Who Are the Top UX Design Agencies in Singapore

who are the best user experience designers for website and apps

According to Forbes, the strategic implementation of user experience can improve conversion rates by up to 400%. Many websites are aware of this, which explains the presence of several prominent UX design agencies in Singapore.

User experience (UX) refers to the perception and responses a user gives after using or anticipating the use of a product, a service, or a system. In the context of a website, it refers to the feeling a user gets at the time they are browsing through the webpages.

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The role of a UX design agency is to develop a digital product, be it a website or an app, that provides the best possible user experience.

Factors that Affect User Experience

Despite the importance of having an excellent UX design, only 55% of companies conduct tests to gauge the quality of their user experience.

Another common mistake that people make is confusing UX with usability, which refers to how easy it is to use a product. While UX mainly focused on usability in the past, it has since grown and now covers many other aspects.

Here are the factors that affect the quality of user experience in digital products.


If a product is not useful, you should not launch it on the market.  Nobody wants to spend time consuming a product that adds no value while there is an abundance of useful information on the internet. 79% of users say that they are likely to go back to the search engine if they cannot find what they like on a particular website.  

It is worth noting that usefulness is subjective, and a website can be seen as useful if it delivers intangible benefits such as aesthetic appeal. Also, some people can see an app as beneficial even if it does not help in what most people see as meaningful, like a game.


Usability deals with making it possible to achieve their objective when using a product. For instance, a usable e-commerce website has a straightforward purchase and checking out process. If it is a mobile payment app, it should make it easy for users to send, receive, deposit, and withdraw cash.

70% of online businesses fail due to poor usability. In most cases, the first version of a product has poor usability. For instance, the internet was incredibly slow when it first launched, but speeds have improved significantly over the years.

The best way of curbing poor usability is by conducting tests before you launch a product to the market. Use the findings from a small sample of test users to make the necessary adjustments before the website or mobile app goes live.


A product is considered findable if it is easy to find. If you design a website, it must be easy to navigate. For example, if a consumer struggles to find a product on your e-commerce website, they are likely to abandon it for another option. 61% of users say that if they cannot find the product they are after on a website, they will promptly move to another site.

You should ensure that the UX design agency you choose implements the right structure so that various products are easy to find on your website. If your site has a poor structure, navigation becomes difficult, and you get low traffic as a result.


Credibility refers to the ability of a user to trust the information, product, or services that you offer to them. If you are offering a product, it should serve its intended purpose and last for the recommended period. If you are providing information or a service, it should be accurate, relevant, and timely. 

When your website provides inaccurate information, users are likely to give negative reviews. Other users will follow suit, and your traffic levels will reduce significantly. If Google notices that your site has a high bounce rate, it will lower your rank on search results.


Even if two companies sell similar products, one will still make more sales than the other. Desirability is the quality of a product to attract more sales than another in its niche. When two products are offered to people for free, the majority will go for the more desirable option.

In UX design, desirability is conveyed through branding, identity, and image. Aesthetics and emotional design also play a key role in making a product more desirable than another. If a user finds your product desirable, they are likely to engage in word-of-mouth advertising and tell others about it.


Many UX design companies in Singapore tend to overlook accessibility when designing a user experience. Accessibility refers to making all resources on a website available to all types of people. This includes people with hearing, visual, or physical handicaps.

The primary reason why designers and business owners neglect accessibility is that people with impairments make up the minority of the global population. When you make your website accessible, you cater to the needs of all people, including the ones who are not disabled. For instance, if your site has an optimization for voice searches, it enables people to use their hands on another task while they enter voice commands.

Also, many jurisdictions worldwide are now compelling developers to include accessibility in their UX design. The only problem is that the law is no being enforced strictly.


Lastly, a website must be valuable to both its owner and the target audience. Without any value, the product will falter and eventually diminish. UX design agencies in Singapore n Singapore have to keep in mind that the value of a product impacts the buying decision. If a product costs S$50 and solves a problem worth S$1,000, it is deemed valuable. On the other hand, a product that costs S$500 and solves an S$10 problem has no value. People will pick a product that has value over one that they deem useless.

The success of a website transcends beyond usability. It must have all of the seven factors mentioned above to ensure that it provides the optimal user experience.

The Importance of User Experience

The ultimate goal of a website is to satisfy its visitors by providing impressive user experience. The best way of attaining this objective is by hiring one of the best UX design agencies in Singapore.

You cannot underestimate the significance of an excellent UX design – users usually need 0.005 seconds to determine whether they will leave on or keep browsing your website. Here are the top benefits of providing a pleasant user experience on your website.

