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If you’re anything like most people, you’ve probably seen a job advert for a call centre operator and left wondering, “do call centres still exist?”

Of course, they do – and it’s not like they’re going anywhere.

You’re mistaken for thinking customers would choose a different way to seek assistance even after being put on hold for 30 minutes. For some reason, some customers still prefer to reach out to businesses via a phone call rather than wait around for a live chat or email response.

What’s VoIP?

VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol

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VoIP is the technology that enables traditional telephony services to work over a computer network—no need to handsets or copper wires. With VoIP, you can make or receive calls using your internet-connected computer and headset.

Simply put: it’s phone or voice call services delivered over the internet. It’s sometimes referred to as IP telephony, broadband telephony, internet telephony, or broadband phone service.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP uses packet-switched protocols to enable traditional telephony services to work over a computer network. Everything starts with VoIP technology padding voice signals into packets, more like an electronic envelope.

They’re then transmitted over VoIP-compatible network like LAN and reopened upon reaching their destination or the recipient.

Top VoIP Providers for Small Businesses in Singapore

Inaani Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

VoIP Provider


About Does your business need to grow? Or are you looking for a larger VoIP Provider that caters specifically to your professional customer support needs?

Well, look no further than Inaani, a globally recognised retail and wholesale provider of VoIP services. It’s a full-service provider of VoIP services that businesses can use to make low-cost calls using the internet as the medium.

Key Services ·      Hosting

·      Reseller

·      Wholesale



Address: 21 Bukit Batok Crescent, Unit 15-84, Singapore 658065

Tel: (65) 3159 3279



Review “We are determined to ensure that these services are delivered efficiently, in a way which provides the best value for money.”



Cal 4 Care Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

VoIP Provider


About Cal4Care is a global VoIP distribution and reseller company, with offices in different parts of the world. It’s an open-platform VoIP system that can integrate with SIP trunks and regular IP phones, whether in the cloud or on-premise.
Key Services ·      Internet Security

·      24/7 Online Support

·      Network Solution

·      Volp Solutions



Address: 27 New Industrial Road, #03-06 Novelty Techpoint, Singapore 536212

Tel: (65) 6340 1006



Review “Cal4care in Singapore is a fast, reliable, and super effective telephone service provider. I love the way their support staff responds after you place a query. I will always choose Cal4care Pte Ltd over any other service providers in Singapore.”


Cross Point Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

VoIP Provider

Cross Point

About Cross Point was incorporated in 2005, but it was until 2009 that they would decide to set up their headquarter office in Singapore. At the time of writing this, they’re one of the leading providers of business technology solutions, not just in Singapore but the world in extension. Their service portfolio includes video conferencing, managed telephony services, Unified IT infrastructure, and so on.
Key Client ·      Vodafone

·      Veolia

·      Secom

·      Nokia

·      Daikin

Key Services ·      IT Infrastructure

·      Voice

·      Professional Services

·      Video Conferencing

·      Managed Telephony



Address: 30 Cecil Street, #19-08 Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712

Tel: (65) 6805 8720


Review “When our original phone system failed for the last time we needed to deploy a new office phone system quickly. Luckily we had already chosen a system from CrossPoint Telecom that embraces the latest IP-PBX technology to boost productivity & reduce call costs.”


Nautilus Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

VoIP Provider

Nautilus Network Solutions

About Nautilus is a Singapore-based VoIP company with offices in different parts of the world. It’s one of the most well-reviewed providers of VoIP services you’ll ever come across online. They also have one of the most competitive pricing available. The company was first introduced in 2006, and it’s among the few Asterisk-certified companies in Asia.
Key Client ·      Scania

·      Space

·      Foodpanda

·      SP Group

·      Wego

Key Services ·      Cloud-based Solution

·      PBX Features

·      Call Recording with Playback



Address: 100 Beach Road, #16-06/08, Shaw Towers Bugis, Singapore 189702

Tel: (65) 6817 3199



Review “Nautilus PBX support service is good”



