are very satisfied with the outcome. Keith was very accomodating.

Ah Soon, the carpenter who installed our cabinet, was meticulous. He checked every inch of the cabinet after installation. He also works very fast and sticks to the timeline given to him.

Review 2 So glad to have engaged White Artz Carpentry to do up full-height carpentry to conceal my bomb shelter! Decided to add this in at the last stage of my reno journey. Keith was very easy to contact via WhatsApp and very responsive 👍🏻 I gave the measurements based on the floor plan and he was able to give an estimated quotation promptly.

Also thank u to Uncle Peter (who came down to take the measurements, and I’m impressed by how quickly he worked!) and the uncle who installed my final carpentry. Very happy with the final product as it turned out exactly like what I wanted! Would definitely recommend them as they are indeed very professional and efficient.

Review 3 Decided to give White Artz a try after reading through some of their nice reviews on Google. They are the most responsive when it comes to replying to a new enquiry from websites, and I got a reply from Keith within an hour. I am impressed by the transparency in their pricing. They gave me an estimated price upon receiving my floor plan and the drawing without requesting a site visit first. I feel comfortable with the fact that their pricing is uniform and does not vary across customers. When the final quotation arrived after the site visit, it is similar to the estimated pricing.

I engaged them to make a shaker-style wardrobe which some of my main contractors weren’t able to commit. I was advised by those contractors to reconsider the design as the edge of the laminate will be of a different color and it won’t look as good. White Artz has experience making these wardrobes and Keith told me the issue can be resolved by using core laminate. The constructed wardrobe is exactly to specification and both me and my wife are really impressed that it looks identical to our designer rendered image. Their carpenter has a deep passion for his job and took the time to explain to us certain aspects of the installation.

Overall, I will strongly recommend White Artz for any carpentry project. Their pricing is fair and the quality is unmatched. Customer service is also excellent; Keith’s reply has always been prompt. Thank you for the great work, White Artz.




Wood Cutting Service

Home Shake

Specialty They are probably the last carpentry workshop in Singapore with extensive experience in Solid Wood Furniture. Their carpenters, painters, and tailors work together on all kinds of projects, including renovations for HDBs, Condominiums, and Landed Properties. Workmanship, customer service matter more than anything. Everything is customizable: design, dimensions, materials, finish.

Services: Renovations for HDBs, Condominiums, Landed Properties, customizable design, dimensions

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 22 Defu Lane 12 Singapore, Singapore 539129
Telephone +65- 8838 7476
Opening hours 9 am to 4 pm
Review 1 Personable service and professional work. Homeshake is willing to take on my project of making a built-in cabinet even though it’s not an extensive one. Thank you, Jennifer and Keerthi, who have always been prompt with replies and solutions.
Review 2 HomeShake has earned itself a very loyal customer!

The ease of the process, the responsiveness, the punctuality, the quality, the workmanship… All exceeded my expectations!

It started with a built-in shoe cabinet… Then it was a built-in book cabinet… Now I’m already planning to re-do my kitchen cabinets with them.

Happiness is finding a trustworthy, capable, good-quality vendor that you know you can count on! ❤️

Review 3 I got a custom-made sofa from them. It’s beautifully carpenter and just the way I wanted. Jennifer and the team are very professional and kept me posted throughout the making of my sofa. I highly recommend them if you are looking at getting custom made furniture




Wood Cutting Service

HY Carpentry

Specialty HY Carpentry is the first choice for hundreds of Singaporeans looking for a reliable, high-quality, and low-cost solution for their renovation & carpentry projects. HY Carpentry is the choice for hundreds of homeowners in Singapore providing carpentry services for BTO renovation package, resales renovation package, Condominium / EC renovation package.

Services: Interior Design, Design Consultancy, Turnkey Projects, Carpentry Works, Residential Design

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address #06-10/ 11 Mandai Estate Singapore, Singapore 729908
Telephone +65-9382 0667
Opening hours 24/7




Wood Cutting Service

Heng Lai Furniture Carpentry

Specialty They specialize in Custom Made Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobes, Shoe Cabinets, Bookshelves, TV Consoles, Study Table, and more. Custom-made furniture that will fit in with the space and design concepts of your home, office, or commercial shop lot. They offer our carpentry services at direct workshop rates, reliable, affordable carpenters.

