Top UX & UI Designers in Singapore

top UI and UX designers in Singapore

Looking for the top UX and UI designers in Singapore? For any business that wants to scale its heights, the most crucial part is customer focus and for this case, end-user focus. User experience (UX) focuses on how the user interacts with a website or application making sure that their needs are sufficiently met. User Interface (UI), on the other hand, improves on presentation and how an app or website is interactive.

UI & UX Trends in 2019

With the tech world becoming more and more competitive, software and application developers have a challenge of giving their users what is appealing to make them go back for more. In 2019, here are some of the UX UI trends that are quickly picking up especially among the top UX and UI designers in Singapore.

Out of the box animation

One of the biggest trends that picked up in the design is the use of animation skills. This feature is not only creative but has biological and psychological effects on users. In 2019, the knowledge of animation seeks to be explored even deeper.

Transitions are now more detailed hence engaging the user in every second. Animation is not only gaining momentum in interface design but also branding and brand presentations.

Deep flat and 3D interface

More ideal for companies with a bit complex features, a detailed 3D interface which was otherwise left in the background, is quickly finding its way in design. This gives the design a live feel hence having an exciting arousal to the user.

Lately, depth and dimensions are being added to flat designs. The flat design trend has been around for almost five years, but this new trend is aimed to makes sense of everything. Users want to see objects as something they can interact with, and the deep flat feature looks to satisfy this yearn to make objects feel more real.

Oversized and multiple fonts

To draw more attention to the first message on a website or application, designers use prominent and easy to read fonts. This trend means that more space is given for messaging hence one needs to strike a balance between the spacing and the elements thus projecting equal importance in both.

Different fonts help to bring about a more responsive effect on the website. This helps fill the gaps that would have otherwise been filled by stretching message spaces. Fonts that are variable helps keep the message readable and interactive which also streamlines the design process making delivering a website much faster.

Surreal Design

To complement the 3D designs, adding a bit of emotional feeling is what makes the entire package worthwhile. People need a bit of playful and emotional triggers to feel at peace and even better, alive. This is what has kept mainstream advertisement going. A lot of design companies bank on this to keep their designs catchy.

However, as a brand grows, it targets even more audience. As much as we look to see more of this kind of design, a designer should be able to strike a balance between maintaining a proper perspective and entertaining the users. The idea is to build a following fast then make them ride on anywhere you intend to take them.

Voice UIs

Research from Canalys shows that smart speaker installed base reached over 100 million globally in 2018. The use of voice-enabled devices is rising vigorously with such devices finding their way into almost every household. This changes the design trajectory in a big way.

In 2019, we expect to see designs that are able to accommodate both visual and voice features of an interface. These interfaces are called multimodal. A designer needs to tap into every aspect of the design to be able to keep up with their competitors. Users prefer having all in one device as compared to having different devices for the same purpose but different execution strategies.

Gradient 2.0, dark background and blazing colours

There is an amazement aspect that comes with having a dark background and blazing colour effects of neutralising the darkness. Designers do not only use gradient colours for attention, but they are now using it to bring depth and dimension to the interface.

Gradient 2.0 is nothing complex. It needs no conflicting colours, only a bright light source which aligns with the shapes to bring depth in the design. However, this does not mark the end of vibrant colours. Monochrome pallets will still be used to bring forth an aesthetic visual feel with depth and dimension.

UX writing and editing

A designer needs to be in control of how a business communicates to its customers. With this fact, a lot of storytelling in design has caused a career shift for scriptwriters and even journalists, allowing them to be included in design. The trend has redefined the role of words in design.

Before, businesses were mistaken for what they said in design as compared to what they were actually offering. People do not want to know what you are all about if it does not show the value you are adding to their lives. This has led to a significant focus on voice and tone design by many design companies.

top UI and UX designers in Singapore

What differentiates UX writing from editing is that in writing, the text is created while in editing the text is changed and recreated to add a humane tone. All this is achieved by paying attention to what users are asking for and the top UX and UI designers in Singapore can do that for you easily.

12 Top UX and UI Designers in Singapore

UI/UX companies do not only help in the design process but also offer consultation and market testing processes. Here are the 12 highly esteemed UI/UX companies in Singapore.


With over ten years in the web design business, MediaOne stands out among its counterparts offering the most coveted services in Singapore. Some of the services they offer include UX and UI specialisation, web designing, SEO specialisation and online marketing. In summary, their services focus on design, development and digital marketing.

MediaOne was founded in 2008. Since then it has had the chance of working with over a thousand clients and being recognised globally by certification and awards bodies such as PSME500, TOPSEOs and ISO 9001. In addition to all the achievement, MediaOne has one of the top 24/7 real-time client reporting systems, allowing to track SEO progress at any time. 

The company focuses on the customer’s needs promising you a unique well-designed website with digital marketing guides. They pay attention to details hence improving on their UX and UI design services, offering the best in the country and beyond. Their street address is 40B Tras Street, Singapore 078979. On the phone, you can reach them via (65) 6789 9852.