Siptel Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

VoIP Provider


About Siptel is particularly well-suited for small and medium-sized businesses, where their solutions come packed with all the call centre features your business might need. They provide VoIP, IP, and PBX telephony services to businesses. Their services are widely cherished because they’re easy to use. Plus, they only take one day to get everything activated.
Key Services ·      Individual Numbers

·      Outbound Calls

·      Call Hold

·      Shared T



Address: 3 International Business Park Road, Singapore 609927

Tel: (65) 6950 4155



Review “Great quality of telephony system. Took a bit more time than expected but far better than the previous company we were using.”



Excila Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

VoIP Provider

Excila Telecom

About Excila Telecom was first established in 2004 as a licensed provider of VoIP services. As we speak, they’re one of the leading providers of high-quality VoIP services via direct routes. They offer exceptional VoIP services at one of the most competitive prices available.
Key Services ·      Sip Trunking

·      Termination

·      Call Routing Volps solutions



Address: 21 Science Park Road, @02-03 The Aquarius, Singapore Science Park II, Singapore 117628

Tel: (65) 3158 1324




Crystal Voice Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

VoIP Provider

Crystal Voice

About Crystal Voice specialises in developing innovative, internet-based telephony services. They’re one of the most respected names in the world of telecommunication, respected for their business ethics, level of services, and their contribution to the overall development of telephony.
Key Services ·      Coaching Tools

·      Call Recording

·      Voice Mail to Email

·      Call Screening

·      Call Accounting



Address: 69 Ubi Road 1, #05-29 Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408731

Tel: (65) 6727 6000




Apsis Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

VoIP Provider

Apsis Communications

About Apsis Communications was officially launched on 12th Match, 2010. But over the years, they would narrow down their service list to officially become an IT consultancy firm with telecommunication (mainly provision of VoIP services) as their second service.
Key Client ·      Globe

·      City Bank

·      British American Tobacco

Key Services ·      Financial Solution

·      Telecom Solution

·      Consumer Solution



Address: 2 Jurong East, 21 Street, 3-183 Building, Singapore



Review “Changed ISP from a “major” brand to Apsis Communications…wonderfully easy to get connected, awesome connectivity and speed. Used the rental router for a month but have changed to a higher-grade dual band. Overall, this is what internet service should be.”


T Global Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

VoiP Provider


About T-Global was founded in 2005 as a fully-licensed Service-Based Operate (SBO). They’re headquartered in Singapore, where they provide wholesale voice, managed voice, video conferencing, and other professional voice-related services. The company is all about creating value, which they do by offering themselves as strategic partners to leading product manufacturers.
Key Services ·      Accounting and Auditing

·      Server Hosting

·      Telecommunications

·      Broadband Internet

·      Business Proposals



Address: 998 Toa Payoh North, #07-22/23, Singapore 318993

Tel: (65) 6622 2200


How VoIP Differs from Traditional Telephony Services

VoIP different from traditional telephony services in that it uses packets, which allows for the transformation of relatively more information.

Other than that, the technology gives you access to more applications and tools that can potentially help your team to be more productive and agile.

What’s a Call Centre?

A call centre is the department that fields incoming and outgoing calls from both new and existing customers. They’re handled by agents or telephone representatives; whose role is to manage all phone calls and keep track of both open and closed cases.

To manage everything and keep these teams organised, offices use call centre software, which distributes inquires and facilitates the interaction that occurs.

