Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

top vegetarian restaurants in singapore

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Thanks to our multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-dietary preferences society, coupled with our reputation as a food haven, Singapore has an abundance of vegetarian food options available.

Yes, vegetarian food. You heard me right. The majority of us omnivorous folks may have a tasted the vegetarian bee hoon at our neighbourhood market or that masala dosa in Little India. Still, vegetarian food is definitely more than that!

Busting the Myths of Vegetarian Food 

Vegetarian Food is Bland and Boring 

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I know the absence of meat in any dish can be a massive adjustment for lots of meat lovers out there. But rest assured, what vegetarian food lacks can be easily made up for by their incredible flavours and cooking techniques!

The sweetness of rojak, a thali’s multitude of spices and the layers of richness in a moussaka are to die for! Miss your favourite Peranakan or Thai dishes? Try out Whole Food’s vegetarian spin on them!

Vegetarian Food Consists Mainly of Mock Meats and is Unhealthy 

If you have such a sentiment, you really need to step out of the heartlands and explore a variety of vegetarian outlets. Thunder tea rice, a traditional Hakka dish, offers a low-fat, high-fibre filling experience. According to a dietician, Claudia Correira, this dish is also perfect for weight-watchers.

Several vegetarian dishes have included healthy vegetables as part of their attraction. For example, Original Sin’s Bosco Mitso offers spinach and asparagus. Spinach is rich in vitamins a, c and k. Vitamin a is an excellent immunity booster, vitamin c reduces the risks of heart attacks, and vitamin k is known to strengthen bones. Asparagus is equally nutrient-rich and helps to lower blood pressure.

Vegetarian Food Lacks in Protein

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I know where this is heading towards. I’m sure quite a sum of people with this concern relates it to their workout routines. Men, primarily are concerned with how a vegetarian diet is going to affect their muscle growth. They are probably also concerned that a popular vegetarian protein option, soy, could give them men boobs and affect their sex hormones.

Let me assure you that there are vegetarian options for bodybuilders out there. Not all of them are going to be cheap locally, but they’re healthy and nutritious. Beans, buckwheat, peas, spinach, quinoa, lentils and legumes are some of the vegetarian options that are rich in protein.

The correlation between soy and sperm count has yet to be established. A study has shown the association between soy and low sperm count. However, this study has also been challenged. Many of the study’s participants were either overweight or obese, which are also factors affecting sperm count.

According to another source, Dr Richard Santen, a medical professor at the University of Virginia, has stated that there’s no correlation between soy and feminisation. Dr Santen’s findings were further concurred by Mark Messina, a researcher at the University of Loma Linda. It was concluded that the isoflavones found in soy have no feminising effects on men.

Types of Vegetarian Food Available in Singapore 


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Possibly the most common type of vegetarian food available. Vegetarianism has longed been ingrained in the Indian culture. Several Hindus, especially those belonging to the upper castes, adheres to a strict vegetarian diet. Another religious group from the Indian subcontinent, the Jains, are also vegetarians. However, they don’t eat underground vegetables, such as carrots, onions and garlic. Some Jains may also be strict vegans.

Unlike other vegetarian cuisines, which may include eggs, Indian vegetarianism considers eggs as meat. However, cheese, another animal product, may sometimes be consumed, for example, in the case of the palak paneer.

The Indian vegetarian scene is extremely diverse. From the buttery characteristics of the north to the coconut-rich dishes of the south. Some popular northern Indian vegetarian dishes include malai kofta (veggie meatballs in thick creamy gravy) and chole (chickpea curry). Food that represents the south consists of vada (savoury doughnut fritters) and thakkali sadam (tomato rice).


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The Chinese community is another group of people whom you can find a sizeable number of vegetarians. Many of them practice Mahayana Buddhism and Taoism. Though not all of them are strict vegetarians, it’s not uncommon for this demographic to go vegetarian during the 1st and the 15th day of each lunar month. Strict Chinese Buddhists are also known to avoid the 5 pungent – chives, leeks, onions, garlic and scallions. It is believed that these ingredients can stimulate the senses, hindering their spiritual practices. 

The most popular type of Chinese vegetarian food is found predominantly in the HDB heartlands. Most of these stalls sell vegetarian noodles and vermicelli with mock meat, usually made of flour, soy, mushrooms and even jackfruit. During lunchtime and beyond, the vendors will focus on selling mixed vegetable rice with a variety of side dishes. Sometimes, they might also serve up vegetarian versions of stir-fry dishes, such as hor fun and fried rice. The highlight dish that people usually love from these kinds of stalls is the vegetarian goose, which is made up of crispy fried bean curd skins.  

