Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore

Planning for weddings can be hard work. So don’t let those months of hard work go to waste!  Let you and your guests capture those precious snippets on this special day to take home as keepsake.

Top wedding photobooth services in Singapore

There are numerous wedding photobooth providers, check out below for the list of top wedding photobooth services in Singapore.


cheese effects Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


Cheese Effects

  • Provides over 60 complementary wedding themed props
  • Offers unlimited printouts with fully customised printout design
  • Wide range of video services photo booth
Pricing From $700 for 2 hours
Address Perfect One Building 1 Genting Link #08-03C Perfect One Singapore 349518
  • 65 8401 1760
Operating Hours Mon – Sat 10.30am – 5.30pm

Closed on Sunday


six sheet Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore



  • Motion print photobooth available
  • Provides wide variety of photobooths such as standard, GIF and video booth
Pricing From $499 for 1 hour
565 Macpherson Road #03-00
Singapore, Singapore
  • 65 9126 2593
Operating Hours Weekday 9.00am – 5.00pm

Sat 9.00am – 12.30pm

Closed on Sunday


instantly Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore



  • Long list of experience working with various companies and events
  • Offers live instagram and Whatapp printing services
  • Wedding packages available
Pricing From $800 for 2 hours
Address Oxley Bizhub, 61 Ubi Road 1, #02-04, Singapore 408727
  • 65 9247 6520
  • 65 9838 5294
Operating Hours Weekdays 10am – 7pm

Closed on weekends


tinyphoto Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


Tiny Photo

  • Provide instant photobooth services, event photography and instant photo printing services with roving photography
  • Customised photobooth backdrops and phototemplate available
  • Printouts of photo available within 8 seconds
Pricing From $780 for 2 hours
Address Woodlands 11, 11 Woodlands Close, #10-25 Singapore 737853
  • 65 8660 3598
Operating Hours Daily 10am – 8pm


we love fab foto Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore



  • Instant printing and photobooth rental services provided
  • Instagram and Whataspp printing kiosk available
Pricing From $390 for 2 hours
Address 33 Ubi Ave 3 #08-08 Sg 408868
  • 65 8499 6924
  • 65 9826 0539
Operating Hours Weekdays 9am – 6pm

Closed on Weekends


strikey posey Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore

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Strikey Posey

  • Offers various types of photobooths even a mobile photobooth
  • Provides custom overlay and customised sets from backgrounds to props
Pricing From $499 onwards
Address New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 461055
  • 65 8700 5750
Operating Hours Daily 8am – 11.30pm


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dollop Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore



  • Offers vintage inspired enclosed photobooths and virtual photobooths
  • Packages include unlimited prints with customised envelopes provided
  • Experience with large events in Singapore
Pricing From $788
Address 6 Ubi Road 1 #08-13, 408726, Singapore
  • 65 8852 6102
Operating Hours Weekdays 10am – 8pm

Closed on weekends


wicked snap vTop Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


Wicked Snap

  • Offers unlimited prints and studio class lighting
  • Exclusive and customised polaroid styled print designs available
  • Wide variety of props, custom backdrop and styling provided
Pricing From $600 for 2 hours
Address 955 Hougang Ave 9, Singapore 530955
  • 65 9661 5679


little snap Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


Little Snap Productions

  • Unlimited print within photobooth time frame provided
  • Customizable photo overlay design available
  • Complimentary envelopes provided
Pricing From $488 for 2 hours
Address Bukit Batok Street 21, Singapore
  • 65 8290 8899


running media Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


Running Media

  • Offers customised packages tailored to event
  • Live view screen with touch screen features available
  • Post event online gallery available to download all photos
Pricing From $699
Address 29 Sin Ming Dr, #01-215, Sin Ming Industrial Estate, Singapore 768160
  • 65 8292 0816
Operating Hours Open daily


tagronauts Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


Tagronauts Instant Prints

  • Free instant print samples provided
  • Offers face detection, fully automated printing and 2 printers for astronomical print output
Pricing From $588
  • 65 9858 5480


booth berry Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


Booth Berry

  • Exclusive wedding-only photobooth package available
  • Offers customised border design for printout
  • Early bird discounts available
Pricing From $880 for 2 hours
Address 30 Kallang Place, #07-22, Singapore 339159
  • 65 9482 5300
Operating Hours Weekdays 12pm – 5pm