Increased Website Traffic

Every business owner who engages in website design in Singapore has one goal – to increase traffic. Implementing and optimizing UX and UI design increases user engagement, which translates to more traffic over time.  A site that offers a satisfying experience gives an excellent first impression, which encourages the user to visit for a second time. 

If a website improves its UX design, it can improve the amount of traffic it gets by an impressive 67%. The designer should primarily focus on increasing the aesthetic appeal of a website, then move onto improving the navigation, usability, and accessibility, and so on. This way, your website will notice a significant increase in the number of visitors.

Retention of Your Target Audience

Over 60% of internet users experience a variety of issues that force them to leave a website. These issues include slow loading speeds, navigation challenges, and most frequently, non-responsive websites.

In recent years, there has been a massive shift towards the use of mobile devices for internet browsing. In Singapore, 91% of users access the internet using handheld gadgets. If you want to tap into this population, you have to design a responsive website.

The agency you choose to handle your website design in Singapore should develop a site that is adaptive to all screen sizes. This way, it will display correctly across all devices, and you will get more traffic and boost your sales.

Improve SEO with a Better UX Design

Nowadays, the quality of user experience on your website is one of the factors Google considers when ranking websites on search results. The frequent change of algorithms means that keyword stuffing is no longer the shortcut to ranking on the first page of SERPs.

SEO needs UX to excel, which is why you should enlist the services of the best UX design agencies in Singapore. Both practices aim to provide a pleasant experience to the visitor. An excellent UX improves navigation, speed, and appearance, while SEO increases the visibility of a website on search engines.

Boost Conversion Rates and Lead Generation

Generating revenue is the primary goal of every business. In an attempt to attain this objective, most websites often overlook the importance of user experience.

Having a great UX design gives a sense of satisfaction to your users, which in turn boosts lead generation. With more leads, you can implement further strategies to convert them into customers and increase your sales.

It is imperative to seek help from the best UX design agencies in Singapore to ensure that your website meets the expectations of its visitors. This is the first step to ensuring that you generate more revenue for your business.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Customer engagement levels are likely to surge if your website has a superb UX and UI design. In stark contrast, people are less likely to interact with a site that does not offer a pleasant experience. According to Think with Google, 50% of users will use a website less frequently if it has it is not optimized for mobile, even if they like its offerings.

You should design your website such it infuses curiosity in the user’s mind and motivates them to click on to the next page. With the input of the best UX design agencies in Singapore, you can build a website that is irresistible and prompts the user to explore it further.

Gain a Competitive Edge over Rivals

Another advantage of having an excellent UX design is that you gain the upper hand over your competitors. By offering what your rivals lack, you attract the attention of customers on your niche and boost your revenues significantly.

One of the most significant challenges with e-commerce websites is the lack of support for zooming gestures. More than 40% of the most popular mobile e-commerce apps do not support zooming, meaning that buyers cannot see a product picture in detail. It is perhaps unsurprising that the majority of these platforms experience high bounce rates.

If the apps mentioned above were to hire the top UX design agencies in Singapore, the issue of zooming would be solved, and the bounce rates would reduce significantly. It only takes the effort of one company to stand out from the rest of the e-commerce apps.

Increase Site Usability

UX design focuses on placing information and other useful resources in a way that they are easily accessible to the user. Providing options while a user is performing a task influences their decision-making, and helps them decide the action they need to take. By making it easy to use a website and access its resources, improving the user experience increases site usability.

Additionally, UI design focuses on information architecture. This is the way that the human brain perceives and processes information to organize content and other data efficiently. This can only be done by a qualified UX designer.

More Credibility

When a person accesses a website for the first time, they usually have questions over the credibility of information it has. The integrity of your site has a direct impact on lead generation, conversion rates, and even the number of sales.

It is challenging to build trust with your audience, especially if you are new to the market. However, you can accelerate this process by incorporation and excellent UI and UX design to your website.

Attract Local Audiences

The nature of your audience determines the language you use on your website. If you are targeting a local audience, you will use one language. If you are after a global audience, you will have to use several languages.

Developing a UX design that supports several languages can lower your bounce rates. Visitors from other parts of the world are less likely to leave your site if it supports a language they understand.

The Best UX Design Agencies in Singapore

Singapore has an abundance of companies that specialize in web design. Here are the best of the bunch.

Geddit Right

Geddit Right is among the best UX design agencies in Singapore. The company launched in 2013 intending to create better digital experiences. Its objective is to bridge the gap between technology and design. Upon realizing that their clients were unable to make the right decisions, the firm introduced an empowerment program to educate them.