Chinese vegetarian food in Singapore is constantly evolving. Tung Lok group’s Lingzhi has begun fusing traditional Chinese culinary techniques with popular international ingredients, such as truffle.

Middle Eastern 

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The Middle East offers a range of delicious ingredients that blends delightfully together, even without the presence of meat. The lushness of tabbouleh, creamy hummus, crunchy falafels and fluffy pita bread, are among many other delightful treats will create a melody in your mouth! Check out Fill A Pita at China Square Central or Original Sin at Holland Village for some their mouthwatering food! 


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Aglio olio is vegetarian by nature. It’s usually the olive oil and garlic that makes the dish stands out. Other famous Italian dishes, such as, pasta, pizza and lasagna, are definitely dishes that taste fantastic without meat. Let the mozzarella, tomato purée, rosemary, thyme, as well as the noodles to wow your palates! Pasta Fresca, available at Boat Quay, Bukit Timah and East Coast, keeps a special lookout for vegetarians who wish to savour the finesse of Italian cooking. 

Vegetarian vs Vegan 

These terms are often confused by omnivores. Nevertheless, it’s easy to distinguish between the 2. While vegetarians do not eat the flesh and bones of any sentient creatures, they do occasionally consume products from animals, such as eggs, milk and cheese. Vegans, on the other hand, strictly do not consume meat nor animal products.

Most vegetarian restaurants, however, do offer tasty vegan options as well.

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The following lists 20 vegetarian restaurants, in no particular order. Restaurants which feature an overwhelmingly vegan menu would be highlighted for vegans out there.


Original Sin (Vegan Options Available) 


It would be a sin to overlook this establishment while searching for vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. Original Sin is one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants locally since 1997.

If you’ve been reading all the way, you’ll know that they are famous for their delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. The Mezze Platter (small $22, large $32) is a very filling vegan dish you can share with your loved ones! Who could resist pita bread and crunchy falafels with a range of dips such as almond, pumpkin, hummus and more?

The restaurant also offers a bar which can pair your food up a collection of wine and spirits. If you wish to throw any events of celebration, Original Sin is the perfect combination of a welcoming environment, with great vegetarian food and drinks!

(Jul 2020 – From website) Get free delivery islandwide on all orders of $100 and above placed through original sin website.

Menu Click here for menu and pricing.
Address #01-62, Blk 43 Jln Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens, 278115
Telephone +65 6475 5605
Operating Hours Daily:
  • 11.30 am – 2.30 pm
  • 6 pm – 10.30 pm
Review 1 “Great taste and service as always. I come here with my burple or entertainer discounts, and they never disappoint. Absolut pasta is my go-to dish here”
Review 2 “We ordered 5 dishes to share – the halloumi, moussaka, magic mushrooms, vodka pasta (can’t remember the exact name now) and a pizza. All of the dishes tasted amazing – it was enough food for 5 hungry people to share and we didn’t have to wait very long for our orders to arrive. My favourite was pasta and moussaka. This is a great place to come with friends. Do what we did and share food so you can try lots of things!
Review 3 “Enjoyed every single dish plus the wine we had for dinner!


The Living Cafe (Vegan and White Meat Options Available)

About The Living Cafe is the F&B arm of Balanced Living Asia wellness centre. It prides itself with serving an abundance of tasty, affordable and healthy food.

With a focus on raw food, The living Cafe is free of red meat, dairy, white sugar, preservatives, additives and artificial colouring. Additionally, there also gluten-free alternatives on their menu.

Nevertheless, for omnivorous folks who wish to enjoy their pleasant ambience, there are a few white meat and fish options available.

Try out some of their delicious raw dishes, such as Pesto Zoodles (zucchini noodles, $18) and Taco Boats ($18).

Menu Click here for menu and pricing.
Address 779 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269758 (Next to 6th Ave MRT)
Telephone +65 6468 4482
Operating Hours 11 am – 7 pm (Tue – Sun)
Review 1 “Another vegan, gluten-free cafe in SG. Quality is very good and fresh. Cakes look great but we did not order.”
Review 2 “Awesome gluten-free food. Highly recommended. Tried their pizzas and burgers and they were both yummy. The desserts are superb as well. Will definitely make this a regular place to visit.”
Review 3 “Have no idea why I saved this cafe under place to try as I’m a truly meat person. However, I’m pleasantly surprised that the food is quite nice. The service is quite okay. The cafe is very spacious. For those who looks for healthy options can give this cafe a try.