Closed on weekends



senica photos Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


Senica Photos

  • Pre-wedding Photography and videography
  • Wedding day Photography and videography
  • Livestream
  • Photo booth
  • Portraitures
Pricing From $600 for 2 hours
Address Scape Orchard, 2 Orchard Link, #04-01, 237978
  • 65 8875 8701
Operating Hours Daily 10am – 7pm


the story box Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


The Story Box

  • Offers wide range of photobooth rentals, GIFs, 360 video booth and more
  • Specialty in open air photo booths
  • Offer customised backdrop designs
Pricing From $488 for 2 hours
Address JTC Building, 20 Woodlands Link #05-21 Singapore 738733
  • 65 8121 2223
Operating Hours By appointment only


Candid Shots Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore

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CandidShots Photo Booth Singapore

  • Free photo frame standee provided with each print out
  • Customised photo template available
Pricing From $699 for 2 hours
11 Sin Ming Road, Thomson V-Two, #B2-09 Singapore, Singapore
  • +65 9272 5119
Operating Hours Daily 10am – 6pm


busy body Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


BusybodySG Instant Print Photography and Photo Booth

  • Instant print and download of photos and live feed slideshow provided
  • Green screen, GIF, custom props and backdrops available
Pricing From $518
Address 2 Gambas Cres, #09-12, Singapore 757044
  • +65 9844 4757
Operating Hours Daily 9am – 6pm


UberSnap Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore



  • Photo, GIF, video and virtual photobooth available
  • Holographic prints available
  • Built in high speed printer, instant email and function available
Pricing From $549 for 1 hour
Address LTC Building B, 12 Arumugam Road #03-08 Singapore 409958
  • +65 9012 8537
Operating Hours Weekdays 10am – 6pm

Closed on weekends


Grand Pixel Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


Grand Pixel

  • Provides packages with unlimited printouts for all guests
  • Customised photoborder available
Pricing From $580 for 2 hours
Address 32 Segar Rd, #10-19 Blossom Residences, Singapore 677722
  • +65 9632 8779
  • +65 9834 2530
Operating Hours Daily 8am – 12am


aww snap Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


Aww Snap

  • Offers range of photobooths from compact booth, open air booth, green screen and 360 booth
  • Provides photobooth equipped with instant printer and wifi connectivity
Pricing From $680 for 2 hours
Address 158 Kallang Way, Performance Building, #02-515, S349245
  • +65 9880 8869
  • +65 9450 6358
Operating Hours Weekday 10am – 6pm

Closed on weekends


Cloud booth Top Wedding Photobooth Services in Singapore


Cloud Booth

  • Provide customisable packages
  • Experience working with diverse local and international companies
  • Offers 3 modes of photo modes: Boomerang, animated GIF and photo
Pricing From $549
Address Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 560574
  • +65 8127 1500
Operating Hours Weekday 8.30am – 11.30pm

Weekend 8.30am – 10.30pm

Why choose a photobooth service for your wedding


Photobooths are a great way to keep guests entertained during your wedding. As compared to other wedding entertainment services such as live bands or cocktail bars, photobooths are an affordable and convenient alternative. It helps to add that element of fun that is suitable for all ages while keeping your guests occupied during the reception and between meals.  

Wedding favors

Wedding favors are small gifts of gestures to show appreciation to your guests for taking the time to attend your wedding. Picking a suitable and practical thank-you gift can be a headache. Pictures can help to add a touch of personalisation to your wedding favor and is a great way to capture and remind guests of the happy moments on your wedding day.