Jin Design

With its focus on experience and interface design, Jin Design was founded in 2015. They also have a line other services that come with the website and mobile application designs, but they are best known for UI and UX design and consulting. Their main clientele includes small and medium enterprises, focusing on consumer products and services. They also offer financial and business services.

Some of their highly esteemed clients include WEALTH in Asia, MediaCorp, ST Logistics, AIA Singapore among others. Portraying the spirit of teamwork, Jin Design hires the best UI and UX designers in the area, assuring you of quality services.

To get in touch with Jin Design, you can visit their offices at Oxley BizHub, 63 Ubi Road 1, 408728, Singapore. For customer support, you can reach them via email at or call them on +6596933801.


Melewi is a travelling design studio passionate about UX/UI design. They have a global clientele and, but their headquarters is in Singapore. They focus on startup, helping them turn simple ideas in great successes. They have had 60+ years of experience with thousands of clients and success stories.

Although some of their services include consulting, 80% of their focus is on UX/UI design. They have few established companies as their clients since their heart lies with startups and SMEs. Some of the industries that they have tapped into include eCommerce, entertainment, financial services arts and music.

Some of their clients include Samsung, VISA, University of Melbourne, WEInvest, Paysense, Citibank, Mediacorp, McDonald’s, Namecheap, among others. To get in touch with them, you can email them at They offer free quotations and consultations with one of their experts as part of their services.


Based in Sunny in Singapore, Minitheory was founded in 2012. The company’s primary focuses include interaction and user experience, and visual design for websites, mobile phones and software applications. They aim to make software useful and straightforward hence doing a lot of research in UX and UI.

Some of Minitheory’s guiding principles include the belief that technology should be more straightforward, designing based on how people think, work and behave, problem solution and not just pretty pictures, experiment, fail fast and iterate. With them, you have a package that consists of research and analytics, interface design, prototyping and product strategy.

Some of their clients include the Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore, Daylight Studios, Web Innovation in Asia, Singapore zoo, Skinny Mint, Autodesk, AOW, Neo, Travelmob, among others. To get in touch with Minitheory, visit them at their headquarters in 991c Alexandra Road #01-13B Singapore 119972. You can as well email them on

Minus Studio

Based in Australia and Singapore, Minus Studio one of the most extemporary services in UI/UX design in the two countries. The studio prides itself in having a dedicated and passionate team that works to satisfy their clients’ needs always. They emphasise on procedure designs to make sure they walk with their clients in every step of the design process thus meeting their needs. 

From CMS websites to complex eCommerce websites, Minus studio work to come up with unique designs which are then customised to fit customer’s specifications. Other than web related designs, Minus studio offers graphic design services together with digital marketing consultations. The digital marketing strategies are evident in their creations to give their clients a full package.

Some of their clients include Gleneagles Singapore, BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore, Muji, Select, Sincere among others.

To contact Minus studio, you can email them at, Their offices in Singapore on 48A Amoy Street, Singapore 069874. In Australia, you can locate them at 1 Halifax Street, Mulgrave, VIC, 3170, Melbourne. You can also contact them via Skype, under the username Minustudio.

Octal Info Solutions

Octal Info Solutions is a well-established company with offices in Singapore, India, UK and the US. Their services range from Mobile applications development, UI/UX for both mobile devices and websites, custom software development and eCommerce websites. Their experience and hard work have caused them to be a multi-award winning company, winning a total of nine awards and certifications.

Over the years Octal has developed hundreds of websites and mobile applications for B2B, B2E and B2C clients. They pride themselves in having a professional team User Interface, Web App design and software applications designers. Their designers have a great understanding of user-centred design principles hence giving their clients satisfying products.

Some of their key features include end-user focus, technical feasibility checks, user experience testing, platform-specific designs and high creative UI designs. Octal has partnered with big brands such as Intel’s IoT Solutions Alliance, Microsoft Gold Partner, Amazon web services, NASSCOM and Acquia.

To get in touch with Octal, you can email them at They are available on Skype under the username Octal.head and you can call them on +6584204780. Their Singapore offices are located on 71 Robinson Road #41-01. To get direction to offices in other countries, you can visit their website.


With the aim of helping business transition to digital platforms, Rocketech specialises in the development of IT products offering a wide range of services from pre-project analysis to development. Rocketech was founded in 2015 and is now based in three different locations with their headquarters being in Kiev Ukraine and branches in Singapore and Russia.

UX/UI design is one of the services that Rocketech offers as well as mobile and website software development. They offer quite an affordable service hence attracting small and medium-size businesses as their main clients. They have tapped and established themselves in the gaming, media and business service industry. 

Rocketech clients include Walmart, Ikra Festival, Biella, McKinsey,, Vodafone, Galamart, Unilever, IQ Option among others. Their offices are located on 4 Battery Road, $225-01 Bank of China building, Singapore (049908). They offer free consultations and a quotation to every visitor. You can also call their Singapore offices on +65 6408 8009. Visit their website for more information.