Afterglow by Anglow (Vegan) 

About Bringing someone out on a fancy date? Look no further than this enchanting cafe. Many of their dishes are characterised by the use of nut-based ingredients, such as cashew, flaxseed and walnut. For a taste of Cuba, try their Salted “Eggless” Yolk Burger ($22), where cashews replace the presence of eggs, together with a Cuban triple bean patty (black bean, kidney bean and butter bean).
Menu Click here for menu and pricing.

24 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089131

Telephone +65 6224 8921
Operating Hours

12 pm – 10 pm (Mon – Sat)

*Last order is at 9.15 pm daily.

Review 1 “I did my bit or review research and has a traumatic experience deciding to visit. Being a meat lover, I was a skeptic and would have easily gone to Shake Shack just across the road. Anyhow, I decided to try it for myself and as the stars go it was amazing. The food was fresh and well-flavoured. Started with avocado kimchi rolls which were as good as rice sushi but better with Chili flakes n kimchi. Smoked stack burger with sweet potato and salad side was a perfect creation. Despite being on the pricier side, I enjoyed the experience and the creations. Worth the price!”
Review 2 “I love the raw options here. So delish! Had to sit out as the place was fully booked in the evening. Be sure to make your reservation if you do not want to dine outside. Excellent service. They would explain the different food on their menu and willing to help non-raw foodies through the ordering process.”
Review 3 “A nice quaint space for singles, couples, even small friend groups. The menu is very vegan friendly, with gf and sugar-free options too. Prices are relatively high but affordable(aren’t all health places??). But definitely worth it! My zucchini spaghetti was delicious, even if served cold. I look forward to trying their brilliant healthy desserts next time! Staff are very attentive and friendly 😍”


Loving Hut (Vegan)

About Loving Hut is on a mission to save the environment by encouraging more people to go vegan. They couldn’t make it easier with their delicious local and western dishes with a vegan twist!

Services: F&B Vegan Restaurant

Menu Visit their website for menu and pricing.
Address 229 Joo Chiat Rd #01-01 Singapore 427489
Contact Telephone : +65 6348 6318

Email :

Operating Hours
  • 11.30 am – 3pm & 6 pm – 9.30 pm (Mon – Fri)
  • 11.30 am – 9.30 pm (Sat – Sun)
Review 1 “Amazing vegan food. Really like the sweet and sour chicken and 3 cup chicken.”
Review 2 “A small, homey-feeling, restaurant with big flavour dishes and great service.

Try their speciality drinks, the lemon one and coconut are great. Order the Satay, excellent, the Rengdan, unique flavour, and of course the Laksa. They also have an interesting dish with mushrooms, dates, bell peppers and more – this was the favourite on our table.

All in all the best vegetarian we had in Singapore.”

Review 3 “Stopped in for dinner. Food was very good and reasonably priced. Ordered laksa. It was delicious and full of flavours.”


Daehwa Korean Vegetarian 

About K-cuisine lovers rejoice! Daehwa is a social enterprise which aims to reduce the earth’s carbon footprint with environmentally friendly ingredients. You get to play your part in creating a healthier ecosystem by chowing down on your favourite Bibimbap and Kimchi Soup.
Menu Click here for menu.
Address 1 Fusionopolis Pl, #01-35 Galaxis Building, Singapore 138522
Telephone +65 6254 8446
Operating Hours
  • 11 am – 9 pm (Tue – Fri)
  • 12 pm – 9 pm (Sat-Sun)

*Closed on Mondays. 

Review 1 “Such an amazing experience today at Daehwa! As a vegetarian, it was awesome to not worry about what I could and couldn’t order because everything on the menu was up for grabs. We had the “squid” rings for starters which were good. The main course was the Mandu Jeongol hot pot which was such an experience by itself. Flavourful and full of mushrooms, tofu and other vegetables. Washed it down with the citron hot tea. The staff at the restaurant were really helpful and friendly. Had an excellent time and I highly recommend this place for vegetarians eager to try different cuisines.”
Review 2 “A place to visit when you’re feeling guilty about your meat-murder, factory farming tendencies. And you’ll enjoy the food while you’re at it. So good that you might forget it’s actually vegetarian. The tofu is particularly outstanding. Soft, silky and fresh!”
Review 3 Friendly owner knows her craft in Vegetarian Korean Food. The Jeonggol is authentic and savoury: the Korean version will probably not get any better. Other than the cost which is on the premium side, you get a very good and world-class Korean vegetarian meal. Highly recommended.


