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UX design courses

Besides being a fascinating field to get into, UX designing is good for business. You’re not just chasing your passion here, but opening the door for so many possibilities.

So, where do you start? What UX designing platforms and courses should you be signing up for today in Singapore?

It used to be that the best way to secure a career in UX designing was to hop into the field headfast and learn as you earn. Much was said to discredit the idea of attending a classroom and receiving some real education.

However, much has changed over the years. A series of new programs such as Excellent design, UX, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and Human Factors have emerged, and are providing the educational background and work experience you need to excel in this field.

While a formal education isn’t always necessary in the UX design career path, it’s still a great way to learn applicable skills, build a network, and improve your resume.

The Importance of a Formal Education in UX

It’s true thousands of people are working in different UX design roles without any form of formal education. However, that’s not to say that pursuing a degree, diploma, or even a certificate in UX is completely worthless.

There are so many convincing reasons anyone would want to pursue a course in UX:

To Increase your Chance of Securing a Job

Singapore employers prefer hiring graduates. It might not be the most effective decisive factor in hiring, but for some reason, they still prefer weeding out their candidates based on their academic qualifications.

No formal education means you won’t have an easy time finding your way in. It’s doubly so for those making an entry into the field of UX without any prior experience. Some employers may accept someone without qualification provided they have a certain level of experience. However, you can bet with all certainty that most of them will not be accepting anyone without both.

You get to Acquire Advanced Skills

You have two options when it comes to jumpstarting your career as a UX designer: i) taking the autodidact route where you teach yourself all the ropes of UX and ii) enrolling for an organized UX design course in Singapore where you’re taught advanced skills.

If you’re already a web developer or UI designer, it’d make a lot of sense if you taught yourself about UX and the skills involved. However, if you’re fresh from high school, and have your thoughts set on becoming a UX designer, then the most logical thing to do would be to enroll for a UX design course.

In this course, you’ll be taught how to solve different UX design problems, having been accorded all the help and support you need.

You’ll also be taught how to conduct research and write lengthy UX reports. Other than that, you’ll get to work in a group, which trains you to be a team person. It goes without mentioning that you’ll be doing presentations.

In other words, there’s a lot you’ll be learning in school, and which will come in handy when you finally start working as a UX designer.


And finally, the most important aspect of taking a course in UX is the network you build. This may prove to be even more important if you’re new to this field and have yet to meet so many UX designers and potential employers.

The fact that you’ll not be learning alone means you’ll be interacting with people who’ll grow to be many things in life. These are the people that will recommend you for jobs or put your name forward whenever an opportunity for a job comes up.

There’s also a reasonable case as to why formal education isn’t necessary for UX. Some would argue that, since the field is relatively new, specialist courses aren’t that well developed on the ground. But still, there’s no denying that studying social sciences and human behavior will shape your thinking.

Top UX Courses in Singapore

Worried about fitting a UX course program into your schedule? Here is some good news.

As the field of UX continues to grow, so are the options for formal education. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to take a part-time course in UX or dedicate three to four years to a fulltime course program; your options are not limited.

Now without further ado, let’s try to uncover top UX courses in Singapore that you can pursue:

NCIF – Digital User Experience Design (SF)

This is a three-day course that focuses on the techniques and principles of good UX designing with regards to software applications. The course covers the analysis, requirements, design, and validation phases of UX. The course will also be teaching you how to empathise with your users.

It’s a short course that’s well-organized and planned, with examples, case scenarios, workshops and exercises to help you understand the concepts being taught better. Students are also given a chance to both reflect and experience good and bad UX designs in real-time.

By taking this course, you’ll get to learn and understand that there’s more to a good design than usability – and that it’s more about how the design can interact, relate, and serve a far more meaningful experience to the user.

Course Provider: National University of Singapore (NUS): Institute of System Science (ISS)

Course Duration: 3 Days

Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Course Fees: S$2700

Subsidies: Singaporeans receive an S$ 1890 SSG grant, so they end up paying S$810 + the 7% GST, which comes to S$867.

Those in the mid-career (mostly those above the age of 40) receive a subsidy, which brings their course fee further down to S$326.70.

Those on workfare training (below the age of 35 and receiving a salary of less than S$20, 000) receive subsidies that lower their course fees to S$191.70.

Prerequisite: Carry Your Laptop. Wi-Fi will be provided.


  • The importance of UX design. Why does it matter?
  • Understanding the Business side of UX design
  • Content Strategy and Information Architecture
  • Usability Testing
  • Principles of design
  • Web and mobile design

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone with interest in UX. No other qualification requirements.
  • IT and manager who wish to develop an overview on UXD

Contact Page:

Contact Phone Number: +65 6516 2093

Contact Email:

Contact Address: 25 Heng Mui Keng Terrace

Specialist Diploma in User Experience Design and Management

This is a 12-month course targeting polytechnic graduates from Digital Media, Design, IT, and any other related media course. The course program strives to help aspiring UX designers meet the ever-increasing demand for UX solutions in Singapore.