It’s a tradition for big companies to set up call centres for the purpose of:

  • Handling incoming queries
  • Offering customer support
  • Conducting market research
  • Carrying out telemarketing

Top Call Centre Service Providers

Supernet Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

Call Centre Service Provider

Super Internet

About Supernet is part of the larger MNF Group. The company specialises in delivering scalable telephony and communication solutions to the private and public sectors. They’re a network of more than 200 offices, currently working with more than 150 government institutions.
Key Services ·      IP Devices

·      System Integration

·      Installing and Support Services

·      SIP Volp Gateway

·      Termination



Address: 2 International Business Park, #09-01 The Strategy Twr 1, Singapore 609930

Tel: (65) 3125 8500



Tele Center Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

Call Centre Service Provider


About Tele-centre is a full-service contact centre service provider. They handle multi-channel interactions with customers. Founded in 1999, the company understands the value of spoken-word and its ability to transform businesses when executed right. They believe a simple phone call a business makes is the beginning of establishing a solid customer relationship, and they’re here to help you take advantage of every opportunity to talk to your customers.
Key Services ·      Lead Generation

·      Virtual Reception Services

·      Personnel Insourcing

·      Database Profiling

·      Technical Helpdesk



Address: 56 Kallang Pudding Road, #09-09, HH@Kallang, Singapore 349328

Tel: (65) 6337 7488




Ops Central Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

Call Centre Service Provider

Innovax System

About Innovax, founded in 1998, is the company behind the leading contact centre suite, OPsCentral. They’re headquartered in Singapore, where they also operate as system developers and end-to-end providers of integrated call centre and contact centre solutions. The company has worked with so many government organisations and fortune 500 companies, including Dell, Singtel, Sats, and Abx.
Key Client ·      Singtel

·      Red One

·      Dell

·      Abx

·      Sats

Key Services ·      Managed CX Services

·      Professional Services

·      Business Consulting



Address: 317 Outram

Tel: (65) 6701 1888


Email: sales@innovax.system

Review “OpsCentral is a user-friendly system; the team of well-trained staff of Innovax Systems is very professional, prompt, and supportive in addressing queries or issues raised by clients.”


Antasis Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

Call Centre Service Provider

Antasis Singapore

About Antasis is one of the leading providers of outsourced call centre services in Singapore. They’re not just about helping businesses turn bad customer experience into something remarkable; they’re all about delivering outstanding services. Companies hire them to answer phone calls, provide customer support, and process orders.
Key Services ·      IT Services

·      Inbound Customer Services

·      IVR Services

·      HR Services

·      Facility Management



Address: Blk 162 Bukit Merah Central, #06-3545, Singapore 150162

Tel: (65) 6319 2620


Review “I just wanted to let you know that it’s been great working with Antasis. Thank you so much for meeting our needs and a partner that is easy to work with.”


Connect Centre Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

Call Centre Service Provider

Connect Centre

About Connect Centre is a Singapore-based multichannel contact centre providing a wide selection of outsourced customer relationship management services, including call centres services (both inbound and outbound), non-phone communication services, and more.
Key Services ·      Telesales

·      Emergency Response

·      Customer Service

·      Admin Support

·      Technical Support




Address: 203 Henderson Road, #10-13 Henderson Industrial Park, Singapore 159546

Tel: (65) 6701 1188



Review “Our management and staff have found dealing with you and your colleagues a very pleasant experience and we appreciate your humility and sincerity in constantly striving to deliver better service. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Connect Centre all the best for your service and business excellent service.”



in Call Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

Call Centre Service Provider

Incall Systems

About Incall Systems is an outsourced IT, BPO, and call centre service provider in Singapore. The company was established in 1998, which makes them one of the pioneers in this. The main goal in business is to support both established and struggling businesses to achieve their objectives of growing, retaining, and acquiring customers.
Key Services ·      B2B Lead Generation

·      IT Telemarketing

·      Customer Interaction Centre Solution

·      Demand and Lead Generation Solution



Address: 89C Science Park Drive, #01-09 The Rutherford, Singapore 118261

Tel: (65) 6893 3303




TCDX Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

Call Centre Service Provider

TDCX Singapore

About Since 1995, TDCX has been focused on partnering with high growth organisations and business entities in helping them reach their sales development goals. They’re unique because they offer flexible and cost-effective sales and marketing development resources.
Key Services ·      E-Commerce

