Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore (Updated 2024)

top wedding dress stores in singapore

In Singapore, the cost of wedding gowns varies widely, influenced by the design, fabric, and designer’s prestige. While some brides opt to purchase their gown, cherishing the personalization and sentimental value it offers, others prefer the more budget-friendly route of renting. This choice often comes down to individual preferences on customization, cost, and the gown’s future use.

Cost Analysis
Purchasing a bridal gown in Singapore can be a significant expense. Prices for off-the-rack dresses start at $1,000, while custom gowns can escalate from $2,000 to $4,000. Rentals, offering a more economical option, begin at around $600, depending on the bridal studio’s offerings.

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Customization Possibilities
If personalization is key for you, purchasing your gown allows for more flexibility. While alterations can be made on rented dresses, extensive modifications are not typically possible.

Reflect on future occasions where your gown could make a reappearance. If you envision wearing it again, purchasing makes sense. If not, renting is a practical and cost-effective option.


When it’s time to choose your gown, the vast array of styles and colors can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to guide you in finding the gown that not only looks stunning but feels right.

  • Fit and Flatter: Choose a gown that complements your body shape. Whether it’s a ball gown, A-line, or mermaid style, it should enhance your best features. Bridal studios offer a wide variety, and their stylists can guide you toward the silhouettes that flatter your figure the most.
  • Color Coordination: While white remains a classic choice, don’t be afraid to explore colors that match your theme or personal style. Modern brides are embracing gowns in bold and unconventional colors, adding a unique touch to their wedding attire.
  • Budgeting for Your Gown: Whether you decide to rent or buy, setting a budget is crucial. Research the cost of gowns that interest you and factor in the designer’s fees to avoid any surprises.
  • Deciding on the Number of Gowns: Many brides in Singapore choose two gowns for their celebration – one for the ceremony and another for the reception. Consider whether you prefer this tradition or if a single gown meets your needs.

The journey to the perfect wedding gown includes fittings to ensure your dress is exactly as you envisioned. Here’s how to prepare for these important appointments:

Come Prepared: Bring the shoes and undergarments you plan to wear on your wedding day to get a true sense of how the gown will look and feel.

Timing is Crucial: Schedule your fittings well in advance to allow time for adjustments, ensuring your gown is flawless for your special day.

Bring Your Squad: Having your bridesmaids, especially your maid-of-honor, join you for fittings can make the experience more memorable. They can offer feedback and learn how to assist you on the wedding day.

Your wedding gown is more than just a dress; it’s a symbol of your love story and the new chapter you’re about to begin. With these tips and considerations, finding the gown that reflects your essence will be a cherished part of your wedding journey.


Find your perfect wedding dress at these bridal studios in Singapore:


Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1

Bridal Studio

The Gown Warehouse

About The Gown Warehouse has been the go-to destination for brides seeking unique and affordable gowns since its inception in 2013. The studio’s commitment to creating memorable experiences is reflected in their diverse gown collections and customer-centric services.
  • Established Presence: With a legacy beginning in 2013, the studio has become a cherished choice for bridal wear in Singapore.
  • Innovative Online Store: Launching an online store to meet the evolving needs of modern brides, showcasing their responsiveness to customer feedback.
  • Location Advantage: Strategically located for easy accessibility, enhancing the shopping experience for every bride-to-be.
  • Bespoke Creations: Offering personalized gown design services, allowing brides to bring their dream wedding dresses to life.
  • Comprehensive Wedding Packages: Packages are designed to simplify the bridal process, including gown rental or purchase, makeup, and photography services.
  • Diverse Collection: A wide variety of gowns for rent or purchase, catering to different styles and preferences, ensuring every bride finds her perfect match.
Address 25 Lichfield Road Singapore 556845
Contact Tel: 65 6734 3998


Operating Hours By appointment only
Review 1 “TGW has an extensive selection of gowns to choose from, with their packages to be reasonably priced and clear with no hidden cost. Their biggest value to a couple would be their service. Diana, our consultant, had been amazing since the first appointment. Her obvious sincerity and passion made our entire experience with TGW perfect. With all the assistance and advice Diana gave on finding the right gown for the wife, it was pretty much stress free for us.”
Review 2 “Great location. Amazing knowledge of body shape to match the gowns. No hidden cost & transparent pricing. Beautiful gowns selection without looking too old or used. They are well-cleaned and maintained. I love that I can always get to rechoose the gowns after every quarter new collection issued. The process of trying gowns is  smooth! There will always be 1-2 person serving you helping you in and out of the gowns. Most imptly, they allow you to try any pieces which many studio don’t.”
Review 3 “Choosing The Gown Warehouse for my wedding attire was the best decision I made. The wide selection meant I was spoilt for choice, and the inclusive package made planning so much easier. The team’s attention to detail and dedication to making me look my best was evident throughout.”