The Boneless Kitchen

About The Boneless Kitchen is the sister outlet of  Daehwa. Also offering Korean vegetarian cuisines that are free of alcohol, meat or seafood broth and fish sauces, though some dishes offer an egg option.

Aside from reducing the earth’s carbon footprint, you’re also lending your support to people with special needs, as 40% of their staff belongs to that demographic!

Menu Click here for menu.
Address 1 Irving Place #01-31, The Commerze@Irving, Singapore 369546
+65 8457 6464
Operating Hours 12 pm – 9 pm (Everyday including PHs)
Review 1 “Very nice Korean Vegetarian restaurant. Must try is the Korean Army Stew (S$9.90). It’s just instant noodles but the broth is very good!”
Review 2 “Nice place, service is good and the food is definitely the best! Not salty and all just nice! It might be a little pricey but it’s acceptable for the quality!”
Review 3 “Ordered food delivery from the boneless kitchen during CB. The food was still warm when receive it and super yummy. Highly recommend this restaurant for their great quality of food and service.”


Herbivore Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant (Vegan Options Available)

About For lovers of Japanese food, this restaurant also offers lacto and gluten-free dishes to satisfy your taste buds. There’s no alcohol, egg or any of the 5 pungents, namely, chives, leeks, garlic, onion and scallions.  Try their crispy Veggie Tempura, and their Avocado “Eel” and “Salmon” Sushi, among several other delicious Japanese and Western treats.
Menu Visit their website for their list of dishes.
Address 190 Middle Rd, Fortune Centre No 01-13/14, Singapore 188973
Telephone +65 6333 1612
Operating Hours
  • 11.30 am – 3 pm & 5 pm – 9.30 pm (Mon – Fri)
  • 11.30 am – 9.30 pm (Sat)
Review 1 “Satisfy your vegetarian Japanese food cravings here. The best Japanese cuisine I have had so far 😋”
Review 2 “It is very difficult to find good Japanese vegetarian food. But this restaurant is not just about serving a few sushis. They have a menu of over 100 items – all vegetarian. Spoilt for choice. And very good quality. I have been here a few times already, and continue to be a regular here.”
Review 3 “Ever since I had this vegan sushi 2 years ago, I have been thinking about it regularly! So excited to finally be back to try it again and it was just as delicious as I remembered! Ask for vegan, the menu shows non dairy and service staff is very helpful! Yes it’s a bit pricey but worth it! $14/sushi but it’s really great quality with exceptional taste! Highly recommend and will always visit when I’m in the area!”


Komala Villas

About One of the most popular local Indian vegetarian restaurants, Komala Villas offer the best of Indian subcontinent has. With 25 different varieties of Dosais, 7 types of Uthappam, 6 different ways of ordering Vadais, together with amazing choices of Idlys, Chapatis, Pooris, Naans, and many more!

Additionally, you can also try out some amazing Indian sweet treats, like Burfi, Halwa and Jangiri!

Menu Click here for their menu.
  • 76 – 78 Serangoon Road, Singapore 217981
  • 12 – 14 Buffalo Road, Singapore 219785
  • 82 Serangoon Road, Singapore 217981 (Sweet and Savouries)
  • +65 62936980 (Serangoon Road)
  • +65 62933664 (Buffalo Road)
  • +65 62943294 (Sweet and Savouries)
Operating Hours Serangoon Road: 7 am – 10:30 pm (including PHs)

Buffalo Road: 8 am – 10:30 pm (Including PHs)

Sweets and Savouries:

  • 11 am – 9:00 pm (Mon-Sat)
  • 11 am – 7 pm (Sun)
Review 1 “Great food for a good value. Staff are very quick. Great service!”
Review 2 “Always my favourite classic Indian dishes and the generous serving of Chutney and Sambar. Indeed a happy meal…”
Review 3 “Experience India through this place. Food is amazing and they are affordable too. Friendly staff.”


