Top Web Design Agencies in Singapore

web design agencies in Singapore

There is a plethora of web design agencies in Singapore. Why? According to Google Barometer, almost all age groups in the country use the internet. The site also states that a whopping 60% of local consumers first learn of products from their own e-commerce stores.  If you have a business, having a website is a guaranteed strategy for boosting your sales.

A website is an integral component of any modern business. The internet has a vast number of tools that ease the process of web development. The problem, however, with these options is that they lack in several aspects, mostly optimization.

For instance, it is challenging to optimize your website for your target audience in Singapore using a tool designed for global audiences.

This is where web design agencies in Singapore come to play. A study conducted by Adobe discovered that if a group of people was given 15 minutes to consume online content, they would prefer to see an aesthetically appealing page rather than something plain and simple. Engaging such agencies not only improves the appearance of your website but also optimizes the design for the local audience.

Advantages of Enlisting the Services of Web Design Agencies in Singapore

It is natural to question the value of any investment to your business, such as procuring the services of a web design company in Singapore. How will it affect your audiences? Is it worth your time and money? Will your business grow as a result?

Here are the top reasons to seek professional web design services for your website.

First Impressions

You only get one chance to make a first impression. If your website has an attractive design, customers are likely to form a positive perception of your brand. A poorly-designed site, on the other hand, gives the client a negative impression.

The impression that a visitor gets when they open your website for the first time has a significant bearing on whether they stay or leave. As a business owner, you obviously want them to stay because it increases the probability of them making a purchase.

 It Assists with SEO

Another reason for seeking professional help in designing your website is the huge impact that the practice has on your SEO strategies. There are several elements in your website that affect how your content is rendered on web pages, which in turn affects how search engines index your site. 

If you are familiar with SEO (which you should), you must know the importance of on-page optimization. Web design affects this significantly.

Besides, the code used to write your website should also be SEO-friendly. The best way of ensuring this is by enlisting the services of web design agencies.

Promotes your Customer Service

Prospective clients use the information provided on your website to determine how you treat your customers. If you are not concerned with the design of your site, why would you care about customers?

Your business website is essentially the digital equivalent of your physical store. If it is well-maintained and has a good website design, more customers will certainly walk into the shop. Contrarily, if it sports a poor design, it is highly unlikely to capture the attention of prospective clients.

Enhances Reputation

Think from your audience’s perspective. What picture does an outdated website portray? A visitor is likely to distrust a site that has an obsolete outlook and obsolete content.

On the contrary, an up-to-date website establishes trust with your audience. Building trust is the first step to retaining your customers. When customers frequent your online platform, you will undoubtedly boost your sales.

Many Websites Are Already in the Game

Many business owners in Singapore are aware of the benefits offered by website design agencies and are already subscribed to their services. Therefore, if you haven’t joined the party, you are falling behind in the competition for customers.

Essential Aspects of Web Design in Singapore

Well, you are now familiar with the advantages of web design agencies in Singapore. When choosing your preferred agency, ensure that they incorporate the following critical elements in their design.

  • Easy Navigation – your website must allow visitors to access information quickly and easily. Information should be divided into pages, with broad headings and several subtopics to simplify access.
  • Responsive design – 86% of people in Singapore use mobile devices to access the internet. This is why website development in Singapore emphasizes responsive design because it ensures that all people have an excellent online experience, irrespective of the device they are using.
  • Page speed – loading speed is a crucial element of web design. Your website might be excellent, but if it takes ages to render webpages, your audience will lose interest. Moreover, Google lowers the ranking of websites that have slow speeds. A useful for checking the rate of your website is Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It also shows what you need to adjust to optimize loading speeds.
  • Consistent style – a constant theme throughout your site gives your brand a unique identity that is recognizable to your audience. Style encompasses several elements, such as color, typography, formats, and so forth.

10 Best Web Design Agencies in Singapore

As mentioned earlier, Singapore has numerous web design agencies. Here are the standout options.

MediaOne Marketing

web design agencies in Singapore

MediaOne is the best website design company in Singapore. The company has an impressive track record, having helped over 800 clients over the past decade to rank their website on the first page of Google’s search results. Some of the testaments of their excellence include the ‘Best in Search’ and ‘Top SEO in Singapore’ accolades.

The company has its head offices on 40B Trans Street S (07879). You can reach them on the phone by calling either (65) 67893852 or (65) 67421048.

Besides web design, MediaOne offers other services pertaining to digital marketing such as SEO implementation and auditing, web design, social media and search engine marketing, and online reputation management.

Alternatively, you can gain an edge over competing businesses in your niche by enrolling to digital marketing courses offered by MediaOne. The company’s digital marketing experts conduct the courses, so you are assured of becoming a digital marketing guru upon completion. These programs also help job seekers to get the upper hand over their colleagues when looking for a career in the lucrative online marketing industry.

Another proof of the superiority of MediaOne over its competitors is the significance of the companies in its client portfolio. So far, the agency has worked with many prominent organizations, including the Singaporean Ministry of Law, Changi airport Singapore, Intercontinental, Sheraton Hotels, the University of Cambridge, Direct Asia Insurance, and ST electronics and so on.

