Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore (Updated 2024)

Webinars stand out as a pivotal means for organizations in Singapore to forge connections, impart knowledge, and interact with an international audience from any location, be it their workplace or residence. These online seminars empower entities to broadcast interactive sessions, amalgamating audio and visual tools to facilitate knowledge sharing, spark dialogues, and cultivate relationships with participants globally.

Webinars transcend the conventional bounds of digital gatherings. They serve as dynamic platforms where the thirst for knowledge is quenched by curiosity. Various sectors leverage webinars for an array of objectives including, but not limited to, internal training, product demonstrations, lead generation, and fostering customer relationships. This versatility and adaptability render webinars an essential element in today’s marketing toolkit, suitable for a wide range of industry requirements.

The impact of a webinar is significantly determined by its capability to engage and captivate its audience. Below are innovative ways to utilize webinar tools effectively, ensuring a memorable experience for participants:

  • Text Chat: This feature enables a real-time exchange of ideas and questions, simulating the interactive essence of in-person meetings.
  • Slide Decks: Crafting visually engaging slide decks can keep your audience absorbed and clearly convey your message.
  • Recording: By recording your session, you make it accessible for participants to revisit or share the content, extending the webinar’s reach.
  • Screen Sharing: This allows you to share your screen in real-time, offering clear demonstrations and enhancing the clarity of your presentations.
  • Whiteboard: Employing a whiteboard for live illustrations and annotations can simplify complex concepts, making them easier for your audience to grasp.
  • Surveys and Polls: Interactive polls and surveys not only maintain participant engagement but also provide immediate feedback, enriching the webinar experience.

Designing an impactful webinar extends beyond familiarizing oneself with its features. It demands meticulous planning and execution. Consider the following strategies to enhance your webinar’s effectiveness:

  • Promote Early Engagement: Leverage social media and other platforms for pre-event interactions to guarantee a substantial audience on the day of the webinar.
  • Ensure Visual Appeal: Utilize high-quality imagery and a consistent color scheme in your slides to capture and sustain the audience’s attention.
  • Utilize Hashtags: Create distinctive hashtags for your webinar to encourage discussions, broaden your social media reach, and maintain engagement post-event.
  • Incorporate Expert Opinions: Inviting industry experts or guest speakers can add depth to your webinar, offering diverse viewpoints and stimulating dialogue.

The global upheavals, like the COVID-19 pandemic, have underscored the value of webinars as a means for seamless cross-border communication without the prerequisites of travel. They provide the convenience of participation from any location with internet access, epitomizing an efficient method for information dissemination and audience engagement.

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In Singapore, the investment required to host a webinar can vary with the choice of platform and its associated features. For instance, Zoom’s offerings range from complimentary personal meetings to specialized business subscriptions catering to small and medium-sized enterprises, with pricing tiers reflective of the provided functionalities and participant capacity limits.

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Here are the Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore:


Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1

Webinar Service Provider

Connect Vision

About Connect Vision Pte Ltd is a pioneer in providing comprehensive event technology services and solutions for a variety of virtual meetings and events. With a robust foundation in Singapore, they extend their expertise globally, catering to a wide spectrum of events such as conferences, award ceremonies, and more, delivering thousands of unique virtual event experiences worldwide.
  • Global Reach with Local Expertise: Rooted in Singapore, Connect Vision boasts a global clientele, demonstrating a unique blend of local insight and international outreach in event technology services.
  • Versatile Event Coverage: From corporate townhalls to medical talks and educational masterclasses, their versatility in managing diverse events stands out as a testament to their adaptability and comprehensive service range.
  • Innovative Solutions for Engagement: Specializing in interactive tools like Q&A, polling, and quizzes, they excel in transforming audience engagement into a dynamic and participatory experience.
  • Managed Webinar Services: Tailored webinars with custom branding, bolstered by interactive elements such as Q&A sessions, polling, and live chat, ensure an engaging and informative experience for all attendees.
  • Professional Webcast Solutions: Offering secure, ultra-low latency webcasts that guarantee broadcast-quality visuals for both on-site and virtual attendees, making every event accessible and professional.
  • Live Video Production Excellence: Their live video production services cater to a variety of events, ensuring broadcast-quality content that enhances the overall event experience.
  • Interactive Audience Tools: Through innovative engagement tools, they enable real-time interaction between the audience and presenters, making every event a two-way communication platform.
Address 1 Coleman St, #10-06 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803
Telephone +65-89035635
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 “It has been wonderful and amazing to work with Connect Vision’s Tay Zar and his crew member. He is very patient, and his tolerance with every single questions and our last minute plan for the zoom meeting regarding the AV livestream, setup, the logistic and the webinar. Tay and his team has demonstrated great dedication and professionalism throughout the whole duration of the work. They were flexible to meet our requirement and proactive in running the event smoothly and timely. The whole team was also very focused, meticulous and communicated effectively to ensure that the event were perfect and immersive experience for the viewer to enjoy at their own space during the livestream. They have given their very best level to assist me and my team throughout the event. The quality is absolutely completeness, consistency and professional. The price is reasonable. Thank you so much Connect Vision Pte Ltd, my team and myself are grateful with the professionalism that Tay and Team has delivered and create the event meaningful to us. :)”
Review 2 “Absolutely a pleasure to work with Connect Vision’s Tay Zar. He was patient with my many questions and my many virtual meetings him to sort the logistics of our webinar. On the day of the event, we had, literally 15 mins before, for slides to be inserted before a speaker came on and Tay Zar was so cool about it, uploaded the slides and controlled the slides so smoothly that it looked liked was rehearsed before hand. Tay Zar was nimble and cool about everything. Would surely use them again.”
Review 3 “Connect Vision is a great streaming partner to work with. Punctual, competent, polite and always going beyond the extra mile”


Anagram Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore

Webinar Service Provider

Anagram Group

About Founded by the dynamic duo Mark Stuart and Liyana Stuart, Anagram Group embarked on its journey to fill the gap in the market for high-quality, yet affordable corporate training solutions. Originating from the founders’ names, the term “anagram” symbolizes the company’s core philosophy of rearranging concepts to foster new, innovative ideas.
  • Founders’ Diverse Expertise: With Mark’s rich background in international banking and management, combined with Liyana’s prowess in communication and events, the duo brings a unique blend of skills to the corporate training landscape.
  • Bali Bootstrapping Beginnings: The early days in Bali were pivotal, with Mark penning down training materials from his vast experience, while Liyana focused on marketing efforts to secure their first clients, setting the foundation for their success.
  • Expansive Client Base: Transitioning back to Singapore due to growing demand, Anagram Group now boasts over 130 clients, including government agencies, MNCs, and startups, highlighting their widespread acceptance and trust in the market.
  • Customized Soft Skills Training: Tailoring programs to enhance interpersonal skills, Anagram Group’s training solutions are designed to improve team dynamics and personal effectiveness in the workplace.
  • High-Potential Programmes and Executive Coaching: Dedicated to identifying and nurturing talent, these programs aim to develop future leaders through focused coaching and personalized development plans.
  • Innovative Virtual Workshops: From leadership in the digital age to change management and design thinking, Anagram Group offers a wide range of webinars and workshops that cater to the evolving needs of the corporate world.
Address Workcentral Offices #06-01 Singapore Shopping Centre 190 Clemenceau Avenue Singapore 239924
Telephone  +65-8250-2835
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 “The leadership workshop was transformative. It provided us with the tools and insights needed to navigate the complexities of today’s business environment, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within our team.”
Review 2 “Anagram Group’s change management webinar was a game-changer for our organization. The strategies and frameworks presented have significantly improved our adaptability and responsiveness to market changes.”
Review 3 “Their DISC profiling workshop offered profound insights into our team dynamics, enhancing understanding and communication. It has been instrumental in improving our workplace harmony and productivity.”