Joie by Dozo

About Enjoy vegetarian fine dining in lush biophilic design. Savour the wonders of nature in nature itself. Joie by Dozo is a hidden little gem nestled in the rooftop of Orchard Central. Their multi-national kitchen staff brings in a fusion of East-West platters that will tantalise your taste buds!

They also provide private dining rooms (indoor and outdoors) for your event needs. If your next dinner-and-dance them revolves around nature, this is the place you should consider approaching! They also have a stage and inbuilt wireless microphone and projector for any types of functions.

Their 6-course set lunch starts from $39.80++, while their 7-course set lunch starts from $69.80++.

Menu Click here for the menu.

181 Orchard Road #12-01 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Telephone +65 6838 6966
Operating Hours
  • Lunch: 12 pm to 3 pm (2 pm Last Order)
  • Dinner: 6 pm to 10 pm (9 pm Last Order)
Review 1 “We held our solemnization and wedding lunch on 28 Feb 2020 at Joie. One of their staff, Alex, was very patient and accomodating to our requests. He also gave very useful feedback that aided us in our wedding preparations.

Needless to say, our guests were very impressed with Alex and his team’s service. They also enjoyed the food very much as it was delectable in both taste and presentation (i.e. most of our guests are not vegetarians). The director of Joie also made a visit during the wedding lunch and offered his hospitality.

The venue is located at the rooftop, offered spectacular views and was a wonderful choice for our event. We are so glad to have chosen Joie to hold our special day. Kudos to the Joie team!!”

Review 2 “Great vegetarian food and great service. My husband and I had the 6-course lunch menu. We ordered different dishes and they all tasted great.”
Review 3 “Excellent customer service and delicious vegetarian foods. This dining experience has completely changed my perspective of vegetarian foods. The food tastes awesome and fresh, and the artistic presentation is on another level. Shout out to the mushroom steak which was presented with pebbles at the bottom, as it laid on a piece of dried leaf above the pebbles. The food literally brings you back to nature. I love the truffle dishes as well as the chocolate mousse. Oh, and the mushroom with mozzarella. Divine! Will definitely patronise the place again. <3”



About Elemen is another restaurant ornated with biophilic themes, such as plants. It serves up elevated Asian and Western plates, such as Fruit Salad Rojak, Blue Flower Tofu with Black Flower Wild Rice and Sea Salt Porcini Mushroom Pizza.
Menu Click here for the menu.
Address Click here for a list of locations, contact numbers and operating hours.
Telephone Click here for a list of locations, contact numbers and operating hours.
Operating Hours Click here for a list of locations, contact numbers and operating hours.
Review 1 “Service was very professional and good! Waiters took great effort to explain the dishes to us upon serving. Food tasted great – you wouldn’t think you’re having a vegetarian meal at all!

The 5-course and 8-course meals come at a very reasonable price tag for a fine dining option.

Will be back for more!”

Review 2 “Always good to come to this vegetarian restaurant. Good, and worry-free because their meal comes complete sets, 5-course is good enough. 8-course meal is definitely for those super hungry type.”
Review 3 “I’ve been passing this restaurant for a while and never really gave it a try until now. I wasn’t really convinced that a Chinese-cuisine fine-dine style vegetarian can be of any good. It turned out that I was completely wrong. I tried the mushroom risotto with black truffle and wild rice. I’d say it’s a dish I’d well recommend and it might even change how you think wild rice can be cooked and taste!”


Tea Villa Cafe

About Travel the world with 100 different selections of teas, together with several sumptuous dishes from regions, such as India, the Middle East and Mexico! There’s also 6 fantastic kinds of fries to satisfy people with various taste buds. Be sure to complete your experience at Tea Villa Cafe with some Eggless Belgian Waffles or Eggless Cakes!
Menu Click here for the menu.
97 East Coast Road, Singapore 428794
Telephone +65 8518 4250
Operating Hours
  • 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 9:30 pm (Tue – Fri)
  • 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm (Sat – Sun)

*Closed on Mondays 

Review 1 “Amazing service, the host Abhishek went out of his way to get our special delivery requirements. Highly recommended for the quality of food and service. Will order again. 👍 Five stars.”
Review 2 “Tea Villa never fails to impress with their creative dishes! Tried their most amazing pau bhaji pizza! 😋”
Review 3 “Loved the place…. had been with a bunch of friends and the variety of options on the menu was amazing. I was Super impressed with their Tea menu which had every possible tea on the list. The food we ordered , every single dish was par excellence and the girl who was serving us (sorry didn’t ask her name) she had such a sweet smile on her face throughout. Customer service to another level. 5 stars just for her. Her suggestions were also great. I can’t wait to go back again. Being a non vegetarian this is the first time I enjoyed my pure vegetarian dinner experience so much and the eggless desserts were yum!!!”