Zwedding Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore

Bridal Studio

Z Wedding

About Z Wedding, located at 79 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore, stands as a comprehensive wedding solution provider, dedicated to making every couple’s wedding dream come to life. With a full spectrum of services ranging from gown rentals to professional photography and videography, they strive to deliver a stress-free and memorable wedding planning experience.
  • Comprehensive Services: From the initial consultation to the final moments of your wedding, Z Wedding offers a wide range of services to ensure every detail is perfect.
  • Skilled Team: A passionate team of organizers, designers, photographers, and videographers collaborate to bring your vision to life.
  • Personalized Experiences: Tailoring services to each couple’s tastes and preferences, ensuring a unique and personal wedding celebration.
  • Strategic Location: Conveniently situated in Singapore’s vibrant Tanjong Pagar area, making it accessible for all your wedding planning needs.
  • Bridal and Groom Attire: A vast selection of wedding and evening dresses, men’s suits, and accessories to suit every style and preference.
  • Photography and Videography Excellence: Offering both outdoor and studio pre-wedding photography, alongside wedding day documentation, capturing your special moments with artistry and flair.
  • All-Inclusive Packages: Thoughtfully designed wedding packages, including dress rentals, makeup, and photography services, simplifying the planning process for couples.
Address 33 Tras St,Singapore 078973
Contact Tel: 65 6327 8880


Operating Hours Daily: 12nn – 9pm

Closed on Wednesdays

Review 1 “Amber is a highly skilled and experienced makeup artist. She has a deep understanding of the needs of her clients and is able to effectively communicate her plans for achieving their desired look.

Michelle demonstrated great attention to detail in selecting the perfect wedding gown for my wife. After carefully listening to our description of the shooting location and my wife’s preferences, she presented a range of options that perfectly matched our needs.

In general, the staff and service provided by Z Wedding are excellent. It is always a pleasure to visit the wedding boutique, as the staff is consistently friendly and engaging, fostering a positive and enjoyable atmosphere during our interactions.”

Review 2 “Z Wedding provided an exceptional experience from start to finish. Derrick patiently helped us to arrange our schedules as we have very tricky
working rosters. Michelle’s patience and insightful recommendations made finding the perfect gown a joy. Thank you for making such an important moment memorable and stress-free!”
Review 3 “I really like their service. From gown selection, fitting, make up, photo shooting and lastly photo selection. We really enjoyed the process. Michelle patiently helped me and gave me a lot of valuable advice. Even tho we don’t like taking photos, we couldn’t believe our eyes, I also can be as beautiful as other girls do. The makeup artist, Amber is also very friendly, professional and calm. Every slot has a different makeup and hairdo, and I like them very much! The perfect cooperation between photographer and makeup artist made the photoshy(s) no more shy!”


Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore (Updated 2024) 2

Bridal Studio

Louvre Bridal

About Louvre Bridal, nestled in the heart of Singapore, distinguishes itself by offering artistic bridal creations, aiming to capture the essence of individuality through their “Millennial Bride Edition.” With a philosophy centered around “Live The Moment,” they specialize in crafting stories and experiences that resonate deeply with couples on their wedding journey.
  • Artistic Creations: Emphasizes unique, artistic gowns that cater to the modern bride’s desire for individuality.
  • Storytelling Approach: Dedicated to telling each couple’s unique story through their selection of wedding attire.
  • Tailored Experience: Provides personalized guidance and suggestions, ensuring a seamless and fulfilling wedding preparation journey.
  • Unique Bridal Fashion: Specializing in one-of-a-kind wedding dresses that reflect the latest trends and the bride’s personal style.
  • Comprehensive Consultation: Offers expert advice and support from the initial consultation to the final fitting, ensuring every bride finds her dream gown.
  • Exclusive Pre-loved Gown Sale: Hosts events that allow brides to select from exquisite pre-loved gowns, offering a sustainable and budget-friendly option.
Telephone 88780918
Operating Hours By appointment only
Review 1 “We got to know Louvre Bridal online. Fion was detailed and dedicated in helping our preparation journey for our wedding. Their gowns are beautiful and elegant. Would recommend any couple planning their marriage to come and have a look.”
Review 2 “Had a wonderful experience with louvre bridal. Like the personal one to one service provided by Fion. They have provide advices and link up the various partnered for one stop services. Many thanks for making a success for our wedding day .”
Review 3 “Highly recommended! We searched online for Singapore top bridal company and Louvre was featured in one of the website. Louvre was the first bridal shop we visited and we immediately signed up the package from them as they were very professional and helpful. Hence we felt that there were no need to look for another. The design of the gowns were lovely, we love it! 👍👍👍”


Freida Brides Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore

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Bridal Studio

Frieda Brides

About Frieda Brides, nestled in the heart of Singapore at 45a Kampong Bahru Road, offers a refreshing haven for brides seeking unconventional, boho-vintage, and designer wedding dresses. Celebrated for its commitment to showcasing unique gowns that cater to bold, modern brides, Frieda Brides has become a beacon for those who aspire to stand out on their wedding day, providing a diverse array of gowns that promise elegance without the extravagance.
  • Unique Bridal Collections: A treasure trove of distinctive wedding gowns that cater to the modern bride’s quest for elegance and individuality.
  • International Designers: Curating an exquisite selection from celebrated designers around the globe, ensuring a global chic aesthetic.
  • Boho and Vintage Inspirations: Emphasizes the free-spirited and timeless elegance of boho-vintage styles, perfect for brides seeking a blend of romance and uniqueness.
  • No Pressure Experience: A welcoming boutique atmosphere where brides can explore their bridal fashion dreams without the pressure, accompanied by their closest friends.
  • Curated Designer Gowns: Offers a handpicked collection of wedding dresses from world-renowned designers, focusing on quality and distinctive designs.
  • Bohemian and Elegant Simplicity: Celebrates the bohemian spirit and elegant simplicity, catering to brides who value comfort and a statement look.
  • Personalized Bridal Experience: Provides a relaxed, intimate setting for brides to discover their perfect dress, supported by a passionate and attentive team.
  • Alternative Bridal Styles: Specializes in gowns for brides looking to defy traditional expectations, embodying boldness and grace.
Address 45A (Level 2) Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169360
Contact Tel: 65 6220 0941