Although these companies operate in different industries, all of them have acknowledged the speedy delivery of services by MediaOne, as well as their responsiveness to any queries forwarded to their customer service department.

The best thing about MediaOne is that they offer a free quote to any business in Singapore looking to leverage digital marketing to generate more leads and boost sales.

Etereo Media

Etereo media is a web design and digital marketing agency established in Singapore. Here is a complete list of services offered by this company.

  • Branding – this encompasses web design and development, graphic design, photography, marketing collateral brochures, packaging design, and stationery design.
  • Digital marketing – this covers social media marketing and management, user experience web development, SEO, and Search Engine Marketing.
  • Content Marketing – this consists of website content creation, website content management, copywriting, and copyediting.


You can reach Etereo media on +65 68871 8838, or visit their offices at 258 Middle Road #02-01 Singapore 188987.

Verz Design

web design agencies in Singapore

Verz Design is an established Singapore web design and development firm that assists businesses looking to infuse creativity onto their websites. The company, founded in 2009, offers services such as;

  • Copywriting – this encompasses web copywriting, newsletters, blogging, and social media posts.
  • Web development – this covers corporate web design, premium web design, mobile apps, e-commerce, and custom programming.
  • Graphic design – this comprises logo creation, digital media production, and print design.
  • Marketing Services – these include SEO, SEM, social media marketing, Facebook marketing, and advertisements and promotions.
  • Consultancy Services – this covers branding, enterprise development grants, custom development, and sales and marketing.

The company headquarters are located on 56 Kallang Pudding Road, Singapore 349328. The offices are open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. and remain closed on weekends and public holidays.

Alternatively, you can call them on +65 6841 1680.

Oasis Web Asia

Since its inception in 2009, Oasis Web Asia has developed hundreds of websites and mobile apps for small and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore. In 2015, the company merged with Illigo Pte Ltd.

The following are the services offered by Oasis Web Asia.

  • Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Web design
  • Real estate solutions
  • E-commerce development
  • PPC and Facebook marketing


web design agencies in Singapore

iFoundries is a digital agency that empowers upcoming businesses by formulating successful development strategies. The company, formed in 2005, is based in Singapore with regional offices in Malaysia and Vietnam.

Here is a list of services offered by iFoundries.

  • Web design and development
  • Web hosting
  • Digital marketing – this covers SEO, SEM, and email marketing.
  • Other products, such as email anti-spam solutions and digital marketing automation.

The head offices are located on 69 Ubi Road 1, Singapore 408731. You can also call them on +65 6297 7751.

Milan Design House

Milan Design House is an international web design and development firm headquartered in Singapore. The company also has offices in Moscow, Denver, and England.

Here are the services offered by the Milan Design House.

  • Web design
  • SEO
  • Advertising and brand identity
  • Business consulting
  • Content management system

The company physical addresses include 703 Yishun Ave 5, Singapore 760703, 10 Ubi Crescent #03-02 Ubi Techpark Singapore 408564, 6 Sungei Kadut Street 5, Singapore 728953, and 40C Hong Kong St, Singapore 059679.

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Smart Hosting & Design Services

As the name suggests, this company mostly deals with web development and hosting. The firm strives to develop customized web solutions for every client. It offers services such as;

  • Web design
  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Design and print
  • Online marketing – this covers SEO, SEM, social media marketing, and SMS marketing.

The company offices are located on 1 Sophia Road, Peace Centre, Singapore 228149. You can also call on +65 6337 7971.

Creative eWorld

Creative eWorld focuses on providing SME clients with digital marketing solutions that give them the upper hand over competing businesses. The company offers a variety of services, including;

  • Mobile and web – this comprises web design and mobile app development.
  • Marketing – this encompasses SEO, SEM, and social media marketing.
  • Maintenance and support – this covers web hosting, email hosting, domain names, and website maintenance.

The main office is located on 315 Alexandra Road #05-01, Sime Darby Business Centre, Singapore 159944. The phone number is +65 6392 2857.

Digital Marketing Agency

This is an internationally renowned web development company that also operates in Singapore. Their service portfolio includes;

  • Web development
  • Reputation management
  • Professional SEO services
  • Conversion optimization
  • Content marketing
  • PPC and link building
  • Social media optimization and marketing

The Singapore office is located on 16 Collyer Quay Singapore, 049318. Alternatively, you can email them on

I Concept

I Concept is a web design company that develops products targeting the Southeast Asia market.  The company, stated in 2008, offers several solutions for web design and digital marketing. They include;

  • Responsive design – this covers corporate web design, customized web design, and content management systems.
  • Digital marketing – this comprises digital marketing strategies, e-commerce solutions, and free market audits.
  • Copywriting
  • Social media marketing

The head offices are located on 140 Paya Lebar Road, #06-26, Singapore 409015. They are also reachable on the phone on +65 6333 4636.


Designing a website is easy – but making it successful and appealing to visitors requires the professional input of the top web design agencies in Singapore.

The list above gives an overview of some of the best companies to assist you in developing a useful site for your business. Before settling on a particular choice, we recommend checking their service portfolio to see whether it matches your needs. You should also put past experience into consideration, as well as the reviews given by previous clients.

Get in touch for the best website design services in Singapore. 

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