Café Salivation (Vegan and Gluten-Free Options Available) 

About Café Salivation doesn’t disappoint with their mouth-watering western-style rice dishes, such as Asparagus Rice with Wine Sauce ($15) and Mexican Rice with Vegetable Sofrito ($15). There’s also a wide variety of pizzas, such as the Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Pizza ($16) and a list of Mexican dishes for bean-loving folks! 
Menu Click here for menu and pricing.
Address 176 Race Course Road, Singapore 218607
Telephone +65 6298 1412
Operating Hours
  • 11 am – 3 pm5 pm –10:30 pm (Mon, Tue and Thur)
  • 11 am–3 pm5 pm –10:30 pm (Fri – Sat)
  • 11 am – 10.30 pm (Sun)

*Closed on Wednesdays. 

Review 1 “I am happy we came to this place, offers vegetarian dishes. Eating w/o guilt. This is the place!”
Review 2 “Excellent vegetarian food. Had guacamole on potato skins. Tasty smoothies and great coffee too.”
Review 3 “I had the beetroot risotto and cottage cheese sandwich. Both were fantastic. A great gem in Little India. Best accessible vegetarian food in the city.”


VeganBurg (Vegan)

About Fast food with a vegan twist! VeganBurg aims to bring healthy, GMO-free and planet-friendly ingredients to the burger- and fries-loving taste buds. For a healthier option, you can even replace your fries with a pack of broccoli! American singer-songwriter and founder of the band, The Pretenders, have even said VeganBurg produces the perfect burger! Other famous personalities, such as Liv Lo, actress, model and wife of Henry Golding has also sung praises of VeganBurg.
Menu Click here for the menu.
Address 44 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419502
Telephone +65 6844 6868
Operating Hours Daily: 11.30 am – 10 pm (last order at 9.45 pm)
Review 1 “This has topped my list of best vegan burgers around. The pricing has definitely gone up over the years but the quality of the food has remained. Opt for their student price as it is really worth the money! Will come back for more!”
Review 2 “The shrooms vegan burger was really tasty (soy patty was crispy and I loved the cream sauce with the mushroom) and so were the truffle fries. Really glad to have an affordable vegan restaurant in Singapore!”
Review 3 “We LOVE this place and drive over an hour to get to it. We love anything vegan and this restaurant satisfies us every time! The service is great and the food even better.


Ananda Bhavan

About Ananda Bhavan is the oldest Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. Since 1924, the restaurant has been serving classic South Indian fare, although they have also expanded their menu catering Northern Indian and Jain food.

After ordering your main courses, don’t forget to try out their delicious sweets displayed on the counters, such as Kesari, Jalubi and a few variations of Burfis.

Menu Click here for the menu.
Address Click here for a list of outlets.
  • +65 6297 9544 (Head Office)
  • +65 6295 9595 (Catering)
Operating Hours 24-hours (Syed Alwi)

The rest operates daily from 8 am – 10 pm, except for the outlet at 58, Serangoon Road, which operates daily from 7.30 am – 10 pm.

Review 1 “Amazing taste, great service, polite staff and nice place. I did not choose any other place over this, even though there were many options. Keep doing the great work guys ❤️”
Review 2 “One of the best Indian Vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. The only place to get Appam for me. Worth a visit just for this sweet dish. Highly recommended!!!”
Review 3 “This place serves South Indian Food. Mysore Masala Dosa is just amazing and sufficient for one person and cost around 5 Singapore Dollar. Butter Milk is must try which cost 3 Singapore Dollar. It is just delicious.”


Whole Earth 

About Spice lovers will adore Whole Earth, which focuses on Thai-Peranakan dishes. Try their mouth-watering Sambal King, consisting of ladies’ fingers, petai beans, long beans and eggplants in sambal. For rendang lovers, don’t miss their popular vegetarian Penang Rendang is made up of shitake mushrooms!
Menu Visit their website for a list of dishes.
Address  76 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079331
Telephone +65 6221 6583
Operating Hours
  • 11.30 am – 3 pm (last order 2.30pm)
  • 5.30 pm – 10 pm (last order 9.15pm)
Review 1 “A delightful and delicious vegetarian food experience – for all types of eaters. The ambience is comfortably chic. Service is attentive, but not in the way.