Web Stream World Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore

Webinar Service Provider

Webstream Communications

About Webstream Communications stands as a beacon in the event technology sector, offering comprehensive services for over 15 years. With a track record of executing more than 25,000 events across 93 countries, their expertise in connecting in-person and virtual attendees through hybrid events is unparalleled, making every event a global phenomenon.
  • Extensive Industry Experience: A legacy spanning over 15 years, showcasing their long-standing commitment to excellence in event technology services.
  • Global Footprint: An impressive portfolio of more than 25,000 events executed across 93 countries, reflecting their vast international reach and expertise.
  • Diverse Clientele: Serving over 1,000 clients, including Fortune 500 companies, highlights their ability to cater to a wide range of industries with bespoke solutions.
  • Webcasting Services & Platform: Offering real-time global broadcasting of events on a proprietary white-labeled platform, Webstream Communications provides both self-service SaaS plans and fully managed services for a seamless event execution experience.
  • Video Conferencing: Their end-to-end support for virtual and hybrid video conferencing events includes everything from audio-visual setup to managing multi-locational events, ensuring flawless execution on platforms of choice.
  • Event Management: Recognized as a leading event management and production service provider, Webstream Communications creates sensational experiences for delegates, offering full-service onsite event management across key Asian markets.
  • 3D Virtual Events: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, their 3D virtual events platform delivers immersive and interactive experiences, making it responsive and compatible across all devices for an unparalleled attendee experience.
Address Office No. D21-190 Middle Road #19-05 Fortune Centre Singapore 188979
Telephone +65 9169 1506
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 “Hakim has been absolutely fantastic to work with. He did not over-promise at all. He was very responsive all throughout. The price to engage Webstream was very very reasonable. We had some connection issues in the beginning during the event but they were resolved quickly and the rest of the event ran smoothly. Would love to work with Hakim again.”
Review 2 “Worked with Hakim from Webstream Communications to organise global virtual event. Despite being given a short time frame to plan and execute everything, he and his team managed to do it, making our event a very successful one. He is very knowledgeable about his software and experienced in planning virtual events, was able to cope with technical difficulties and offer useful suggestions for our event too. Would recommend this company if you are looking for a virtual event planner and platform!”
Review 3 “Worked with Hakim for a virtual online conference and I am very impressed with how he was always on the ball for pre- and during live event. He coordinated the session well and even provided us Organisers tips to ensure we were able to run the conference smoothly. He was able to customize the conference to meet our needs at an affordable price. Thanks Hakim and team for a successful event!”


Big 3 Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore

Webinar Service Provider


About Big 3 Media, a cornerstone in Singapore’s corporate video production landscape, offers an unparalleled blend of innovative storytelling and state-of-the-art cinematography. Working with world-renowned brands, they specialize in transforming concepts into compelling visual narratives, from high-impact TV commercials to engaging recruitment videos.
  • Trusted by Leading Brands: Collaborations with industry giants like Nike, Visa, and Samsung, affirm their position as a preferred partner for top-tier corporate video content.
  • Comprehensive Storytelling Approach: Their portfolio showcases a wide array of projects, including government collaborations and corporate ventures, highlighting their versatility in storytelling techniques.
  • State-of-the-Art Production Techniques: Utilizing cutting-edge equipment and innovative methods, Big 3 Media ensures every project is executed with the highest quality standards.
  • Corporate Video Production: Expertise in producing a diverse range of corporate videos, including infomercials, recruitment videos, and interview segments, tailored to enhance brand narratives.
  • Innovative Video Solutions: Whether it’s live-action, 2D & 3D animation, or live streaming, Big 3 Media’s dynamic solutions cater to all facets of corporate video production needs.
  • End-to-End Production Process: Guiding clients through each phase, from ideation and storyboarding to shooting and meticulous post-production, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.
Address 625 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, #05-01 General Magnetics Building Singapore, Singapore 319519
Telephone +65-6273 7093
Operating Hours 10 am to 6.30 pm
Review 1 “Working at Big 3, the people are some of the best. They are truly willing to meet you where you are at, and then push you to learn, experience and become better. Your strengths are taken into consideration, and your weaknesses are given space to improve. Really appreciate my team leads and coworkers in the last 2.5 years. Thanks guys!”
Review 2 “Very knowledgeable team and as Randy likes to say “will takes your business to the next level”. Big3media has created a competitive advantage for us within our target market and taken our brand from non-existent online to having a major web presence. Increased traffic has given us increased revenue!”
Review 3 “Creative, Better & Empathy. These are the 3 attributes that this production house stand by. It definitely shows in their works and videos. 5 stars from me!”
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Soco selling Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore

Webinar Service Provider

SOCO Training Company

About SOCO Sales Training stands as an award-winning provider of comprehensive sales training and digital learning solutions, renowned for its dedication to transforming sales strategies and maximizing performance in today’s unpredictable market. Their accolades from HR professionals and consistent recognition at the HR Vendors of the Year Awards since 2014 underscore their excellence in the field.
  • Prestigious Accolades: Celebrated as an outstanding sales training and digital learning provider, with multiple awards validating their exceptional service and impact in the sales training sector.
  • Global Implementation: The SOCO® Selling methodology is embraced by leading companies worldwide, demonstrating its effectiveness across diverse industries and markets.
  • Expertise Across Industries: Specializing in technology, healthcare, B2B, insurance, retail, and more, SOCO Sales Training customizes their approach to meet specific industry needs, enhancing sales performance and growth.
  • Award-Winning Sales Training Programs: SOCO Sales Training is distinguished for offering some of the most impactful sales training programs, designed to equip sales professionals with the skills needed to thrive in various sales environments.
  • World-Class E-Learning Platform: SOCO Academy, their acclaimed e-learning platform, provides a vast library of on-demand sales skills training videos, facilitating continuous learning and skill enhancement.
  • Comprehensive Training System: Their complete training system, SOCO® Selling™, ensures long-term selling behaviors and success, rather than short-term gains, by implementing a system where new skills are practiced, implemented, and mastered.
Address #24-01 Vision Exchange 2 Venture Drive Singapore 608526
Telephone +65 6644-5294
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 “It was an engaging session with lots of tips that the team was able to use in their daily work. Tom was excellent in connecting with various people within the team and kept them involved in the discussions. Highly recommended.”
Review 2 “Thanks Mr. Jason and Soco. I had great training days in Malaysia with Mr. Jason 🤘. Great experiences and received good and helpful advice and skills for sales job ! High recommendation for Sales courses”
Review 3 “The SOCO team facilitated a workshop that exceeded our (already high) expectations. Engagement from our sales team, especially those disgruntled to have been taken out of the field, was phenomenal….I could not have achieved our learning objectives w/o SOCO’s assistance. I am looking forward to leveraging your team again soon.”


Motion Media Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore

Webinar Service Provider

Motion Media Works

About Motion Media Works is at the forefront of webcast production services, providing comprehensive live streaming solutions for a global audience. Their dedication to creating interactive, engaging webcasts makes them a go-to partner for organizations looking to enhance their corporate communications, marketing strategies, and event broadcasts.
  • Global Reach: With operations extending across major cities worldwide, Motion Media Works delivers a consistent, high-quality viewing experience to a global audience, even in regions with restricted internet access like China.
  • Interactive Webcasting Solutions: Their platform supports live polling, voting, and Q&A sessions, transforming passive viewing into an active, participatory experience for attendees.
  • Versatile Production Capabilities: Whether it’s a product launch, corporate alignment meeting, or a major event, Motion Media Works offers flexible solutions that cater to both indoor settings and outdoor, remote locations.
  • Live Video Webcast Streaming: Expertise in streaming to satellite offices or different parts of an office globally, specializing in employee alignment and lead generation campaigns.
  • Multi-camera Streaming Video Production: Enables dynamic, talk-back sessions during live events for real-time engagement with audiences.
  • Professional Webcast Production: Utilizes broadcast-quality equipment and techniques, including title overlays, green screen, and real-time viewer comments, to produce corporate webcasts resembling live news broadcasts.
Address Blk 11 Kallang Pl #03-12, 339155
+65-6392 3696
Operating Hours 24/7
Review 1 “The entire experience with them was great. They shipped my product in less than 30 minutes after i ordered. I found a minor defect and they took it back and shipped a new one in less than 24 hours. Their response time is incredible and everyone was kind and helpful. I would recommend Motion Media to everyone.”
Review 2 “Where do I start? I purchased an item from Motion Media and needed to exchange it. Tim, from Motion Media has been a ROCKSTAR! From the time I emailed to the time I exchanged my item, Motion Media has surpassed my expectation!”
Review 3 “Great customer service. Got what I paid for.NOTE: Not all digital download purchases are received instantly. If you buy one such as Zbrush 4r8, don’t purchase it late Friday after they close, unless you want to wait until Monday to use it because it has to be processed manually.
So before you purchase, make sure to read more. Something I didn’t do, haha.”


Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore (Updated 2024) 2

Webinar Service Provider


About ESCO operates at the intersection of technology and innovation as a leading system integrator in the audio-visual industry. They specialize in creating harmonized solutions that enhance communication and collaboration across various sectors, ensuring clients achieve fulfillment in their use of integrated technologies.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Offers a trio of seamless solutions including Audio-Visual & Unified Communications, Hostile Mitigation & Integrated Security solutions, and ELMO Solution, catering to diverse technological needs.
  • Global Presence: As part of the GPA Group, ESCO extends its expertise globally, enabling effective service delivery across more than 50 countries and over 170 major cities worldwide.
  • Industry Recognition: Proud member of AVIXA, the audio-visual industry’s apex body, ensuring their team remains at the forefront of the latest developments and best practices.
  • Audio-Visual & Unified Communications: Tailors seamlessly integrated solutions for effective information display and collaboration, customizing according to individual client requirements.
  • Hostile Mitigation & Integrated Security: Offers robust security solutions designed to safeguard critical infrastructure against various threats, ensuring peace of mind for clients and stakeholders.
  • ELMO Visual Communication: Enhances engagement and collaboration in educational and corporate settings through advanced visual communication technology, fostering a more interactive and productive environment.
Address 6 Harper Road, #06-08, Leong Huat Building, Singapore 369674
Telephone +65 6744 3100
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 “Big thank you to Amin and the team for the quick response and speedy resolution, its hugely appreciated.”
Review 2 “First of all I want to say a BIG thank you! for you, Magdalene and ESCO team! For continuous support!

The ESCO Engineers did a great job! Finally my boardroom is back to working condition.”

Review 3 “Many thanks for excellent support and understanding our requirements. I know it was just a days’ notice to ask you to come early morning, but thanks for supporting us and keeping our words given to users.”


Cvent Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore

Webinar Service Provider


About Cvent stands as a comprehensive event management platform, offering solutions that cater to every type of event. From in-person gatherings to virtual and hybrid events, including webinars, Cvent’s technology streamlines the planning process, making event organization engaging, impactful, and straightforward.
  • Versatile Event Support: Capable of handling a diverse range of events including conferences, trade shows, workshops, and VIP events, demonstrating flexibility and comprehensive event coverage.
  • Powerful Event Management Software: Offers a suite of tools for registration, mobile event apps, onsite solutions, and webinars, aimed at enhancing engagement and simplifying the event planning process.
  • Global Venue Sourcing: With access to over 309K global venues, Cvent makes finding the perfect venue for events easy, supporting efficient RFP sending and bid comparison.
  • Registration & Mobile Event Apps: Designs custom-branded sites and apps to captivate audiences with personalized experiences, improving attendee engagement and interaction.
  • Onsite Solutions: Streamlines check-in processes and badge printing, enhancing the attendee experience from arrival to departure.
  • Cvent Webinar Platform: Delivers interactive webinars on a flexible platform, planning sessions that attendees will find informative and enjoyable.
  • Cvent Attendee Hub: Builds the ideal event environment for all types of events, from in-person to virtual and hybrid, ensuring every event is a success.
Address Unit 02-03/04,19 Keppel Road, Jit Poh Building Singapore 089058
Telephone +65-63157 2990
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 “Pros: I liked that it’s an all in one solution for managing virtual events, and that it’s so flexible in terms of all the different things you can do with it.
Cons: We liked the threaded discussions, but would have loved also real-time chat, for all attendees.”
Review 2 “Finding the perfect venue was a breeze with Cvent. Their venue sourcing tool not only saved us time but also ensured we got the best deal for our event.”
Review 3 “The depth of the software and amount of features is what appealed to me the most. There is only one other software out there that is as feature rich but that one is not user-friendly/intuitive. Cvent had all except one feature we needed. Their customer support and customer service is far and away the best I’ve ever experienced. The salesperson and his process also left all others in the dust. We looked at nine companies.”


Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore (Updated 2024) 3

Webinar Service Provider

Live Streaming Service

About Live Streaming Service stands at the forefront of live streaming services in Singapore, offering an amalgamation of affordability and excellence. Their team of seasoned producers and IT experts excels in delivering comprehensive live event coverage, webinar production, streaming design, 3D engine operation, and graphic design, ensuring each event is a success.
  • Versatile Service Offering: Specializes in a wide range of services from live event coverage to innovative 3D virtual studio set production using Unreal Engine, catering to various client needs.
  • Global Clientele: Boasts a vast portfolio of satisfied clients across different countries, underlining their global appeal and reliability in delivering professional streaming services.
  • Tailored Creative Solutions: Offers custom designs for any occasion, ensuring unique and memorable event experiences for both hosts and viewers.
  • High-Quality Streaming: Utilizes advanced technology to provide superior streaming services, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for all attendees.
  • Customizable Streaming Packages: Offers diverse streaming packages designed to meet the unique needs of each client, from small gatherings to large-scale events.
  • Secure and Reliable Platform: Guarantees a secure streaming environment, protecting content integrity while providing a seamless viewing experience.
  • Expert Team Support: Comprises a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist with setting up and managing the live streaming process from start to finish.
Address Toa Payoh N, #04-10 Blk 998, Singapore 318993
Telephone +(65) 96680069
Operating Hours 9 am to 5 pm
Review 1 “Michael and his crew are very friendly and professional, and the studio is well-equipped for a big variety of situations to tackle video production needs. My company worked with them for a live stream with a 3D virtual set backdrop, and the stream went very smoothly with no drops in internet connection. The team is also very experienced and able to advise on how to best pull off your event. Overall, definitely can recommend.”
Review 2 “Their 3D virtual studio production added a dynamic element to our webinar that engaged our audience like never before. Highly recommend their services.”
Review 3 “The professionalism and technical expertise of Spring Forest Studio made our live event coverage a major success. Their support team was fantastic throughout the entire process.”


Informa connect Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore

Webinar Service Provider

Informa Connect

About Informa Connect is at the helm of conference, exhibition, and training services in Singapore, boasting a 30-year history of transforming businesses through B2B events. As part of the globally recognized Informa Group, they stand as a conduit for information and networking across various industry verticals, enhancing business strategy and fostering new partnerships.
  • Rich Heritage and Global Reach: A 30-year legacy paired with Informa Group’s global presence offers unparalleled expertise and insights across numerous sectors.
  • Pioneering Industry Conferences: Renowned for developing high-level industry conferences that inspire and educate, Informa Connect facilitates strategic business insights and valuable networking opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Training Solutions: Beyond events, their corporate training division plays a crucial role in the professional development of industry executives, underlining their commitment to continuous learning.
  • Diverse Event Portfolio: Specializes in organizing a wide range of events including conferences, managed events, and corporate training courses, catering to multiple industry verticals.
  • Strategic Business Intelligence: Leveraging the Informa Group’s vast resources, they provide critical market analyses and strategic insights that drive business growth and innovation.
  • Customized Partnership Opportunities: Offers tailored sponsorship and exhibition solutions, enabling businesses to maximize their visibility and engagement with target audiences.
Address 103 Penang Road, #04-01 Visioncrest Commercial, Singapore 238467
Telephone +65 6508 2401
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 “Informa Connect’s events have been instrumental in our strategic planning. The insights and networking opportunities they provide are unparalleled.”
Review 2 “The training provided by Informa Connect has significantly contributed to our team’s development. Their courses are always relevant and forward-thinking.”
Review 3 “Participating in an Informa Connect event opened doors for our business we didn’t even know existed. The quality of discussions and the caliber of attendees were beyond our expectations.”


Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore (Updated 2024) 4

Webinar Service Provider

ZEM Productions

About ZEM Productions distinguishes itself as a premier production company in Singapore, boasting a decade of experience in crafting cinematic brilliance across commercials, corporate videos, and virtual event productions. They are dedicated to merging creativity with cinematic quality to produce tailored video content that resonates with the brand’s identity and goals.
  • Experienced Production Team: A decade of expertise in photo and video production, ensuring longevity and reliability in the industry.
  • Commitment to Reliability: Emphasizes punctuality, from timely shoot arrivals to meeting editing deadlines, underscoring their professionalism.
  • Full-Spectrum Service Offering: Provides an extensive range of video production services, including concept development, storyboarding, talent casting, and post-production, catering to all aspects of video content creation.
  • Corporate and Commercial Video Production: Specializes in creating compelling commercial and elegant corporate videos, each project tailored to the client’s specific needs and brand identity.
  • Event & Live Streaming: Expertise in producing dynamic live streams and capturing events, ensuring virtual audiences are engaged and connected.
  • Photography and Photobooth Services: Offers professional photography services and innovative photobooth solutions for events, adding a creative touch to corporate and commercial projects.
Address 10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark #03-49 (Lobby C, Singapore 408564
Telephone +65-6741 1126
Operating Hours 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
Review 1 Working with ZEM Productions transformed our brand’s visibility. Their unique approach to video content truly captured our identity.”
Review 2 “The professionalism and creativity of the ZEM team made our corporate video project a standout success. Their attention to detail is unmatched.”
Review 3 “ZEM Productions delivered an exceptional live streaming service for our event. Their technical expertise and creative input made a significant impact.”