It teaches them how to participate, manage, and lead UX-focused projects as professionals in the field. In addition to all that, the course also focuses on helping existing professionals in the field of IT, UX, and UI deepen their UX knowledge and skill set, and better themselves for career advancement.

Course Provider: Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

Course Duration: 12 Months


  • Design Research
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design and Information Architecture
  • UX Requirements and Processes

Course Fees: $10, 113.64 for Non-Singapore citizens with permanent residency

$2, 930.08 for Singapore self-sponsored students (after subsidy deductions)

$976.80 for SME-sponsored students (after subsidy deductions)

$967.56 for enrolling Singapore students at the age of 40 and above

Who Should Attend?

  • Graduates with a diploma in IT, UX, UI, digital media, and any other related field
  • People with interest in Infocomm or those looking to jumpstart or advance their career in UX, regardless of the industry they’re in
  • Working individuals looking to advance their skills and support their growing need for user experience and Infocomm
  • Evidence of at least three years working experience to those with no diplomas

Contact Page:

Contact Phone Number: 6550 1700

Contact Email: and

Diploma in interaction Design

This is a 12-month diploma program that’s meant to place you at the forefront of UX innovations. It’s a course that’s specifically designed to immerse you into the field of Interaction design and experiential learning.

First, the course will be exposing you to the latest UX design tools and platforms. Throughout the course, you’ll be taught by renowned educators at the forefront of the UX industry. They’ll be training and guiding you on how to grow to your full potential.

Course Providers: Orita Sinclair School of Design

Course Duration: 12 Months

Application Fee: $650 for Singaporean students

$1, 200 for International students

Course Fee: $15, 000 for Singaporean students

$18, 000 for international students

This fee does not include the accommodation and deferment fee


  • Design fundamentals and conceptualization
  • Adobe Basics and photoshop
  • Wire Framing Basics
  • Adobe Basic Illustration
  • Interface Design and Interactivity

Who should attend?

  • Any Singaporean above the age of 16, and with interest in UX


  • 3 GCE O Level with a grade of A to C. English grades 1 to 6, and the same for two other subjects.
  • There will be a placement test for students who don’t meet the above requirement
  • Internal English tests and interview for NITEC Applicants

Course Page:

Contact Tel: +65 6255 8037, +65 6255 6472, +65 6255 5972

Contact Email:

Contact Address: 1 Kay Siang Rd

#06-01 Singapore 248922

Specialist Diploma in UX Design and Digital Product Design

This is a course run and organized by Singapore Polytechnics. It’s designed to help polytechnic graduates who are either working or have the intention of pursuing UX or UI as a career. The course is run on part-time basis, where participants sign up for evening classes that will be going for one year and are awarded two post-diploma certificates upon graduation.

Course Provider: Singapore Polytechnic

Course Duration: 1 year

Course Fee: $2167.40 for Singapore’s permanent residents. $5418.48 for international students with Singapore citizenship.


Module one: UX Design Studio 1 and UX Design Studio 2

Module two: UI Design Studio 1 and UI Design Studio 2

Who Should Attend: Graduates with a diploma in UX or any other interaction design discipline.

Those who don’t meet this requirement will be required to provide evidence of at least five years working experience. Those shortlisted will be interviewed or made to take an entrance test before they’re admitted.

Course Page:

Contact Address: Singapore Polytechnic (SP). 500 Dover Rd. Singapore 139651
Contact Email:

For course details contact:

Introduction to Experience Design (IDX)

This is a practice-oriented program that strives to teach participating candidates all they need to know about experience design. The course focuses on two things – i) how to conduct human-centered research and ii) design methods.

The course sticks out because it’s among the few UX design courses that choose to go slow on theoretical teaching by focusing more on a hands-on approach. It’s all about working with what you’ve learned and putting it into use even before you hit the job market.

This ensures that you gain a lot of experience in the process of learning, even before you get a chance to use it in real-time.

Course provider: Singapore Institute of Technology

Course Duration: 1 month

Course Fee:

$2,354 fee for Singaporeans

$3,210 fee for international students


  • Project Farming
  • Qualitative data gathering
  • Data translation
  • Journey mapping for customer experience
  • storyboarding
  • Designing Fundamentals

Who Should Attend:

  • Singaporeans whose interest in UX design is beginning to take shape.
  • Corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, marketers, product development managers, and designers looking to launch a new product or introduce a new service
  • A company seeking to set up or develop an in-house innovative team with a broad range of capabilities.
  • Creative professionals who enjoy hanging around a creative studio or interacting with like-minded individuals. This course offers you a chance to meet and exchange contacts with people who are just like you in terms of thinking and innovation
  • Members of marketing, design, product development, and innovation teams

Course Page:

Contact Email:

Contact Address: SIT@SrchP, 139660 Singapore Dover Drive 510

UX Design Immersive Course

General Assembly prepares you for the job market through this course. It equips you with technical skills, domain knowledge, critical thinking, and the experience you need to be a competent UX designer. You get to learn all this in just 10 weeks.