The rice plates are all yummy, different interesting flavours. The crispy tofu dish with peanuts and vegetables is great. Definitely try the black candlenut dish – it has to be cooked for three days to ensure it is not poisonous. Very unique.”

Review 2 “The food is actually pretty amazing. Very flavoursome. Certain combos of food can get a little salty. Ask for reduced salt. Table service is great. Worth a try, even if you’re not a vegetarian.”
Review 3 “Was initially skeptical about the hype about this vegetarian restaurant. I have to say they made simple dishes taste good. The broccoli and monkey head was tasty and the olive fried brown rice was thoroughly cooked with the right texture. The salt and pepper eggplant was crunchy and not that oily. Overall, very delicious vegetarian meal.”



About Annalakshmi is a pay-as-you-wish restaurant and largely run by a volunteer crew. Despite that, don’t dismiss the quality of food! Their creamy Palak Paneer creates a symphony in your mouth. Their fried rice portions are also very generous! While you can order a la carte items, there are also buffets available on certain days.
Pricing Visit their Facebook page for their menu.
Address 20 Havelock Rd, #01-04 Central Square, Singapore 059765
Telephone  +65 6339 9993
Operating Hours 11 am–3 pm, 6:15 pm – 9:30 pm (Daily)
Review 1 “One of the best veg restaurant in Singapore. It’s a hidden jewel. South Indian food and so delicious. You can pay how much you want. If you are a group of More then 2 ppl better to have a reservation. Else need to wait for a while to get the table.

The restaurant is run by Hindu cultural committee. You can find huge devotional statues beside billing counter.”

Review 2 “A unique restaurant where you pay whatever you like to after having a delicious meal. Very authentic south Indian food. Staff is very kind and friendly. The ambience is great too. Located on Havelock road near the central square. Mostly crowded so better to make a reservation, walk-in is allowed though. Worth visiting !!”
Review 3 “One of the best vegetarian restaurants. I can say it’s a hidden jewel. You can pay as you wish after you have food here. Got many verities including several curries and sweets. The best part here is volunteers cook the food and many verities are very homemade taste and high quality. Taste is yummy and not to miss.”


Fill-A-Pita (Vegan Options Available)

About Fill-A-Pita is the place to go for authentic Middle Eastern fares that’s easy on your wallet! With fresh vegetables, mouth-watering dips and fluffy pita bread, your palate is going to dance!
Menu Click here for the menu.

3 Pickering Street, #01-29, Nankin Row, China Square Central, Singapore 048660

Operating Hours 11 am – 8 pm (Daily)
Review 1 “The owners are very friendly and add to the great overall ambience. I often have the mixed falafel and fava bean pita or the Koshari.”
Review 2 “Good service and delicious food. We got the platter for 3 and added 2 more pitas as well as cheese on the side. I enjoyed the coriander hummus, yoghurt and cheese most! The falafel was a bit too adventurous for my tastes buds, this is my first time trying.

The waitress was prompt and patient and very good at explaining the menu.”

Review 3 “Great Vegetarian food just with simple Rice, bread and sauces which taste so fresh. I had the Koshari, which had ingredients sounding so ordinary but ended up tasting so much of a “wow”. Best part, A bowlful with Brown rice but was so light on my stomach. Would love to try their other dishes soon.”



About LingZhi offers quintessential Chinese vegetarian fare. Its ambience is also perfect for banquets and other celebratory occasions.
Menu Visit their website for the menu.
  • Liat Towers #05-01, 541 Orchard Road, Singapore 238881
  • Velocity@Novena Square, #03-09/10, 238 Thomson Road, Singapore 307683
  • +65 6734 3788 (Liat Towers)
  • +65 6538 2992 (Velocity)
Operating Hours
Liat Towers (Daily):
  • Lunch : 11:00am – 3:00pm
  • Dinner : 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Velocity (Daily):
  • Lunch : 11:00am – 3:00pm
  • Dinner : 5:30pm – 10:00pm
Review 1 “Reserved a room for my ROM and it was wonderful. They had a special set menu for ROM, but was able to customise it based in the dishes that we picked. The staff were really attentive and ensured that we were comfortable at all times. They also made sure to explain the dishes that was served each time. I highly recommend this place for the food and service. The mango fish and the charcoal tofu are really a must!”
Review 2 “The mushroom soup you shouldn’t miss. Overall good and nice vegetarian food.”
Review 3 “4 stars for food, extra star for an amazing price! Some dishes could have a more distinct flavour, but for the most part, I enjoyed the dim sum, salads, mock meats & soups. dessert was average. Chrysanthemum tea was so good. For weekday buffet, only $25 – $30. It looks pricier a la carte. definitely my go-to for vege (vegan friendly) buffet!”