Review 1 “After visiting many bridal boutiques in Singapore, Freida Brides was the clear stand out for me – with a beautiful selection of gowns, housed in a light and welcoming shophouse and an exceptional team to guide you through. I found the perfect dress (among many that I liked) and found the fitting process to be smooth. Thanks Freida Brides team – I couldn’t have been happier with my dress and the way it looked and felt on the day!”
Review 2 “Frieda bride was the 2nd bridal shop I visited when I was searching for my dress and the moment I stepped in and had a glance, I knew they have what I wanted. They have a huge selection of different designers for boho vintage, non contemporary bridal gowns. Nat was really helpful in helping me to try on the dresses and giving me advice. As it is by appointment only, you get the full attention and service from nat and have the whole space to yourself. I was very lucky to put on a brand new Danni gown ordered to my size! Wish I could keep it forever. Thank you Frieda bride for the most perfect dress ever!”
Review 3 “I have nothing but good things to say about Frieda Brides! The biggest thing for me was that my dress required significant alterations and their seamstress made magic with enough time to spare for my wedding. Thank you sooo much!”




Bridal Studio

Love, Fioyo

About Love, Fioyo is a distinguished online gown rental platform based in Singapore, revolutionizing the bridal and evening wear shopping experience with a meticulously curated selection of elegant and contemporary gowns. Catering to the diverse preferences of today’s women, Love, Fioyo is celebrated for its luxurious and fashionable gown collections, offering styles that range from ethereal wedding dresses to chic evening wear, all designed with modern sensibilities and a commitment to quality.
  • Curated Designer Collections: Offers an exclusive range of gowns that embody sophistication and style, featuring both classic silhouettes and modern designs.
  • Convertible Dress Innovation: Pioneers in the realm of convertible dresses, providing versatile options that cater to different looks and occasions with a single gown.
  • Online Convenience: Emphasizes ease and convenience through an online rental service, allowing brides and guests to select their dream gown with just a few clicks.
  • Media Recognition: Acclaimed by prominent publications for its unique approach to bridal and evening wear, solidifying its position in the fashion industry.
  • Extensive Gown Selection: Provides a wide array of gown styles, from angelic white lace ball gowns to modern off-shoulder A-line dresses, ensuring a perfect fit for every personality and theme.
  • Fuss-Free Online Booking: Offers a streamlined online booking system for gown rentals, including a “Try A Gown” service for a personalized fitting experience.
  • Convertible Gown Innovation: Specializes in “One Design, Multiple Looks” convertible gowns, offering flexibility and creativity in styling for various events.
  • Sustainable Fashion Choices: Promotes sustainable fashion through gown rental services, catering to eco-conscious individuals seeking style without compromise.
Contact Tel: 88780918


Review 1 “I found this new online dress store on Google and rented my wedding dress with them.

The whole process is so easy and their service is highly recommended.

My wedding was just over last week and my family had complimented on how beautiful my wedding dress was.

Good and affordable!”

Review 2 “Love, Fioyo turned my wedding gown dreams into reality. The selection was breathtaking, and the convertible gown was a hit at my wedding!”
Review 3 “Renting my evening dress from Love, Fioyo was an absolute delight. Their collection is both elegant and contemporary, perfect for any special occasion.”


La Belle Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore

Bridal Studio

La Belle Couture

About La Belle Couture, an illustrious bridal boutique nestled in the heart of Singapore since 2006, has emerged as a beacon for brides-to-be, offering an encompassing bridal experience. Renowned for its vast collection of over 300 designer wedding gowns and a comprehensive suite of wedding services, La Belle Couture stands as a testament to bespoke bridal elegance and exceptional customer care.
  • Extensive Bridal Collection: Showcases over 300 bespoke wedding dresses, catering to a variety of styles from traditional to modern brides.
  • Customized Services: Provides personalized pre-wedding and actual day photography, videography, and professional bridal makeup and hairstyling services.
  • Experienced Team: A dedicated team of experts ensures a seamless and enchanting wedding planning journey for every couple.
  • Media Recognition: Lauded in various publications and media outlets, affirming its esteemed position in Singapore’s bridal industry.
  • Bespoke Wedding Gowns and Suits: Offers a diverse collection of wedding attire, including size-inclusive options, tailored by an established bridal gown designer.
  • Comprehensive Bridal Services: Features top-notch pre-wedding and actual day photography and videography, alongside expert bridal makeup and hairstyling services.
  • Customizable Bridal Packages: Allows couples to create their own wedding packages, adding a personalized touch to their special day.
  • Innovative Bridal Solutions: Introduces Moments by La Belle Couture, capturing love stories and unforgettable moments through skilled photography services.
Address 87 Tanjong Pagar Rd Singapore 088508
Contact Tel: 65 6327 3983