It teaches you quite a handful of practical knowledge that qualifies you for a junior role as a UX designer. Participating students get to learn about wireframes, research, brainstorming, and interviewing.

Students are given a series of assignments, each of which will be tying to a specific goal and teaching them how to work around their objectives.

Participating students are assigned real projects as they learn. So, they end up graduating with a rich portfolio. That explains why the company has been able to land most of its participating candidates high-paying jobs in big tech firms after graduation.

Course provider: General Assembly

Course Duration: 10 weeks. Fulltime course, where you learn every day through the entire 10-weeks period.

Course Fee: 14,950 USD


  • Research
  • Team working and clients
  • Design interface and interaction
  • Testing and prototyping

Who Should Attend:

  • Students looking to transition from related careers such as architecture to UX design
  • Students with interest in UX or employed professionals seeking to improve their skills and advance their careers.

Prerequisite and requirement: None

Course page:

Contact Address: General Assembly at 79 Anson Level 20, 79 Anson Rd Singapore

User Experience Design Course

This is another course plugin from the ‘General Assembly.’ The course focuses on three things. One is teaching you how to work with various prototyping and wireframe design tools, including Invision and Sketch.

The next thing the course focuses is teaching participating candidates on how to put together a full suite UX documentation for all manner of digital products. It starts by teaching them how to prepare buyer personas, creates wireframes, and come up with interactive prototypes for their design products.

Lastly, the program lets you look into the big picture. It lets you connect with users and use their insights to come up with solutions to their problems.

Course Providers: General Assembly

Course Duration: 10 Weeks, Part-time

Course Fees: 3, 950 USD.

Course curriculum:

  • Design Process
  • Introduction to UX, Design Thinking
  • Prototypes, Feedback, and Critique

Rapid Prototype

  • User Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Defining user goals, User Flows
  • Synthesizing Research and Creating Personas
  • Usability Testing Basics, Paper Prototyping

Who can Attend?

  • Anyone with interest in UX design. No prior qualifications, as long as you can speak and write in good English.

Course page:

Post-graduate Diploma in Data Science

This course is designed for students that hold a seething passion for UX. It’s designed to help them get started, grow their skills, and establish a rich portfolio.

It’s a comprehensive diploma program that takes you through a marathon run, covering different aspects of UX, and inculcating the professional habits of a UX designer. Among the things you can hope to achieve through this course is learning to think like a UX designer and approach problems more creatively with solutions that gel well with the end-user.

If not for anything else, you’d want to take the course for networking. Get to mingle and interact with a like-minded group of other UX designers and exchange both files and contacts.

Course Providers: University of London

Course Duration: 1 to 5 years depending on the available module

Who can Attend?

IT professionals or anyone with a background in data science and information science

Much information hasn’t been divulged on this. So be sure to check with the institution for more clarification or further details on this.

Course Page:

Course Tel: +65 6248 9746

Course Address: 461 Clementi Rd Singapore 599491

Other ways to Learn about UX design

You don’t necessarily need to pursue any of these courses to be a UX designer or to advance your skills.

UX design is a constantly evolving field. New trends emerge almost every day, even faster than you can keep up by solely relying on formal education. You need to keep on learning and updating your skills. Otherwise, you’ll lose your edge and fail terribly to keep up with customer demand.

There’s no harm in signing up for any of the courses we’ve mentioned. But as you’re soon to find out, much of what you’ll end up knowing (or not knowing) will be self-taught.

With that said, what are the other resources to learn UX?

Taking an Online Class

There’s no limit as to what you can learn online. UX is no exception when it comes to this.

You can start by checking out General Assemble. Visit their page and scour through their various page and choose a class that best resonates with both your experience and skill level.

Remember to also check out with Udacity and Udemy. These two platforms have loads of UX courses that go for as little as $10. These are no ordinary courses, but well planned and organized learning materials that can take you from a beginner to expert level.

Finding a Mentor

Finding a mentor is the most effective way of learning UX. All you have to do is find someone with enough skills and expertise, and sign up with them as their understudy. You can learn from them by observing and asking as many questions as you can.

Your curiosity should direct you on what to do here. Singapore has so many established UX designers. It shouldn’t be that much of a hassle to find one.

Another approach would be to sign up with the local community of UX designers in Singapore. You can find out about these groups on meetup. Be sure to attend their meetings, where you’ll be interacting with lots of potential mentors.

Book and Other Resources

With UX, there’s no way you’re going further with your career without digging through books and all the knowledge and wisdom they carry.

You can start by signing up with websites such as Behance, Pinterest, and Awwwards. They have plenty of advice that could get you further in your career.

For book resources, be sure to read ‘Observing the User Experience (link:

Lastly, you might want to sign up with a platform such as UpLabs, which offers a broad spectrum of resources that you can explore today and better your skills and expertise.

Final Thoughts

These are the top UX design courses in Singapore. This list is in no way exhaustive, but we hope that we’ve helped you find what it is that you came looking for.

For more information regarding any of these UX courses, why not talk to our team of UX design consultants at MediaOne, and let’s help you carve out a UX design career or better your skills.


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