·      Revenue Generation

·      Inside Sales

·      Content Moderation



Address: 750B Chai Chee Road, #06-01/06 Viva business park, Singapore 469004

Tel: (65) 6309 1688




E Fusion Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

Call Centre Service Provider


About Effusion is all about helping companies increase sales. Their main mission in business is to help companies reach more customers.
Key Services ·      Sales Lead

·      Sales Channel Management

·      Fusion Partner Programme

·      SalesForce Management



Address: 1 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh, #01-03 Yellow Pages Building, Singapore 319637

Tel: (65) 6517 4920




Intercall Top Voice and Call Centre Services in Singapore

Call Centre Service Provider

Intercall Marketing Services

About Intercall’s live agents are on-site 24/7, which allows them to deliver outstanding customer experiences. That quite explains why they’re considered a premier answering service in Singapore. They’re essentially a dynamic marketing contact firm with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, and Thailand.
Key Services ·      Project Management

·      B2B Leads Generation

·      Integrated marketing

·      Database Services



Address: 77 Science Park Drive, #03-15 Cintech III, Singapore 118256

Tel: (65) 6874 0265




How a Call Centre Differs From a Contact Centre

Many people use the two terms interchangeably when they actually mean two different things.

A contact centre refers to a team that interacts with customers across a broad canvas of channels, including SMS, phone calls, live chat, social media, and emails.

A call centre, however, only offers over-the-phone assistance. If your agent operates with any other channel or media other than a phone call, then they’re operating a contact centre and not a call centre.

How a Call Centre Works

A call centre operates as a vocal communication centre or department that customers use to report complaints, seek assistance, or make requests. They’re managed by customer support representatives who field both incoming and outgoing phone calls, besides solving customers’ problems.

Everything can be broken down in three stages:

  • A customer makes a phone call or requests for one from a customer service agent
  • The agent responds and works on the customer’s issue
  • The phone call representative may request for more time to solve the problem if it proves unattainable to solve the issue on the first call

Technologies Used in Call Centres

Call centres use a few technologies that facilitate their operations. These technologies include IVR, ACD System, and headsets.

It’s to be, however, noted that things have significantly improved over the past few years, especially since customer service became a key competitive differentiator between businesses. More innovative technologies have emerged.

Many of these technologies are meant to help support advisors offer better customer support services. They include:

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  • Smart desktops
  • Screen pops
  • Knowledgebase

Some of these technologies are designed to help out with reducing contact volume or with improving the efficiency of call centres. They include:

  • Workforce management systems
  • Process Automation
  • Chatbots

Newly introduced technologies that have proven to be pretty resourceful include speech analytics, proactive messaging, and customer feedback solutions, among others.

Software Used in Call Centres

The software used in call centres are mostly API-based and are designed to allow for real-time customer experiences over multiple channels, including social media, voice, SMS, chat, etc. Many of them operate as Automatic Call Distributors (ACD), where they automatically route incoming tasks.

They can recognise an incoming call and even quickly scan for a piece of predetermined information. The information is then cross-referenced against your database and routed and distributed according to your instructions.

Top Call Centre Softwares

Price: Varied

TalkDesk is a call centre dedicated to helping large teams manage their phone support and speed up things. The platform is designed to help you out with all the things you may need to offer excellent customer support at scale. You can use it to manage your workforce. Plus, you’ll be provided with a bevy of industry-specific features that make your work easier.

Price: Free

Bitrix is a contact centre built around the idea of a to-do-list. It’s designed to help teams collaborate in getting their work done. It also operates as a collaborative platform for getting work done. It’s an all-inclusive contact centre with multiple customer service channels, including live chats, telephone lines, email queues, and more.