Indus Net Technologies Pvt Ltd

Talking about client focus, no company is able to demonstrate the importance of this concept as compared to Indus Net Technologies. With branches in Singapore, New Delhi, USA, Mumbai and Chennai, this company maintains client relations way after they have delivered the hired services.

This agency is an ISO certified agency with an appraisal for CMMi Level three working on the entire application stack. These achievements are from working with UI/YX design, IoT app development, web and mobile development and recently, AR/VR applications.

The agency’s industrial focus is majorly on government, business services, and education. They have recently started diversifying to the SMEs market needs. Some of their clients include KPMG, the Indian government, SBI General, Statoil, Tesco Underwriting, MasterCard, Cadbury, Santander among others.

Their Singapore offices are located on 1 North Bridge Road, #19-04/05, High Street Centre, 179094. They offer free consultations and a quote to all visitors.

KAI Software

Having have opened their first offices in New York, the USA in 1994, KAI Software has expanded gaining its roots in Singapore as well. With many years in experience, the company is among the most experienced companies in the industry.

KAI’s primary services include web and mobile development, UI/UX development and custom software. They have recently taken a new turn based on Blockchain technology. They have worked with leading organisations in over two decades and prides in a team of experienced developers and researchers.

 Their most outstanding work has come from working with industries such as violence prevention, mortgage platforms and Stockist. To book an appointment, you can call their Singapore line on +6531635595. You can also visit their physical offices at 8 Cross Street Singapore. Consultations are free from experts plus a free quotation.

User Experience Researchers

Create a solid foundation in Asia, this company it the most among the most trustworthy companies that deals with UI/UX in Asia. It was founded in 2010, and since then it has worked with over 300 companies. One of its greatest achievements is having the only usability-testing lab in Singapore for UX research.

User’s industrial focus is on government and education with about 45% of their clients being small and medium-sized enterprises. It prides in highly professional team members offering exceptional training and career opportunities for students and tech nerds.

Their most prestigious clients include Govtech, Samsung, Inland Authority of Singapore, Global Databank, TopEleven, Nanyang Technology, Marmon, just mentioning a few. Their work with data has enabled them to provide IT solutions to some of the most significant organisations in Singapore. 

You can get in touch with them by calling +6565609022. Their offices are located on 50 Gambas Crescent, #10-53, Proxima@Gambas Singapore 757022. You also get to have a 1-hour free usability testing session when visiting plus free consultation and a quotation. For more information on their China, and Japan offices, visit their website.


This is a full-service digital agency in Singapore that was launched in 2001. Their primary focus is to help brands establish themselves in the digital world through the execution of IT and digital Marketing ideas. Their strategy can be summarised into blending innovation with creativity to help clients live up to their digital potential.

Vintedge’s service steps include the integration of digital strategies, data analysis and creative conceptualisation. Their main advantage lies in the absorption of young and innovative minds, building a great team of passionate personnel. This has allowed the consistent birth of new ideas and has also played as a marketing strategy among the youth.

Some of the unique services that make them stand out from other UI/UX companies is the inclusion of data analytics in design. Aside from this, they help clients have a successful email marketing program and system integration.

Some of their clients include PizzaHut, Cannon, Pantai Hospitals, Honeywell, Unilever Food Solutions, KFC, Singapore Science Festival 2016, Renault, Golden Screen Cinemas, Elsevier among others. They also have big partners such as Google, Yahoo, Magnolia CMS, SalesForce consulting and IBM.

Vintedge offices in Singapore are located on 31 Ubi Road 1 #04-02 Singapore 408694. You can call their Singapore line on +6562248689 of fax on +6562248735. Visit their website for information on their Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta offices.


Last but definitely not the least on the list, we have Tinkerbox. Established in 2007, the studio aims to offer pixel perfect designs which have contributed to their UI/UX design successes in Singapore. Their services include UX/UI design, webs and mobile application development, development and training of product teams.

Tinkerbox has a passion for working with startups to help them grow their enterprise to maximum heights. They work hand in hand with the management to build product teams and offer research and consultation services as well. They also provide career advancement opportunities for individuals getting into the job market.

To get in touch with the Tinkerbox team, visit their physical offices on 101 Upper Cross Street #05-16 People’s Park Centre Singapore 058357. You can visit their website or more information on their services and have a look at their portfolio.


With big companies in Singapore going out of their way to research, analyse, test, and implement UI/UX designs and trends, it is sure that the market will continue to expand creating interfaces that appeal to the end user.

Every company listed in this list of the top UX and UI designers in Singapore has a unique aspect that makes it stand out and be recognised among the top 12 in Singapore. As you look to hire a UI/UX company to help carry your brand, the most important thing is first to know your needs then go for a company that matches them.

Get in touch with us for the best website design services in Singapore. We have a team of UI and UX designers who have the skills and expertise needed to improve your website. 

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