Operating Hours Mon – Sat: 12nn – 9pm

Sun: 11am – 8pm

Appointments are highly encouraged

Review 1 “We engaged Labelle less than 3 months prior to our wedding and it was the best decision ever! Even though it was pretty short notice, they managed to deliver great service and quality for our big day! Pei Wen was extremely helpful and went the extra mile recommending the most suitable gowns and suits for us, as well as accessories, shoes etc. Great service and great experience! Boon Dick did a great job for our casual PWS and we loved the natural makeup style done by Anna! Would recommend Labelle for all brides to be! “
Review 2 “Labelle was definitely the right choice for us. We were really glad to have May as our coordinator throughout this journey. We have no doubt that she will win the best service award.Shirley, our assigned MUA, was also very good. She was patient and experienced. Glad to have her on our actual day! Definitely recommend my friends to Labelle!”
Review 3 “Moki and Minnie were very helpful and professional throughout our Pre-wedding photoshoot! There was a good sense of direction both in how the photo could be taken, ensuring we were comfortable and even accommodating our own requests in terms of venue.Minnie also did our make up very well, we felt completely at ease with her around too. 💓

Moki’s ideas during our photoshoot were very creative. 💕 Cant wait for the photos to be developed.

Peiwen, our bridal specialist was also patient and helpful and helping us picking the perfect gowns and suits for our photoshoot. Excited for our actual day fitting!”


Digio Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore

Bridal Studio

Digio Bridal

About Digio Bridal, a renowned bridal boutique in Singapore, distinguishes itself by offering a personalized wedding dress rental service that combines affordability with unparalleled quality. With a focus on individuality, their professional bridal consultants are committed to guiding each bride to her dream wedding gown, ensuring a perfect match for her unique personality and style.
  • Personalized Consultation: Expert bridal consultants offer one-on-one guidance to find the ideal wedding gown that reflects each bride’s unique essence.
  • Comprehensive Services: Beyond gowns, Digio Bridal provides an all-in-one wedding solution including photography packages, grooming for grooms, and professional makeup and hairstyling.
  • Custom-Fit Packages: Tailored packages designed to meet the distinct needs of each couple, crafted by a dedicated team of designers and coordinators.
  • Signature Collections: Timeless designs featuring meticulous attention to detail, aimed at highlighting the bride’s femininity and personal style.
  • Diverse Gown Selection: Offers a wide array of wedding gowns, from vintage to modern and sexy low-back styles, catering to different bridal looks.
  • Complete Wedding Solutions: A one-stop service covering evening gowns, cheongsams, and kwas in addition to wedding gowns, making wedding preparations seamless.
  • Exclusive Photography Packages: Provides both pre-wedding and actual day photography packages, complemented by additional services such as groom suits and bridal car decorations.
Address 69 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088490
Contact Tel: 65 6225 1612


Operating Hours Mon – Sat: 12nn – 9pm

Sun: 12nn – 8pm

Review 1 “Exceptional. Never had to wait, gowns were in outstanding condition, spacious trying areas so you never feel hurried or cramped. This is really the baseline you want in a wedding experience – when there are 99 other things going on in planning a wedding, our time with Digio was never a source of worry or concern.

Pei Yee was what made this whole experience a 6/5. Sharp sense of wit and sharper taste, she was able to grasp what the bride was looking for really quickly, and worked tirelessly to make sure we never lacked for options. She was always fast and efficient, yet made us and every single person we brought down (MIL, bridesmaids) feel right at home and at ease with her and the surroundings. Sadly the Google rating scale only goes up to 5. I cannot recommend this place enough – make this a stop even if you’re just browsing.

(Written by a groom who wasn’t that huge on wedding stuff, so you can imagine what kind of service level would convince me to leave a review. Dudes, bring your wife-to-be here for a easy time!)”

Review 2 “Great experience with Digio! Wide selections of gowns and suits and their staff were friendly too. Received a lot of compliment on my gown too!

Attended by both Tera & Pei Yee. Their service are superb. They’re friendly, gave us suggestions, and were very helpful too.

Did our PWS from Digio package with photographer (Nicholas) and MUA (Elaine). They were both friendly and helpful. It was a great shoot with them around.

Will definitely recommend Digio!”

Review 3 “Our friend recommended us Peiyee and my cousin happened to sign with her too. So we requested to meet her and 1st visit was very comfortable and not pushy. She is very friendly and patient attending to me by letting me try many gowns. Very experienced, full of smiles and energy.

So we signed with her and every visit is full of joy and enjoyable. She will give advices also. Really great knowing her. She is the best.

The gowns at Digio are also very beautiful, sometimes kind of stuck for choices.”