As a result of the empowerment, Geddit now designs better digital products. The future is promising, mainly due to the adoption of emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things, and so on.  The company also specializes in UI design.

Here is how you can contact the company.

  • Email: hello@geddit.sg
  • Office: 6 Raffles Boulevard #03-308, Singapore 039594

User Experience Researchers

USER is Singapore’s premier UX design company that was established in 2010. The company also has offices in China, Japan and Vietnam and provides services such as UX and UI design, mobile app and website development, and digital marketing, and so on.

Their portfolio consists of a host of prominent companies, including enterprises such as Samsung, HP, Nanyang Technological University, PayPal, and the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

Here is how to reach out to this company.

  • Office: 50 Gambas Crescent #10-53, Proxima @ Gambas, Singapore 757022.

Jin Design

Jin Design is a group of creative minds who aim to revolutionize the UI and UX design industry in Singapore. They design projects for both web and mobile platforms. Besides improving user experiences, the firm also deals with copywriting, graphic design, illustration, and strategy formulation. The company has offices in Singapore and Malaysia.

Here is the contact address for Jin Design.

  • Office: 1 Sims Ln, #04-10, Singapore 387355

Objective Experience

Objective Experience is one of the most popular UX design agencies in Singapore. The company started in 2007 in Australia and moved into Singapore into 2013. Its objective is to blend user experience design with innovative technology.

So far, Objective Experience has worked with startups, enterprises, and government organizations to create various projects. Their unique usability testing technique has closed the gap between cultural and linguistic differences significantly. The firm’s belief in innovation and diversity allows it to focus its works on its clients.

The services offered by Objective Experience are broadly divided into two categories – research and strategy. Research covers stakeholder and user interviews, expert reviews, group discussions, contextual inquiries, usability testing, and surveys. Strategy deals with competitor analysis, information architecture, personas, and user journeys.

Here is how you can contact this agency.

  • Phone: +65 6737 4511
  • Office: 6 Claymore Hill, #11-02 Claymore Plaza, Singapore 229571

User Experience Experts (UXE)

User Experience Experts is a passionate enterprise that aims to develop a user-centric experience for clients’ digital products while adhering to the best UX practices in the industry. The company serves both small and established businesses across industries such as financial services, consumer products and technology, retail, and so forth. It evaluates the needs of each client and comes up with solutions that improve a user experience while solving the issues faced by the client.

The services on offer include user research, UX and UI design, UX design description, and UX talent acquisition.

Below are the contact addresses for this exceptional UX design agency.

  • Phone: +65 9179 1681
  • Office: AMK Tech II, 5 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #02-10, Singapore 567760


Creativeans is a consultancy firm that deals with several disciplines and operates in Singapore, Jakarta, and Milan.  The company, founded in 2012, offers services such as UX and UI design, branding, product design, packaging design, and communication design.

The company has a vision of transforming business, society, and the world through creativity and innovation. Some of their clients include City Gas, Robinsons, the Singapore Business Federation, LHN Group, and GP Batteries, and so on.

Here is how you can reach the company for further information.


Voilaah is among the user-centric UX design agencies in Singapore. Launched in 2012, the company works with brands, entrepreneurs, and government institutions to develop cutting-edge solutions across various disciplines. Their areas of specialization include web and mobile UI, data analysis, responsive development, e-commerce, app design, marketing support, and so on.

The clientele of this company features prominent institutions such as the Singapore Institute of Technology, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and so on.

Here is how you can contact Voilaah for inquiries about their services.

  • Phone: +65 6717 9535
  • Office: 29B Mosque Street, Singapore 059507 Level 3.


Foolproof is an international UX design company that aims to create exceptional digital experiences that add value to consumers and form an emotional connection between them and your business.  Their services include UX strategy and vision development, design research, creation of digital products, and so forth.

The company has worked with leading global enterprises, including Adobe, Dell, BBC, Suzuki, Shell, Unilever, Maersk, PlayStation, and Lloyds Bank, and so on. It has offices in London, Norwich, and Singapore.

Here is the address for their Singapore outlet.

  • Phone: +65 6336 9270
  • Office: 25 Seah Street, #03-02 Singapore 188381

Fixx Digital

Fixx Digital is one of the leading UX design agencies in Singapore that aims to enhance the human experience through better design and code. The company mainly deals with web design development and UX/UI design.

Some of its notable clients include the Changi Airport Singapore, Mediacorp, DBS, Singtel, POSB, and Bountie.