Price: $29/Month

Zendesk is one of the most extensive customer support platforms. They have one of the most feature-rich call centre solutions for all types of businesses. Using their automatic ticket creation solution, agents can take advantage of their Slick help desk and offer assistance to their customers across a wide selection of channels.

Price: $39/Month

LiveAgent operates as a multi-channel help desk that allows you to offer assistance to your customers over any channel that they choose to reach out to you. It’s the only tool on the list that doesn’t charge you a per-minute usage fee, which makes it affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • CloudTalk

Price: $15/month

CloudTalk is one of the most advanced call centre software. It comes with a broad selection of tools and features to work with. A good example is the custom queue feature, which allows the support team to dictate how incoming calls can be distributed. You can also use it to route incoming calls to agents that are best suited to solve them.

Must-have Functionalities for the Call-centre Solution that you Choose

After you decide which call centre software to use, you can now go ahead and decide which functionalities you’ll need. Each call centre solution offers a list of features that can prove useful when operating your call centre.

However, to be more efficient and productive in your operations, there are features that you wouldn’t want your software solution to miss. We’ve identified a few of these functionalities and features:

Handling Calls

Your call centre software must provide ample capabilities for call handling. Among the things we expect it to have is support for phone numbers. Modern cloud-based call centre solutions allow you to either integrate your existing phone number or to choose between the virtual phone numbers provided. Besides handling incoming calls, we expect the solution to also allow you to make outbound calls.

Here are the call handling features you wouldn’t want your call centre software solution to miss:

  • Call Control Feature: for holding, muting, forwarding, and ending calls.
  • Call Recording: All calls must be recorded just in case any of your agents fail to deliver.
  • Blacklisting: for blocking bots and spams.
  • Call Queue Management: for setting up queues while callers are on the line waiting for your agents to respond to their calls.
  • Automatic ticket creations: for ensuring your team of call centre agents gets to solve every raised issue. Call centre agents use it to keep track of the issues raised.


Not all agents have the same capabilities. You want to make sure that you assign each caller to the right agent, one with the abilities to solve their problems. A good call centre software will provide routing capabilities that streamline your call centre workflow and enhance your customer experience.

Here’s a list of routing features to pay attention to:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): IVR automatically routes your callers to the most suitable agent or department. This is usually facilitated by keypad or voice input selections.
  • Forward to Phone: Allows agents to respond to the issues raised by customers even when they’re out of the office. The calls can be forwarded to their personal phones, instead of waiting until they get back to the office.
  • Queue Callback: With this feature, customers can request for a call back when they do not feel like waiting in the queue.
  • Business Hours Management: this routing functionality informs callers about your office hours or when you’ll be available to address their issues.

Contact Management

Call centres are all about helping businesses provide the necessary support to their customers. That’s why any call centre software must come with a powerful contact management functionality. There should be an option for agents to access detailed information about their customers and their history of interacting with your business.

Here’s a list of contact management features your software solution should have:

  • CRM Integration: for integrating your CRM solution with the call centre software.
  • Interaction History: for keeping track of all cases or issues raised in the past. All these cases must be retrievable and easy to refer to should there arise a need for it.
  • Caller ID: Each caller must be assigned a caller ID that your agents can use to pull out more information on them and to make sure that each one of them receives personalised support.

Monitoring and Performance

The call centre software you use should provide you with a detailed reporting of how everything is performing so you can know if you’re headed in the right direction or if your agents are doing a commendable job. Without proper monitoring or reporting, your call centre will never be efficient.

Here’s a list of monitoring and performance features your call centre software shouldn’t miss:

  • Call Monitoring

    With this feature, you can discreetly listen to the calls being made or received via your call centre to know if your agents are really putting in the hours or sleeping at work.

  • Performance Monitoring

    This feature provides an overall analysis of how your call centre is performing., including call load and the number of missed calls.

  • Agent Ranking

    It ranks agents in order of their performance. You can use it to know how fast your agents are responding to calls, their average duration of calls or conversations with clients, and so on. It motivates agents to work hard.