Real Food (Vegan Options Available) 

About Real Food offers modern vegetarian food without artificial preservatives, processed ingredients and trans fat. Their outlets also feature a retail space where you can get organic snacks and ingredients.
Menu Visit their website for a list of menus from each outlet.
Address Visit their website for a list of locations and their contact numbers.
Telephone Visit their website for a list of locations and their contact numbers.
Operating Hours
  • Orchard Central: 10 am – 8.45 pm (Daily)
  • South Beach: 10 am – 9.30 pm (Daily, except Sundays, which operates from 10 am – 9 pm)
  • Novena: 8.30 am – 9 pm (Daily)
  • Yishun (Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre): 10 am – 9 pm  Orchard Central: 10 am – 8.45 pm (Daily)
  • South Beach: 10 am – 9.30 pm (Daily, except Sundays, which operates from 10 am – 9 pm)
  • Novena: 8.30 am – 9 pm (Daily)
  • Yishun (Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre): 10 am – 9 pm
Review 1 “What I love about this place is the service and ambience. The restaurant itself has huge windows that let in so much sunlight, illuminating the entire room. The staff are also happy to great you and going there is always a pleasant experience. As for the food, my absolute favourites are the dumplings and the barley burger. The only thing I would change is perhaps larger serving sizes?”
Review 2 “My mom is vegetarian and she can make vegetarian dumplings by herself. She is totally in love with the food and dumplings here. Thanks for the wonderful food. It’s such a pleasure to enjoy a meal here.❤ The clerk recommends us to order the dumplings and the baked mushrooms. They taste like heaven.😍
Review 3 “Cozy ambience and good service. Enjoyed every dishes served. Never know vegan meals can be so tasty. Quality fresh-made food served. The price of the food is at the high side, but worth it. The soup portion is big, can be shared or good for two. Revisited the restaurant twice, their services and food quality is consistent.”


Project Açaí (Vegan, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free)

About Project Açaí is famous for its dishes predominantly based on a superfood, known as açaí. 

Açaí berries contain antioxidants and fibre, and they are known to boost your brain functions, reverse the aging process and reduce the possibilities of heart attacks. The açaí-based food comes either in a bowl or smoothie. Try their Signature Bowl, blended with an açaí base, served with 14 different toppings including granola (vegan granola option available), fruits and other superfoods.

Menu Click here for the menu.
Address Click here for a list of locations and operating hours.
Operating Hours Click here for a list of locations and contact details.
Review 1 “Visited here this afternoon for a late lunch and was impressed with everything. Very nice setting and decor, excellent service, yummy food and drink and very good value for money. Overall, an excellent find-I’m sure I’ll be back again soon.”
Review 2 “Love this place! I always get the “Where My Chocolate Abs?” smoothie, because it’s too good to pass up for anything else. Staff is friendly and competent; allergens and dietary preferences are understood and accommodated; smoothie quality is remarkably consistent. Smoothies ordered for in-house consumption are served in reusable glass jars – woot! woot! (Not sure this is true for smoothie bowls though.) Clean, bright, spacious seating area with air-con and extra seating in breezeway-like extension with ceiling fans. Credit cards are accepted with a somewhat-flexible $10 minimum spend. For all the reasons mentioned above, this is one of my favourite places in Singapore and hands-down my #1 spot on East Coast Road.”
Review 3 “Very yummy acai bowl located along East Coast Road. Been here a couple of times and it never fails to leave me satisfied.
They are also very generous with the fruits! I would highly recommend the Original Flower bowl for first timers as the other flavours may not suit your liking.
The photos attached are the original flower bowl, the first picture was a take-away.”


Editor’s Note:

While every precaution has been made to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this listing, we acknowledge that they may be inaccuracies. Therefore, we urge you to contact the service provider above for the correct information and/or contact us with the correct information.

If you are a service provider and wish to be featured in this listing (MediaOne reviews are read by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans), please contact us at There is no charge! Please allow us up to 3 working days to review before adjusting the information or including your entry.

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