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Dream Wedding Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore

Bridal Studio

Dream Wedding Boutique

About Dream Wedding, established as a beacon of bridal elegance and exceptional service in Singapore, prides itself on its vast collection of wedding gowns and a dedication to making wedding preparations a breeze for every couple. With a philosophy centered around transforming wedding dreams into reality, Dream Wedding welcomes each guest with warmth, aiming to provide an unparalleled wedding preparation experience through their comprehensive gown collection and personalized bridal services.
  • Extensive Gown Selection: Features one of the most expansive collections in Singapore, catering to diverse bridal styles and preferences.
  • Personalized Bridal Experience: Each couple is treated with unique consideration, ensuring their journey is as stress-free as possible.
  • Affable Team: Known for its friendly and attentive staff, Dream Wedding aims to deliver superior customer service and satisfaction.
  • Customizable Bridal Packages: Offers flexible bridal packages that align with couples’ specific needs and desires, emphasizing a tailor-made approach to wedding planning.
  • Wide Range of Wedding and Evening Gowns: From contemporary designs to classic silhouettes, ensuring a match for every bride’s dream look.
  • Bridal Consultation and Services: Expert bridal consultants guide couples through the selection process, enriched with tailored advice and support.
  • Pre-Wedding and Wedding Day Photography: Comprehensive packages that include photography and videography services to capture the essence of each couple’s love story.
  • Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling: Professional makeup and hairstyling services to complete the bridal look, enhancing each bride’s natural beauty.
Website Bukit Batok West Ave 4, #01-148 Block 410, Singapore 650410

Tel: 65 6900 3845


Operating Hours Daily: 11am – 9pm (By appointment only)

Closed on Wednesdays

Review 1 “We absolutely loved our experience with the Dream Wedding Boutique. The little touches like tea sets, hand-written cards, and funny faithfulness certificates always made our visits special. The staff was professional and always smiling, replying to Whatsapp messages in a timely manner. Their professional yet friendly approach added to the excitement of planning our wedding. Big thank yous to the team!”
Review 2 “My most sincere thank you to Ivy and Shirleen of Dream Wedding Boutique. My wife and I were mesmerised by their professionalism and the way they treated guests to their shop like family members. We felt at home when we first stepped into the shop and that was the number one reason we signed up with them. Ivy and Shirleen patiently answered all our never ending questions, never complained when we could not make up my mind on all the gorgeous gowns they had and even allowed us to try as many gowns as we could till we found the right gown. Can really feel that they want you to have the perfect gown on your special day. Thank you Ivy and Shirleen!! Thumbs up to Dream Wedding Boutique!! I have already recommended this boutique to my friends and will continue to do so!!”
Review 3 “We were very pleased with Dream Weddings and highly recommend them to all. They are a small boutique shop in Bukit Batok area. They did not have as many gown and suits like other bridal boutiques but we liked the ones we chose very much. We chose a navy blue suit and an off shoulder satin gown. the prices of the gown and suit was very affordable and worth it. The service provided by Jasmine was excellent, she was very professional and helpful during our PWS and AD!”


Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore (Updated 2024) 3

Bridal Studio

Cang-Ai Wedding

About For over two decades, Cang Ai Wedding has been at the forefront of crafting dream weddings for countless couples with its blend of professionalism, quality, and passionate service. As a distinguished bridal boutique with roots in Taipei and branches in Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Hang Zhou, Cang Ai Wedding is celebrated not just locally but also internationally, gaining recognition from celebrities, models, and artists for its exquisite gowns and comprehensive bridal services.
  • Experienced Design and Service Team: Houses a dedicated team of gown designers, wedding coordinators, makeup artists, photographers, and seamstresses to offer a complete bridal service.
  • Celebrity Endorsement: Acknowledged by stars for top-tier transformation services, highlighting the boutique’s expertise in creating spotlight-worthy looks.
  • Global Presence: With beginnings in Taipei, the brand’s expansion to other major cities showcases its widespread appeal and accessibility.
  • Tailored Gown Creation: Emphasizes the meticulous handcrafting process from sketching to sewing, ensuring each gown is a masterpiece of quality and design.
  • Handmade Wedding Gowns: Specializes in crafting wedding gowns with high-grade materials, focusing on perfect fit and frame to flatter the bride’s figure.
  • Comprehensive Bridal Services: Offers an all-encompassing range of services, including gown rental, makeup and hair, photography, and more, tailored to meet every couple’s needs.
  • Innovative Pre-Wedding Concepts: Known for blending pre-wedding photography with travel, offering couples unique location shoots in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Kenting, Tainan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.
  • Exclusive Shooting Locations: Maintains a private shooting base in Kenting, ensuring couples enjoy a unique and intimate pre-wedding photography experience.
Address 85 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088506

65 62208520

Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 12nn – 9pm

Sat & Sun: 11am – 9pm

Review 1 “Great and pleasant service at Cang Ai Wedding! We have got prewed and AD package with them! Gowns are super pretty as well. Me and fiance was happy with our prewed shoot as it turn out super pretty. Special thanks to Chu hong for coordinating all of our matter in CangAi SG, and 林经理 for her super hospitality and conviseing us on getting package. Special thanks to Zero at CangAi KH and Jingjing MUA for the whole pleasant and fun prewed shoot and making us pretty and confortable for oversea shoot. Looking forward for our AD with them!”
Review 2 “Cangai caught my attention while seeing their website and Facebook. The gowns and photographs are mesmerizing! We were served by 小婷 and she was attentive, patient, meticulous towards us. She was also sincere and professional in her assistance given to us. Oh ya, the manager was also friendly and sincere! The gowns are beautiful and for those who likes long trains, cangai does not have extra charges for them!”
Review 3 “The team at Cangai is very professional especially Xiao Ting. Detailed in all planning and would make every effort to make D-day memorable. They have branches in Taiwan so it is effortless to plan that scenic wedding photos at iconic Taiwan sites. Highly recommended.”