Capture meaningful memories

Weddings are a once-in-a- lifetime experience and you will want to immortalise these special moments. Aside from your professional photoshoots, photobooths are a fun and stress free way of creating another candid set of photos to remember by. 

Tips for choosing a wedding photobooth service

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Having a photobooth service at your wedding is a great way to capture moments of your special day. With the plethora of wedding photobooth providers in Singapore, you may initially feel overwhelmed with the choices. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a wedding photobooth service:


Everyone wants to have the perfect wedding but not every detail is worth splurging on and spending more doesn’t always guarantee better quality. All is fun and laughter at first until you get the bill. So, make sure to plan your budget and shortlist a few providers before signing the deal. 


Many wedding photobooth providers offer package deals that can help to cater to your budget. Some offer standard deals that include renting the booth for a time limit while providing unlimited printouts, backdrops or props. 

Some packages are customisable, allowing customers the option to opt out for certain features that are not required. This way, you can save money on unnecessary additional services and personalise the photobooth services to align it  with your wedding needs. 

Space at venue

As smaller intimate weddings are gaining popularity among couples, do ensure that the venue has ample space to fit the photobooth. No one wants their guests tripping over wires, tearing down backdrops and bumping into one other. 

Depending on the setup and type of booth, there are different space requirements needed. As open air photobooths usually include backdrops and equipment, check with the vendors beforehand on how much space is needed. It is also recommended to buffer space for guests to gather around during the photoshoot. If you have space restraints, consider an enclosed photobooth. This provides you the same functions while taking up less space at your venue. 

Experience of photobooth service provider

While costs are a crucial factor, it is also important to verify the experience and trustworthiness of the provider before signing the contract. Websites, online portfolio, word of mouth, social media accounts – these are some platforms to ‘investigate’ and check if a vendor is trustworthy. 

Picture Quality

Before you sign and confirm the photobooth service, check the quality of photos taken and printed by the photobooth vendor. No one want’s their special moments captured in blurry, pixelated and unnatural colors unless you’re looking for something abstract. 

Online reviews are also a good way to check the quality of photos offered. Be mindful that photos posted on their websites may be heavily edited to look clear and professional. So it is important to get a second opinion from online reviews from other past customers to help with the assessment. 

Types of wedding photobooth services

Many wedding photobooth providers offer additional services which are typically included as a standard along with the photobooth itself. Do check for hidden fees before opting for the additional services. 

Below are some of the common wedding photobooth services provided:

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One of the simplest ways to add some fun and humor to your photos, props can help ease that camera shyness and wipe away those awkward smiles. 

There are a myriad of props provided by photobooths such as stick props, inflatables, costumes and frames. With so many choices to pick from, you don’t have to worry about finding one to fit your wedding theme. Keep your guests engaged and provide that creative addition to make your pictures come to life.

Unlimited prints

Some wedding photobooth providers offer unlimited shots and prints during the time frame of the rental. Apart from unlimited shots, some providers also provide instant photo printing services which only requires up to 60 seconds to print the photos. This is a great service to consider when you are expecting a large number of guests for your wedding.

Digital copies

In the age of social media, you may want to consider a service that provides you a digital copy of the photos. As many wedding photobooth providers also offer services like animated GIFs and short videos, opt for a provider that sends a digital copy instantly. That way, you and your guests can easily download and share the photos immediately. Consider creating a wedding hashtag for your event so that you and your guests can relive all the memories of this special day. 

Wedding Photobooth Ideas

The fun thing about choosing a wedding photobooth is that there are just so many styles to choose from! With so many different types of wedding photobooth ideas available, you don’t have to rack your brains finding one that fits your wedding theme!

Some of the unique wedding photobooth ideas available are:

  • Animated GIFs 
  • 360 degree photo
  • Green screen booth
  • Arcade style
  • Mirror Me booth
  • Holographic prints

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