Twist Media Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore

Webinar Service Provider

Twist Media

About Twist Media is an award-winning event management company in Singapore renowned for its innovative approach to creating and activating experiences with infinite possibilities. Specializing in a comprehensive range of technology and professional event management services, Twist Media has become the go-to agency for corporations seeking impactful brand and marketing campaigns across various event formats.
  • Innovative Event Solutions: Known for designing, creating, and managing award-winning event experiences that effectively communicate and activate brand messages.
  • Extensive Event Portfolio: Trusted with over 1000 events including conferences, gala dinners, launch campaigns, and more, demonstrating versatility and expertise in the event management arena.
  • Technology-Driven Approach: Utilizes the latest technology to enhance the event experience, ensuring memorable and engaging events that make a lasting impact on the audience.
  • Event Design: Ideates and designs integrated marketing campaigns and event branding, ensuring every event tells a compelling brand story through multiple touchpoints.
  • Creative Event Creation: Combines cutting-edge technology with creativity to activate brand essence through experiential events, applying the brand message consistently throughout the event.
  • Expert Event Management: Plans, manages, and executes events with finesse, both in Singapore and internationally, delivering unparalleled experiences through meticulous planning.
Address 100 Pasir Panjang Rd, #05-02, Singapore 118518
Telephone +65-6996 6700
Operating Hours 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
Review 1 “Had the opportunities to work with Twist Media for a few events for past 2 years, and recently again on 25 Oct, never fail the expectation. The work that Twist Media had delivered was absolutely superb (especially Sherlyn, always on top of situation, leading her team and promptness in reacting to real-time and unexpected circumstances). Their attention to detail, creativity, teamwork, understanding of/meeting event requirement and professionalism were outstanding. Highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them again in the future. Once again, Thank you for a job well done!”
Review 2 “It has been a positive experience working together with Twist (special shout out to Account Manager, Wacleus!) as their commitment to their clients and constant striving for new ways to value-add always shine through, from pitch to execution.”
Review 3 “We have been working with Twist Media for the last 2 years over more than 10 projects, creating video showpieces to be shown during their event launches. The experience with the entire team has been great. They think ahead and put the interest of their clients in mind, but in the same respect they work well with partners like us well, with mutual respect to always ensure great work is delivered. Awesome!”


Onlive Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore

Webinar Service Provider

About stands as a comprehensive event management solution, designed to empower organizers in hosting successful online, offline, or hybrid events. Established in 2018 and based in Singapore, the platform caters to a global audience, offering a white-labeled solution that seamlessly integrates various aspects of event management.
  • Versatile Event Solutions: Specializes in catering to online, offline, and hybrid events, offering flexibility for event organizers to reach their audience, no matter the format.
  • Innovative Technology: Utilizes cutting-edge event management software (EMS) to provide an end-to-end solution, from ticketing and registration to event execution.
  • Global Reach: Headquartered in Singapore with a worldwide operational scope, ensuring organizers can successfully host events on a global scale.
  • Customized Experience: Offers white-labeled solutions, allowing organizations to maintain brand consistency across their events.
  • Tickets and Registration: Streamlines the attendee sign-up process with an easy-to-use online registration system, enhancing the overall event experience.
  • Event Management Software: A comprehensive EMS that simplifies event planning, management, and execution, ensuring events run smoothly.
  • Hybrid and Virtual Events: Specialized features for hosting engaging virtual and hybrid events, including interactive tools and integration capabilities.
  • Event Websites: Enables the creation of customized event websites, providing a central hub for all event-related information and interactions.
Address 20 Haji Ln, LVL 3, Singapore 189213
Telephone +65-68161121
Operating Hours 9 am to 7 pm
Review 1 “ transformed our conference into a global success. The ease of use and comprehensive features made planning and execution seamless.”
Review 2 “The flexibility of’s platform allowed us to host a hybrid event that surpassed all our expectations, both in terms of engagement and reach.”
Review 3 “Thanks to, our virtual event was a standout. The interactive tools and flawless streaming service ensured an immersive experience for all attendees.”