  • Feedback Monitoring

    With this feature, customers can leave their feedback behind so you can know if they’re really satisfied with the quality of support they got.

Types of Call Centres

Beyond blended, inbound, and outbound, call centres can be further classified into:

  • In-house Call Centres

An in-house call centre is owned and operated by the company itself. They have their own agents as part of their team of employees.

  • Outsourced Call Centres

A company may decide to hire a third-party provider of call centre services to handle calls and everything else on their behalf. It’s an option companies settle for when they want to avoid the overhead costs that come with hiring agents and investing in call centre technologies.

  • Offshore Call Centres

A company may decide to outsource call centres services to an agency or organisation in another country. Companies do this to save the money that they would have otherwise used on wages and to make sure that their call centre services run around the clock. Others do it because it’s relatively cheaper compared to the cost of outsourcing a call centre agent from the same country they’re in.

  • Virtual Call Centres

Virtual call centres strictly operate online. Agents operating in virtual call centres tend to be geographically dispersed and answer calls using cloud call centre technologies, not phones. The agents can either operate in small groupings or directly from home.

Call Centre Analytics and Reports

You can measure the success rate and efficiency of your call centre and its agents by tracking a list of Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. The KPIs being tracked can vary depending on the organisation’s functions. For instance, an outbound call centre may decide to keep track of cost per call, total calls made, revenue earned, and the tasks completed, among other metrics. The metrics for inbound call centres may include things like First Call Resolution (FCR), abandoned call rates, and average wait time.

Why Hosted VoIP Call Centres?

Telephony has undergone radical change over the past few years. It’s now online, and less dependent on traditional telephony equipment and phone lines, thanks to VoIP technology.

With VoIP, call centre managers have more control over their operations. Many of the manual processes have now been automated, and the processes streamlined for enhanced efficiency.

Faster, cheaper, and easier to operate here are five compelling reasons to switch to a hosted VoIP call centre:

Ease to Use

With VoIP, everything is cloud-based. You do not have to worry about complicated hardware installation or software upgrades. All these processes can be automated, so you only have to worry about the quality of customer support your call centre is providing.

Responsive Scaling

Hosted VoIP allows you to scale up or down in an instant. You can take in more teams or agents without worrying about resources. As a result, get to increase the level of customer satisfaction, call centre productivity, and the ability to stay on top of your sales targets.

Full Automation

Forget about wasteful manual handlings by automating everything. Forget about manual dialling, manual spreadsheets, and manual reporting, and have every single one of these processes automated.

Flexibility and Mobility

Hosted VoIP allows agents to work from home. All they have to do is log into a cloud-based VoIP system and start receiving phone calls. Location is irrelevant so long as they have an active internet connection and know what to do.

Cheaper to Run

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VoIP systems are cheaper to run and operate. First of all, there are no monthly telecommunication fees. They can also be implemented using existing hardware and technology.

The cost you can reduce by switching to VoIP include:

  • The cost of making local calls by up to 40%
  • The cost of making international calls by up to 90%
  • Start-up cost by up to 90%

All this while also increasing the number of outgoing calls.

Industries that Use Call Centres the Most

Industries that interact with their customers via phone can greatly benefit from call centres.

Here are a few examples of these industries:

  • Airlines

Airlines tend to have toll-free numbers that their customers can use to speak to their customer service agents or to engage with IVR menus. They can use these numbers to check their flight status, frequent flyer mileage balances, or to obtain their flight details.

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  • Healthcare

Healthcare centres usually have call centres that customers can call to make appointments, ask questions, or confirm appointments. When a call is made during off-hours, a healthcare provider may use an outsourced call centre to receive calls and then route it to one of their on-call physicians.

  • Retail

Customers call retail shops for assistance or to make purchase inquiries. They can also call them after purchase to seek assistance or to request a return or report a missing item.

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