You can reach the company at the address listed below.

  • Phone: +65 6250 3580
  • Office: 625 Lor 4 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319519

Mini Theory

Mini Theory is a Singaporean digital design studio that was established in 2012. The firm specializes in delivering quality user experience and interactive solutions for web, mobile devices, and software applications. Their development process follows four defined steps – research, design, prototype, and testing.

So far, the company has worked with multiple clients with the most notable bin 75cl and AWARE.

For further information, you can reach Mini Theory on the following addresses.

Secret Hideout

Secret Hideout combines the best of UI and UX to reduce friction and make digital products easy to use. Some of the services offered by this firm include web design, logo design, infographic design, newsletter design, digital marketing, and so forth.  

The company has notable names in its clientele, including MasterCard, Cambridge University Press, 7-Eleven, and Shaw Theatres, and so on.

If you need more information, you can reach the company on the following addresses.

  • Phone: +65 6715 1543
  • Office: 73 Upper Paya Lebar Road #08-01 Singapore 534818

How to Choose the Best UX Design Agencies in Singapore

With plenty of options to choose from, it can be challenging to choose the right UX design agency to work on your projects. Here is a guide on how to make this choice.

Check the Portfolio

Before anything, examine the portfolio of your desired agency. This enables you to see how professional a company is in its work, as well as their level of experience.

When checking the portfolio, pay attention to the following areas.

  • The number of completed projects – these show the level of experience.
  • The nature of their previous work – check the approaches used in each of the samples. Is it uniform or unique for each project?
  • The quality of work – evaluate if the quality is enough to meet your expectations.
  • Client feedback – the opinion of previous customers, tells a lot about the quality of the agency’s services.

Quality of Communication

The agency you choose should communicate with you frequently throughout the project. This way, you will know the progress they have made, as well as any difficulties that they might be experiencing in their work.

There are two quick ways of assessing the quality of communication. First, you can send them an email and see how long it takes to get a response. Secondly, you can book an appointment and ask the question directly. If the agency is hesitant in replying to your queries, you should move on to the next option.

Design Task Understanding

A UX design agency should always be ready to understand your goals before they start working on a project. Specific questions and extensive research are indicators that an agency wants to understand your objectives before they start developing the user experience. If the company intends to begin with mockups, you should leave them for a better alternative.

Project Management

The success of any project depends on the competence of its management team. When assessing proficiency in project management, consider the following factors.

  • The timeliness of delivery – the agency should complete the development process in the stipulated time.
  • The frequency of updates – the agency should give regular updates concerning the progress of the project
  • The management needs – the agency should inform you in case any need arises.

Although gauging the management skills can be difficult, you can get a rough idea of the competence by using some subtle tricks. The regularity of communication and promptness of responses are some of the ways you can know if the management is up to the task.

Look for Testimonials

If you know a person who has worked with the agency, ask them about their experience. You could also reach out to past clients to get a glimpse of the quality of services offered by an agency.

The Agency’s Team

It is vital to know the key members of an agency’s team before you outsource your project to them. This ensures that you know who to contact in case you experience difficulties after the completion of the project. Also, make sure that you have the contact address of the agency.

Scope of Services

Since UX design is often associated with websites and mobile apps, it is cost-effective to go for an agency that offers other related services such as web design and mobile app development. This will save you the time and money that you would have otherwise spent looking for a web development company.

The only advantage of choosing a specialist UX design agency is that they often deliver better results because they focus on one area.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance ensures that UX design agencies in Singapore deliver projects that meet the design and interaction standards. The agency you choose should plan, coordinate and direct quality assurance programs so that the final project meets the expectations of your audience.

Testing and Auditing

Lastly, the agency you select must exhibit competence in running tests and audits, even after delivering the project. This ensures that your product always deliver an optimal user experience to its users.

The Future of UX

UX is here to stay, and companies will continue to invest in improving it, as they have realized that it is the best way to make customers loyal to a brand. Also, the continual improvement of user experience means that users are getting used to better experiences and becoming intolerant of poor ones.

The practice of UX is also going beyond digital products. Companies are now focusing on applying it in the physical world, as in the case of customer experience.


As mentioned earlier, a better user experience is crucial to building trust and loyalty to a brand. Even better, it enables your website to generate more leads, get more conversions, and boost sales. These are sufficient reasons to hire the best UX design agencies in Singapore.

If you are finding it difficult to choose a UX design agency, follow the guide given in this article. Make sure that you conduct extensive research, check portfolios, and consult previous clients before settling on a particular option.\

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