LaceBridge Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore

Bridal Studio


About Lacebridge stands as a testament to the belief that every bride deserves to find her dream wedding gown, regardless of budget. Founded in 2015, this atelier is fueled by over a decade of expertise in gown design and craftsmanship from Kuala Lumpur, offering brides-to-be a harmonious blend of quality, affordability, and exquisite style through both original creations and collaborations with regional designers.
  • Affordable Elegance: Committed to providing stunning wedding gowns at every price point, ensuring affordability without compromising on beauty.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: A decade of experience in gown making, with a talented team of designers and artisans based in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Value for Money: Competitive pricing strategy, rooted in their KL-based operations, offers exceptional value to the discerning bride.
  • Collaborative Designs: Partnerships with regional designers to present a diverse collection of bridal gowns, enriching the selection with varied styles and influences.
  • Original Gown Creations: Specializes in unique bridal gown designs, crafted in-house by a dedicated team of experienced designers and seamstresses.
  • Regional Designer Collaborations: Offers a curated selection of wedding gowns from talented designers across the region, providing a wide range of styles to cater to every bride’s taste.
  • Comprehensive Bridal Experience: Not just focused on gowns, Lacebridge aims to provide a holistic bridal service, ensuring each bride finds her perfect match in both style and comfort.
  • Featured Recognition: Highlighted in “Best In Singapore” for exceptional wedding gown rentals, underscoring the boutique’s esteemed position in the bridal industry.
Address 121 Devonshire Road #01-00 Singapore 239882
Contact Tel: 65 8877 7782


Operating Hours By appointment only
Review 1 “Working closely with her brides for a perfect fit, Lacebridge owner Ginny provides sincere, warm and super friendly advice on choosing the perfect bridal gowns. In addition, Lacebridge’s designs radiate class, elegance and beauty. I was very pleased with Ginny’s service for her to take time to tell me what fits, what doesn’t, giving me many options to try along with the gorgeous accessories. She also replies to emails / texts promptly which i appreciate. I would recommend Lacebridge to all brides-to-be and wedding models (maybe)!”
Review 2 “Ginny was super friendly and helpful during the appointments I had with her! She shared tips on choosing the right style to suit my body type. Absolutely loved the selection she had. was really lucky when I was there, they had many dress collections in different styles. was clearly spoiled for choice. highly recommend dropping by to see if you have anything you like, else she can also do custom really well. “
Review 3 “We had our wedding in August 2018 in Bali. Started the online research on local bridal shops and gowns I wanted. After visiting 3-4 shops, I found Lacebridge and met Ginny. She and her staffs are super accommodating, friendly, professional, supportive and patient. I didn’t have any girl friends to come along with me as I just moved to Singapore. It was very reassuring for me to have a person like Ginny. As our wedding was at the villa outside/no aircon and lasted more than 8 hrs, I wanted my dress easy to move and airy. She listened to me, gave me the right advices, helped me figuring out what I wanted like my longtime friends. After 3 fittings, it came out perfect!”


Stitch by Stitch Co. Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore

Bridal Studio

Stitch by Stitch Co

About Stitch by Stitch Co. champions the belief that every wedding dress should be as unique as the bride’s special day. Launched in Singapore, this bridal boutique specializes in creating bespoke wedding dresses, perfectly tailored to each bride’s preferences in fit, fabric, and style, all while ensuring affordability. Their philosophy merges the personal touch of made-to-measure gowns with the aspiration for every bride to wear a dress that’s truly her own.
  • Bespoke Elegance: Every gown is custom-made, promising a perfect blend of personal style and professional craftsmanship.
  • Affordable Luxury: Committed to offering beautiful, tailored wedding dresses without the extravagant price tag.
  • Versatile Designs: Features innovative designs like detachable sleeves and overlays for a seamless transition from day to night looks.
  • Experienced Artisans: Boasts a dedicated team of designers, seamstresses, and artisans who bring each bride’s vision to life.
  • Personalized Bridal Experience: Provides a one-on-one consultation and design process to ensure every bride’s dream dress becomes a reality.
  • Custom-Made Wedding Gowns: Specializes in tailor-made dresses that reflect the bride’s personal style and wedding theme.
  • Transformable Designs: Offers gowns with innovative, detachable elements for brides seeking versatility in their wedding attire.
  • Comprehensive Consultation: Ensures a collaborative design process, from initial sketch to final gown, with detailed attention to the bride’s preferences.
  • Craftsmanship and Quality: Utilizes high-grade materials and meticulous craftsmanship, emphasizing the importance of both aesthetic appeal and comfort.
Address 2B Geylang Serai, #16-17, Singapore 404002
Contact Tel: 65 9220 1810


Operating Hours By appointment only
Review 1 “Thank you Joan for making my dream jumpsuit become a reality!! Always envisioned walking down the aisle in a comfortable jumpsuit and Joan was truly a modern day fairy godmother! The jumpsuit turned out exactly how I dreamed about and Joan spared no effort in ensuring all the small details of the jumpsuit worked out perfectly. The whole process was so fun and it was magical to see the sketch from day one become reality! Highly recommend Stitch By Stitch”
Review 2 “My actual day gowns were made from scratch by SXS and it was absolutely lovely. They were spot on when it comes to what I envisioned, what I wanted and what I do not need for my dresses. Thank you for all the effort put in to craft my gowns!”
Review 3 “from Bride to Wifey ✨👰🏻‍♀️ Transform your look in just a snap(on) of a finger! Bet you can’t tell that these are detachable pieces! 😏 #SxSBride Pearlyn designed her minimal wedding dress to be matched with different detachables to showcase the many sides of her personality. Talk about a transformation!”


Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore (Updated 2024) 4

Bridal Studio

Giorgia Couture

About Giorgia Couture, founded by Vienna Mei, offers a unique blend of artisanal craftsmanship and modern design. With over 5 years of experience, Mei’s vision transforms wedding attire into timeless pieces that reflect both western and oriental influences.
  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each dress is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit and exquisite finish.
  • Bespoke Designs: Tailored to individual preferences, Giorgia Couture creates personalized dresses that reflect the bride’s style and personality.
  • Infinite Possibilities: Blending modern trends with traditional elements, their designs offer a fresh perspective on bridal fashion.
  • International Appeal: Serving brides locally and internationally, Giorgia Couture has gained recognition for its unique and outstanding creations.
  • Bespoke Wedding Dresses: Tailored to perfection, each dress is crafted to reflect the bride’s unique style and vision.
  • Fusion Designs: Seamlessly blending western and oriental influences, their dresses offer a fresh and distinctive aesthetic.
  • Attention to Detail: From intricate lacework to delicate embellishments, every aspect of the dress is carefully considered.
  • Comfort and Maneuverability: Lightweight and easy to wear, Giorgia Couture dresses prioritize comfort without compromising on style.
Telephone Tel: +65 9727 7892

WhatsApp: +65 8178 3366


Operating Hours By appointment only
Review 1 “Had an awesome experience with Vienna! She was very kind and patient with my multiple requests. The gowns from her are beautiful and unique. I can hardly find anyone else with the similar look for my bohemian wedding dress that is glamorous as well with a long train. My stardust evening gown was so memorable! My guests love it too!”
Review 2 “As I wanted a customised waist design for my gown, Vienna had to source for various laces and crystals so I could choose. Vienna was very patient during this whole process, and even had to re-do another waist design for me within a short time, as the original lace design I chose didn’t turn out as I had imagined when being arranged around the dress. Highly recommended!”
Review 3 “Opted for a gorgeous minimalist satin gown designed by Vienna at Giorgia, and it was an instant love affair. The lightweight fabric draped elegantly, adding a timeless touch of simplicity.
Vienna made the entire experience delightful, being highly responsive and ensuring the gown fit flawlessly. The rental process, seamlessly handled, offered a personalized touch with the added advantage of having the designer as the owner.”


My Dream Wedding Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore

Bridal Studio

My Dream Wedding

About My Dream Wedding is dedicated to actualizing each couple’s dream wedding by providing bespoke experiences from gown selection to photography, ensuring every moment reflects their unique love story.
  • Tailored Experience: From gown selection to makeup details, every aspect of the wedding journey is customized to reflect the couple’s individuality.
  • Sophisticated Style: Offering only the finest designer labels and bridal gown collections, My Dream Wedding’s gowns are renowned for their sophisticated style and refined materials.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: With a commitment to quality craftsmanship, each gown is meticulously crafted to ensure comfort and style for every bride walking down the aisle.
  • Custom Gowns: Individually crafted to perfection, their gowns embody elegance and grace, reflecting the bride’s unique style.
  • Photography Services: Capturing natural, guided shots that encapsulate the essence of each love story, their photography services ensure timeless memories.
  • Full Wedding Services: Committed to providing comprehensive wedding services, My Dream Wedding offers everything from gown selection to final presentation, making every moment
Address 52 Tras Street #01-01, Singapore 078991
Contact Tel: 65 6438 1237


Operating Hours Tue – Sun: 12nn – 9pm

Closed on Mondays

Review 1 “It was a great experience as the team is very friendly and helpful. Even though it’s a tough period, everyone did their best to make it work. Our photographer, David helps to bring out the fun atmosphere and has a lot of great ideas in terms of pose and location recommendations. 1f642-7612047 Thank you MDW team for the hard work!”
Review 2 “I am very glad that we chose MDW. The team is very helpful, patient with excellent service. They really gave their best to suit our needs during this difficult covid situation. I want to thank especially to Krystal and Yann. We had a great time during our gown selection. We recommend anyone out there who is looking for an one-stop solution for their actual day and pre-wedding shoot. I will definitely recommend my friends.”
Review 3 “We engaged My Dream Wedding for pre-wedding photoshoot and it was a great experience. Our gown consultant Ally was very patient and gave many good recommendations. Our photographer Jackson was very energetic and he paid attention to all the small details to ensure that the photos turn out nicely. Charlotte was our makeup artist and she did a great job with the makeup and hairstyles. Overall really enjoyed the experience!”