one Touch Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore

website design banner

Webinar Service Provider

One Touch

About One Touch Systems is a premier provider of Audio Visual and Automation solutions in Singapore, boasting over nine years of expertise in design, consultancy, installation, and after-sales maintenance. Committed to excellence, their goal is to ensure perfection from the proposal stage through to project completion and beyond, backed by extensive industry certifications.
  • Expertise and Experience: A team of dedicated AV and automation specialists with more than nine years of experience, ensuring quality and reliability in every project.
  • Comprehensive Service: Offers end-to-end solutions, from initial design and consultancy to installation and robust after-sales support.
  • Certification and Knowledge: Holds extensive industrial certifications, showcasing their commitment to professionalism and the highest standards of service.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Focuses on easing clients’ pains and fulfilling their home and professional AV and automation requirements with precision and care.
  • Audio Visual and Automation Solutions: Specializes in providing innovative AV and automation systems tailored to both home and professional environments.
  • Smart Office and Home Systems: Offers state-of-the-art solutions for smart homes and offices, enabling control over lighting, entertainment systems, air conditioning, and more through smart devices.
  • Professional Audio and Video Conferencing: Delivers cutting-edge audio and video conferencing solutions to facilitate seamless communication for businesses.
  • Projectors, Screens, and Video Walls: Provides a wide range of high-quality projectors, screens, and video wall monitors suitable for retail, F&B, and meeting room applications.
Address 6 Ubi Road 1, #04-07, Wintech Centre Singapore (408726)
Telephone +65 65701220
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 “One Touch Systems transformed our office space with their AV solutions, providing us with the technology we needed to improve our operations and communication.”
Review 2 “Their attention to detail and customer service is unparalleled. The smart home system they installed has made daily life so much more convenient.”
Review 3 “The professionalism and expertise of One Touch Systems are evident in the quality of their work. Our video conferencing system has never been better.”


Event Brite Top Webinar Service Providers in Singapore

Webinar Service Provider

Event Brite

About Eventbrite is a global leader in event management and ticketing, offering a versatile platform that supports organizers in creating, promoting, and selling tickets for events ranging from small workshops to large-scale conferences. Known for its user-friendly interface and robust feature set, Eventbrite simplifies the event management process, making it accessible to millions worldwide.
  • Comprehensive Event Solutions: Facilitates both online and offline events, providing tools for ticketing, attendee engagement, and analytics.
  • Global Marketplace: Connects event organizers with a vast audience, enhancing event visibility and attendee discovery through personalized recommendations.
  • Innovative Marketing Tools: Offers a suite of marketing tools, including Eventbrite Ads and social media integrations, to effectively reach potential attendees.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Ensures organizers get paid promptly with customizable payment schedules, featuring low-cost fees and secure transaction processing.
  • Event Ticketing: Streamlines the ticketing process with customizable event pages, ensuring a seamless checkout experience for attendees.
  • Attendee Engagement: Enhances event experiences with tools for attendee discovery, personalized recommendations, and interactive engagement.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Leverages Eventbrite Ads and integrated marketing tools to maximize event exposure and drive ticket sales.
  • Analytics and Insights: Provides organizers with real-time analytics and reporting, offering insights into buyer behavior and sales trends.
Address 8 Marina Boulevard, #05-02, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore 018981
Telephone +65-6688 8888
Operating Hours 24/7
Review 1 “The seamless process of managing the events, seminars or webinars, is truly amazing and super quick. It manages to remove the hassles from the POV of the admin.”
Review 2 “I love how easy it is to search for events, how easy it is to RSVP, and how everything is visible in your account (and is also sent to your email for extra ease).”
Review 3 “What I like most about the Eventbrite platform is how user friendly it is to create the events and the ease for those purchasing to make their purchase.”


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