Services: Custom Made Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobes, Shoe Cabinets, Bookshelves, TV Consoles, Study Table

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, #03-04, Singapore 757322
Telephone +65-8699 1022
Opening hours 9 am to 8 pm
Review 1 Excellent work! Highly recommended!
Thanks, Eugene!
Review 2 Saw many many good & positive reviews about Heng Lai carpentry. Hence decided to engage them for my new home. Indeed no regrets after signing. Eugene was very attentive to my requirements. It was a very smooth & pleasant experience! The carpentry work was completed by professional & experienced senior carpenters with excellent & perfect workmanship! Well done & please keep up the good work & attitude!
Review 3 I have met up with contractors and enquired with a few ids until I got to know about Heng Lai via FB. Hui Min, the admin replied promptly to my inquiry and made arrangements for on-site measurement and quotation.
My hb and I met Ugene and we shared with him our requirements and needs for the carpentry work to be carried out. He was patient and gave professional advice. He did a sketch with his tablet and there was when we were blown away by the Picasso drawings because he gave us a better understanding through the visuals. He would update the status and work progress throughout the renovation period and although there were some hiccups due to unforeseen circumstances, he gave alternatives and resolved the issue asap. Eugene is a guy with a sense of urgency and is responsive to any inquiries during the process. Uncle Chong, Uncle Lai, and another uncle with a younger guy are the carpenters who did all the installation and carpentry work. The lady boss also came to the site and did some cleaning. The carpenters are experienced and skillful. I can see the detailed work even halfway thru the carpentry process. Neat work and fast completion.
Quality end-product with quality serviceVery highly recommended.
my no.1 contact to share with my friends and family for renovation.

Chain Saw

One likely needs to get a solid chainsaw, supposing you seek to slice trees up in quick, fast timing.

Such get employed for cutting highly dense trees or shrubs.

Not taking up too much time, such electric saws are high performance while remaining accessible to wield generally.

For rendering tools more easily transportable, many alternatively employ such saws for basic sawing of dense wood.

Still, one fails to derive efficient slicing for sawing through decks to perform specific slicing.

One might buy chainsaws from many mainstream hardware retailers, that might hold limited selections to choose over.

A crucial consideration to generally deliberate over for picking any chain saw remains that these are sufficiently light to enable you to wield these more efficiently, well.

So do not rush to pick a chain model, also try to pick models which could work well for you.


The router refers to high-powered, mechanical equipment employed for contouring wooden material or building up new, distinct wooden shapes, made up of joints.

Applied to round, smoothen raw or pointy edges of wooden material.

More functions of such routers are that these get applied to produce grooves or pockets within wooden material.


Retailed with varied shapes or sizes, chisels hold slicing points of metal blades sticking out from metal or plastic or wooden ends.

Frequently utilized for purposes of welding or conjoining two wood pieces firmly, the blade slices, shave away slivers of wooden material.

Often, chisels get employed in dual-use with the mallet.


Such cutting equipment is frequently applied for smoothening out, flattening raw planes.

Comprising of highly pointed razor ends, that hack or cut off excess or tiny wooden specks from plane tops.

While distinct forms of planes get retailed, flattening or bench planes are in greater demand.

Lower volumes of these tools require human effort whereas several charges electrically.

To work on any contoured plane, the compass plane works well, whereas to derive Rabbet or Tenon conjunctions, Shoulder Planes might be applied more often. One may obtain these quite easily at cutting tools factories.


Supposing one seeks to gain capacities to contour, shape wood with more ease, skill, obtaining a lathe is necessary.

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Employ this as some form of universal woodworking equipment by joining multiple distinct forms of equipment to lathe edges.

Without considering if, one must perform precision slicing, or supposing you seek to flatten, smoothen a block of lumbar, a lathe will likely fit well as suitable equipment to do this.

These are machine tools that employ varied shapes or sizes of chisels. Aside from delivering a smooth surface finish, this additionally contours, delivers shaped wood, while one may carve various forms of decoration designs upon the wood.

If one is confined to strict budgets, lathes might fail to be accessed easily in stores.

Suitable, quality lathes might cost much more usually, still, these could be profitable investments eventually.

Simply ascertain, check if one may have funds to buy a quality, high-end lathe working with your present funds.

Why Would You Have Someone Else Cut Wood for You?

At hand are diverse, multiple reasons why one could seek to engage such services.

A trending, compelling rationale is not being able to generally load, put wood inside your car and van, lorry also.

Still, certain individuals do not hold the appropriate carving equipment pertaining to woodcutting, or might not seek to carve wooden material independently, by themselves.

These could then prove to be easy modes, ways to experience the more fun, playful factors of DIY.

Venues for Wood Cutting

Home Depot. Home Depot’s wood cutting services range over distinct stores, departments, while most have opted for a fee-based subscription.

Still, many stores could slice your wood to fit well inside your car, vehicle or might even deliver you a determined range of slicing if these hold the resources to execute these.

Lumber Yards. Independent wood shops are currently providing more wood cutting.

Local Hardware Stores. Akin to many lumber yard counterpart stores, most hardware stores presently go the extra mile, put in great efforts to market wood cutting services.

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