Leia Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore

Bridal Studio

Leia Weddings

About Leia Weddings, with over 40 years of experience in the wedding industry, guarantees reliability and dedication to your special day, offering ala-carte services and affordable all-in packages for a seamless bridal experience.
  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees ensure peace of mind and financial transparency for couples.
  • Reliability: With over 40 years of experience, Leia Weddings ensures professionalism and expertise in every aspect of wedding planning.
  • Affordable Packages: Tailored packages with trusted vendors offer couples the convenience of a fuss-free bridal experience at reasonable rates.
  • Dedicated Service: Personalized attention and dedicated assistance throughout the wedding journey ensure a stress-free and memorable experience.
  • Wide Range of Gowns: Offering a diverse selection of gowns at a fixed price, Leia Weddings provides a comfortable and flexible gown fitting experience.
  • Studio + Outdoor Prewedding: Featuring European and Korean style backdrops, their studio provides a picturesque setting for prewedding photoshoots with experienced photographers.
  • Actual Day Photography & Videography: Utilizing quality photographers, Leia Weddings captures the essence of the big day without additional early morning charges.
  • Affordable All-in Packages: Customizable packages cater to individual needs, ensuring couples receive the best value without compromising on quality or service.
Address 548 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-2014/2016
Contact Tel: 65 9771 3703


Operating Hours Daily: 12nn – 9pm (By appointment only)
Review 1 “I engaged Leia Weddings for my wedding, which included gown and accessories rental, bouquet, and parents’ boutonnière. I am extremely pleased with their service, and they were very accommodating with my last-minute gown collection check and alterations. I received several compliments on my gown and will not hesitate to recommend Leia Weddings to my friends :)”
Review 2 “I had a wonderful time at Leia Weddings. Their bridal package is not only customizable, but also affordable. The space that they have to try on the gowns was also clean, cozy and welcoming. Rina has been nothing but super helpful, often going the extra mile with my requests. She even called me to share the various flower colours and combination for my bouquet. She was very reassuring throughout the entire process, from gown selection to makeup trial and actual day photography. Even though they are not very well known, but I appreciate that they treat every customer that goes in with respect. Whether they are there as accompanying friends, family or the bride/groom themselves. Overall, they made my wedding experience a positive one.”
Review 3 “Thank you Rina and Cathrine for helping with the selection of my sister’s wedding. Our whole family came down to have a glance of the wedding gowns available for my sister to present herself during wedding dinner.Everyone was treated equally despite only my sister being the one picking the gown. Appreciate the hospitality from Rina and Cathrine from Leia to enable us to have a comfortable environment viewing all the gowns available and also providing tons of feedbacks and advice to my sister.

The gown selection turns out perfectly smooth, will highly recommend this bridal store to others. Services and appointments made were smooth as well. Kudos to Rina and Cathrine thank you for the good services. :)”


Belle & Tulle Top Wedding Dress Stores in Singapore

Bridal Studio

Belle & Tulle Bridal

About Belle & Tulle Bridal, situated in Paragon Shopping Centre on Orchard Road, offers an unparalleled selection of wedding gowns from renowned designers worldwide, providing brides with a diverse range of styles and options to fulfill their bridal dreams.
  • Curated Designer Selection: Featuring esteemed designers from around the globe, Belle & Tulle Bridal provides brides with access to a curated collection of exquisite wedding gowns, ensuring every bride finds her perfect dress.
  • Central Location: Located in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district at Paragon Shopping Centre, Belle & Tulle Bridal offers convenience and accessibility for brides-to-be seeking their dream dress.
  • Exceptional Service: With a dedicated team of bridal experts, Belle & Tulle Bridal offers personalized assistance and guidance throughout the gown selection process, ensuring a memorable and stress-free experience for every bride.
  • Curated Designer Gowns: Offering a diverse range of designer collections, Belle & Tulle Bridal specializes in providing brides with exclusive access to high-end wedding gowns crafted by renowned designers.
  • Bespoke Bridal Experience: Committed to fulfilling every bride’s vision, Belle & Tulle Bridal offers a personalized and attentive experience, ensuring each gown is tailored to perfection.
  • Centralized Bridal Hub: Situated in Paragon Shopping Centre, Belle & Tulle Bridal serves as a centralized bridal hub, offering brides-to-be a one-stop destination for all their wedding gown needs.
Address #03-12, Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road, Singapore 238871
Contact Tel: 65 6737 5208


Operating Hours Mon – Sat: 11am – 8pm

Sun: By appointment only

Review 1 “My experience here was amazing. Found my gown on my first visit. The gown selections they have are beautiful and importantly for me, clean and new. The staffs are non-pushy, really took care of my needs, and gave really great professional advices. Every gown that the staffs suggested to me really suited me so well. My gown search couldn’t be easier. Very very happy! Would highly recommend 😊”
Review 2 “Sally is fantastic. When my mom and I stumbled upon Belle & Tulle without an appointment, Sally gave us warm welcome and proceeded to spend the next hour and a half pulling gowns for me to try. Compared to the other bridal appointments I had in Singapore, this experience was the best—no pressure to commit to a gown that day and no limit to how many gowns I could try. Beyond that, we were fortunate to find someone so experienced and knowledgable and with such a good eye. Sally was very responsive to my gown preferences and kept my budget in mind. She also encouraged me to try on different styles that I hadn’t picked out, but which ended up looking great. When I found the right gown for me, Sally had excellent recommendations on how to style it and what alterations were needed. She and Debbie also helped arrange rush alterations (with a turnaround time of just 3 days) so I could take my tailored gown back home to the US. I couldn’t recommend Belle & Tulle more!”
Review 3 “I love the selection of Lela Rose gowns they had. The women who work here are extremely knowledgeable. There was a gown that I saw on the hanger that I presumed would not look good on my body type, but after trying it on it turned out to be my favorite! Place your trust in the staff here. They know what’s up!”


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